15 Celeb Hair Trends That Are Totally Doable (+ 5 To Pass On)

It’s no surprise that celebrities have access to some of the most prolific stylists. Hair stylists, clothing stylists, and makeup artists all do their part when it comes to making the stars look incredible.

Actors, singers, and models all fall into this category. Due to the ease of access when it comes to hair stylists, it’s easy to see why celebrities change their hair all the time.

While we might not have the same kind of super stylists, we can look to the stars to see what looks we might want to emulate. Why go through all the trial and error when we can just pull up an image search for celebs’ best styles, right?

Keep in mind, though, that some of these hairstyles are going to be much easier to emulate than others. We’ve gone through and found the best, easiest celebrity hair trends that are totally doable. Of course, we had to throw in a handful of styles to skip as well!

These are the biggest and best hair trends that are currently popping up on the heads of celebrities everywhere. We’re totally inspired, so excuse us while we go and grab some boxed dye; spring is coming, and we need a change!

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20 Rowan Blanchard's Pixie Is Perfect For Spring/Summer


This photo that comes to us from Rowan Blanchard’s social media feed is proof that choppy can still be cute. While she recently made waves going from her regular hair to a shortened lob cut (that popular style which is still seen on some celebs), she’s gone even shorter now.

This choppy pixie cut is perfect for us lazy girls who want something low-to-no maintenance. Wash and go is the best styling practice for this look, though choppy pixie cuts like this can also be helped with hair wax or texturizing cream. Regardless of the styling effort, getting the cut done feels absolutely freeing.

19 The Textured Fringe Is A Trend We're Still Growing Out. Pass!


The number of times we’ve given ourselves bangs when we were sad is ridiculous, and the time is now to stop this ridiculous exercise in regrowth. Choppy bangs and textured fringes look cute for all of two weeks. Depending on our rate of hair growth, we then start to get the dreaded eyelash-touching, contact-lense-interfering style of bangs that requires way too much blinking to deal with.

The upkeep requires either a steady hand and a sharp pair of scissors or frequent trips to the salon. And don’t even get us started on growing them out; it’s nobody’s favorite process. Seriously. We’re fans of heavy fringes, sure, but we’re pretty sure we’ve outgrown them by now.

18 'Bardot Bangs' As Seen On Camila Cabello Are A Great Trend


The “Bardot Bangs,” as dubbed by Elle, however, is a kind of bangs that we can definitely get behind. We personally love the style and think that it gives Camila Cabello a soft (yet sultry) look. The Bardot bangs are a little bit easier to grow out, as they typically part in the center of the face.

The longer ends to the bangs mean that they can be softer and bouncier and grow out easier. They frame the face all the way through the growing out process, making it easy to keep ourselves fabulous despite being two months past our last trim.

17 Believe It Or Not, The Headband Is Back!


If it’s good enough for the red carpet it’s good enough for us! This headband might be inspired by '90s-nostalgia and elementary school picture day, but it’s every bit as chic as other contemporary styles. The bedazzled feature at the top of it ties it in nicely with the earrings, as well as the silver accents on the dress.

The nice part about this style choice is the fact that headbands are incredibly easy to style. Just pop them in, push them back, and we’re good to go! The add interest, and we’ve noticed they can draw attention up towards our beautiful faces.

16 Ariana Grande's High Pony Is An Adorable Must Try


The goddess Ariana Grande might have come under fire recently for her Starbucks collab, but that doesn’t keep us from loving her. One of the things that really put Ariana Grande on the map for us was her signature high ponytail.

It's a staple of all her videos, photo shoots, and red carpet appearances, and Ariana Grande no doubt has a scalp of steel to be able to rock this high ponytail as effortlessly as she does. While it might take quite a bit of hairspray, gel, and strength, the high ponytail is a sleek style that any of us can rock. We just need to have enough hair to get it up there!

15 And Priyanka Chopra's Blonde Ombre Is Proof It Works For All


Priyanka Chopra is synonymous in our heads with luscious, flowing, chocolatey brunette locks, but that doesn’t mean she can’t shake things up! This blonde ombre proves that not only a short style can work, but also that blonde ombre is still very much in.

While it’s more of a gentle highlight than a real and true ombre, the chunks that are blonde make for a very versatile style. We imagine that if they were curled in we’d get more brunette than blonde, making it a gorgeous surprise. Easy to achieve with the help of a stylist, we totally think that this look is a fun style for summer.

14 Pastels Are Perfection, And At-Home Products Make Them So Easy


Khloe Kardashian is at it again, but this time she’s proving that pastels are perfection. For those of us that took the plunge and went blonde, this is a color choice that makes total sense. Lilac, rose, periwinkle and other pastel colors are easily available over-the-counter.

While the celebs might enlist the help of a stylist to achieve their soft rose hues, those of us on a budget can easily find the colors in our local drugstore aisles. Pastels might require a bit of upkeep, but we think they’re totally worth it. Gorgeous and glamorous, pastels are the perfect style pick for the upcoming spring/summer.

13 Gray Is Okay, But It's So Hard To Achieve. Pass!


Here’s something that we keep seeing pop up: silver/gray! Iskra Lawrence, pictured here, has recently been seen rocking gray. Allure spilled the deets on it, and much to our amazement, the color was achieved by the L’Oreal Paris Colorista box dye. However, getting to gray is still no easy feat.

We need to be blonde first, which Lawrence luckily was. Those of us who try to do a home dye job to become blonde will likely have a very long process ahead of us before we get it to a state where gray will work. We love the look, but it’s just too much of a commitment.

12 The Extra Long Hair Is Hard To Get Without Patience. Pass!


The Oscars was full of some major hair goals, but unfortunately, a few are just not realistic for our day-to-day lives. While we would all love to feel like we’re on the red carpet each and every day with our long, luscious locks, this is not a style that many of us are able to achieve.

We all have two options when it comes to getting length like this: wait it out and let it grow, or head to a salon and get extensions. One option requires tons of patience, and the other option requires money and careful upkeep. It looks amazing, but we’ll pass on this trend; it’s not what we’d call “totally doable.”

11 Long And Blonde Is In, For Those Of Us Still On The Ombre


The number of celebrities we’ve seen long and blonde on is ridiculous. It seems like everyone wants to try it at least once in their lives, and we totally support the change. After all, what is life without a little excitement and change?

Some of us are still growing out our ombre styles, which typically featured a blend of blonde, honey, and brunette colors. The natural transition? Full on blonde! We might as well try it, right? While it might take some time and money, depending on how dark our hair is at the start, blonde locks are a great way to welcome in a beachy summer.

10 Though All-Over Highlighting Has Seen A Resurgence As Well


Slightly different than all over color, highlighting can cover a variety of hair colors and still let our natural look shine through. Pictured here is 13 Reasons Why star Katherine Langford rocking her freshly done head of red hair.

Allure mentions that she shifted from her normal chocolate brown to this color with the help of some very vibrant copper highlighting. We personally love it and think that highlights can suit a variety of faces and hair colors. From red to brunette, the options are endless. This is one that will likely also take a visit to the salon, though we have seen over the counter kits available.

9 Lobs Are Still Cool And Carefree, And Very Simple To Achieve


Any hairstyle which requires a single trip to the salon gets our vote, as we can still be hands-off; all we have to do is drive there. That might be why this lob look is still so incredibly popular. We personally love the style, as it’s short and sassy but still very grown up.

Khloe Kardashian has been seen rocking the lob, like in this photo. A lob is also a great option for those who like to change up their hair colors. And it’s easy to tuck under a wig! No matter your style, this almost-shoulder-length look is one that’s popular and totally worth the salon trip.

8 Lady Gaga's Red Carpet Slick-Backed-Mile-High Hair Is Essential


We don’t know how to achieve this, but we definitely want to. The slicked-back sides are totally chic, while the height on top makes it the perfect amount of rock and roll. This is a style that we know is probably easier to achieve than we think it is. You just need some hairspray to pin down the sides, and then a few bobby pins and well-placed curls finish it off.

The nice part about the style is that we can vary it as well. We’ve seen Gaga rocking a few different variations on this look, but all of them seem to consist of plenty of height and slick sides.

7 While Octavia Spencer Proves Waves Are Still Welcome


Octavia Spencer is an incredible actress and a total style icon as well. Her beautiful red carpet choices are always welcome in our lists, as she’s always incredibly on point. These waves might be a style that’s been around forever, but Spencer is proving that they’re still just as beautiful as the first time we saw them. Not to mention the fact that this is a hairstyle many of us are used to doing already!

The next time you curl your hair, rest assured that you’re incredibly on trend as well as looking amazing. Don’t forget to slick down those flyaways, though!

6 Blasts From The Past Are Always A Classic


This adorable look is worn on Lucy Boynton. She’s definitely someone to look to for hair trend definition, as she’s been making waves beauty-wise on the red carpets this year, according to Allure. The trick to this look is to keep things subtle.

Subtle make up complements this hair trend nicely, making it the perfect option for our next dinner party or other date night. The side-swept style looks good on a variety of face shapes, and the curl will bring a softness to any look. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and all it seems to take is a curling iron! Yes please!

5 While Gemma Chan's Low Bun Is A Lovely, Fast Style


Curls weren’t the only trend hitting the red carpets, though. The low bun is a trend that’s creeping into our lives slowly but surely, and we’re actually loving it. Not only do we find that Gemma Chan has exemplified amazing style lately, but she also proves that the low bun isn’t just for post-workout hair saving.

The low bun can be totally trendy, especially when it comes to our day-to-day lives. Easy enough to do (we all know how to pile our hair into a bun, right?), the trendiness comes with the wisps of hair that are loose. The freest and most casual of the styles, this is a must try.

4 Platinum Will Always Be Popular, But We're Not Into The Upkeep. Pass!


Hilary Duff has semi-recently been said to have gone back to platinum blonde, a color similar to this shade. We personally love it, even if we’re not willing to go through the process. Duff is definitely in love with her locks, having been a blonde for as long as we can remember. Her style is always funky but sweet, and anyone can see that she’s got a good eye for trends.

This icy platinum, however, is just too much work for us. We love the style on other people, but it’s too expensive when it comes to upkeep. Toners, root touch-ups, and a variety of other hair care necessities make it too much for us.

3 'Glass Hair' Is Hard To Care For. Pass!


The glass hair trend is something that we’ve heard whispers about for a while. While it’s a little hard to pinpoint exactly what makes a sleek style “glass hair,” we’ve noticed that it seems to be a pin-straight style with no fly-aways but plenty of high shine. Glass hair can have a curve or curl to it, though it seems to be less common.

All in all we believe that it’s just not practical to try to achieve glass hair in day-to-day life. Our days are full of running around from place to place with a high chance of getting caught in the rain. Frizz and flyaways are par for the course, making this styling effort futile.

2 Tessa Thompson's Oscars Hairstyle Is Everyday Easy


Among the parade of stars on the red carpet was Tessa Thompson, who revealed this incredibly doable hairstyle. With the front portion of her hair pulled back, she achieves a sleek look with few front flyaways. The back, however, she seems to have left loose and curly.

This lifted, bouncy look frames her face perfectly and gives the star a chance to showcase her beautiful makeup and earrings, too. Luckily for us, this sleek and sweet style is easy to achieve in our day-to-day lives as well! Appropriate for both errand running and the office, a half pulled-back look is easy but looks put together.

1 The Brunette Is A Trend We Personally Love


Finally, we’ve come to the last style on our list. Brunette has recently seen a resurgence in the industry, judging by the number of stars who have been spotted rocking it. Elle highlighted that Charlize Theron showed up at the Oscars wearing a brunette look, switching it up from her normal blonde.

While we’re sure that she had someone help her with the dye job, brunette is a color that can easily be achieved through a box dye. Change your hair, change your life, right? If all it takes is one box, we’re in. Of all the trends, this one seems the most straightforward to achieve!

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