15 Celeb Deaths Related To The Illuminati

The Illuminati is not just the plot of a Dan Brown novel or a Tom Hanks film. (In fact, these men might even be members of the notorious group, themselves). The name actually refers to many groups, said to be both real and fictitious, that are supposed to dominate the order of the entire world. One way this group is rumoured to control the world is by recruiting celebrities with their unyielding power. If the celebrity then fails to follow the plan set forth by the super group, he or she is thought to be assassinated via a blood sacrifice by its members. These assassinations usually look like a drug-related death but can sometimes be more creative, like in the case of martial arts actor, and son of Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee. Is the Illuminati and this list of celebrity deaths connected or is this just more fodder for the conspiracy theorist cannon? Read on and make that decision for yourself.

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15 Philip Seymour Hoffman


Philip Seymour Hoffman was not just any actor. He was by and large, one of the best actors of this generation. The Talented Mr. Ripley and The Big Lebowski are just two of Hoffman's gems. It stands to reason then, that if a super secret and powerful organization like the Illuminati does exist, they may have wanted the talented Mr. Hoffman as a member. Why though, would that same organization decide his number was up? Did the actor try and defect? Or like so many others with genius talent was the pressure just too much. Those mysteries are left to the many, many, many websites dedicated to this super creepy club. According to Illuminati watchdogs (as they tend to be called) Hoffman's death was a ritual sacrifice.

14 Brittany Murphy

FILE - This June 2009 file photo originally provided by Hybrid Productions shows Brittany Murphy while working on the set of "Abandoned" in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Hybrid Productions)

After playing an ugly duckling in Clueless, a film that marked a generation, Brittany Murphy began to find her own way in Hollywood with roles like Daisy in the critically acclaimed Girl Interrupted. Tragically, life would soon imitate art for Murphy and like her character, Daisy, she would be found dead far too young. Her death was mysterious to say the least with conspiracy theories abound declaring that the pneumonia and prescription drug excuse was far too unlikely. In fact, her husband died of the same cause just six months later. Were the Illuminati involved? It's widely discussed among the Illuminati sites that Murphy's death was a sacrifice and they even go so far as to say the powerful group ruined her career before her death.

13 Whitney Houston


Whenever an A-lister falls dead before their time, somewhere on the internet there is a conspiracy theorist who gains their wings. There are no shortage of sites declaring that Ms. Houston was a member of the fabled illuminati and her death could be blamed on the illuminati's habit of ritually sacrificing some of its members. Did she serve the sect in exchange for the voice of an angel or did her live fast lifestyle seem a little more likely the reason she left us too soon. It's unclear why the members of the Illuminati would choose Houston as a blood sacrifice. Whatever the reason behind her death, the world is without one fine singer.

12 Cory Monteith


Cory Monteith? Really? Did the illuminati travel to Canada to murder the Canuck in his Vancouver hotel room? Seems like a stretch but believers of the power of the cryptic clan have no doubt that the Glee actor was a victim of sacrifice. Did the Glee actor, beloved by millions, really fall to the hands of the Illuminati? Is no one safe? Also, why do they choose drugs to kill most of their victims? Maybe because it's not exactly a stretch these days, or maybe because they are so highly addictive that no one usually suspects any foul play when drugs are involved. Fame and drugs go hand in hand like conspiracy theorists and the internet. It would seem according to Illuminati theorists that the Canadian actor was simply a ritual sacrifice.

11 Anna Nicole Smith


Anna Nicole Smith was involved in some questionable activities prior to her death but few surrounded the occult or religions of any kind. Or so she would have had us believe. The heartbroken mom lost her son just days after she gave birth to a daughter and never fully recovered, dying just six months later. Some rather creative sites dedicated to the actions of the Illuminati claim that Anna Nicole was a slave under mind control by the secret society. Did she sell her soul to the society for a version of fame and fortune? The same sites declare that Smith was killed in another ritual sacrifice. Or did she die of a broken heart?

10 Peaches Geldof


The daughter of musician Bob Geldof was known to dabble in different religions and occult behaviours. Her erratic behaviours, at times, would encourage conspiracy junkies to speculate about her involvement with the group. If there is a group controlling all the major events of the world, it's not hard to believe that the young Geldof might do some exploring. Her untimely death is claimed to be drug-related but it would seem that believers say that the great and powerful Illuminati chooses that method, more often than not, to sacrifice its members. Celebrities addicted to drugs and alcohol are easy targets, or are these stars fed drugs and alcohol by the highly ranked members?

9 Brandon Lee


One of the few stars on this list to die of a non drug-related cause, Brandon Lee, son of icon Bruce Lee, has long been rumoured to have been a member of the Illuminati. In a freak accident on the set of a movie he was filming, Lee was accidentally shot to death at point blank range by what was supposed to be a gun firing blanks. Supposedly, the scary world dominating group got a little more creative during this particular sacrifice. It would seem they went to a lot of trouble to take out The Crow actor.

8 Bruce Lee


Bruce Lee, martial artist and actor, inspired generations of people as one of the greatest action heros of all time. Much like his son, Lee would die tragically young from a brain edema, found to have been caused by prescription drugs. Was the film and television star just one more victim of the great and all powerful organization? If Bruce Lee did sell his soul for inhuman martial arts talent then that might explain why he is the household name in martial arts to this day. In fact, no one else has even come close. The Illuminati makes its members pay up and when they can't they are sacrificed, according to watchdog reports.

7 Kurt Cobain


How unbelievably tragic that Nirvana's front man would make the Illuminati's hit list. His tortured existence would lead to some of the most incredible music of an entire generation but it would also lead to his suicide. Or was it his assassination? It is said that he was invited to take part in mind control studies and when he declined he was removed from the program, permanently. Kurt Cobain might have been too talented to exist in this world or his contract might have run out. This is one death that even the Illuminati might regret. When Cobain died, so then did an entire genre of music.

6 Heath Ledger


Just look at that beautiful face. The Brokeback Mountain star was far too perfect to be of this world. If he did buy his fame, fortune and beauty from the Illuminati they sure did a great job of making him amazing. His version of the Jokerin the most recent Batman reincarnation of the character, will go down in history as one of the greatest performances ever. I guess it was too much to comply with his side of the bargain because surely the plan was never to end the life of Heath Ledger before his time. If it's a controversial death in Hollywood you can bet the Illuminati will be blamed.

5 James Gandolfini


The Soprano's actor died of a heart attack according to reports. Followers of the sect feel that Gandolfini was poisoned for failure to comply. It's no surprise that the mobster playing actor couldn't be controlled anymore than the characters he played on TV. If the group really does have world domination then it stands to reason that if they wish someone dead they could make it happen in anyway they choose. This begs the question, though, why do celebrities keep signing up when their colleagues seem to be dropping like flies? It just doesn't compute to give your life for a few seasons of a hit show, but then that's Hollywood for you.

4 Amy Winehouse


When Amy Winehouse decided to deny the 'New World Order' she was assassinated. Well, at least that's what some seriously dedicated conspiracy theorist websites claim. Once, during an interview, Winehouse sort of looked like she was forming a triangle with her hands as she was answering a question. Really, she is just using her hands to gesture but some people on the inter web fell completely apart over it. Was she sending a secret message to her cohorts? Some people believe that is exactly what she was doing.

3 Corey Haim


Surely, the tragic life and career of Corey Haim was sad enough without added theories about his unlikely involvement with a world dominating super group. He grew up as a child star alongside Corey Feldman. The 'two Coreys' were among the most popular teens during their time. Over the years, speculation about the treatment of the boys, being abused as child stars, was always questioned. After Haim's death, Feldman came out and explained that he and Haim had been abused by some of the most powerful and richest men in the business, while onset as young actors and that these men (who still remain nameless) could very well be part of the Illuminati. Could it be that they had something to do with the death of Haim?

2 Michael Jackson


Even the non-believers among us might question this one. Surely, Michael Jackson's strange existence has something to do with a great and powerful group other than the Hollywood executives he feared. "There going to kill me." He once told his son as quoted on CNN in response to AEG Live execs that were managing his comeback . Were the executives Jackson feared members of the Illuminati? While many claim to know the facts, we are still left wondering much about the death of the King of Pop.

1 John Lennon


The Beatles had long since broken up but John Lennon, the only member of this list that was outright assassinated, was still making music and spreading peace on the day he died in 1980 at the hands of Mark David Chapman. If the assassin was a member of the Illuminati or even a patsy, it remains to be seen. The sadness that engulfed the world on the day Lennon died was a powerful force, to say the least. If this was a power move by the all knowing secret leaders of the world, it worked.

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