15 Celebs Who Are WAY Older Than You'd Think

Staying in shape seems absolutely essential nowadays especially for those who are constantly in the massive spotlight of the Hollywood lights. Some thrive, while others fall apart. This article will take a look at those that have thrived throughout the years. They have not only managed to stay in shape, but they have defied their ages proving that it is just a number.

Celebs on this list range from their 40’s all the way to their 50’s. What’s so remarkable about these 15 celebs is how they manage to stay so young looking after all these years and everything they’ve taken on work-wise. As you will see in this article, it is much easier said than done!

So now without further ado let’s get to it, here are 15 celebrity ages you will not believe, enjoy!

15 Jennifer Lopez: 46

Born in 1969, J.Lo still seems to be stealing the hearts of millions despite being 46 years of age. Lopez began her rise to fame as a backup dancer, so as you might imagine, staying in shape was absolutely necessary throughout her career. She finally broke out of the shadows in 1997 instantly becoming one of the most recognizable singers on the planet.

Her curves were a trend far before the Kardashians came on to the scene. Lopez became an icon for her sexy slender look mixed in with some serious curves, something she still maintains to this very day. Recently, Lopez admits to shedding even more weight but she had admitted that she doesn’t want to lose too much, this will only cause her to lose the image millions of fans all over the world love her for. Age is only a number for this pop star icon, like a fine wine she just seems to be getting better with age.

14 Jared Leto: 44

Let this one sink in, Jared Leto is set to turn 45 at the end of the year, yup that’s right 45. His youthful look is no fortune of good luck, despite an insane schedule Leto makes it a priority to eat clean while exercising regularly. The singer/actor follows a vegan diet, he also credits yoga for keeping him in such good shape throughout the years.

Leto’s resume might be one of the most impressive in recent memory when you think about his impact in the music business and on the big screen. Leto broke into Hollywood way back in 1992. He would rise to fame years later scoring some huge roles in movies such as Fight Club, Girl, Interrupted, American Psycho and Requiem for a Dream. These weren’t just any movies, all these films won various awards and are critically acclaimed. He furthered his legacy in 2002 releasing his first major successful album with his band Thirty Seconds to Mars. There really is no stopping him at this point.

13 Julianne Moore: 55

She is the poster girl for an ageless wonder, Moore is set to turn 56 this December if you can believe. Unlike most actors and actresses in Hollywood, Moore chose to age gracefully and not get any cosmetic treatments done, as you can tell it has worked wonders on her. Diet wise, she keeps things very basic, eliminating bread and other starchy carbohydrates. She tends to stick to fish and vegetables while still following a crazy work schedule.

Like so many other Hollywood stars, Moore came from humble beginnings working as a waitress to get by while trying to make it in the entertainment industry. Julianne took the Broadway route to fame making her first claim to fame on the big stage. She would later make the jump to film in 1993 when she was spotted by director Robert Altman. This would prove to be a huge turning point for her career as she would star in several mainstream flicks.

12 Ellen DeGeneres: 58

America’s favorite talk show host and perhaps one of the most iconic figures in the LGBT community, Ellen seems to stay the same as the years go by, some actually go as far to say she looks better now than she did two decades ago. Ellen has pretty much done a bit of everything throughout her run which began with a career in stand-up comedy. After working on television for several years Ellen rose to fame overnight as it seemed when she announced that she was in fact a lesbian on The Oprah Winfrey Show. She instantly became a role model for millions and inspired a wave of women paving the way for a new generation which accepted same sex preferences. She is certainly a pioneer in that regard.

Asides from being a tremendous television host of her own show, Ellen keeps fit by following a vegan diet. She admitted, it wasn't always easy particularly early on, but she is glad to have made the jump.

11 Pharrell: 43

Pharrell’s age seems to be a trending topic still to this day, so many news tabloids marvel at how the star singer is 43. Taking a look at him, you’d think he’s in his late 20’s. Questions started to surface whether he was a vampire because of how consistent he’s looked as the years have gone by. His response to these allegations was rather simple declining that he is one.

Pharrell credits taking care of himself by doing simple things like washing his face and taking care of his body, something he has done consistently throughout his life despite his rise to fame. Believe it or not the Virginia native has actually been making music since 1992 when he began as a record producer. Hard to believe he’s been working in the industry for almost 25 years. It took some time, but he has now become one of the most recognizable musical talents in the world today.

10 Lenny Kravitz: 52

Kravitz made his musical debut way back in the late 80’s if you can believe. He started to become a mainstream face in the early 90’s, he really started to dominate the music scene in 1999 when he took home the award for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance four years in a row at the Grammy Awards from 1999 all the way till 2002. The New York native has also enjoyed success in film starring in several popular films like The Hunger Games.

Putting aside his other crazy accomplishments which include a tour with U2, Kravitz credits a strong diet throughout the years. He recently made headlines by announcing that he has follows a raw food diet, something very uncommon particularly in the realm of popular figures like Lenny. He also fills his diet up with loads and loads of vegetables. With such a crazy schedule, Kravitz has managed to keep his eating habits in check, this has caused his age to only be a number as he still looks better than ever.

9 John Stamos: 52

You have to believe that John Stamos might be the best 50 year old looking man on this planet as he is set to turn 53 this coming August. Not only is he still in tip top shape, Stamos recently took things a step further by leaning out for his TV series on Fox,  Grandfathered. Seriously though, how much better can this guy get.

To put things into perspective, Stamos began his career on television appearing in General Hospital. And oh, this was in 1982. After his run on the popular soap opera John was given the lead role to star in a CBS show Dreams. This would be his ticket to fame and in 1987 Stamos made mainstream headlines by revolutionizing his role into what we still know him as today, Uncle Jesse in Full House. After the show ended, Stamos has managed to stay relevant, mostly because of his outstanding look which is still mind blowing to this day.

8 Michelle Obama: 52

Besides from being the wife of the most important current figure in the United States, Michelle Obama has been blowing people away with her strong work ethic dedicated to living a fit life. Her age is certainly just a number, just by watching some of her fitness videos you’d be amazed to see how athletic she is despite being in her 50’s which is quite mind blowing to say the least. Her workouts have inspired millions of people to stay in shape, Obama mixes in a bit of everything during her training sessions from weight lifting to some boxing topped off with some intense jump-rope.

You can expect the first lady to continue her fitness pursuit well into her 50’s, she has inspired millions and continues to do so till this very day. Her work ethic in and out of the gym is quite inspiring, not to mention she has maintained a strong diet throughout her fitness journey. Remember the kitchen is just as important as the gym!

7 Brad Pitt: 52

Another popular Hollywood heartthrob over the age of 50, the Oklahoma native is set to turn 53 at the end of the year on December 18th. Brad’s body became an iconic piece of history way back in 1999 when he took on a starring role in the ever so popular film Fight Club. His body instantly became idolized by millions around the world, it was what so many men aspired to get, a casual look while supporting some serious rips. Little does everyone realize that Pitt went through a lot in order to pull off such a physique. Although it did appear attainable, Brad went through a rigorous diet while doing some serious cardio mixed in with weigh training.

Although his Fight Club days are aesthetically behind him, Pitt remains an iconic figure as one of the greatest Hollywood sex symbols off all time. As the years go by, this title still sticks around him.

6 Sandra Bullock: 51

Turning 52 in July, America’s sweetheart continues to defy her age as the years move along. Like countless others, Bullock worked as a waitress while living in Manhattan pursuing a career on a Broadway stage. She would later make the jump to film, appearing in a TV movie which would ultimately open several new doors for her. She would quickly rise to fame and later become known as one of the most popular females in all of Hollywood.

Outside of her popularity and ageless ways, Bullock follows a strict diet plan which sees her intake a limited amount of carbohydrates per day, mostly sticking to protein meals mixed in with some healthy veggies. Training wise Bullock focuses on aerobics and breathing, most of this comes from her practice of several different types of yoga. After all these years, her work ethic remains as strong in the gym as it is on-screen.

5 The Rock: 44

If you know him from his WWE days, you are aware that he’s been around for a while bursting onto the scene in the mid 90’s. For the everyday person however, The Rock seems to be relatively new, rising to new heights every year as it seems. It shocks so many of his fans to find out that he’s actually in his mid 40’s despite living such an active life on Hollywood sets and in the gym. The guy wakes up at 4 am to get a training in, something I’m sure most 40 year old's don’t do.

By the looks of it, The Rock still has so much left to accomplish in the realm of Hollywood. A return to the WWE also seems like a possibility being in such great shape throughout the years. It appears like his physique is much better now than it was during his 20’s and 30’s, pretty remarkable stuff to think about.

4 Gwyneth Paltrow: 43

She’s turning 44 but still manages to be one of the most recognizable faces in the entire Hollywood scene. She broke through the ranks in 1996 when she became an instant star. Her star power would carry over for the next two decades. She would also make headlines for her personal life dating several mega stars which included the likes of Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck. She would later marry the lead singer from the iconic band Coldplay, Chris Martin. The two however got a divorce in March of 2014.

Outside of her personal and Hollywood life, Paltrow takes her health very seriously. She recently began a Detox company which sells a variety of products which cleanse the inside of your body. She is also a strong advocate for flexible dieting, which means she doesn’t limit her foods to the same things all the time. Whatever she’s doing, we can all agree seems to working wonders.

3 Jennifer Aniston: 47

Since her rise to fame in the 90’s as Rachel Green on the iconic Friends series, Aniston has remained one of the greatest sex symbols in television history. At the age of 47, fans still marvel at how incredible she looks to this very day. This didn’t happen by accident, Jennifer makes it a priority of hers to stay fit year round. She is notorious for following trendy diets, over the years the mega television star has tried several different diet types. This, mixed in with a tremendous work ethic in the gym.

Set to turn 48 next February, Aniston is a classic example of a star that just gets better with age. Remarkable how she has managed to stay one of the sexiest women in the world for the last two decades. At this rate, we can expect to see her still looking great well into her 50’s which would amount into three entire decades of being one of the hottest celebs on the planet, remarkable to think about.

2 Jim Parsons: 43

He was born in the 70’s.... how I’ll never really know. Parsons was a late bloomer, before making his breakthrough on Big Bang he worked several minor roles on television shows and even various commercials. Jim was very unlucky early on, after auditioning for so many TV pilots the show would either fold or not afford to find a network. That all changed when he was finally casted on Big Bang Theory, a role which appears to be made for him. Although it should be noted that Parsons had no real intimate connection with the character, he just always felt like it seemed like a good fit.

His stock would ultimately blow up on the show,  becoming one of the most recognizable faces on television today. Adding to his impressive resume, Parsons is also focusing on a future career in film, something that seems very likely due to his immense popularity. Age is certainly just a number for this star who still has so much left to give.

1 Sofia Vergara: 43

The stunning Colombian is what most mothers aspire to look like, not only does she have a child but the mega television star is also creeping in on her mid 40’s set to turn 44 in July. Outside of her Hollywood life, Vergara works hard to keep fit cramming in as many workouts as possible. She focuses on full body movements which allow her to burn more calories. Sofia also diets year round, staying away from highly processed carbohydrates.

Her figure is only a small portion pertaining to her success, in 2014 she placed 32nd on the Forbes list for the most powerful women in the world, not too shabby. She is also the most sought after television star at the moment, her rise to fame on Modern Family has made her must see TV in the Hollywood ranks. Expect to see this superstar around for a very long time, with the next decade crucial to her career and future endeavors.

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