15 Cartoon-Inspired Halloween Costumes That Are Totally Cute

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you’re like me — you always leave your costume for last minute. A couple years ago I literally made a costume in 20 minutes by ripping up my old dress and calling myself a rag doll. It worked, but it was a little rough around the edges, to say the least. You always have a way better time when you put some effort into your costume anyway. That’s why this year, you’re gonna be prepared. If you’re reading this article, you are already on the right track. I always find myself attracted to cartoon-themed costumes because of how colorful and fun they are. Dressing up as a cartoon is perfect if you want a cute costume that isn’t too revealing, plus almost everyone will know who you are. I can almost guarantee you will find a costume on this list that strikes a chord with your younger self.

15 Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable

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This duo is dynamite and pretty easy to pull off too as long as you have some pink nylons and black spy clothes.

What you’ll need (For Kim): a black long sleeved crop top, army green baggy cargo pants, a cool brown belt, a watch, black gloves and black boots.

What you’ll need (For Ron): long sleeved black shirt, baggy grey cargo pants, black gloves, a light beige belt and black shoes.

Bonus points if Kim has fiery orange hair and Ron is a blondie. To make a little Rufus doll; stuff a pink nylon with stuffing (newsprint, cotton balls), tie thread at various points to form Rufus’ torso, head, and limbs. Next, draw on his adorable facial features with a black felt tip marker and you've got a very convincing naked mole rat! This costume is great for the low maintenance lady and guy friend. Almost everyone has a long sleeved black top and some cargo pants hanging out in their closet. Change your ringtone to Wade’s Kimmunicator signal and you're set to hit the streets, ready to foil any evil scheme that Dr. Draken has the nerve to come up with.

14 Dora The Explorer

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This one is classic and is especially effective if you are under 5 feet tall: shorties unite! Dora is an adorable little American girl of indigenous Mexican heritage who explores an animated, interactive landscape with her best friend Boots, solving puzzles and riddles along the way.

What you’ll need: a pink t-shirt, orange shorts, yellow socks, white sneakers, a purple backpack, a watch, and a short brown wig.

This costume is great for a girl with a strong sense of curiosity and child-like wonder! Take your friends on quests during the party or bring a map in case anyone gets lost. You can also stash your alcohol in your backpack. Your friends will love you for it. Bonus: Get your boyfriend or best guy friend to go as Diego and adventure around town as a pair on Halloween night. You’ll definitely attract the attention of the little trick or treaters going by.

13 Penny Proud

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This one is so easy and so cute and I guarantee when someone recognizes it, they will give you mad props. Penny Proud of The Proud Family is a teenager who lives by her own rules (unless she’s at home; then her parents reign supreme). She’s logical and can be somewhat of a feminist so if you consider yourself strong-willed, Penny Proud is your bag.

What you’ll need: Dark magenta skirt, magenta cardigan, white/cream blouse with collar, hair styled in pigtails and dark purple sneakers with white socks.

Bonus: Draw a mole on your left cheek. If you end up choosing this costume, see if your friends want to be her entourage. There’s Dijonnaise, Zoey, Sticky, Lacienaga and what about the blue-faced Gross Sisters? Everyone will know who you are when you walk down the street on Halloween night. This costume is a snap to put together at a very low cost.

12 Meg

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This one is incredibly easy to throw together. Meg from the hit tv show Family Guy is described as the black sheep of the family. She always gets the short end of the stick and the brunt of the family’s constant teasing and abuse. She is voiced by the ever talented Mila Kunis, who has created Meg to be both a sincere and hilarious character. If you are the type of person who feels like “no one understands me”, then Meg might be the perfect costume for you.

What you’ll need: pink t-shirt with white trim, pink hat, blue jeans, white shoes and oversized, round glasses.

Meg is great for someone who wants to stay covered up, but still look funny and cute. This costume suits both a serious and clever girl with a no-nonsense demeanor. Life is hard for Meg, so don’t be afraid to indulge in those graveyard brownies!

11 Dee Dee

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If you have a ballet costume, you’re set! Dee Dee of Dexter’s Laboratory is a child scientist, Dexter’s hyperactive older sister. Although Dee Dee is well intentioned and intensely curious, she ruins Dexter’s inventions and sabotages his experiments sometimes with just a flick of a switch! If you consider yourself mischievous and maybe a bit of a troublemaker, then Dee Dee would be the perfect disguise for Halloween night. People will know who you are right away once they see the bright pink ribbons and bouncing yellow pigtails.

What you’ll need: Pink sneakers, pink ribbon to tie around ankles (like pointe shoes), white tights, small bright pink dress, and a bright yellowish blonde wig tied into big pigtails.

Dee dee is full of energy so go ahead and show off your moves; this costume was made for taking over the dance floor. Great for the curiously mischievous and the ballerinas out there.

10 Pinky and the Brain

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One is a genius, the other insane. Everyone has that insane friend right? Grab a buddy and take over the world together this Halloween. Pinky and Brain are genetically enhanced laboratory mice who live together in a cage at Acme Labs. Brain is power-hungry and scheming, while Pinky is open-minded, good-intentioned and happy; and together they plan to take over the world.

What you’ll need: white sweatshirts (no logos), white pants, red noses (clown noses can be found in most costume shops), pink socks and shoes (roll up pants to reveal socks), long strip of pink fabric (tail), pink gloves, and a white cap with pink mouse ears.

To make a mouse ears cap, find a white cap or beanie, cut out mouse ear shapes from sturdy cardboard, paint with pink acrylic paint outline with 1 inch of white paint, paint the other side white. Fold base of ears and with hot glue, glue ears to the cap. For Brain, find a white beanie and stuff with cotton balls or fabric, attach a strap so it stays on your head securely. Glue ears to beanie as described previously.

These costumes are for two friends who not only see eye to eye but would be willing to dress up as identical mice for an entire evening. If this is you and your friend, kudos to you both, you must be close enough to share a water bottle (just some rodent humor).

9 Sandy Cheeks

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Oh boy! Saddle up your starfish and find yourself a goldfish bowl, because this is one impressive costume! Sandy Cheeks from Sponge Bob Square Pants is a Texan squirrel scientist who lives in Bikini Bottom. She’s skilled at karate and will whip out her karate gloves to fight anyway who dares to challenge her.

What you’ll need: One adult astronaut costume, light grey boots, pink flower for hair, an acorn badge, and white gloves.

Bonus: If you can find a furry squirrel tail to glue on the back, also; if you’re comfortable wearing a plastic goldfish bowl on your head (don’t forget to poke enough holes!) go for it! If you can manage to DIY the astronaut costume, it’s totally possible, as long as you have some free time and a large piece of soft foam, otherwise, there’s no shame in buying one! If you consider yourself whip smart with a good karate stance, give this costume a go. Maybe you’ll come across a Spongebob and become best friends!

8 Pepper Ann

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This costume is almost too perfect it hurts! Pepper Ann’s patterned skirt is highly recognizable and her outfit as a whole evokes a chic, relaxed “too cool for 7th grade” style. Pepper Ann is an awkward twelve year old, slightly nerdy and misunderstood. She escapes into her fantasies and maybe is more emotional than she lets on.

What you’ll need: an oversized, a bright purple t-shirt, a yellow skirt, red and light green felt, black converse sneakers, blue tights, glasses, blue scrunchie, red curly hair or a wig.

Making the skirt is pretty easy, simply trace and cut larger light green felt circles, and smaller red felt circles. Use a glue gun and glue circles onto the skirt or sew them on. This costume is especially great for the relaxed and “alternative” type. Cartoon enthusiasts everywhere will appreciate the effort you put in to make Pepper Ann look as authentic as possible. But even if they don’t appreciate it, middle school was so yesterday, you’re over it.

7 Fionna

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This one is particularly adorable; who doesn’t want to tote a backpack and wear bunny ears at the same time? It's literally every girl's dream to be sporting these two fashion staples. After all, didn't Mean Girls make the whole wear ears on Halloween thing something really cool? Fionna the Human of Adventure Time, is the gender swapped version of Finn created by the Ice King. Fionna is a fearless, adventure-seeking hero. She is self-assured, hard-headed, will help anyone when called and will a feral flame boy as necessary.

What you'll need: turquoise long sleeved shirt, dark blue mini skirt, black mary jane shoes, white knee socks, lime green backpack and a bunny-themed hat (available online).

If this costume doesn’t send you into adventure land then, maybe you are wearing the wrong shoes. This costume is perfect for the kid-at-heart, why not try trick-or-treating?...at least enough to fill your backpack.

6 Boo

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Boo! This one couldn’t be easier, and it’s very fitting for this monster-filled holiday. Boo from Monsters Inc is a 2-year-old child who escapes from her room and needs to be brought back to safety by two monsters, Sully and Mike. She is curious, naive and despite her age, is already potty-trained.

What you’ll need: an oversized pink shirt, purple leggings, white sneakers, 2 pink bobble hair scrunchies, brown bob wig tied up in two pigtails, and a little monster doll.

Putting this costume together is an absolute breeze, and looks especially great if you’re on the shorter side. You’re basically wearing pajamas, what could be easier than that. This costume is especially great if you will be outside since it covers most of your body, plus you can cuddle your monster doll for extra warmth. Great for the innocent and easily scareable; getting in character should be easy with all the spooks about!

5 Lola Bunny

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Slam dunk this Halloween with this undeniably cute costume. Lola Bunny is Bugs Bunny’s beautiful, sassy, no-nonsense girlfriend. She is the second best basketball player on the Tune Squad (Michael Jordan is the first), she’s charming, decisive, yet highly seductive. If you consider yourself very confident and want to show a little skin while still looking cute as hell, try a little Lola Bunny on for size.

What you’ll need: white crop tank top, white shorts, neutral colored sneakers, dark blue scrunchie, bunny ears, a basketball, t-shirt transfer sheet and a color printer.

Print out the “Tune Squad” logo and transfer it onto a cropped white tank top using an iron (or follow instructions on the transfers). This costume is for the athletically inclined, and fans of the great movie that is Space Jam. Carrying around a basketball will not only complete the look, but it will be a direct invitation to anyone wanting to play a game of pickup or at least pass it back and forth.

4 Miss Frizzle

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We all wished Miss Frizzle would visit our class and whisk us away on a trip into space, or shrink us to the size of a sesame seed and go on a journey through our friend’s digestive system. Valerie Felicity Frizzle is a zany, eccentric and kind of mysterious school teacher at Walkerville Elementary. She’s beautiful, intelligent, optimistic and no doubt has magical powers.

What you’ll need: A red styled wig (think volume), long sleeved dark blue dress (if choosing solar system theme), bright colored pumps, plastic lizard and educational themed felt cutouts.

To make the dress, find an array of felt (the more colors the better!), decide on a theme and cut out felt that goes with the chosen theme. For example, if you choose the solar system you can cut out planets, asteroids, the sun, stars, the moon etc. Be creative, take chances, make mistakes, get messy! This costume is for those with an artistic edge (those cut outs won’t cut out themselves), and those who aren’t afraid of a little eccentricity. Be prepared to teach your friends about the cutouts on your dress, we all want to learn from the Friz herself!

3 Tina Belcher - Bob’s Burgers

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With the recent popularity of the animated cult hit, Bob’s Burgers; you’ll be recognized and revered, no problem. Tina is the oldest child of her family, she is a quirky girl stuck between the world of childhood and adolescence. She is a hopeless romantic with a powerful drive and minimal social skills. She likes horses and rainbows, but then again she also likes to fantasize about zombies making out. If you consider yourself a hard-core nerd, you will have no problem fitting into this costume.

What you’ll need: denim skirt, pale blue t-shirt, yellow hair clip, thick rimmed glasses, red striped tube socks, black converse sneakers and a black bob wig.

Since Tina is so socially awkward, this costume is perfect for an introvert. You can actually BE Tina and not have to make small talk to anyone. This costume is super simple to put together and will attract only the cute guys, promise.

2 Arthur

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If you think checking a book out of the library and reading it is fun then you have the right costume! Arthur is an 8-year-old aardvark with a love of chocolate cake and library cards. He navigates the challenging world of homework, super strict teachers, bullies, and his inconceivably annoying little sister D.W. This couldn’t be more easy, and comfortable too!

What you’ll need: white collared shirt, yellow sweater, brown round, thick-rimmed glasses, red converse sneakers.

Bonus: Add some aardvark ears by gluing two cardboard, felt covered ears onto a thin headband. This costume is for the studious type or let’s face it, all the people who used to order the Arthur Fan Club package off of the Scholastic book order in elementary school. All you need to do now is master Arthur’s confident strut during the opening credits and you’ll be the most popular aardvark at the party!

1 Sally

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This one is for all the “Nightmare Before Christmas” fans or for those really into the “spooky” aspect of the Halloween season. Sally is a humanoid ragdoll created by Dr. Finklestein, residing in Halloweentown. She’s sewn together with patches of material and is stuffed with dead leaves, not exactly high-fashion, but it sure sounds comfy! Sally has a soft-spoken, mysterious, slightly creepy demeanor as well as a whimsical, feminine energy.

What you’ll need: a long red wig, patchwork dress (sew patch pieces onto a dress already hanging in your closet), black boots, and blue body paint. You can also draw some stitch marks onto your arms and face to look extra raggedy.

Perfect for the stitch-savvy girl who is comfortable sewing her own costume. Bonus: Create “Zero,” Jack Skellington’s ghostly pet he brings around with him in Halloweentown. It takes some work, but with some wire hangers, pliers, white tissue paper and an artist’s savoir-faire you can be tugging along a cute little ghost dog!

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