15 Careers That Will Pay You To Live The Dream

Everyone wonders what their dream job would be - dolphin trainer, global superstar, supermodel? The possibilities that whirl around our minds after a tough day at work are endless. Some of these dreams however feel out of reach and just not possible - but these following dream careers do exist and people are shelling out huge salaries for them.

The Telegraph reported that the London School of Business and Finance interviewed 1,000 male and female professionals of different age groups and they found overwhelming 47% wanted to change their jobs and more than one in five were hoping to change career altogether in less than 12 months.

Dr Steve Priddy, director of research who co-operated with the study revealed, "I’m particularly delighted to see that our younger workforce is bold enough to dare try to enter a new professional field." He added, "With a changing economy and new sectors creating jobs and business models that would not have even existed a decade ago, many professionals may have considered the option of jumping ship and facing the challenges of a new career path."

As most people work a 40 hour week, this means that we spend around 30% of our lives in the workplace or commuting each day. Considering the other 70% of our life is spent 30% sleeping and just 40% awake then our large part of our lifestyle revolves around work. The key to true happiness in adulthood is finding the right work/life balance along with a happy, healthy personal life and then you've got this.

Here are dream jobs that will pay you to really start living the dream.

15  Celebrity Instagram Manager 


If you think celebrities have the time in their busy schedules to upload their own posts to Instagram - then think again. Managing the social media account of a celeb is your dream career and you think you could cut it picking the perfect filters, remembering to tag in the sponsors and trying to break the 1 million likes barrier - then you could earn yourself a whopping salary.

Jo Piazza, author of Celebrity Inc. and the newly released The Knockoff, told E! Online, "It's now this incredible lucrative six-figure job in Hollywood that you can get right out of college." However the downside is you will have to try and work out what your celebrity client actually wants to say to their followers. Piazza revealed, "I have some great stories of celebrities that are texting from far-flung locations all over the world complete nonsense and the social media manager has to translate it into exactly what the hell they meant. You just guess, cross your fingers and pray."

14 Professional Traveller 


Imagine being paid a $50,000 salary to travel around the world, all expenses paid plus health insurance, as a full-time travel blogger and webisode host. Well imagine no more, as this was the exact job offer TheBigTrip.com posted on their website so the dream really does exist!

We would of course all love to follow in the footsteps of travel blogger Jessica Stein who gets to travel the entire world for free, taking whimsical photographs along the way. Her glamourous shots from around the world (also the fact that she's drop-dead gorgeous helps too) have landed her Instagram - @tuulavintage - 2.4 million dedicated followers.

The 27-year-old told Teen Vogue, "A friend suggested I should start a blog to document my European travels. It then evolved into giving travel, shopping, and styling advice through diaries and outfit posts." She now works with hotels and tourism boards right across the globe.

13 Water Slide Tester


UK resort marketers First Choice advertised the dream job for any fun seeker a few years ago - water slide tester at it's SplashWorld parks. The contract was for six months work, travelling to the different resorts around the globe (even as far as Thailand and Egypt) and at the end you are handed a cheque for $32,000. Couple of these contracts a year and this career will have you living the dream.

First Choice said the ideal candidate needs to have strong written and verbal skills, experience in social media use, be willing to travel and remain flexible at all times, as well as someone who gets excited about water parks, comfortable in swimwear and happy to get wet at work. Nobody knows exactly what kind of information you have to relate back to the team other than maybe a report that reads: "Weeeeeeeeeeee! That was a lot of fun!"

12 Social Media Wine Ambassador 


If your dream job is to drink wine all day and talk about wine all day, then becoming a Social Media Wine Ambassador is the role for you. A couple of years ago, Hardy Wallace from Atlanta submitted an application for that exact position with Murphy-Goode Winery, the job paid $10,000 a month and allowed him to live completely rent free. All Wallace had to do was enjoy fine wine and update social media on his preferences.

The interview process was simple - he just had to upload a video to YouTube explaining why he would be good for the job. Wallace was such a likeable guy that he landed the role and the Murphy-Goode Winery website has to this day received over 100 million hits because of his love for wine. Wallace said (probably through hiccups), "Seriously, this was my dream job before the job ever came along. My dream has come true."

11  Trophy Guardian 


The 120-year-old Stanley Cup is the highest honor in Hockey. Keeping the trophy in pristine condition and making sure it's safe at all times requires round the clock security. However, this doesn't mean a guard has to sit on a chair looking bored by it's side - as the Stanley Cup travels around the world because each member of the winning team gets to spend a whole day with it.

Phil Pritchard, the curator of the Hockey Hall of Fame, hires a team of four staff to go wherever the trophy may go. He told Business Daily News, "If the cup could talk, it would be a best-seller, because the stories it could tell on where it has been and what's gone on are pretty amazing." He continued, "Last year we were in Slovenia, this year we have been to Siberia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Sweden and Finland. We go to these cultures and different drinks are consumed out of it and different foods are eaten out of it."

Worrying thought that there's a 12-year-old trophy out there partying harder than us.

10 Video Game Tester 

via: YouTube.com

Ever wanted to just sit on the couch and play video games all day? Well it may blow your mind to know that this job actually exists and many people do make a career out of it. Video Game Producer Aaron Roseman told Careers Out There that video game testing is the "greatest job on the planet."

Also due to the low admission rate of female video game testers, this is one of the rare career fields where women actually get paid more than men. According to Chron online, "On average, male video game testers, who made up 95 percent of workers, averaged about $48,000 per year, while female testers made an average of $62,500 annually. The overall average salary for QA testers in the U.S. at all levels of experience was just over $49,000 per year." You also don't need a degree; just a high school diploma is enough to get your foot in the door, and obviously a die-hard passion for video games.

9 Luxury Bed Tester 


Last year, The Telegraph reported that 22-year-old student Roisin Madigan was getting paid $1,300 a month to test out luxury beds for England-based company Simon Horn Ltd. She has to test the beds under various different conditions such as changes of lighting, temperature and under the influence of caffeine or alcohol. Then she simply blogs about her experiences and enjoys a great payday.

Craig Roylance, the manager of the company, said, "It's a slightly quirky way of doing something quite serious. Just being in a good, good bed is not the only thing for a good night's sleep - there's lots of different factors such as routines before you go to sleep, drinking, light, temperature." He added, "We wanted to find somebody that for a month could sleep on our beds and somebody who was articulate and interested in writing about it."

He also told the paper that he was shocked over 1000 applicants applied (must have forgotten he was paying people to fall asleep!)

8  Zombie 


If you would like a job, which has only the following responsibilities - leaping out the dark and scaring unsuspecting visitors, then becoming a full-time zombie is the dream career for you. The London Dungeons hire 50 "scarers" a year and the only job requirement is that you have "experience in scaring."

Career progression would be progressing to the ultimate dream - landing a job as an extra on The Walking Dead. During a Reddit Q&A, a former zombie extra said she was on set for just two days and earned about $600, plus a bonus at the end of the year. Another former Zombie also revealed to Reddit that on-set the food is good too. They said, "I ate with the film crew and it was the greatest meal I ever had! They had seafood, chicken, steak, variety of fruits, salad bar, desserts. It was like an upscale buffet." Of course the ultimate perk to the job is working beside Norman Reedus - but telling people in the bar you work as a Zombie is equally as cool.

7 Personal Ferrari Shopper 


If your dream job is driving Ferrari's all-day long then try becoming a personal Ferrari shopper like Marcel Massini. He travels the world inspecting and purchasing multimillion-dollar classic Ferraris for his client list of the filthy rich and privileged. Although he's based in Zurich, Switzerland, he is often asked to travel as far as Hong Kong to pick up a vintage and much sought-after edition.

Massini's has to do all the usual inspections - lifting the hood, kicking the wheels and making sure the radio works etc, then if he's satisfied he closes the deal and plans for the sports car to travel across the globe to it's lucky owner. The former businessman told The Telegraph the worst clients are those who don't enjoy splashing the cash. He revealed, "If you are too tight with the money, it's no real fun." He also said picking up a vintage car for $1 million is "almost a steal." Gulp.

6 Celebrity Personal Shopper 


Love shopping but hated being filled with regret after seeing how much money you spent? Well landing a dream career as a celebrity personal shopper is the job for you, as you are expected to shop till you drop and won't even need to spend a dime of your own money.

Huge stars won't risk heading out to the shops on their own for the risk of getting mobbed by fans and paparazzi. So that's where a personal shopper steps in. Rihanna's very own personal shopper Carmen Lilly told Fashion Bomb Daily, "A personal shopper differs from a stylist in that they purchase pieces for stars to wear in their day-to-day lives. While stylists might be more focused on red carpet or performance looks, personal shoppers get outfits together for more casual occasions: think dinners, vacations, basketball games, or shopping."

Carmen had just started working at a clothing store in New York City and Rihanna's career had just taken off when the pair met. Carmen would suggest pieces to Rihanna when she came into the store and the pair had such great rapport she landed the job full-time. She revealed, "Stars don’t really have time to wake up in the morning and think about what they’re going to wear–they would rather not put the looks together. So, I give suggestions to make it easier, and tell them how to mix and match items to make their wardrobe cohesive." A celebrity personal shopper can earn a six-figure salary with no degree - just a good eye for what's on trend.

5 Fortune Cookie Writer 


Ever wondered who adds all those little pearls of wisdom to the fortune cookies? Well wonder no more as Donald Lau, vice president of Wonton Food in Long Island City, New York, revealed to the New Yorker that was how he started out his career. He first started working at the plant in the late 1980s and was given the task because (his) English was the best of the group, not because I’m a poet.”

His daily commute to his job would keep him inspired as he revealed to The New York Post, "I’d be on the subway and look up at the signs and think, 'Hey, that would make a great fortune.' I’d keep a small notebook and jot down whatever came to me. I don’t think I ever sat in front of the computer and said, 'I am going to write ten fortunes right now.' It has to come naturally."

His advice to aspiring fortune cookie writers is to keep it simple. He said, "Don’t have too complicated a mind. Think in ten-word sentences." Perhaps in this career you could create the next gem like "The best year-round temperature is a warm heart and a cool head."

4 Professional Party Thrower  


If partying with celebs throughout the year is your dream job then the best person to speak to about gaining experience would be Colin Cowie - party planner to the stars. He has been on the events circuit since 2004 and has thrown huge bashes for the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lopez, Oprah Winfrey and Kim Kardashian.

Cowie told Wedding Market News his favourite client is Oprah Winfrey and even revealed she had a thirst for the strong stuff. He revealed, "Oprah is the greatest client to have. She has vision, loves to have fun, enjoys tequila and is the ultimate producer." Cowie, who is based in New York, also revealed his ultimate style tip is to avoid trends. He said, "Trends come and go, but good style always prevails."

Stars are always trying to outdo each other at throwing the most elaborate and extravagant parties. A top celebrity party planner can earn anything upwards of $100,000 a year.

3 Ice Cream Guru


Ben & Jerry's advertised a dream career for anyone who has a sweet tooth as they revealed they were on the lookout for an Ice Cream Guru to help develop their flavors. Business Wire wrote, "When not in the lab, the Gurus travel the world in search of unique ingredients and tasty flavors to create the innovative, socially conscious ice cream concepts for which the company is famous."

24-year-old Kirsten Schimoler, a guru for Ben & Jerry's, said that she was encouraged to take home 3 tubs of ice cream - A DAY! So how does the company stop their team of staff from becoming too huge to work? Schimolar revealed to Weight Watchers online that at the office there is a wellness program, a full gym at the office, yoga classes, personal routine workout plans and two personal trainers available on site. She said, "They're very supportive. They understand we're surrounded by ice cream all the time."

Unlimited ice cream and a personal trainer thrown in with the deal - is this the best job in the world?

2 Private Jet Interior Designer 

via: Pinterest.com

If you have the millions to spend on a personal private jet then you will also have the cash to make it your own. Eric Roth, CEO of International Jet Interiors in Ronkonkoma, New York, caters for celebrities who seek a lavish design on their own private jets.

Roth's client list boasts some of the richest people in the world. He told CNBC news, "I've got certain people that will come up to me and say, 'He's got a Rolls, he's got a Bentley, he's got a Ferrari.' My clients buy their kids those cars." He also revealed that he never likes to say no to a client - no matter how ridiculous their demands might be. Some of the previous demands he's been presented with were installing a $1 million movie theater, fitting a toilet seat covered in alligator skin and one even demanded every surface to be covered in gold.

Roth's clients usually spend anywhere between $100,000,000 and $500,000,000 for a personal jet makeover and with his cut of the deal being anywhere from 10%-20% it won't be long until he can afford a gold plated private jet of his own.

1 Paradise Island Manager 


USA Today revealed they had found the "best job in the world" when a job was advertised for a "Paradise Island Manager." The role paid $120,000 for only six months work a year as an "unofficial ambassador of a tropical Bahamas island." More than 35,000 people applied the job proving there were many who wish to spend half the year living and working in paradise.

A former employee revealed to Private Island Magazine, "It’s just a great life and one that comes with very few drawbacks. Sun, sand and the Caribbean Sea - nothing beats it. Luckily for me, I never get tired of bonefish, conch and crawfish!"

The island hosts holidays for the very and famous. Johnny Depp, Mariah Carey, Richard Branson, David Copperfield and John Travolta all have their own private homes on the island. Of the 700 islands, only 29 are inhabited, meaning that huge stars can have the privacy that they crave away from the world's press.

Sources: nypost.cominquisitr.com

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