15 Careers That Turn Women Into Cheaters

The official Merriam-Webster definition for infidelity that is relevant to this article is “unfaithfulness to a moral obligation” and “the act or fact of having a romantic or physical relationship with someone other than one’s husband, wife, or partner.” Synonymous to the word includes: disloyalty, faithlessness, falseness, and betrayal. Today, it’s more common to use words such as: cheating, affair, unfaithfulness, and two-timing.

As strange as it is, men are assumed to be the more unfaithful of the genders, but, as Rihanna has put it in her song, women are just as tempted to cheat, and some of them do. Humans naturally flow into monogamy but many argue that it’s not natural. Having many lovers, as some would say, is the right way to live life. This isn’t to say that I agree, but many have been tempted to stray and some have. Here are a list of 15 careers that women are more likely to cheat in.

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15 I.T. Personnel


I was surprised to learn about this, but it is SO TRUE! Due to the long hours at work and the odd hours of working, women in the information technology field more often cheat with someone they work with or respect while in a relationship or married. It has a lot to do with having a common area of interest that simply overpowers the other traits in the person you’re with. I didn’t think it was right, but it seems that women who cheat in that field marry or date people outside of their field because they want to have a meaningful relationship outside of their work. But, as it usually happens, they end up cheating with someone they’re working with because they are more alike and have more subjects to talk about. A relationship is about challenging each other and conquering obstacles. Most people prefer the quieter relationships, but without hard work, no relationship will survive.

14 Teachers


I was shocked to hear about this, but there have been scandals all over the world. Teachers having affairs with each other, teachers and parents, and even teachers and students. You would think male teachers appeared more in scandals but, NOPE! Women teachers make the news more often with relationships with students and parents because they interact with them more, and there are still more female teachers than males across the nation. In many cases, the female teachers are flirted with by male parents and students, especially when the teacher is younger in age or appears more achievable by some measure. Parents often find teachers sexy and smart, which attracts them in a more mature way. Students often find younger teachers caring and kind, which has them believing they can have more with the teachers than a distant but mutual friendship. Films and news have covered this topic. Unfortunately, it’s much more popular than in the past, and as the older teachers are retiring, younger people are stepping up for the positions. Being a teacher, can, definitely, be a risky position.

13 Counselors or Advisors


As it goes, most people confide in counselors and advisors. Men and women pour out their hearts to counselors and advisors, putting all of there hopes, fears, and trust in the hands of people in these roles. So, when the counselor or advisor is a woman, men tend to try to get on her good side, sweeten her up a bit, or even get more intimate in hopes of keeping her around, especially if her help brings him good. This trust being put in these women sometimes warps the man into believing they are in love or share a connection that is deeper and better than the ones they already share with someone else or have ever shared with another. The moment men think this way, woman counselors and advisors turn into the sexy woman with authority, the challenge that needs conquering, and etc. And, when a woman is being pursued relentlessly, sweetened up, and flirted with, she finds it difficult to turn down the attention and what else the seducer may be offering.

12 Real Estate Agent


Make that sale! Get that deal! Sign that document! For real estate agents, it’s all about the bottom line. Everyone wants to sell houses, make money, and live an easier life. As strange as it is, women in this field are often tempted to cheat because they are required to work with people, sometime all day long; talking and figure things out. The longer a woman spends away from their partners, the more they are tempted into the arms of others. It can be a boss who has always mentored them, a co-worker who wants to help them, or even a customer, who wants to get to know her better before signing on that dotted line. In this profession, networking is very important and maintaining a good relationship between competitors is, also, another way to get ahead in the work field. Most of the most successful real estate agents live a very luxurious life, and some find it worth the betrayal to get there.

11 Nurses/Doctors

E! Online

There’s something unspoken about a woman in the medical profession that men find very interesting and sexy. From what I’ve heard, it has something to do with them understanding more about the male anatomy that makes them strangely alluring and appealing. From the moment they start studying until they graduate into their professions, doctors and nurses of the medical profession are thought of to be the perfect package. Not only are they female, but they know more about anatomy and the body, and are more likely to care for lovers. As for the women in this profession, it’s difficult to resist getting close to patients and, sometimes, it causes them to cross the lines. Females are emotional creatures who work hard to love and care for patients of various illness and handicaps. Sometimes, they are taken advantage of and other times, they are seduced. Whatever the case, unfortunately, many have not remained loyal, and this profession gives them the extra push.

10 People in Aviation


This spot goes to those in the aviation business: pilots, flight attendants, and flight pursers. After long hours of traveling to distant countries, being surrounded by lonely people, and in need of companionship for themselves, the resistance to cheat is strong, especially after a tiring flight with irritating passengers. Also, many men fantasize about joining the ‘mile high’ club with a beautiful flight attendant, and often work hard to achieve it. Whether it be on a plane during a flight with a passenger or in a hotel with a stranger, flight attendants have been known to be the object of many men’s fantasies, due to their beauty and mostly model-like bodies. Not only them, but female pilots gain a lot of attention because some men see them as a challenge or want them to dominate in bed. As strange as it may sound, flight pursers face similar issues due to working long hours in a male dominated industry. The people in this profession are on this list because of the ease by which they can cheat and get away with it because they are thousands of miles away.

9 Bartender


This is a profession that was highlighted in the film, “Coyote Ugly.” As they say, “Appear available but never be available.” Bartenders are constantly flirted with and confided in by strangers. Always trying to sell more alcohol and make more money, bartenders tend to be friendly and open in the hopes of being better at their job, making more money, and gaining more regulars who will return more often. It takes a lot of trust for husbands of female bartenders because they have to know that their wives are out late at night, dressed in a sexy outfit, and using their beauty and appeal to get better tips. Overall, it’s enough to make men very insecure, which might lead them to seek relationships of their own on the sides of their marriage. But, women who are bartenders are more likely to cheat because they drink during the night as well, and sometimes are thought of as desirable goddesses by drunk men. It’s quite a confidence booster, but if they are lonely and in a tough spot in their marriage or relationship, they might give in for the temporary happiness.

8 Artists/Dancers


Most people feel like women who dance are exotic or more flexible than those who don’t. Also, more in general, artists are open to different experiences under the influences of other substances. There is a stigma that women who are dancers or artists are more open to experimental situations. There are many assumptions made about women who are artists. And many are more open to experimental drugs and things, but many are serious about their work and always improving. If someone can give them more publicity, or maybe an agent for either professions, it would lead to a closer relationship that may end up getting them in trouble. This isn’t to say dancers will do the same thing, but many end up having affairs with dance partners or teachers because it takes a certain level of understanding to be where they are in life. Having someone who understands and can relate is something every woman longs for.

7 Homemakers and Young Wives


The loneliest women in the world are said to be homemakers and young wives of businessmen. Due to the long hours of being at home and the need for excitement in their lives, these women are more susceptible to the temptation of being intimate on the side of whatever their lives already have to offer them. Most homemakers are thought of just as the mothers of children, or the women who make life easier on their husband, and not as desirable creatures. For another man to find them attractive and want them physically, not as a cook, mother, teacher, and wife, but as a woman, that is something very appealing and difficult to turn down. Women are emotional creatures and, though some are trophy wives, most of them have been neglected and forgotten about. Which is why it’s important for husbands and wives to reaffirm their love as often as possible.

6 Secretary or Personal Assistants


As the story goes, the ultimate male fantasy in having a female secretary or personal assistant, having them assist you in more intimate affairs or doing things for you wives or girlfriends find too degrading, that is what I’ve come to find is the ultimate male fantasy for many men of various ages. Unfortunately, this happens a lot. Whether it’s a man boss and a woman secretary or a woman boss and a man secretary, usually male bosses bond with their secretaries and personal assistants, which leads to an easily manipulated situation. Sometimes, it’s an ambitious secretary who wants the boss for herself, that she will find a way for him to rely on her before she seduces him and ends up being the boss of him. But such deceitful ways can be played by the boss to the secretary as well. In most power play situations, both cheat, but often, it’s women who will cheat on their partners for another when in a secretarial or personal assistant position.

5 Lawyers

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There are few things sexier than a good looking person who is smart and speaks well, with a way that manipulates the other party into doing something. As much as the media shows men as the type who would be the sly ones, manipulating women, Annalise Keating from “How to Get Away with Murder” has showed the world just how much more cunning and powerful a female lawyer can be compared to a male lawyer. The seductiveness of their power, their ability to persuade and change situations depending on what they want it to be, I’m sure no one can win against a fully powered Annalise with or without her squad. The other women on the show, also, are powerful and in their power, they exude confidence that men find irresistible and sexy. And, don’t you find that the more you know about someone, the more you like them, even when they are wrong or ruthless? Lawyers are simply that.

4 Entertainment Executive


Men and women executives in the entertainment industry have a lot of power, which attracts a lot of attention. Most of the time, women executives are seen as cougars with power, which younger men and women flock to. For a woman to rise to the top, it means she worked hard and fought to get to where she is. Younger men see them as sugar mamas, older men see them as playmates, and women see them as role models. When seen in this type of light, women executives are invited to parties and given many gifts. But, unfortunately, some invitations include events of a more intimate nature. Some women enjoy it and live it up, while their boyfriends and partners watch or wait at home. This is one reason why the entertainment industry has one of the most divorces annually compared to the other fields out there. It’s not just men who cheat, but women do so as well. Whatever the situation or impression men in the industry have, women do as well. They just stay out of the lime light so as not to fall prey to the scandals often discussed by the rest of the world.

3 Business Woman or Managers


It’s happened in most group activities in school, when two people in the group seem to get along a bit better than everyone else, they seem to share a spark they hadn’t noticed until working together, or something like that. They usually explore it by hanging out to see if there’s more there, right? Well, in the adult world, that happens more often than most people know. Business men often see a smart and capable woman working alongside them and wonder if she smells this good all the time, if she’s as dominant elsewhere as she is in the office, and what it would be like sharing intimate time with her. This is one of the most common ways an affair starts between two people at the same company or working space. Interest creates a spark, which leads to flirting and invitations to drinks. Eventually, thing escalade and the two get carried away. It’s a very dangerous but easy situation to fall in to. Working long hours together, fighting and arguing out important points, before compromising with a solution that satisfies everyone. In this sense, falling due to fighting is far more common today than before.

2 Photographer for Fashion and Experimental


After staring at beautiful people and taking photos that were meant to sell their appeal and clothes with excess skin, most fashion and experimental photographers don’t need any other media because they have models throwing themselves at them. Beautiful men and women who want to advance their modeling careers often do things that they’re not proud of, which includes sleeping with the photographer for an extra session or more exposure, in the hopes that it would get them seen by the important executives. Most of the scandals heard about in the industry happen to male photographers but, just as much as male photographers are tempted and seduced by models, women photographers get the same, if not more, attention and temptation thrown at them. Something to note is that, women don’t often brag about which supermodel they had a dalliance with. Men, on the other hand, are more likely to, which gets them in trouble. In truth, female photographers see more skin than men do because both genders are more comfortable around them, as opposed to shooting with a male photographer.

1 Singer/Actor

Daily Motion

It has been often underplayed, the affairs that happen due to working away from their spouses or partners, but when they are caught, it’s always splashed across the news bulletins. One of the most infamous was when Kristen Stewart, who was in a committed relationship with Robert Pattinson, cheated with Rupert Sanders, a married man. Their romantic hug was caught by a paparazzi, and it ended Stewart’s relationship with Pattinson. The wife of Rupert Sanders chose to stay with him, I believe, but kept him on a shorter leash. Whether it was staged or real, it doesn’t matter because the public caught sight of it and made their own inferences. This is just one of MANY such cases, and it doesn’t just happen to actors, but singers are often in similar situation. It’s a position of power and vulnerability. Knowing who to trust, who to confide in, who to let closer, and who to push away is something difficult for female actors and singers struggle with. Unfortunately, this career is filled with ups and downs, which is why so many prefer to live their lives out of the limelight.

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