15 Career Mistakes These Celebs Regrettably Made

Celebrities make mistakes, too. In fact, they make mistakes a lot. Unlike us, however, their mistakes are played out for all to see. Miss a mortgage payment or drink a little too much at the office party and you'll feel bad for awhile but if a celebrity (especially an A-lister) screws up we are the first to nail them to the wall. There are some on this list that should have their celebrity status removed (painfully and without anesthetic). Too harsh? Well, read on. And then, there are some that have committed minor infractions and in some ways it makes us like them just a little more. Will we ever really get tired of Lindsay or Britney?

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15 Chris Brown


It was back in 2009 but it might as well have been yesterday for most of us. We just can't forgive Brown for his horrific assault on then girlfriend Rihanna. The public will forgive you for a lot of things: DUI, drugs and even that time you hired someone just to cuddle. (Seriously, it's a thing) The one thing that the public will not and cannot forgive you for is attacking a woman. Brown may have served his time in the eyes of the law but the court of public opinion is not ready to let this one go.

14 Britney Spears


Geez, Brit Brit. You had it all. Maybe that was the problem. With a very public meltdown in 2007 you kind of cemented your chance to forever appear on lists like these. While Britney has been doing relatively well since a failed attempt at a comeback she is still considered one of our more fragile celebrities. While things will never be the same for Ms. Spears she can rest assured that people are rooting for her and when she is ready for a proper comeback we'll be here waiting.

13 Mel Gibson


Who knew that the Lethal Weapon star would turn out this way. He was a very likeable guy until a recording of his voice was leaked to the media. First he's caught on tape insulting specific races then he's caught insulting and threatening his then girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva. It's all been recorded for posterity but it will only serve to depress you and maybe scare you. By the way, he probably won't read this right? *shiver*

12 Amanda Bynes


How do you go from being a beloved Nickelodeon star to having your legal and psychiatric troubles detailed on every list involving trainwrecks? Is this a case of a child star gone bad or does Ms. Bynes have some serious mental illness that needs to be addressed. Either way, it's beginning to feel like the media's voyeuristic adoration of the troubled star might be the quickest way for those that love her to get her help. Who wouldn't root for the star of The Amanda Show to turn it all around.

11 Katherine Heigl


Her biggest mistake may have been leaving Grey's Anatomy. For some bizarre reason all her likability remained with her character on that show. Truth be told, the reason may not be bizarre at all. Maybe it's because she ticked off powerhouse Shonda Rhimes, who is quoted as saying: "I don't put up with bs or nasty people. I don't have time for it." Yikes, even if you are rude don't you think you might like to hide that fact from one of the most powerful and talented people in the business?

10 Brian Williams


This one is a bit of a heartbreaker. The NBC news anchor was refreshingly witty and funny for a serious news man. His multiple late night show appearances can testify to that fact. This is why it came as such a shock that the trusted anchor would be suspected in lying about multiple events he's claimed to have participated in; including hanging with Navy SEAL's team six (responsible for killing Bin Laden). Whether Williams lied or not is unfortunately, for him, no longer relevant. The once 23rd most trusted man in America will likely not recover from this scandal.

9 Thomas Jane


It might be hard to fathom anyone but John Hamm as Mad Men's dapper ad man Don Draper but the truth is he wasn't first in line for that role. Thomas Jane, of HBO's Hung, was given first dibs on the day drinking stud but he turned it down. Sure, he's had three successful seasons on Hung but has he become the icon that Hamm has? Has he been the best guest star to ever appear on 30rd rock, or anything else for that matter? No, not even close. Would Jane have ever been the Don Draper that John Hamm is? Hard to say, but it's more than likely that this one case of the man making the role.

8 Macaulay Culkin


Culkin's mistake may have been taking the millions he earned as a child star in the Home Alone films, and using it to finance his questionable lifestyle. The sometimes DJ has been hanging with a fast crowd including Moldy Peaches Rocker, Adam Green. In 2010 Culkin's relationship of eight years, to Mila Kunis, ended and it seems he's a bit worse for wear. Maybe Culkin was over Hollywood. Maybe he's right where he wants to be. One has to wonder though, would things have been different for the former Kevin Mcallister if he'd just stayed on track?

7 Matthew Broderick


Matthew Broderick is well-loved. In fact the Ferris Bueller star has never not been adored by Hollywood. He made a string of great movies, including Election with Reese Witherspoon (so good, seriously, rent it today) and The Producers with Nathan Lane (which he later starred in on Broadway). His only mistake was turning down the role of Walter White in one of TV's biggest hits: Breaking Bad. Taking the role might have afforded Mr. Sarah Jessica Parker more money and more fame but it couldn't have made him any more likeable.

6 Angelina Jolie


It's old news. So old, in fact, that it's likely annoying for you to read it again and again. Still, the facts remain, when Angelina Jolie, allegedly, played house with Brad Pit while he was still married to Jennifer Anniston the world turned against the stunner. Maybe that's because that unreasonably gorgeous actress is every married woman's nightmare. Or maybe, it's because Jen just seems so likeable. The poor rep may be a tad unfair since Jolie is well known to be a tireless humanitarian. For some reason, we just can't forgive the Oscar winner.

5 Miley Cyrus


This girl can really sing. This is why it pains us that she feels the need to completely shock us at every turn. The girl is bursting with talent and it would seem she'd rather talk about the merits of drug use and other questionable behaviours with Rolling Stone rather than do what she does best, which is sing, believe it or not. We get that she doesn't want to be a tween idol but we are getting to the point now where we must usher all of the children under 18 out of the room when we see her appear on the screen. She could have been amazing. She could have been so much more than a molly loving, party girl.

4  Molly Ringwald


She's an 80's icon but it didn't have to end there for Molly Ringwald. She was offered the part of Vivian Ward in Gary Marshall's Pretty Woman but chose to head to Paris instead, leaving the part wide open for Julia Roberts. It's no doubt that this move was deadly for Ringwald's acting career but if she was looking for a quiet life away from the spotlight, she sure got it. She's currently acting in MTV's The Secret Life of An American Teenager and probably not thinking for one second about what might have been. Living in Paris will do that to you.

3 Charlie Sheen


Much like Katherine Heigl, Charlie Sheen bit the hand that fed him. Chuck Lorre, the writer, director, producer and genius behind Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory, and Sheen have been battling on and off since Sheen left Two and a Half Men in 2011. He most recently sent Lorre this message via TMZ: " "You must feel safe, motherf---er. You must feel safe where you live." While it's unlikely that Lorre is losing any sleep over the rant, he may want to keep his alarm armed.

2 Lindsay Lohan


She had it all and she threw it away because she likes to party. At least that is how it appears. The Mean Girls actress has had numerous legal troubles and has just recently finished 115 hours of community service for some offence or another. There is no doubt Lindsay has talent but like others on this list she's choosing to live fast and loose, so to speak, rather than focus her energy on her career. It would be particularly awesome if LiLo could turn it around. There is still time to get that Oscar before she turns 30.

1 Paula Deen


She's built her brand on sweet and savoury treats but what comes out of her mouth is beyond foul. What's really shocking is that Chef Deen felt that apologizing for letting derogatory terms escape her lips on occasion would be enough to save her brand and her reputation. It's 2015 Ms. Deen and we don't play. There is no excuse for such hateful language and it doesn't slip out unless you want it to. You won't ever properly recover from this one because it's completely unforgivable.

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