15 BTS Photos Of The Jersey Shore (MTV Would Rather Keep On The DL)

Fans are beyond obsessed with MTV’s hit reality show Jersey Shore. The concept may have seemed crazy when the show first hit the air, but the more we got to know the key players, the more invested we became in their shenanigans. Snooki basically had us at hello.

The wild parties, hookups, breakups, shakeups, and slip-ups make the show the guilty pleasure we can’t help but tune in for. The cast has chemistry, and the themes are too good to pass up. While the reruns are still airing, the crew is back together for a new era of insanity. Imagine if we’re still watching this bunch as they approach retirement.

What we see on TV is not all that happens during filming. There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to the mischief and mayhem the production crew clips together. These 15 behind the scenes pics prove just that.

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15 Hey Snooki and Deena, Wanna Do That Walk Again?

Via: today.com

Oh look. It’s Snooki and Deena out for an everyday leisurely stroll. But with a camera in their faces, this normal walk is anything but. Perhaps they have gotten used to being filmed while having fun, but they must be putting on something of an act once things get rolling.

14 No Drama, No Airtime

Via: bustle.com

These three friends are chatting and being casual. It does not appear as if they’re fighting or gossiping about their roomies. With no drama to speak of, scenes like this don’t generally make the final cut. Who wants to see these folks being “normal” when there are far better battles and belligerent behavior to jump to?

13 Just An Everyday Conversation…With A Camera In Your Face

Via: tvandmovienews.com

Deena’s apparently dealing with some drama, but with a camera so close, she can’t feel completely comfortable. What we see on TV seems realistic, but when we view the action from this angle, everything seems less believable. Sure, it’s a show, but we’d like to think everything is completely natural.

12 Totally Normal With A Giant Mic In The Main Room

Via: wetpaint.com

The gang is all together chilling out in the main room and letting loose. This would be a scene we’d likely see on the show, but of course, the huge microphone wouldn’t be in the shot. When we view the scene as the castmates see it, our perspective is repositioned. Hey, is that thing on?

11 Gym, Tan, Laundry, Camera Crew

Via: memes.com

The fellas are out and about, strutting their stuff and going about their business. All seems like an average scene, except for the cameraman just a few feet away. These guys have grown accustomed to the action, but when we see what happens behind the scenes, we can’t help but wonder if these dudes are putting on a show.

10 Ronnie Smiling? It’s An MTV Miracle!

Via: reddit.com

Ronnie is beaming with a smile that is stretched from ear to ear. This happy mood isn’t something we usually get from Ronnie, as he’s often angry or annoyed about something. Maybe the crew did something silly to get this guy to crack up, but it surely didn’t make it to the show.

9 Angelina When She’s Not Getting Airtime

Via: pinterest.com

Angelina has had her ups and downs with the roomies on the show, and here she seems aggravated that she’s not getting more attention. When the show’s not filming, it seems like she’s just sitting there sulking. With all the drama that goes down on this show, it’s no wonder she’s spent.

8 Just Act Natural

Via: movieweb.com

Mike is trying to look cool, but this pose is too ridiculous to be believable. The camera guy is looking for the perfect shot, letting us in on what goes on behind the scenes. We all can tell that Mike is a show-off, but this pic looks more like a setup.

7 Just A Regular Day Down The Shore…Shirtless

Via: pinterest.com

Are these fellas trying out for Magic Mike? Who knows what is going on in this shot, but it’s apparent that the pic will be provocative. These guys love to show off their pecs since they spend so much time working out, but this shirtless pose is a bit too preposterous to take seriously.

6 Getting Along (Without Alcohol) Is Achievable

Via: refinery29.com

It’s hard to find a moment on the show when someone isn’t drinking an adult beverage. All the drinking makes the cast a little kooky, just like the producers want them to be. But here, we see that everyone can get along and enjoy a good meal without a drink in sight. Who needs liquor when there’s lasagna?

5 Let’s Hope He Didn’t Have To Drink Another Of Those For Take Two

Via: YouTube.com

Ronnie must be sloshed after downing that giant drink. But we all know they must retake some scenes to get things just right. Does that mean he’d have to have another? That would be a lot of booze, and this guy doesn’t need to add more fuel to the fire.

4 We Don’t See The Fans And Their Phones When The Show Airs

Via: okmagazine.com

When we watch the show and see the gang out and about, we don’t realize that there are fans lining the streets with their smartphones out. They want pics of these reality stars, but those moments don’t make it to TV. The cast has to focus on filming, so no selfies can be snapped on the street corner with fans.

3 Stopping For Selfies

Via: hollywoodpipeline.com

Between takes, Mike and JWoww are taking a moment to capture the perfect shot. Maybe they’ll be posting a pic to social media to get fans excited to tune in and find out what’s what. One day they can look back on these moments and remember all the crazy days down the shore.

2 Grabbing A Bite Between Takes

Via: zimbio.com

Time for a snack. Mike and JWoww are getting hungry, so they’ve got to fill up before filming resumes. Of course, they are always eating on the show, but this time out is the perfect moment to deal with the munchies. The crew probably takes a break for a bite too.

1 Sammi And Ronnie Argue…Take Three

Via: flickr.com

Sammi and Ronnie are like oil and water, yet their relationship lasted longer than anyone would have expected until they called it quits for good. They fought like cats and dogs, yet they couldn’t keep themselves away from one another for long. We see the crew giving them the go-ahead to get back to the action, so they’ll probably pick a fight just for the heck of it.

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