15 Brutally Honest Confessions From Daughters Who Are Ashamed Of Their Mothers

A mom who’s thirsty AF can be shameful and actually wear away at her relationship with a daughter, since her needs will always be put first.

Depending on how old you are, your mom can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Maybe you’re dealing with some major teenage angst and it feels like your mom is out to get you and ruin your life, or maybe you’ve outgrown your rebellious phase and realized that your mom can be a pretty cool person, for all her faults.

Or, you can be like any of these 15 Whisper confessors, and having to deal with a mom who’s thirsty AF and will stop and nothing to get what she wants. We totally understand the need to feel beautiful and desired – it doesn’t stop just because you’ve become a mom! We don’t begrudge moms the opportunity to flirt or feel good about themselves, but maybe recognize that there’s a time, a place, and a person. Bottom line: don’t do what any of these 15 mothers have!

A mom who’s thirsty AF can be shameful and actually wear away at her relationship with a daughter, since her needs will always be put first. We don’t pretend to be parenting experts here, but it’s probably a good rule of thumb not to make eyes at your kid’s SO, don’t you think? But don’t listen to us, take it from the girls who’ve experienced it firsthand.

15 Ugh, Mom!


One of the quickest ways to look older than you actually are is to dress like a teenager in a desperate attempt to turn back time, whether that means trying to get it on the crop top trend or strutting your stuff in high-waisted shorts (actually, that trend really belonged to the middle-aged set first).

Look, we know that no one likes the idea of growing older, but it’s better than the alternative, right? Wanting to reclaim your youth is a natural thing, but there’s a right way to do it and a wrong way to. Hint: this is the wrong way. When you’re dressing like your teenage daughter, unless you have the face and the figure to match, no one will be confusing you two for sisters. Instead, it’ll be, “There goes that girl and her trying-way-too-hard mom. Yikes.”

14 No Standards


Hey, what’s wrong with the trash guy?

Okay, we know that there’s a time and a place for everything and that maybe flirting with the guy hauling your garbage doesn’t shine a flattering light on you, but maybe the dude is nice, funny, cute, or all of the above, despite his profession. That being said, clearly this mom is embarrassing her daughter because she will flirt with anything with a pulse and a p***s, with no sense of occasion or appropriateness. Rather than making you look laid back and comfortable with yourself and what you’re putting out there, it reads as desperate, like you’re trying to tip the odds in your favour, because if you hit on enough guys, one’s bound to take the bait eventually, right?

13 Bad Influence


If you want to mess up your kid and have them questioning the validity of your relationship with their father, then by all means, do what this mom is doing. It’s one thing to flirt innocently for a little ego boost or because that’s how the conversation turned, but it’s quite another to do it so aggressively – especially when it’s in front of your child, and especially when you’re married.

This puts this Whisper user in a very awkward and difficult position, because do they let their dad in on what’s going on, or is that out of bounds and possibly overreacting? As the kid, you may not know the intricacies of your parents’ relationship and if this qualifies as okay. Either way, though, not a classy move, mom.

12 Dirty Little Secret


No one wants to feel like their parent is the butt of mean jokes, and that’s what seems to be happening in this Whisper confession. It would be one thing if only the daughter knew how thirsty her mom was, but the fact that it’s known amongst her friends – and that her daughter knows that her friends know – is a whole new level of discomfort. On the one hand, you want to defend your mom’s outrageously flirty antics, but on the other, you’re sick and tired of her behaviour and the revolving door of men in your – and her – life. Being pulled from one father figure to the next is unfair to this Whisper user and negligent of her feelings on the part of the mom.

11 Stuck In The Middle


Well, this is a crappy situation for all parties involved, isn’t it? In one corner, we have the Whisper confessor, who is angry at her mother for flirting with her boyfriend, and perhaps a little angry at her boyfriend for not putting a stop to it. She may also be mad at herself for not sticking up for her relationship and calling her mom on her ish. In the next corner, we have the BF, who is undoubtedly uncomfortable with what’s going on, but feels powerless to do much, for fear of upsetting the balance of his relationship with the mother AND her daughter. Finally, we have the flirtatious mom, who is unwittingly earning the ire of her daughter and perhaps changing their relationship irrevocably. Yeah, we wouldn’t want to be in that weird triangle!

10 Little Girl Lost


This is a real shame because, while mothers are definitely people too, who deserve their own shot at love and fulfillment, it shouldn’t come at the expense of their children’s wellbeing, which is what seems to be the case here.

Even if this Whisper user is old enough that they should feel comfortable without their mom always being around to spend time with, that doesn’t negate how she feels abandoned, or how her siblings similarly feel left out. It sounds to us like this mom is looking to recapture something she’s missing and might be looking for love in all the wrong places, even though she has plenty of the good stuff waiting for her at home. (Don’t get us wrong, we know the necessity of romantic love, too, but one shouldn’t come at the expense of another.)

9 Body Confident or Body Cringe?


Okay, we have to give a round of applause for this mama who felt confident enough in her body to take a nude selfie. Good for her! Maybe she’s sending it to a hubby or boyfriend and helping to keep the spark alive but showing that she is straight fire underneath her clothes.

However, we totally get the cringe on behalf of the kid, because no one wants to walk in on their mom doing that! But trashy? Nah, not unless she was sending it to her entire friends list. The idea of our parents still getting it on – and good for them if they do – is still kind of gross, so catching your mom in the act of doing her best Playboy impression is definitely a memory that is going to stick with you. We can only hope that this doesn’t become a regular thing!

8 Total MILF


We certainly hope she wouldn’t try to sleep with him, otherwise future family get-togethers are going to be incredibly awkward!

It’s got to be uncomfortable for both daughter and boyfriend to have to fend off a thirsty mom, especially when she’s making it so obvious that she’s trying to impress him, but maybe she’s simply looking for a self-esteem boost in the wrong way, and in the wrong place (not that that’s any excuse). Unlike a previous Whisper confession that didn’t want to bring up a similar situation because of how awkward things were already, we suggest that this user say something to mom before their relationship is totally ruined. Otherwise, there’s no telling how far things might go and if she’ll ever stop trying to get an ego bump from her daughter’s boyfriends!

7 No Shame


Okay, wait a second. We have a couple issues with this confession. First off, it’s completely reprehensible for this mom to flirt with a married man in general, but would it really be any better if the guy in question WERE cute, at least in the opinion of her daughter? Would it make it somehow “worth it”, because if infidelity is occurring, at least the guy is attractive? That’s a weird yardstick for what’s okay and what isn’t. Secondly, this married man should be getting some of this vitriol, too, since he’s the one who’s committed! (We don’t know if the mom in this confession is still hitched to the dad.) This Whisper user got one thing right, though: the whole thing is gross as hell!

6 Too Close For Comfort?


Hey, look on the bright side! At least the parents hit it off, right? Few first meetings go this well!

But seriously, this would be a pretty uncomfortable thing to deal with, especially if things went the Gossip Girl route and these moms decide to take things to the next level, making their children in a relationship – and step-siblings! Obviously, we don’t know anything about the orientation of either mom and perhaps this Whisper user was simply misinterpreting friendliness for flirtation, but that’s part of the struggle of having a mom who’s thirsty AF, right?

On the flip side, if things end badly between this young couple, they might never get rid of one another if their moms hit it off. We smell a reality show in the making!

5 Awkward!


See, this is what happens when those other Whisper users don’t nip mom’s thirsty behaviour in the bud: it continues until after you get married! Not only is this a trashy thing to do, but it’s way over the line. No matter how badly you need a boost of self-esteem or some reassurance that you’re still a bonafide hottie, it doesn’t exclude you from being a basic good person and mother. We hope, for this Whisper confessor’s sake, that her husband doesn’t respond to his mother-in-law’s advances, because otherwise family dinners are gonna be beyond awkward!

In our opinion, if this Whisper user ever wants to have an okay – or at least civil – relationship with her mother again, she’s going to have to call her on his sh**, because this behaviour isn’t something that simply goes away when your mom is thirsty AF.

4 Identity Theft


Is this confession from the original girl who was featured in the documentary film Catfish? If you remember, the mother of the girl in the photos was using her daughter’s image to catfish Nev Schulman (who later became super successful and turned his ordeal into a massively popular MTV show). A combination of poor self-esteem and zero sense of boundaries or appropriateness is what causes something like this to happen, even if it’s not thirst in the traditional sense.

No lie, it has to be incredibly awkward, uncomfortable, and strange to learn that your own mother is pretending to be you online in order to feel better about herself but the silver lining might be that at least a lot of people think you’re hot? We’re grasping at straws here.

3 All In The Family


Easily the most uncomfortable instance of a mom flirting with her son-in-law/daughter’s SO is right here, because how the hell do you respond to something like that? Obviously, we’re assuming that this mom’s hubby is the Whisper confessor’s stepfather otherwise we have an episode of Jerry Springer on our hands!

We know that this Whisper user ended her confession with “lol”, but we think she’s probably trying to laugh to keep from screaming, because not only does her mother clearly not get the point, but she thinks it’s funny! Way to make your daughter feel like her emotions aren’t valid, mama! For a quick course in what NOT to do as a mother, just look at this lady, who has gotten ever single answer wrong.

2 Blocked By Mom


You have to be pretty comfortable with your mom or you mom has to be pretty cool for you to be willing to bring her to a party, but clearly this Whisper confessor is regretting her decision once she learned that her mother hit up – and slept with – the dude her own daughter had had her eye on! Really, mom?

We really feel for this girl, who clearly has a close relationship with her mother, or at least close enough that they talk about boys and she gets invited to parties. However, it might be that exact BFF relationship that has come back to bite her in the butt, because no sense of parental boundaries have been established. We’re absolutely not saying that she deserved what she got, but she might be thinking twice about bringing mom along for a night out.

1 Got It From My Mama?


You know what? Good on this mom! Clearly, she knows what she’s working with and she’s not afraid to ~werk it~. Confidence is hella sexy, and just because you’ve popped out a few kids or added a few years to your age, that doesn’t mean it goes away. Moms are unfortunately relegated into two totally opposite categories: the MILF and the Old Maid, the one who’s had her time in the sun and now needs to go away. Well, if this proud Whisper confessor has anything to say about it, that doesn’t have to be the case! Some moms are natural flirts and others just got better at it with more experience, but when it comes to thirst, it seems like this mom is quenched and she just knows how to have a little fun in her life!

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