15 Brutal Questions ALL Women Want Men To Answer

Men may be from Mars and women may be from Venus, but hey, they're all planets, right? Are we really so different from each other? Ask any woman who is in a relationship (or dating someone with the hopes of one day soon being in a relationship) and we would laugh. Of course, we are super different. That's why we have so many problems when we start dating someone new. We just can't seem to figure out how to get along, how to communicate, and how to make the other person happy. Of course, we keep trying... and trying... and trying. Love and romance and relationships are definitely not something that we're going to give up on anytime soon. But sometimes, we wish that we could sit a guy down (not even our own boyfriend, just any guy) and ask him some super tough questions.

Here are 15 brutal questions women would love to get the answer to when it comes to men.

15 Why Do You Hate Commitment?

To all the men out there: what do you find so horrible about commitment? Would committing to one woman really be such a problem? Is having an official girlfriend so terrible that you would just die? We really don't think so but then again, we're not you, so we would absolutely love to know the answer to this brutal question. Sure, not all guys hate commitment. If we have a boyfriend, then he definitely doesn't hate it. Since, well, he's committed to us. Or is he?! Maybe he hates commitment but dates us anyway and it's something that we have to think about and keep an eye on. Great, now we have yet another thing to totally freak out about. We just get so sick and tired of hearing that guys are commitment phones and would love to know the truth. Maybe those guys just don't want to commit to THAT one woman?

14 Is Calling On The Phone SO Awful?

When we date someone, we would love to talk on the phone sometimes. Not all the time. Not even every day. Just sometimes. It fosters a sense of intimacy (but on the emotional or intellectual side -- get your mind out of the gutter!) and helps us feel closer to our boyfriends. If we're working late or hanging out with our friends or going away for the weekend, we're definitely going to miss the guy that we're dating, and so we're going to want to phone him so we feel a bit better about not being able to be with him. It's not really a big deal. At least, it shouldn't be. So to all you guys: why do you make it such a big deal? Do you really hate talking on the phone? Or do you just hear that guys do so you want to be all macho and cool and you're going to pretend that you hate phone conversations when you really don't care either way?

13 What Do You Have Against Communication?

Okay, so this is kind of a joke... but at the same time, it's totally and completely serious. The male gender aren't super known for wanting to communicate, especially about important relationship topics. It's a thing. It sucks but it's a thing. If we're dating someone, we want to know how they feel about us, about the relationship, and about the future. It may be a crazy, foreign concept but it's really how we think. We would love to ask guys what they have against communication since so many of them seem to get upset and shut down emotionally when we bring this stuff up. We don't think that they should hate talking about this stuff as much as they do because it's not always a boring or upsetting talk. Sometimes it's just logistical stuff, like saying that we should probably talk about moving in together if we've been together for two years and keep sleeping over at each other's places all the time anyway. Just being practical here.

12 Why Do You Believe In The Girlfriend Stereotype?

We females know the one: the idea that every girlfriend is a clingy loser with zero life of her own. The kind of girl who yells at her boyfriend when he goes out with his friends, asks why he never wants to spend time with her (whether that's actually true or not), and pushes the relationship forward no matter what. We're not all like that. In fact, most of us are probably nothing like that. So we really don't like when you guys think that we are going to be this super annoying and super awful stereotypical girlfriend. We're just normal people. We're not expecting you to be clingy and we still want you to have your own life even if you're dating us. So why would you think the worst of us? Don't you realize how totally insulting that is? It's just not a good idea to be out there in the dating world and still believe in these stereotypes, we're just going to tell you that right now.

11 Are You Actually Afraid Of Setting Down?

So many guys think that settling down is the worst thing that could possibly happen to them. Well, at least that's what we think or what we hear. Is this a real thing or just a stereotype perpetuated by movies or society in general? We would love to know. Calling all members of the male gender: please let us know if this is real or not. We need to know the answer to this brutal question. We don't think that being in a relationship is a bad thing or even remotely scary, and if you really do, then maybe you haven't met the right person yet. Maybe you're afraid because you feel trapped because you don't care about this girl as much as she cares about you. You're right to feel that way because no one likes feeling trapped. But if you tell her some B.S. about not wanting to settle down yet, yeah, you're wrong to say that.

10 Do You Think Your Life Ends When You Get Married?

No really, do you? We would love to know this because we're just not sure. It seems like this must not be real since a guy freaking out about walking down the aisle is pretty much a bad movie plot that has been done a million times, and yet it seems like some people still feel this way. Will you honestly tell us the truth? Do you get embarrassed that your gender is not supposed to want to get married or even like the idea of being a husband and having a wife? Or do you not even think about this? We wish that we could tell you and every other guy out there that being married isn't really such a big deal. Sure, it's a big commitment, but it should be. It shouldn't be something that you take lightly. But that doesn't mean that your life is totally over. You can still be yourself, have fun, and do whatever you want (within reason). It's pretty confusing, we're just going to leave it at that.

9 Do You Tell Your Friends They're "Whipped"?

You always hear about guys teasing each other about being "whipped" when they're in a serious relationship. This is super insulting to women and just horrible. You hate it so much, you can't even. You would love to ask guys if they really use this terrible and awkward term or if it's just a stereotype. You really have no idea since you've never witnessed men say this to each other, and even if you have a brother or best guy friend who could be honest about this kind of stuff, they might not want to actually tell you. Or maybe you just can't work up the courage. But if you could ask any guy one brutal question, it would be whether or not they really tell their bros that they are whipped. You would also love to know if they really believe in this. It's really the worst and you're hoping that it's not a real thing.

8 Do You Tell Your Mom Everything?

We would love to know how close guys actually are with their moms. So we're going to ask you (because you totally speak for all guys): do you tell your mom everything? Do you tell her when you have a first date? What about when you have a second one? Does she know when you're really excited about a girl that you just met and are dying to see her again, or do you tend to keep that super quiet until you're sure that it's going somewhere? It's something that we always wonder about, especially once we progress to the stage where we meet each other's families. We're always thinking that this woman probably has no clue who we are, but then sometimes we catch her staring at us during dinner and wonder just how much she knows. It can be confusing and even a bit creepy to be honest, so we would love to know the truth about this.

7 Do You Notice If We Gain Weight?

Oh the age-old "do you think we're fat?" question. This supposedly freaks guys out and the question alone is enough to make you guys run for the hills. Is that really true? Do you notice if we gain weight? What about if it's even two to five pounds? What if it's something more like ten? We would love to know the answer to this totally brutal question because it's something that every woman thinks about, even if we don't always admit it. We might not want you to know how much we think about our appearance, but of course, this is always on our minds. It's impossible for us not to notice when we put on a few pounds. It doesn't mean that we're insecure or that we're not confident or anything like that. It just means that we know what our bodies look like and we know when they look different than they did before.

6 Do You Actually Want To Go Slow?

Sometimes we want to go slow with the new guy that we just started dating and there are a whole bunch of reasons why we might be thinking this way. Maybe we've been single for a long time and aren't used to being in a relationship so we want to make sure that we don't screw things up by moving way too fast. Or maybe we just got out of a relationship and weren't expecting to meet someone that we liked so fast and we don't want to miss out on dating you but we also need some time to wrap our heads around it. So when we tell you that we want to go slow, do you actually want to? Sure, you're agreeing with us because, well, if you want to date us then you kind of have to be on board with this. But are you actually just lying? Sure, you might never tell us the truth about this, but we would love to know.

5 Do You Like Sleeping At Our Place?

Sure, sometimes we're going to stay over at your place, but if we're not living together yet, then that means that sometimes we want you to hang out at ours. And that means sometimes you're going to sleep at our place. That's just the way that it's going to go. We would love to know if you like sleeping at our apartment. If we have a roommate, how do you really feel about her? Do you hate her because she annoys you and is even kind of rude to you, but you would never actually tell us that? Do you hate our pink throw pillows and all the girly stuff that is basically everywhere? You may have never told us this stuff because you know it would be kind of insulting, but we're telling you that we would love to know what you really think about our apartment. It would at least come in handy if we decide to move in together someday since if you hate our place, we would have to move into yours or get our own.

4 Are You Cool With Waiting?

And sometimes, we're going to wait to sleep with you. We just are. It doesn't mean that we don't like you or that we don't see a future with you or that we don't feel safe with you. We feel all of those things but we just don't think it's the right time yet. If you're a good guy, you are totally fine with this and tell us that (hopefully on a regular basis). You would never, ever pressure us and you wait for us to give you the go ahead. That's the kind of guy that we want to date so it's awesome if you are like that. However, we want to know if you are really cool with waiting. You're not terrible if you admit that you don't want to wait and that you wish that we wouldn't have ever said that. You're only human, after all, and maybe you've been single for just the right amount of time and are totally ready to get intimate with someone new.

3 Do You Want To Dump Us?

If you're doing that typical guy thing (ignoring us, canceling plans last minute, and otherwise proving that you don't actually want to date us anymore... and yet totally refusing to dump us), then we want to know this one thing: do you want to break up with us? Yeah, it's a brutal question, and yeah, it would be a brutal answer if you actually told us what you are thinking. But we need to know since it's our relationship and our life and future. Sure, if you don't text us back as fast as you normally do or have to reschedule a few dates, that doesn't necessarily mean that there is trouble in paradise and that you want to dump us. But if this keeps happening, this is honestly what we're going to think. So you might as well get on board and figure it out because eventually, we're going to force you to answer this question.

2 Are You Actually Happy?

This is definitely not a question that you really want to answer but we're going to ask you it anyway: are you actually happy with us? Do you want to stay with us forever and ever and ever? Are we everything that you ever dreamed of in a girlfriend or are you just settling? Ugh. Asking if you're settling is definitely a really brutal question to ask you and yet we just did that. We went there. We really did. Sorry but once we started thinking about this, we realized that we just have so many things to ask you and we don't care how bold they seem to be. We're in a bold mood and you might as well get used to it. So here goes: how do you really feel about us? If we've been dating you since forever, maybe you just are so used to us that you haven't even really thought about whether we're a good match anymore. And that's brutal but we deserve to know.

1 Do You Think About Your Ex-Girlfriend?

Look, it's okay if you do. It really is. If you asked us the equally brutal question if we still think about our ex-boyfriends sometimes, we would have to be honest and say that yes we do. We don't want to but sometimes, we just can't help it. We hear a song or watch a movie or walk by a certain bar or restaurant and BOOM, we're hit in the face with a huge memory. It's sad and it sucks but we can't stop it. You might think that we shouldn't be sad about our ex anymore since we're with you and yes, you would probably be right, but that's just kind of the way that this whole love stuff goes. We get that you might think about your ex from time to time. We even get that you might think about her in bed sometimes because hey, you're human and you're bound to do that. HOWEVER we're not okay if you do that all the time. So be careful with how you answer this. Because this question might be way too brutal for you to even answer. Oops.

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