15 Brides Who Will Live To Regret Their Wedding Day Photos

It is supposed to be the best day of your life. The day you get married. So much thought and planning go into making the day perfect and everything that you envision it to be. You even hire a photographer to make sure that there are memories of every second of the day.

This is not always a good idea, because photographers will capture everything, and photos are forever. They will capture all the warm and sweet moments, but they will also capture all the fails and catastrophes.

Sometimes, it is not even wedding fails, it is something that is done deliberately with planning that doesn’t really make sense. A picture that when you look back on, you have to wonder what you were thinking? Pictures that make you regret taking them, and you definitely do not want to be showing anyone.

We have found 15 pictures that were captured at a wedding day that the bride is deeply ashamed of now.

15 Do You Know How Expensive Those Things Are?


Every aspect of a wedding is incredibly expensive. The wedding industry is a billion-dollar one and the wedding cake is one of the most expensive things you will purchase for your wedding.

So, it is devastating when this happens. When something happens that causes the cake to fall and be ultimately destroyed. What is worse is when the photographer catches the whole thing.

14 Kid Are Unpredictable


There are a lot of weddings out there that do not want children there. They plan for an adult-only wedding and we can understand why.

This wedding party had a large number of children in it, and it is the perfect proof as to why less is more when it comes to children. They can ruin everything.

13 So Are Dogs


Next to children, the other most unpredictable guest is going to be dogs. A lot of want to involve their dogs in their big day as well.

They will usually have them play the role of ring bearer or the like. However, dogs are unpredictable, and they will usually end up having to go to the bathroom at some point, and it is probably going to end up in your pictures.

12 We Are Sure This Was Supposed To Be A Special Moment


Weddings are becoming quite competitive lately. Everyone is trying to up another, and we are trying to add these fun stunts to our wedding to keep it interesting.

Unfortunately, this is what happens when you try and do something crazy on your big day. Everything goes wrong and there is a photographer there to capture the whole thing.

11 Disaster In 3 … 2 … 1 …


Next to the cake, one of the most expensive things you will buy for your wedding is the wedding dress. Women search for the perfect dress, and when they find it, they are not afraid to shell out the money for it.

What they are afraid of is something happening that ruins their perfect, white dress. Like this picture.

10 Is This Really One You Want To Show The Kids?

via:Pleated Jeans

What is going on here? This is obviously a planned shot with the photographer, and we have to wonder what the heck they were thinking.

This is a posed shot, so nothing is actually happening, but it sure shows a newly married husband and wife in a compromised position.

9 It's Just Sad


We have another one here that involves the wedding cake. It is always a disaster when something like this happens. It is worse when there is a picture to remember it by.

If there was not a picture of the disaster, it would be a lot easier to pretend like it never happened.

8 It Was Supposed To Be Such A Good Picture


Walking down the aisle with your dad is one of the most precious moments in a wedding. It is a moment that a lot of little girls dream about when they are planning their big day. Even if they don’t have a boyfriend yet.

However, what happens when this moment doesn’t turn out like you always thought it would? You walk away with just a picture to remember it by.

7 This Shot Is Never Worth It


This is such a common fail that we would think brides would learn their lesson by now. They search for that perfect picture and decide to have their entire wedding party stand on a bridge.

What always inevitably happens is that the bridge gives out and everyone falls into the water below. There is always a picture to remember this moment.

6 We Are Sure He Regrets It


We are sure this was supposed to be a funny moment. A groom lovingly touching the belly of a pregnant bridesmaid.

We just hope this moment was cleared by the bride first, or there is going to be problems before the honeymoon can even start. Either way, we hope they are all still friends or they may regret this picture.

5 Millennials Have Gone Too Far


There is a joke about millennials and that is that their phone is very important to them. They can never seem to be far from it for an extended period of time.

That is clearly what is going on with this bride. We hope it was an emergency because we can’t think of any other good reason for looking at your phone at your wedding.

4 You Can’t Control The Guests


I think the bride would rather this picture be burned and forgotten. We are sure she is regretting inviting this person to their wedding. This could also be the bride herself after a few beverages.

We are not sure the context of what is going on in this picture, but we bet the bride wishes it was deleted right after it was taken.

3 Got Too Carried Away In This One


This is a picture of a moment that clearly got taken too far. It is the classic removal of the garter belt and it looks like the groom got a little too rambunctious.

He was so excited that he caused the bride to take a spill in her wedding dress. Even though she is smiling, we are sure she is a little embarrassed too.

2 Again, What Are They Thinking?


Here we have another picture of a newly married couple in a compromising pose. We say pose because it was purposely planned this way.

We are sure that this couple looks at this picture now with nothing but regret. We are also sure that it is locked away in the hopes their future children never see it.

1 This Is Def A Staged Photo, But Why?


Here we have another posed picture that was clearly meant to be funny, but kind of turned out to be a bit tasteless.

There is always the running joke about daddies being very protective of their daughters and threatening the men to treat them right. However, years from now this may not be seen as funny.

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