15 Brands That Seriously Upped Their Beauty Game & 5 That Are All About Being Timeless

In the beauty world, companies are either coming up with the latest and greatest or they are sticking with their awesome, classic products. Imagine walking the aisles of your favorite beauty store and all the brands and products you see! Makeup, skincare, shampoo, and nail polish galore! There is edgy, eye-catching packaging to your left and timeless, beautiful marketing to your right. Which do you choose? Are you a risk-taker who loves bold shades and new ideas? Or do you play it safe with what you know is already amazing? Maybe you love the newest in beauty technology, while still loving your go-to beauty staples. Don’t even get us started with everything you can buy online too! You could spend days browsing beauty products online. Whatever your preference might be, it is important to keep up with what’s going on in the wonderful world of beauty. We are here to keep you up to date and in the know! We have compiled a list of 15 beauty brands that have totally upped their game and 5 that are keeping it timeless. You can call yourself a beauty guru after this and you’ll be totally informed for your next shopping trip. Pssst, take us with you!

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20 Upped Their Game: Urban Decay

Starting off with the name in new makeup technology, Urban Decay. They have revolved their whole brand around providing the coolest products in the most awesome packaging. Have you tried their All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray?!

They don’t lie when they say it makes your makeup last 16 hours.

Urban Decay is best known for their Naked palettes. Yes, those palettes everyone is obsessed with! They come with amazing colors that look great on everyone, so why would you not be obsessed?! Other best selling products include the 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil and the Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Foundation. If you’re looking for makeup that does exactly what you want it to do, Urban Decay should be your go-to!

19 Upped Their Game: Neutrogena

You may be thinking this one is in the wrong category because Neutrogena has been around forever. 88 years to be exact! They have been keeping up with the competition when it comes to making new products you want to try. Maybe you’ve seen the Light Therapy Acne Mask or Spot Treatment? They bring dermatologist level light therapy to your home! How cool is that?! Other great Neutrogena products include anything in their Hydro Boost collection, the Norwegian Formula Hand Cream, and any of their sunscreens. If a reliable name with great, cutting-edge products is your in search of, look no further than Neutrogena!

18 Upped Their Game: Lush


If you’ve been into a Lush store, you know it might actually heaven! Anything you buy is going to have amazing packaging, smell great, and really work! Lush creates homemade cosmetics that are nothing short of amazing.

They put bath bombs, shower jellies, and shampoo bars on the map!

Their best selling items include the Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub, Brazened Honey Fresh Face Mask, and the Honey I Washed My Hair Shampoo Bar. The coolest bath bombs, including Intergalactic, Dragon’s Egg, Avobath, and Twilight, are made at Lush! They have plenty of them that are perfect when you need to wind down with a bath. All-natural and well-made cosmetics of all kinds are what Lush has in store for you!

17 Timeless: Chanel


The name Coco Chanel and her brand define classic and timeless in not only the clothing and accessory business but also in the cosmetics business. You’d be surprised to see how many amazing beauty products Chanel has! Their Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour has tons of classic shades and is made to last forever and provide high-shine color for your nails. Make sure to get their base coat and gel top coat for the best at-home manicure ever! Other classic products include Chanel No. 5 perfume, obviously, and their Le Volume De Chanel Mascara. It really doesn’t get more timeless than Chanel!

16 Upped Their Game: FARSÁLI


FARSÁLI is a brand that has been in all the major magazines and has some amazing products that you will love!

With names like Unicorn Essence and Rose Gold Elixir, they are very up to date with what is popular in the beauty world right now.

The Unicorn Essence is an antioxidant serum and primer that smells great and works very well under your makeup. The Rose Gold Elixir is a moisturizer that will leave you glowing! They have so many great testimonials on Instagram, so you know their products really work. Beautiful packaging and effective products make FARSÁLI the new name in skin care!

15 Upped Their Game: St. Tropez

When you think of St. Tropez, two things might come to mind. The beautiful vacation spots for celebs to have lavish vacations might come up. But we’re talking about the wonderful self-tanning line! If you ask someone how they got their amazing faux glow, they will most likely name one of St. Tropez’s many products. If you’re looking for a super bronzed look ASAP, check out their Self-Tan Express Bronzing Mousse. It will give you the most-sunkissed look in about 3 hours. If you are more into a gradual tanner that is easy to use, the Gradual In-Shower Lotion will be your new best friend. St. Tropez is there for whatever depth of tan you want, any time of year!

14 Upped Their Game: Essie


When you’re browsing the nail polish aisle of your local drugstore, you’ve definitely seen all the amazing colors and products Essie has to offer. Sometimes you can’t even narrow it down to what color you want!

They have everything from bright colors for summer, darker shades for winter, and neutrals for a year-round look.

Better yet, Essie has gel nail polish! You know, the stuff that lasts forever! Their two-step system involves two coats of whatever perfect color you choose and one coat of their shiny top coat. You can give yourself salon status nails at home! Essie saves you the time and money it takes to go to the salon and we love them for that!

13 Timeless: NARS

If you’ve ever just looked at NARS products, you’ve probably felt like you need literally everything because their shades are rich and beautiful, but still, work for everyone! Their blush comes in 33 shades and their best selling lipstick comes in 48 shades. You’re guaranteed to find so many shades that work for you! Another great product is their Radiant Creamy Concealer. It will basically make your under eye circles disappear. True story! The next time you’re looking for a classic makeup look with colors that seem like they are made for you, check out what NARS has to offer!

12 Upped Their Game: M.A.C

When you think of edgy, extravagant makeup looks, who do you think of? Probably M.A.C! Their phenomenal lip shades, flawless foundations, and out-of-this-world eyeshadows make them one of the top makeup brands. M.A.C is the perfect brand to stock up on for your nighttime, going out, party looks.

Just going into their store makes you feel ready to dance the night away!

Top-rated products include their Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation and Lustre Lipstick. Both provide the exact colors you want, can be applied easily, and look flawless! Next time you’re in need of some bold products, head to your local M.A.C store!

11 Upped Their Game: Sephora Collection

We all have to admit, we get so many of our products at Sephora. They have everything! You can find your favorite brands and products all in one place. But did you know Sephora has their own awesome collection?! The Sephora collection has everything from face masks to makeup brushes. Make sure you check out their mask collections! They have affordable masks that serve different purposes for your face, eyes, feet, or hands. An awesome one is the pineapple face mask that perfects and smooths your pores. If you are looking for luxury style products at an affordable price, run (don’t walk) to your closest Sephora and check out the Sephora collection!

10 Upped Their Game: Boscia

Boscia’s motto is “preservative-free skincare for sensitive skin.” They create beautiful looking products that are gentle for sensitive skin, fit in your budget, and really work! One of their best sellers is the Baby Soft Foot Peel.

If you’ve ever wished you had literal baby soft feet, this product is for you! It actually exfoliates your feet and causes them to peel.

Once the skin is peeled off, you will have the softest feet ever! Other great products include the Luminizing Black Charcoal Mask and Makeup Breakup Cleansing Oil. It’s amazing that they can provide such wonderful, effective products using plant-to-bottle formulas.

9 Timeless: Clinique

Now onto some names that carry a lot of respect in the beauty world because they are true classics! Clinique has timeless products that are proven to work. You can probably picture the Clinique stand at your local department store and how it’s always packed! They have everything from skin care, makeup, fragrance, and even products for men! Their Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion is a tried and true moisturizer that not only hydrates your skin, it also allows your skin to keep its own moisture. Pretty cool, huh? There is a reason Clinique has been everyone’s “go-to” for awhile and it’s because it really works!

8 Upped Their Game: GlamGlow


Have you ever seen your favorite Instagram celeb with a glittery face mask? It’s probably GlamGlow! Their brand revolves around edgy, very cool products and almost futuristic looking packaging. Their Instamud 60-Second Pore-Refining Treatment is a purple foaming mask (how fun does that sound?!) that refines your pores and evens your skin in just 60 seconds!

Another bestseller is the Supermud Clearing Treatment that uses charcoal to literally suck all the toxins out of your pores.

And don’t forget the glitter masks, those are awesome too! If you’re looking for Instagram worthy face masks that actually work, look no further than GlamGlow!

7 Upped Their Game: Sunday Riley


We’re not sure about you, but we are totally into Sunday Riley’s motto. “Smart, high-performance skincare focusing on fast results with long-term payoff” is exactly what you want in a skincare company. This could be why their products are a little bit on the pricier side, but they are totally worth it. The C.E.O. Rapid Flash Brightening Serum uses vitamin C to fight dullness and discoloration while brightening your skin. The Tidal + Auto Correct set is perfect for those puffy eyes from staying up too late. Be ready to splurge, but also be very satisfied, with every Sunday Riley product!

6 Upped Their Game: Too Faced

Time for another brand that has mastered the eyeshadow palette game! Too Faced has so many palettes, it’s insane (but amazing)! They have everything from natural palettes to metallic, colorful palettes to a Peanut Butter and Jelly Palette to the infamous Chocolate Bar Palette.

Whatever look you’re going for with your eyes, they are here for it.

They also have amazing mascaras, long wear lip color, primers, and foundations. Basically anything in the makeup department, they’ve got it. The next time you need to perfect your everyday eye look or go crazy for a music festival, go find you some Too Faced!

5 Timeless: Estée Lauder


Estée Lauder is another brand that is so timeless, you know it works! They have skincare and makeup that is known to work wonders. The Advanced Night Repair will fight signs of aging while keeping your skin even and moisturized. It has almost 2,600 reviews on Estée Lauder’s website and gets 4.9 out of 5 stars! Not too bad for so many reviews. 99% of users would recommend it. Other best sellers include the Perfectionist Youth-Infusing Serum Makeup with SPF and the Modern Muse perfume. If you want classic products that will never disappoint, Estée Lauder is your girl!

4 Upped Their Game: L'Oréal

Kizzy Online

L'Oréal is another brand that has been around forever but is still coming up with great, new products. Fun fact, L'Oréal has been around for 109 years! They must know what they’re doing! Their Infallible line is amazing. Talk about long wear!

It has foundations, lip colors, and eyeshadows that will stay on long enough to get you through a workday and a night out.

Their Revitalift Bright Reveal Pads are easy to use pads that have Glycolic Acid to give you bright, wrinkle-free skin. L'Oréal may be a classic name in the business, but don’t underestimate their ability to bring you the latest and greatest in beauty!

3 Upped Their Game: Stila

Stila really knows what’s up in the beauty and makeup world. They provide products that look great in your makeup bag and are very effective. The One Step Correct is a super cool looking serum, gel, and primer that perfects your skin using three different colors that each do something different to your skin. You have to try it! Another bestseller is the Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner that is very easy to apply and really does “stay all day.” The next time you’re wandering the aisles of your beauty store, make sure you check out Stila and their awesome, innovative products.

2 Upped Their Game: Clean & Clear

If you have had any sort of acne problem ever, you probably know all about Clean & Clear. They have revolved their whole brand around clearing up annoying acne issues. Recently, they have come out with the Acne Triple Care line that includes different types of cleansers, masks, and scrubs.

Oh, and their spot treatment is a literal miracle in a bottle.

Once a pesky zit pops up, just put a dab of the spot treatment on there and it will be gone before you know it! They even have oil absorbing sheets you can put in your purse in case of unexpected oiliness. All in all, Clean & Clear has the fighting acne thing down to a science!

1  Timeless: Pond's


Have you ever looked at your mom, grandma, or aunt and thought “her skin is flawless, I wonder what her secret is?” Well, it is probably Pond’s! Get this, Pond’s has been around since 1846. Do the math on that one! Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser is especially popular because it works! It’s a cleanser that is 50% moisturizer, so it can not only cleanse and remove makeup, but it can also moisturize! This is why so many grandmas have loved it for so many years! Other great products include the Rejuveness Anti-Wrinkle Cream and the Dry Skin Cream. For Pond’s to be around this long providing us with great moisturizers and cleansers, they must be doing something right!

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