15 Boyfriends Who Are Sleeping On The Couch Tonight

When we're in a serious relationship, it's safe to say that emotions run pretty high all the time. We love our boyfriends... but sometimes, he does things that make us wonder what he's thinking (and make us curious about his maturity level, let's be honest). He might say that he's just trying to crack a joke... but we tend to take things more seriously than that.

Although there's nothing better than moving in with the guy that we love and having that sense of comfort, when our BFs do things that we don't appreciate, we don't really want to share a bed with them. Instead, we're going to ask that they find another place to sleep... and that's usually the living room couch.

Here are 15 boyfriends who will definitely be sleeping on the couch tonight.

15 Put A Ring On It (Or Not)

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It might be an old-fashioned idea, but catching the bouquet at a wedding generally means that you're next to walk down the aisle. This girl was super excited... until her boyfriend posted that she should "throw it back."

Ouch. That definitely wasn't the reaction that she wanted. We wonder if they ever got engaged?!

14 There's Nothing Like A Romantic Text

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When this girl texted her boyfriend that she purchased a new cell phone, he responded with pretty much the opposite of a sweet nothing. He said "you look crusty."

Oh yes, he actually texted her that. It's tough to believe that someone would actually do something like this. It's also hard to believe that a couple would stay together after this, right?

13 Congrats... You're Sleeping On The Couch Tonight

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It's pretty much impossible to think that you would be happy if your boyfriend actually went to a bakery and asked them to write "yay you farted!" on a cake. It's also impossible to think that a guy wouldn't have to sleep on the couch after this happened.

Not amusing. Not at all.

12 Cats Are Cute... But This Isn't The Greatest Look

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If this guy had sent his girlfriend a regular photo of him and his cat, it would have been so sweet. Instead, he sent her this.

Sometimes filters are great, and other times, they're the worst. This is a great example of a time when you just don't want to go there.

11 What A Creepy Snapchat

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We wouldn't even know what to say or how to react if our boyfriend sent us this creepy Snapchat. It's not cute, or hilarious, or adorable, or whatever he was attempting.

You don't want to freak someone out when you're trying to be romantic. It's not a good thing to do.

10 Nice Try

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Her boyfriend gave her goalie gloves for Christmas "because she's a keeper." This probably wasn't the super romantic present that she was expecting.

It's tough when you don't get the gift that you were hoping for, and it's even more awkward when it's an attempt to be funny. This is yet another good example of a BF who will have to sleep on the couch.

9 Did He Really Just Say That?!

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She texted her boyfriend that she was watching the Netflix show A Series Of Unfortunate Events and his answer was, "You look like a series of unfortunate events."

What?! Is this really how you talk to your partner?! We'd love to know how she replied and how their relationship continued after that.

8 Not The Sweetest Thing To Do

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We all get sick sometimes and don't exactly look super great. We know that our boyfriend is the best when he takes care of us and tells us that we still look beautiful.

Well, that's not with this boyfriend did. Instead, he put a bike helmet on her head and took all these photos. Talk about awkward... and time to sleep on the couch.

7 Say It With... Flour?!

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When this guy wanted to apologize to his partner, he sent flour to her work.

Was this a good idea? No way. Someone's going to be sleeping on the couch tonight because if you want to say sorry, you really should buy some pretty flowers. Trying to be cute and funny just doesn't work here.

6 Well, That's One Way To Take A Photo

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Maybe some of us have seen the challenge about "pics I take of my boyfriend vs pics he takes of me." That's what this couple decided to do, and it's definitely crazy to see the difference between what they have each shared on their social media account.

If our boyfriend posted that photo of us, we'd be pretty upset, that's for sure.

5 He Didn't Win This Challenge

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As part of a challenge to text your boyfriend with the phrase "I want a baby" and see what he says, this girl got this reply.

It's fair to say that this boyfriend didn't win this challenge. It's also fair to say that this is the absolute worst thing that you could say in this situation.

4 This Guy Threw The Worst Birthday Bash Ever

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If we want a party that is totally boring and doesn't even feel like a celebration, we should ask this guy to throw it for us. This is literally a party that he threw for his partner with a cake that says "cake" and a birthday card that says "birthday card."

Is this funny? We're going to have to go with no. A girl wants a proper party.

3 I Don't Know, Where Should We Go For Dinner?

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You and your boyfriend are getting ready for a nice date night... but you have no idea where you want to eat. He asks you what restaurant and you say "I don't know."

This is a super common experience... but this guy went further and gave his girlfriend a stack of notes with "IDK" on them. No thanks...

2 She Asked Him To Run A Simple Errand

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After this girl asked her boyfriend to buy her some beauty products, it was a very long exchange and he kept getting everything wrong.

She got the most annoyed when he tested a product on his arm by darwing this super silly animal. It was just a simple errand... and he was totally going to sleep on the couch that night.

1 Try Again

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Sometimes, a guy tries to do something romantic for his girlfriend, but it just doesn't pan out that way. That's the case with this guy who drew his GF inside this locket.

It was a nice try... but we're going to say that most of us wouldn't love this. This boyfriend (and the other ones on this list) definitely should sleep on the couch tonight.

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