14 Body Language Signs That Show He's Not Into You

You just met a new guy, and you’re already going completely gaga over him. He’s practically perfect…he has the cutest face, he dresses like he just stepped out of GQ Magazine, he has a good job, and a flashy car. There’s just one thing missing…you don’t really know how he feels about you. Sure, he asked you out on a first date, but he isn’t very vocal about what he thinks about you. Well, when it comes to men, many of them aren’t going to communicate their feelings the way women do. Instead, their real feelings towards us are shown through their body language. So the next time the two of you meet up, play close attention to the way he acts around you. Does his face lack emotion? Does he give you a fake smile when you tell a joke? These could be signs that he’s trying to be nice, but he really doesn’t see you as someone he would want to date long-term.

Keep reading to see the rest of the hidden body language clues that will let you know right away if the guy you’re falling for doesn’t feel the same way about you.

14 His Face Lacks Emotion


You’re getting into all the juicy details about the time you almost got arrested at Coachella, and you look over at your guy to see the expression on his face. When you turn to look at him, he looks absolutely blank…kind of like he’s not even there. You may think you’re boring him, and the truth is, you probably are. On top of that, he probably isn’t into you either. When a guy really likes you, his face will be very animated and expressive when the two of you engage in conversation. A quick rise of the eyebrows as you’re telling a story means he’s not only interested in what you have to say, but he’s also interested in you! But when a guy’s face lacks any kind of emotion when you’re speaking to him, he’s just not interested. Don’t even bother opening up any further, because this guy won’t be sticking around for too much longer anyway.

13 A Fake Smile


When you run into your BFF at the gym, you probably greet her with a hug and a big smile, right? Even the UPS guy gets a big grin from you when he drops off your packages. On the same note, when it comes to physical attraction, we’ve been taught that flashing those pearly whites can really lure a man into your web. A genuine smile holds a lot of weight in the dating world, and you can easily tell when someone is giving you a fake grin just to be cordial. The next time you meet up with your guy, observe if his smile is real or totally fake. A real smile will pull on the muscles of his face, causing his cheekbones to rise, and the skin around his eyes will tighten and wrinkle up a bit. A fake smile won’t alter the rest of the face in any way. So if he’s faking his smile, just know that he’s not being genuine, and he’s just not into you.

12 He's Anxious to Step Away


Have you ever been approached by someone you weren’t attracted to, and you were desperately trying to think of a way you could get away from them? Maybe you pretended you had to go to the restroom, or you faked an important phone call just so you could step outside and get away from the conversation. Well, when a guy isn’t interested in you, he’s also thinking of ways he can make a quick dash so he can get away from you. If you think the conversation is going well, but you notice he’s starting to side step and jerk his body in the opposite direction, it could mean he isn’t interested. Unless he’s the host of a party and he has to make his rounds by greeting everyone in attendance, just assume a guy who is stepping away from you definitely isn’t attracted to you, and he may never be interested in talking to you ever again.

11 He's Closed Off


Most men don’t even realize this body language clue they give to the women they’re not interested in, and it all has to do with their legs and their private parts. When a guy wants a woman to know that he really likes her, he will open up his entire body to her by spreading his legs wide in her direction. It’s a subconscious signal that he gives to show off his stuff (if you know what I mean,) and it’s a macho way to show how much he is really attracted to you. On the other hand, a guy who isn’t interested will keep his package to himself. He will position his legs away from you and close himself off to you physically. You really thought he could be the one, but sorry, you definitely won’t be getting a sample of his goods any time soon.

10 His Feet Point Away


Okay, so we already know that a guy who keeps his legs wide open in your direction is a guy who’s really interested in you, but there’s a body language clue that can also be found in his feet, too. Maybe the two of you are in a cramped space, like sitting on stools at a very busy bar downtown. There really isn’t enough room for him to open up his legs wide in your direction, so instead, the guy who’s interested in you will point his feet towards you instead. Think of it this way, we move and gravitate towards things that appeal to us, and men show their appeal by positioning their bodies in your direction. So the next time the two of you go out, take a peek down below and see which direction his feet are pointing. If he’s front and center, he may not be interested. But if his feet are pointing towards you, go ahead and breathe a sigh of relief. He probably really likes you!

9 He Walks Ahead of You


The two of you arrive to your destination, he parks his vehicle in the parking stall, and then he bolts out of the car and starts sprinting towards the restaurant while you're left hobbling behind him in your five-inch Steve Madden pumps. If this has ever happened to you, the date probably didn’t end on a good note, right? That’s because a guy who walks ahead of you is sending off a bad body language cue. Men typically walk faster than women, but research has proven that when a man is interested in someone, he will slow down his pace so that he can walk next to her. They subconsciously do this to be more in sync with their partner. So if he slows down and he walks next to you, it could be a sign that he really likes you, and he has subconsciously slowed down his stride to stay at your pace.

8 Yawning


Not only is yawning rude, but it is a noticeable body language sign that he’s just not interested in you. There could be various reasons why a guy would yawn during a date, but in most cases, it means you’re boring him to death. Just take his yawn as a sign that the two of you won’t be falling in love anytime soon. During the first few dates, a guy should be putting his best foot forward. He should be excited to see you, he should be on his best behavior, he should be well-rested, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and he definitely shouldn’t be yawning at any point during your date. But the second he feels like the date isn’t going anywhere, he may release an obnoxious yawn to let you know he’s over you, and he’s definitely over the entire situation. Feel free to cut the date short, and hightail it out of there.

7 He Slouches


When a guy is desperate for a woman to be attracted to him, he will want to appear big, tall, strong and masculine. He will subconsciously stand up tall, push his shoulders back, stick his chest out a bit, and suck in his stomach (yes, even guys suck in their tummies too, ladies.) Men give off this body language sign to impress their mates, and to show off their confidence. But a guy who slouches, hunches over, and looks like he’s melting into the cement is a guy who probably couldn’t care less about how you feel about him. Aside from potentially suffering from low self-esteem, he probably doesn’t care about appearing big and strong to impress you, either. A man who carries himself in an unappealing way is telling you right to your face that he isn’t interested in you. It’s time to move on!

6 He Leans Away From You


Things that are attracted to you come forward, and things that aren’t attracted to you tend to repel. When it comes to sending off positive body language cues, a guy who is interested in you will lean toward you. He will want to be physically closer to you so he will find any excuse to lean in and brush up against you. He may even pull his chair closer to yours so that he can shift his body closer in your direction. On the flip side, the guy who isn’t interested in you will avoid you like you just broke out in the chickenpox. He will lean away from you, tilt his head in the opposite direction, and purposefully try to keep his body from coming in contact with you. He doesn’t want to give you the wrong idea that he’s interested, so he will subconsciously keep some distance between the two of you. It’s his way of letting you down easily.

5 He's Gone Before You Make It Inside


In the movies, the guy drives the girl home from their magical date. He walks her to her front door where they share a romantic kiss, before they say their goodbyes. She heads inside and he walks back to his car beaming. He has butterflies in his stomach, and he just can’t wait to see her again. Sounds pretty amazing, right? Even though real life is nothing like the movies, the way your guy says goodbye says a lot about his attraction for you. If he drops you off at your house, doesn’t even bother to walk you to your door, and puts the pedal to the metal and burns rubber down the street going 70mph before you even put your key into the lock, it’s a surefire sign he’s not into you. A guy who really likes you will make sure you make it inside before he leaves. It’s a sign of respect, and a sign that he really likes you.

4 He Stands Far Away


The two of you go to an art museum, and he’s hovering over you the entire time. There’s plenty of room for the two of you to spread out a bit as you visit various exhibits, but he would much rather be all up in your personal space. Don’t get freaked out, it’s a sign that he really likes you! But if you notice that a guy is purposely keeping his distance from you at all times, this is definitely a bad sign. But don’t write him off just yet. Maybe he’s a little shy, and he doesn’t want to come on too strong. You can put his body language to the test by stepping in closer to him and observing how he reacts. If he backs away from you, then right there is your confirmation that he is not interested in you.

3 He Doesn't Go Face-to-Face


You know how when you’re really interested in someone, you want to look at their face as they talk to you? Despite the fact that he has one of the cutest faces you have ever seen, looking at your date while he speaks to you shows him you’re interested in what he has to say, and you’re totally digging him. If he is just as interested in you, he should be doing the same.When a guy is really interested in you, he will turn his face so that the two of you are looking at each other head-on. Your guy is a visual creature, so of course he would want to stare at you as you speak, right? So if he isn’t attracted to you, and he doesn’t see things moving forward, he will visually block you off by only glancing at you when it is absolutely necessary.

2 He's Not Protective


Guys give off subtle body language clues to the women they adore. You will notice that a guy who really likes you will be protective of you when the two of you go out. No, he’s not acting like Kevin Costner in The Bodyguard, but he will put his hand on your waist as he guides you across the street, he will extend his hand to help you get out of the car, he will pull out your chair for you, he will hold your hand as the two of you walk through a crowded bar, and he will put his jacket across your shoulders when the night gets chilly. Men are born to protect, and they love to take care of the women they are dating. But if your date is leaving you to fend for yourself, this is a sign that he just doesn’t like you as much as you think.

1 No Eye Contact


They say the eyes are the window to the soul, so it makes sense that if a guy is interested in you, he would instinctively gaze into your eyes as a way to connect and try to get to know you better. Studies have shown that with people we are interested in, we make eye contact 60%-70% of the time during a conversation. So if your guy’s eyes are looking everywhere except into yours, don’t assume that he’s keeping his eyes off of you because he’s nervous or shy. Even timid men will lock eyes with you more than half of the time to show that they are really interested in you. But make sure he’s not giving you too much eye contact. A prolonged gaze can come across a bit creepy, and it could also be a sign that you have a crazy man on your hands!

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