13 Blogs Every Pathetic Sap Should Read

The internet is abuzz these days with information on how to make it in the dating world. When you need a question answered, all you need to do is a little search of the Google and you have got plenty of info just waiting to be consumed. With so many blogs, experts, and advice out there, it can be hard to know what to listen to, which is why we have compiled a list of the very best educators on love. Afterall, you do want to make sure you are getting only the best advice possible because you are the best and that is what you deserve! The next time you are wondering, “why did he not call me?”, or “when is too early to say I love you?”, try logging on to one of the sites listed below and enrich your mind on the wonders of the mating game.

13 Dr.NerdLove

Via Twitter

Dr.NerdLove AKA Harris O’Malley is a self-professed geek when it comes to things related to love. Although he’s not an official doctor, O’Malley has made a name for himself as a love guru for the modern nerd. He’s been featured on publications such as New York Magazine, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Wired, Slate, MTV’s Guy Code, and The Guardian. Dr. NerdLove’s simple design and logic-driven articles are everything a nerd could dream of. He caters to men, women, and everything in between and most articles actually apply to all genders. You can find titles like “How to Survive Valentine’s Day When You’re Single,” “5 Dating Tips for Short Men,” and “How to Avoid Getting the Fade,” all peppered with funny star wars GIFS to really hammer it all in. If you’re looking for information that is well-researched and really goes in-depth, then Dr. NerdLove is the place you need to be.

12 ANewMode

Via A New Mode

Run by psychology majors; Sabrina Alexis and Eric Charles, ANewMode is a women’s dating advice website that uses both the male and female perspective to bring you the most accurate information possible. Click on the “Love Advice” tab and get real information from the experiences of Sabrina and Eric. You can find titles such as “The Number One Reason Why Guys Suddenly Lose Interest,” “The Top 3 Reasons Why Men Pull Away,” and “How to Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back Forever: Everything you Need to Know.” This dynamic dating duo gives you the hard truths that you want to hear. There’s also a forum to rant about your latest breakup and get advice from fellow readers. Articles on Fashion, Beauty, and Fitness can also be found as the website caters to women’s lifestyle at large; however, the love section is the most impressive part and will have you hooked for hours.

11 LaylaMartin

Via Queen Of Retreats

Layla Martin will help you de-mystify love once and for all. Layla is a tantra teacher and all around geek when it comes to love. On her site, you will find free ebooks, training videos, and a ton of content on self-development and relationship advice. Most of her blog posts are YouTube videos which are uploaded weekly with topics such as “Sharing Your Desires - My Easy Method,” “3 Simple Tools to Build Self Confidence,” and “6 Unforgettable Electric Kissing Moves.” Her advice is very practical and each blog post is like a little lesson you can start applying right away. Not only does she write about how to cultivate love between partners, she also focuses on self-love and confidence which is a huge part of having a successful relationship. If you are looking for an unconventional approach to navigating the dating world, you’ll find everything you need at laylamartin.com.

10 TheBolde

Via The Bolde

TheBolde is relatively new to the blogosphere, but once you visit the site you’ll definitely see why it’s picking up speed. TheBolde focuses on dating advice for women but in a very personal way. The writers are kind enough to reveal their deepest secrets and stories so you can learn from their mistakes. The categories are millennial-centric from “Single AF” to “When You Just Can’t Anymore.” If you’re in your early to late twenties, TheBolde will fill your need for a place to relate to the woes of being a twenty-something in this trying age of disposable love. With titles like “If You’re Only Friends With Me Because You Want to Sleep With Me, GTFO,” “He’s Not Boyfriend Material If He’s Not Doing These Things,” and “22 Crazy Thoughts You Have When You’ve Been Single Way Too Long,” you will definitely find something that resonates. The tone is pure attitude, unapologetic, and well…bold.

9 DatingWithDignity

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DatingwithDignity is run by Marni Battista, a relationship and dating coach of 25 years. She has been featured in all the glossy mags including Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Men’s Fitness, and more. Marni has seen all sides of a relationship; she’s been single, married, divorced, and then married again — pretty impressive in this modern age of throwaway love. You could say that the lady knows what she’s talking about. On her site, you can find articles such as “When to Have the 'When Are You Taking Down Your Online Dating Profile' Conversation with a Guy You’re Dating,” “7 Signs He Likes You: Body Language Says It All,” and “10 Signs He Might Be Cheating.” Her blog posts are geared toward the mid-thirties and beyond, although you could totally find some gems in there that would apply to all ages. She also has courses and ebooks available, but the free content on her blog is all you really need.

8 MyTinySecrets

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MyTInySecrets is run by long-time blogger Adina Rivers who does not consider herself an expert or guru, but a normal everyday woman. She started her blog to provide a space to empower and educate women on intimate health, beauty, conscious relationships, and self-love. In the pages of MyTinySecrets, you can find articles by doctors, relationship experts, and love gurus with a little alternative twist. Articles such as “F*ck Soulmates, Here’s Who You should Be Really Looking For,” “Monogamy is Not For Amateurs (Read This to Find Out if You Are One)," and “My Era of Sleeping With D*ckheads is Over” caters to every woman’s wild side. This is not your run of the mill “How to Tell if He Likes You” kind of advice. MyTinySecretsharborss unique information that is hard to find in the mainstream. How amazing are those titles?! For all you alternative chicks, this blog is worth a read.

7 Thought Catalog

Via Salon

Thought Catalog is known to be the millennial hot spot for twenty somethings looking for a little direction. The great thing about ThoughtCatalog is that it is easy to read and really gets to the point. The articles are not so much “articles”, but well — thought catalogs. Each piece is succinct and shameless. The writers waste no time with flowery language or bushy remarks, it is all the advice you need and want in an easy-to-read format. Titles such as “12 New Rules That Should Be Non-Negotiable in Modern Dating,” “The Real Reason Why He Hasn’t Been Texting You,” and “Reasons Why Some Women Are Always Rejected By Men” will make you sit up and listen. It’s the cold hard truths you don’t want to hear, but ThoughtCatalog isn’t one to sugar coat. If you tend to see love in black and white, then ThoughtCatalog is where you belong.

6 LovePanky

Via LovePanky

LovePanky is a little…basic, but sometimes that’s what we need. It’s everything you will find in the lady mags and more. LovePanky caters to both men and women equally and informs the reader about everything from dating around to more serious relationship queries such as, “Dating a Divorced Man? 14 Truths to Make it Work,” and “Before Going Further: 30 Deep Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend.” With other interesting titles such as “Hypergamy: Motivation for Perfection? Or Sexist Stupidity?,” What is a Booty Call? How it’s Defined in Science and in Life,” and “10 Unexpected Qualities Kinky Women Will Surprise You With,” LovePanky is smart and knows you are too. The articles are all written by dating experts so you know you’re not getting second hand advice from some teenaged keyboard jockey. You’re at a point in your dating life where you know what you want, and LovePanky is here to give it to you.

5 DatingAdviceGuru

Via Youtube

Carlos Cavallo is the brains behind DatingAdvieGuru. An avid youtuber, blogger, and dating advice giver; Carlos has a lot of experience under his belt (did I mention he also has his black belt?). He is here to give you all the secrets about men and dating that no one else is providing. His blog posts are chock-full of information that will make your head spin. The best part about it, is that it’s unapologetic and honest coming straight from the horse’s mouth. Some examples of his articles include “5 Tricks to Start a Conversation With a Guy,” “3 Ways to Get Out of His Friend-Zone (and Change His Mind About You),” and “How to Tell for SURE a Guy Likes You - 7 Body Language Signs.” He takes these topics and breaks them down until he can’t break down no more. If you want a detailed play-by-play of what to text him — ask the DatingAdviceGuru.

4 TheFrisky

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TheFrisky does’t take love too seriously and neither should you. Click on the “Love” tab at the top and prepare to be whisked into a world of RomCom gifs and bold opinions. TheFrisky features articles about news, entertainment, style, mind and body, as well as love, but those other topics are a recent addition. When you visit the love tab, you will find titles such as “9 Weird Ways to Know You’re Falling in Love that Aren’t the Usual Bullsh*t You See in Movies.” Along with many other titles that are bold and in your face. They really hold nothing back with their topics, and with a name like TheFrisky, we expect nothing less. The tone is sassy, ernes,t and a little bit naughty. It’s the kind of stuff you would only talk about with your best friend. If you’re looking for love advice that doesn’t beat around the bush, check out TheFrisky for some risqué reads.

3 XOJane

Via xoJane

XOJane is “where women go to be their unabashed selves and where their unabashed selves are applauded”. This site is all about self-acceptance and being proud of yourself, no matter what race, religion, age or personal identity. No matter who you are, you’re among friends at XOJane. Most of the articles are based on real-life experiences from real women. With titles such as “My Boyfriend Wanted to Sleep With Other People, And I Said It Was Ok,” “Being Heavier and In My 30’s is an Advantage in Online Dating,” and “ What It’s Like to Really Date a Spy,” you’ll be immersed in a pool of fascinating and real stories you can totally get lost in. XOJane doesn’t play along with the whole listicle fad; most articles are stories with a beginning, middle, and end. However, there are some stories with a lot of information in them that you can store in your brain space for later.

2 ScienceofRelationships

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When you click on ScienceofRelationships it’s not going to really wow you in the design department. It’s simple and straight forward which is not necessarily a bad thing and honestly a little expected when dealing with left-brained information. ScienceofRelationships takes psychological theories and applies them to everyday questions and concerns related to relationships and love. It’s very much set up like a classic Wordpress-style blog where you just scroll down and browse the articles by date, just like the good old days. Examples of titles include “Resolving the Intimacy-Desire Paradox: Is More Intimacy Better?,” Should You Be My Valentine? Research Helps Identify Good and Bad Romantic Relationships,” and “Infidelity and Jealousy From an Evolutionary Perspective.” These aren’t exactly attention grabbers and they aren’t trying to be. The writers at ScienceofRelationships just want to give you the facts and if you consider yourself logically minded then you’ll feel right at home here.

1 TheTalko

Via The Talko

You knew this was coming! Yes I’m biased, but I had to include this very blog on this list because it really is one of the best blogs to learn about love, because…duh. The writers at TheTalko definitely have a sense of humor when it comes to love advice, we try our best to make it fun and approachable. The articles are list-based but still have some sort of personal twist. You can find titles such as “20 Types of Boyfriends You’ll Have in Your 20’s,” “15 Common Reasons Men Dump Good Girls,” and “15 Things You Wished He Had Skipped in Bed.” It’s all the kind of advice you’re dying to hear about served up in a simple list format. You can expect to find funny memes and maybe some silly jokes here and there. All you really need to know is that TheTalko has got your back when it comes to love and relationship advice, always.

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