14 Bizarre Websites That Are Actually Fascinating

Most of us use the internet in just a few ways. We connect with others on social media sites. We Google stuff we're unsure about. We watch silly cat videos. We read the news and interesting blogs. But there's a whole bunch of bizarre stuff out there that you probably haven't seen before.

The internet is a weird and wonderful place. These websites showcase just how weird the internet really is. They're the kind of sites that you know are creepy or pointless or just bizarre but you can't stop yourself from browsing them anyway. I'm going to give you a quick warning right now: You're probably going to waste hours looking at these bizarre but fascinating websites.

Some of these sites are pretty beautiful and you'll be so glad you clicked on them. Others will give you something interesting to talk about at least. You'll tell your friends and they'll be all OMG and WTF, that's so weird!

Just take a look for yourself:

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14 The Passions Network

via:ThePassions Network.com

This company provides a number of free dating sites that cater to very specific and very strange interests. The first one I came across was zombiepassions.com a site which helps “zombie groupies” connect with one another. When I delved a little deeper I realized there are loads of different niche dating sites from The Passions Network. Some are relatively normal such as Vegan Passions and Photography Passions. Others are really bizarre such as Mullet Passions. You just can't help having a browse though.

13 TheUselessWeb.com


The first and only page on this site features a randomizer that produces a new utterly useless website each time you click on it. It would be so easy to get hooked and waste hours messing around on one useless site after another. As an example, the first site I got was one where you use your cursor to control a guy slapping another guy in the face with an eel. The next site was called Staggering Beauty and was a really trippy experience, you have to see it yourself to understand. The rest were equally entertaining and useless.

12 AwkwardStockPhotos.com


If you've ever required a stock photo you'll know that your search can produce some very random and unrelated photographs. This site showcases the most random and most bizarre stock photographs in existence. It really makes you wonder in what universe these photos would ever be used. For example, there's a stock photo featuring what looks like a very content raw chicken sitting with its legs crossed in an oven. There's also a business man looking into a draw which would be fine if his head, hands and feet weren't made of leaves. WTF!?

11 SecretTechnology.com


The first thing you will notice with this site is the deeply unsettling music that will make you want to leave as soon as it loads up. Don't leave though because it is bizarre but fascinating. The site uses interactive, digital art to express conspiracy theories. For instance there's a globe with logos from the world's biggest companies on it such as Facebook and McDonald's. When you scroll over one of the logos it predicts the company's future demise. This site is one of the most bizarre things I've ever seen and I don't quite understand it all if I'm honest. But that might not necessarily be a bad thing.

10 AnaSomnia.com


You have to see this, it's really stunning and has a little bit of a creepy vibe reminiscent of one of Tim Buton's creations. It's an interactive art project that depicts the way in which we dream. The first thing Ana Somnia will do is ask you for webcam access but don't worry it doesn't mean that there's somebody watching you somewhere, it's to do with the interactive part of the project. The site senses when you've switched the lights off and that's when your dreams come to life and it's simply magical.

9 thingsfittingperfectlyintootherthings.tumblr.com


I have no idea why I enjoy this page so much. I've got a touch of OCD, maybe that's it. The Tumblr page does what it says on the tin. There are a series of pictures and clips of random items fitting perfectly into other random items such as a lego stud on the end of a mechanical pencil or a pack of frozen burritos that fits perfectly into a cooler. It feels like a long line of stunning coincidences, there's something so pleasing about it. Digg said about the site, "Seeing totally unrelated objects perfectly nestle inside of each other provides a certain kind of peace in an otherwise chaotic world."

8 EssayTyper.com


This site writes an essay for you on any given topic you please as if by magic. You can give it any topic you want from “green apples” to “World War I” to “dog poop” (if you're really silly and immature like me). The titles it comes up with are absolutely hilarious e.g. Gender Norms & Racial Bias in the Study of the Modern "Dog Poop". So how does it write an entire essay for you on any topic? I'm not going to lie, it took me a few minutes to work it out and I managed to trick some others with it. You'll kick yourself when you realize. Let's see how long it takes for you to work this one out. Let us know in the comments below!

7 Beonlineb.com


This is another site that's really bizarre but also really beautiful. Indie music fans will really like this because it's basically an interactive video for the song Neon Bible by Arcade Fire. You'll see the singer's head and hands floating against a black background while the song plays. When you click on his hands he makes different moves and different effects are produced. It's really quite a mesmerizing way to waste a few minutes.

6 TheyFightCrime.net


You'll love this if you're a fan of comic books and classic TV shows. All you do is type in your name and a friend's then the site will generate your random intro, always ending with “Together, they fight crime!” I put in mine and my sister's names and got the following: Kelly's an oversexed ventriloquist with 35 hours left to live. Samantha's an obese astronaut obsessed with Mel Gibson. Together, They Fight Crime! And you can just hit refresh for a brand new one. It's stupidly amusing.

5 AlienAbductions.com


This is one of the freakiest things you'll ever hear about, I can't believe it exists. This site is run by a company called Alien Abductions Incorporated that provides customers with a real-life alien abduction experience because, according to the site, only an “elite few” ever get abducted and even then they might not remember it. So, what you can buy from these guys is a solitary or group abduction or a full weekend retreat at their Nevada Abduction Center. You can even get a bespoke service in which you decide exactly what happens during your abduction, eek! Unfortunately, their Abductalizer is currently undergoing NRC inspection so you might have to wait a while before you can get your abduction experience...

4 NoHomophobes.com


This site monitors exactly how many homophobic words and phrases are used on twitter each day, so things like “f*ggot” and “no homo”. The idea behind it is that we may use these kinds of words and phrases without the intention of being homophobic but nevertheless any time these words are used it is homophobic no matter what the context is. It's a strange and unique idea. It's absolutely vital to raise awareness about this kind of stuff but at the same time it makes me feel quite sad when I see the sheer number of homophobic tweets.

3 MapCrunch.com


If you've got the travel bug but you're stuck in the office or something then all you need to do is visit this website. It puts you in random spots on Google Street View all over the world. I was taken from Iceland to Indonesia to Slovenia and beyond. If you're seriously bored you might want to try out a similar site, geoguessr.com. It also puts you in a random places on Street View but the difference is that you have to guess exactly where you are in the world on Google maps.

2 CreepyPasta.com


You can imagine this site being an angsty emo kid's wet dream. The whole site is just creepy short story after freaky short story after weird AF short story. I must admit though I found myself reading a few and enjoying them. They call their short stories “pastas” and every single pasta is user-generated, so if you get into it maybe you could be featured on the creepy site one day. You could achieve a small amount of fame as a creepy weird story writer. Visit the site, click on the “Take me to a random pasta!” button and get reading... maybe not right before bedtime though.

1 DictionaryOfObscureSorrows.com


This site is bizarre because it's just so gloomy. They make videos and share posts on the unusual sad feelings and cravings that some people experience. For example there's “lachesism” which basically represents the desire to go through a really horrendous experience that interrupts the easy yet monotonous pattern of your life. And then there's “onism” when you realize how little you will get to do and experience in your lifetime. Obviously this site is kind of depressing but I'm sure that a lot of the sorrows they discuss will be relatable.


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