15 Biggest Regrets Women Have Had On Their Wedding Day

Every wedding is stressful. However, they’re especially stressful for the bride. How can they not be? Even if she wants to have a small wedding and even if she uses a wedding planner, there’s still a lot of work that goes into making her big day special. Brides spend countless hours sending out invites, finding the perfect location, and making sure the day runs as smoothly as possible. And, on top of the stress that comes along with planning, there’s also a lot of emotional stress involved in the ordeal. Think about it: She’s getting ready to make both an emotional and legal promise to spend the rest of her life with one person. The thought alone is daunting. Very little can prepare any bride for the pressures that come along with tying the knot. This is why it’s not surprising that some brides well… end up regretting a few decisions they make on their wedding day. Read below to find out 15 biggest regrets women have had on their wedding day.

15 Inviting Too Many People


This bride was ecstatic to get married. She was overjoyed and beyond in love with her future husband. On top of that, she’s a social butterfly. It’s no wonder she wanted every single person she knows to be a part of her celebration. So, what did she do? She invited way too many people, even people she hardly knows. She asked her favorite high school teacher, her childhood neighbors she hadn’t talked to in years, and even her old hairdresser. At first, she thoughts it was a great idea, but then, she realized that perhaps she should have been a little bit more discerning when she made the list. Why? Because not only did she have to pay for every single person that attended, but she also felt pressure to spend time with them. Therefore, she spent the whole night feeling guilty for not being able to catch up with old friends instead of enjoying the company of the people she truly cared about.

14 Not Inviting Enough People


Just as some brides may invite too many people, some brides end up feeling like they didn’t have enough guests. While this bride was planning the wedding, she convinced herself that she wasn’t going to fuss over it. She wanted her big day to be a low key event. She didn’t believe in big weddings and simply wanted to go to city hall with her future husband. The last thing she wanted was a big party or even guests. However, when her wedding day finally rolled around, she regretted her decision. Why? Because after she was all ready and looking beautiful, she realized it didn’t matter much as there was no one around to see how beautiful she looked. She wished she had reached out to more of her close friends and family members so they could be with her during this huge event in her life. She wanted people around her to celebrate with. She discovered that marriage is more than just a bond between two people, that it’s also a bond of families, therefore, it suddenly became important to her to have hers there.

13 Drinking Too Much


This bride was super stressed out. Getting married is a huge commitment. So, what always works to relieve her stress? Alcohol. She had some champagne while she’s getting her hair done. She had some more champagne when she was getting her make-up done. She had more after she got her dress on. Then, she had a few glasses with her bridesmaids to celebrate how beautiful she looked. Pretty soon, she’d lost track of what she had and it’s time to walk down (or stumble down) the aisle. After the wedding, you’ve guessed it, she had more and more reasons to down more and more champagne. Finally, after everyone’s finished their toasts, she was completely wasted. The next morning when she woke up, she had a hard time remembering the details of the day, the ceremony, and the party. The only memories she has of her wedding day are what people told her because she accidentally drank too much.

12 Being Too Relaxed


This bride had heard the rumors: Planning a wedding is the most stressful thing you’ll ever do. The thought alone terrified her. So, what did she do? She hired the best wedding planner in town. She gave the wedding planner an idea of what she wanted and then simply decided that she’d trust the wedding planner to make all of the decisions concerning her big day. Of course, before the wedding, she wasn’t stressed at all. In fact, she was completely relaxed and thought this was the best idea she’d ever have. However, when her day finally rolled around, she realized that the wedding planner didn’t listen to anything she said. She hated the venue, the found the color scheme revolting, the guest list was completely off, and the food tasted horrible. She felt as though her wedding belonged to someone else. She wished she could go back and plan the whole thing herself but at that point, it was obviously too late.

11 Choosing The Wrong Destination


This bride wanted to get married on a beach in a far away country. She’d seen a commercial once shortly after she got engaged and said: “I’m going to get married there.” In the commercial, the location looked perfect. Of course, she’d never been but she believed the ads. When she called the hotel concierge to ask about having her wedding there, they convinced her that she was correct in her decision so she started planning her big day. However, when her wedding date came, she realized that she should have thought this through a little bit more. Why? Well, first of all, that beautiful beach in a far-off country is not only hard to get to, but also expensive, so most of her guests couldn’t afford to attend her wedding. Second of all, the hotel concierge didn’t inform her that the town had a rainy season that would end up forcing her wedding to happen inside. And, third, that little town was a bit dangerous so all the guests would be forced to stay in the confines of the hotel for the entire four-day getaway.

10 Making Huge Changes To Her Appearance


This bride wanted to look great on her wedding day so, a few days before her wedding, she decided she’d go to the best spa in town and treat herself to a mini makeover. When she got there, she told her hairdresser that she wanted to “switch things up” before her day. Of course, the hairdresser misinterpreted her a bit. By “switch things up,” the bride meant she wanted to get some fresh highlights or maybe a trim. However, her hairdresser took it as “I want to completely change my look.” Unfortunately, this bride put all of her trust in the stylist. Then, when the stylist finally finished, she was horrified. Why? They stylist had bleached her hair and cut most of it off leaving the bride feeling ugly, insecure, and uncomfortable on her wedding day. In fact, to this day, she refuses to even look at her wedding photos.

9 Partying Too Hard The Night Before


This bride was very excited about getting married. She loved having all of her friends and family in town and all she wanted to do was celebrate. The night before her wedding, she thought it’d be a good idea to have everyone over to her house for a get-together. Of course, everyone was in a party mood. It's been a long time since this group of friends had been together all at once so they stayed up all night catching up… and drinking. In the midst of having so much fun, this bride lost track of time and pretty soon, the sun was rising and it was time for her to start getting ready. In a panic, she looked in the mirror to find that her face was puffy, her eyes were bloodshot, and it was going to be really hard to make her look decent before her wedding. On top of that, she was exhausted. This poor bride spent the whole day miserable. The only thing she could look forward to was the end of her wedding so she could finally get some sleep.

8 Spending Too Much Money


This little bride wanted to feel like a Princess on her big day. She booked the best venue, she hired the finest caterers, and she bought the most expensive wedding dress. For every aspect of her wedding, she went all out. However, this little bride didn’t have the bank account to support her dream wedding and neither did her future husband or extended family. So, after everything was said and done, she was stressed out, to say the least. She couldn’t afford a honeymoon because her credit cards were starting to get declined. She was late on her rent and was in danger of losing her car. Because she had so many other things to worry about on her big day, she ended up being unable to enjoy it. When she said “I do,” to her husband, the only thought that went through her mind was “Get ready to be in debt for the rest of our lives.” She wished she could return everything only so her and her husband could start their futures together instead of spending their lives paying for the past.

7 Not Spending Enough Money


This bride did the complete opposite of the previous bride. She convinced herself that she was going to be extremely frugal when it came to planning her wedding. She didn’t need to feel like a Princess and she was going to cut costs whenever she could. So much so that she decided to have the wedding at her childhood home and that her mother would cater the wedding. However, when her day finally came, she realized she should have splurged a little bit more. Because she didn’t hire a hair or make-up artist, she was stressed all morning about getting ready and ended up looking awful. Because she didn’t plan for mistakes, her guests ended up going hungry because there wasn’t enough food. She didn’t even have a glass of champagne as they didn’t buy enough for everyone and was trying to be polite. When it finally came time for her first dance with her husband, no one could hear the music they played as they didn’t have a speaker system. Sure, the day was still special, but she still spent most of it worrying about her unhappy guests.

6 Letting Drama Get In The Way


This bride has a lot of friends and family members with a lot of different opinions. Her mother wanted to her to do this, her sister was upset because she wasn’t the maid of honor, and her brother didn’t think she should marry her fiance. Therefore, the whole process of planning and having a wedding was extremely complicated and stressful. So much so that she spent most of her time arguing with her family members and not enough time focusing on what the day was really about. She felt so much pressure to make everyone happy and did her best to do just that. However, at one point, it got so bad that she wasn’t even sure her brother would attend the wedding. When her day finally rolled around, it’s no surprise she was miserable. She was fighting with her whole family and all of the people that were important to her. She wished she could go back and focus on herself, instead of letting all of the drama get in the way. After all, her wedding wasn’t about making her family happy, it was about the unity of her and her husband.

5 Rushing It


This bride was in a rush to get married. When her now husband finally asked her to marry him, she said “yes,” and the next day, she started planning her big day. Of course, she had her “perfect day,” planned for years, but that didn’t matter when she finally got down to business. The wedding venue she wanted was booked for years in advance so she settled for something she didn’t like. The caterers she wanted weren’t able to meet her needs on short notice so again, she settled for second best. Her guests couldn’t get flights and weren’t able to accommodate her wedding date because she didn’t give them enough time to schedule her in. Her tailor wasn’t able to properly fit her dream wedding dress to her size because it would have taken too long. So, what did this bride end up with? A lousy venue, poor catering, not many guests, and a wedding dress that was too big. It wasn’t until her wedding day when she finally realized the only thing she needed to make her day perfect was a bit of patience.

4 Wishful Thinking


This bride planned her wedding for months in the future. She had gained some “love weight” since she started dating her now husband and wanted time to lose it before her big day. Therefore, when it finally came time for her to buy her wedding dress, she bought it a few sizes too small, thinking it’d be the perfect motivation for her to get back into shape. What she didn’t realize is that a lot of work goes into planning a wedding… work that prevented her from having time to get to the gym. And, on top of that, she’s a stress eater so she runs to food every time she feels overwhelmed. What’s worse is by the time her wedding rolled around, she was the most stressed she’d ever been in her life. Why? Because she knew there was a very little chance she’d be able to fit into her dress. However, she still tried and ended up spending her whole wedding uncomfortable and unable to breathe. When she was giving her vows, she thought she might pass out due to lack of oxygen. As the seam of her dress ripped during her first dance with her husband, the only thing she wished was that she’d been more logical when it came to losing weight before her wedding.

3 Going Overboard


This bride wanted her wedding to be the event of the season. She was well off and used to going to a lot of lavish parties. When she started planning her big day, nothing was off limits. She wanted an elephant to bring her into the ceremony, doves to fly away as her and her husband said “I do,” and live music to ring in the background of the whole event. In her mind, it seemed perfect, no matter what the wedding planner warned her about. What she didn’t realize is that having all of these things combined in the same room doesn’t always work out well. As the elephant walked her into the church to bring her down the aisle, it got spooked by the loudness of the live music and she nearly fell off. The doves didn’t wait until their “I do” cue to fly into the air and were a huge distraction to the audience as she and her husband were exchanging vows. The whole thing was a complete mess and this bride regretted straying so far away from a more traditional ceremony.

2 Choosing The Wrong Date


This bride wanted the perfect date for her wedding. For example, she wanted to get married on a day like November 11, 2011 (11/11/11) so everyone would remember her day. It just so happened, there was one right around the corner from the time she got engaged so she rushed to get everything planned as she didn’t want to miss the opportunity to have a memorable date. She even had the whole theme of her wedding revolving around this day. What she didn’t realize is that didn’t matter. Everyone she wanted to invite to her wedding already had plans that day. Why? People wait years and years for the perfect, most memorable wedding date and she was a little bit late on her invites. When her wedding finally rolled around, there wasn’t anyone to celebrate the perfect date with her turning her perfect date into the worst day of the year to tie the knot.

1 Turning Into A Crazy Bride


This bride wanted everything to be perfect on her perfect day. However, she took it a bit to the extreme and turned into what we call a “bridezilla.” She became uptight about every aspect of her wedding. She screamed at her florists because her centerpieces were a slightly off shade of white when all she wanted was “bright white.” She screamed at her maid of honor if she ever waited too long to answer her text messages. If her future husband didn’t agree with one of her choices surrounding the wedding, she questioned her decision to even marry him. She got so bad that her parents stopped recognizing her and people were afraid to deal with her. By the time her wedding rolled around, she could tell that the only thing people were excited about was the fact that this whole ordeal was going to be over soon. Of course, she felt awful and regretted letting herself turn into a monster.

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