15 Best Celeb Looks Of 2019 (+ 5 We Wish They'd Left Behind)

We all tend to pay attention to celebrity style, even if we don’t necessarily think we do. Celebrity style is everywhere, from the red carpet to the sidewalk. Sometimes they’re even combined, like Yeezy’s casual, everyday promo photo shoot, which featured a slew of Kim Kardashian lookalikes.

Celebrity style is something that can help us in our day to day lives, too. Knowing what the trends are and how to best utilize them is a great way to figure out what’s popular now, as well as what’s going to be popular down the line. It can also help us make those important decisions, like, “should I really buy those leopard print jeggings?” We personally think the answer to that is always yes. However, not everyone does.


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20 Hailey's Neon Blazer Is The Best Of Two Trends


The blazer is one of the most important pieces in any kind of wardrobe. Not only can it dress up a casual outfit, but the blazer itself can also be dressed down in order to fit into a more casual setting. We can pair it with dress pants, skirts, jeans, leggings; the options are truly endless.

We wouldn’t necessarily call blazers a trend, but we would call them a popular item that’s finally getting some time in the spotlight.

19 And Jordyn Woods' Quirky Blazer Is Totally In Too


However, it’s not just the classic blazer style that’s currently on trend. Creative, unique takes on the blazer are also popular now. Fringe, fun fur, and even slouchy shoulders are starting to be seen on various blazer styles. This is part of the reason that we’re absolutely in love with Jordyn Woods’ blazer look right here.

18 Billie Eilish Is All Kinds Of Questionable In Her Coachella Look


However, not all fun fur is created the same. This is a look that Slice has dubbed one of the worst, and honestly, we kind of have to agree. Billie Eilish might be one of our favorite artists right now, but she’s not necessarily our favorite fashion icon. While the chains and sweatshirts are cool, they’re not to our personal taste.

17 Naomi Campbell Is All Kinds Of Cool In This Beige Set


Naomi Campbell is always cool, but she’s looking particularly flawless in this outfit. Now, this might not be to everyone’s taste. That’s totally fair. However, it’s certainly trendy. Elle has mentioned that beige and neutral tones are coming back into the fashion world as a popular trend, and we’re not surprised to hear it.

16 Rita Ora Is A Denim Don't


Oh man. Why-oh-why did we ever decide to make denim boots a thing? We as humans are very creative. With that kind of power comes great responsibility, however, and denim shoes are not a responsible use of that creative power. Not to mention the rest of this huge denim outfit that Rita Ora was seen rocking. Not only is it bold, but it’s also brave.

15 But Yara Shahidi Shows Us Statement Denim Can Be Cool


Large denim isn’t necessarily always a bad thing, though. While Rita Ora seems to have gone a little bit overboard, Yara Shahidi has shown us that subtle denim designs are a thing and can be totally awesome when styled correctly. These denim pants are certainly a statement, but they work well with Shahidi’s style.

14 Kim Kardashian Looks Good In All The Yeezy Dad Shoes


Another trend we’re seeing is the dad shoe style. For those that don’t know, dad shoes are a trend that is styled somewhere between athleisure and irony. They’re the chunky sneaker that reminds us of the runners our dad probably wore in the '90s and which have surprisingly started to make appearances on the feet of folks like Kim Kardashian and other members of the Kardashian/Jenner family.

13 Ariana Grande Is Swapping The-Thigh Highs For Chunky Heels


Ariana Grande is basically a fashion goddess, even if she tends to be a little repetitive when it comes to style. Though, to be fair, some might call that a signature look. You know the one we’re talking about: thigh high boots, oversized sweatshirts, and that Grande-slick high ponytail. We personally love her look, but it seems like she’s shifted gears in 2019.

12 Kylie Jenner's Band Tee Styling Is Always In


After the rise of tied-up tees a few summers ago, it seems like that trend isn’t going anywhere this year. This summer season is going to see much of the same kind of styling, and, according to Kylie Jenner, extend even into the more alternative looks out there.

11 Zipping Around In Zebra Is Fabulous For Kendall


It’s not just Kylie Jenner who’s got the most fashion-forward looks up her sleeve. Kendall Jenner also has that stylish streak, though in this case, it’s in her pant legs. The zebra style is something that we’re just starting to see, but we’re sure that it’s going to withstand the test of time; or, at least until the end of the summer season.

10 But Not Every Kardashian Outfit Is A Hit


Remember when we mentioned that old adage about animal prints being worn like a neutral? Forget what we said; this is clearly not true, as Kim Kardashian has just proven by wearing this incredible cocoon of animal print. She is absolutely swaddled in this pattern, and we’re not sure we’re quite into the sheer volume of it.

9 Shailene Woodley: Proof The Paper Bag Waist Is Here For Good


In the opposite realm from Kim K’s bold trend embrace, Shailene Woodley was seen here subtly wearing that new classic, the paper bag waist. While we couldn’t quite find a definitive source as to why or how people call it that, our best guess is because it looks like the top of a paper bag when the bag gets kind of scrunched up.

8 Olivia Culpo Keeps Matching Athleisure Alive And Well


Remember when athleisure first got its name? Everyone scoffed, thinking that calling leggings and a workout top by a fancy name wouldn’t necessarily make it fashion. How wrong we were. Athleisure is here to stay, and Olivia Culpo is one of the stars who is keeping it alive.

7 Katy Perry's Pastels Are A No Thank You


Katy Perry might be the icon of cute pastel pop, but she’s certainly not gaining any adorable points with this jacket. Or, maybe we have that backward. The jacket is adorable, yes, but Katy Perry looks a little like one of those bags of mini marshmallows that gets left in the cupboard for too long. The pastels start to blend together and they just look like one big treat.

6 Gigi Hadid Has '70s-Inspired Style


The ‘70s are back, baby! We talked about it a little in some of the other fashionable outfits we’ve seen, but there’s no doubt it’s seriously back when Gigi Hadid is wearing it. The button-up shirt with that classic orange color and the open neck are truly the epitome of fashion right now.

5 Selena Gomez Keeps Things Classic


Sure, trends come and go. But some styles stick around forever. Leave it to Selena Gomez to keep classic colors, textures, and lines in style. The jeans are a popular choice as always, but the “grandpa” sweater, as we lovingly call it, is definitely a cute touch. Not to mention those shoes, which make elevate it from being a slouchy style to something totally chic.

4 Kristen Stewart Is Keeping That Bad Boy Style Around


Kristen Stewart for a long time was, in our minds, totally underrated. Sure, the Twilight series didn’t hold up very well after we graduated middle school, but it definitely gave Kristen Stewart a rocket ride into the public sphere. And she really did play troubled teen very well. Maybe that’s coming back out now in her fashion choices!

3 Miley Cyrus Is Embracing The Cropped Sweater Trend


Cropped sweaters, at first glance, give us some “what the heck” vibes. After all, sweaters are supposed to keep us warm. Sleeveless shirts and crop tops keep us cool and breezy. Combining the two doesn’t necessarily work, at least in our opinion. However, that was until we saw Miley Cyrus climbing on the trend wagon of cropped sweaters.

2 Priyanka Chopra Loves A Pattern (Or Twelve)


We’re so totally hesitant to wear one pattern that it’s always a surprise to see someone rocking a plethora of patterns. Priyanka Chopra, however, is no stranger to colors and patterns. She’s often been seen rocking different colors and styles, and the way that she can wear them so easily is something that we’re totally jealous of.

1 And Finally, These Out Of Place Gloves On Maybe-No-Longer-Our-Style-Icon Kendall Jenner


Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Just kidding! One fashion faux pas isn’t the end of someone’s fashion goddess status. Especially when it comes to Kendall Jenner, the member of the Kardashian family who’s been seen in some of the coolest, most quirky style options.

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