15 Best Beauty Vlogs For Doing Your Makeup Hungover

Have you ever woken up the morning after the night before and thought to yourself, "How am I going to show my face in public like this?" If you partied a little too hard last night then you might be left looking quite worse for wear. Don't worry, we have all been there and know the exact same feeling.

Everything suffers when we drink too much. Our liver, our head and especially our appearance. If you fall over backwards when you catch sight of yourself in the mirror then you might be in need of an emergency beauty rescue. It's time to say goodbye to those dark circles under the eyes, the blotchy red skin and the pale complexion. Following these wonderful makeup tutorials will help restore you back to your usual beautiful self.

Here's your own personal guide to faking a look that cries out, "I definitely got eight hours sleep last night."

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15 Best For Brightening Skin

After we drink we dehydrate, leaving us waking up the next morning with a dry mouth and even drier skin. Often we forget that the skin is our bodies largest organ and needs a lot of looking after too. Copious amount of alcohol does lead to reddened skin and blemishes.

In this makeup tutorial by Benefit Cosmetics, they use Hello Flawless foundation. This oil-free brightening liquid foundation builds a natural complexion. You will look fresh and wide awake so nobody will be any the wiser that you were dancing on tables all last night.

14 Best For Bags Under The Eyes

Unless your night out was completely impromptu, you can always prepare for the morning after by making sure you already have cucumber slices prepped and ready in the fridge. Alcohol puts us through fluid retention which can leave our eyes looking baggy and all puffed-out.

In this tutorial uploaded by Total Beauty, they recommend placing cucumber slices on your eyes for ten minutes, followed by an eye tightening serum and adding a natural blusher under your foundation to give your eyes a natural lift.

13 Best For Drugstore Foundation 

Often we believe that only the luxury brands favoured by celebrities will help us to light up a room. Beauty vlogger Kimberly Rose has her application technique nailed down so even drugstore brands give you a radiant complexion.

One minute into her tutorial you can see how she positions her foundation on her face before blending. This is perfect for when you've been caught out at a friends house and just have your spare standard makeup in your bag with you.

12 Best For When You Have Been Really Unwell 

Some of us get very sick after drinking, in drastic cases even vomiting or unable to hold down food. This can leave the skin looking pale and just generally worse for wear. Instead of calling in sick because you're too embarrassed to face your boss try watching ThatGirlShaeXo's tutorial.

Her signature trick is to use blue eyeliner, instead of standard black which dramatically frames your eyes, to help reduce the appearance of redness.

11 Best For When You're Ready To Party All Over Again

The worst thing is drinking too much the day before you are expected at a party where you will drink too much again. So you need to quickly shake it off and reapply your best face. Carli Bybel is a make up vlogger with over three million subscribers so she knows exactly what she's doing.

Here she teaches you strobing, which is going to be your new go-to as it will completely restore you back to your normal gorgeous self. Some beauty experts believe it will take over from contouring. It is a way of highlighting your skin so your whole face gives off a youthful glow. Watch Carli closely though because if not applied properly it can leave you with a "sweaty" appearance.

10 Best For Reducing Puffiness In The Face 

No matter what type of alcohol you drink just consuming it alone will make your face puffy. Drinking too much will leave you dehydrated, so you body responds by storing up as much water as possible and this also applies to your face.

Howcast show in this tutorial how to combat a puffy face and restore yourself back to beauty in minutes. They make the face appear thinner by using the popular technique contouring, which can help you slim down your cheeks and jawline in a very clever way.

9 Best To Put A Smile Back On Your Face 

YouTube vlogger, WitchBaby Claire, has a great tutorial about how to cover up your hangover but it's her own natural charisma that keeps us entertained till the end. Her attitude is, "Even though we don't always look our best, we still have to bring our best!" Damn right, Claire.

Not only does smiling relieve stress, which will make you appear less worn down, but also it releases natural endorphins into our body. Endorphins are natural pain relievers so it can help you shake off an achy head the next day.

8 Best For Whitening Teeth

Red wine and calorific cocktails can often leave the natural whiteness of our teeth looking a bit dull on the day after the night before. Makeup artist Brittany Rose shows us how to gain back our winning smile.

Her advice is to stay away from nudes. She tell us, "Nudes do not complimentyour teeth. They're going to only contrast with the yellowness or stainingthat your teeth have." So if you forgot to pack your toothbrush in your overnight bag then at least now you know how to fake it until you make it.

7 Best For Covering Up Breakouts 

Beauty vlogger Brittany Sarah is just like us when it comes to skin breakouts - she hates them. Luckily, in this tutorial she teaches us how to cover them up so people aren't trying to avoid looking directly at your face. She talks through perfect coverage which will hide your blemishes but will still help you to appear natural.

Alcohol changes our hormone levels and a direct cause of acne is an imbalance in oestrogen. Over-indulging in sugary products can also cause candida to overgrow, this is a fungus which results in outbreaks on the skin. It isn't considered acne, but it can look and feel just as gross.

6 Best For Waking Up Tired Eyes  

Michelle Phan is a beauty vlogger with an incredible following of 7.9 million subscribers. In this tutorial she shows us how to wake up our eyes in an instant. Using basic makeup essentials, mascara, eye liner and of course a Q-Tip she will make you look like you were in bed by 10pm the previous day.

Drinking heavily can affect our overall quality of sleep. Sleep expert Dr Shneerson explained to Drink Aware, "Deep sleep is when the body restores itself, and alcohol can interfere with this. As the alcohol starts to wear off, your body can come out of deep sleep and back into REM sleep, which is much easier to wake from. That's why you often wake up after just a few hours sleep when you've been drinking."

5 Best For Getting Your Glow Back 

When we drink, it flushes out the good nutrients from our bodies and can decrease the amount of iron we have in our system. We need iron to produce red blood cells in our bodies, they help store and carry oxygen in the blood. The fewer the red blood cells the more pale our skin can appear.

But fear not, as Ghostparties who are loved by over 70,000 subscribers on YouTube are here to put some colour back in our cheeks. If you have found yourself spending the majority of the morning with your head in the sick bowl, then you might need a little pick me up. Throughout the video she turns from pale to perky in just minutes.

4 Best For Applying On Dry Skin 

If you're left feeling a little dried out the next day then this tutorial shows you how to apply makeup onto dry skin. Rosanna Pierce uses a range of products which she recommends for those who suffer from really dry skin. All ten products that she uses are listed in her video description for those who want to get this look.

When drinking alcohol, try and have at least one glass of water with each round as this will help your skin from drying out the next day.

3 Best For A Natural Look

For those who don't often turn up to work with a face full of makeup, you will want to keep your complexion natural yet still slightly concealed. Beauty vlogger Chloe Morello turns herself from makeup free to a natural, glowing goddess.

This tutorial is also great for when you've overslept and need to leap out the door fast. The whole application process takes less than ten minutes. With over 1.2 million subscribers to her YouTube channel you're in safe hands with this beauty queen.

2 Best For When You're Really Feeling Your Worst  

In this hilarious tutorial from Sharon Farrell, she shot the video actually hungover herself so you can't say this doesn't work. She describes the video as, "Here I show you how to quickly brighten up your skin and fool people into thinking you're a well behaved conscientious employee."

In this humorous video she talks through step by step what products to use and how to apply them. She claims that her skin gets very dehydrated after she's been drinking and also teaches us how to combat that.

1 Best For Expert Advice 

Lisa Sim, from Sim Minerals, gives us her expert advice on how to "conceal your sins". Sim's work has appeared in dozens of fashion publications and she specialises in makeup that looks great for photography.

She describes her tutorial as something that will teach you how to, "Party like a rock star, and still look like one the next morning." She looks at the areas which suffer the most after a night out such as around the nose, the forehead and the chin. After watching her video you'll feel like you qualify as a professional makeup artist too.

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