15 Amazing Benefits Of Having Oily Skin

Hate having oily skin? You’re not alone! Most girls are mortified by the shine and the constant acne breakout that are so common for individuals whose oil glands produce too much sebum.

Oily skin can be embarrassing and it can have a serious impact on your self-confidence. Did you, however, know that oily skin could also be a blessing? What an innovative concept! Women that have oily skin tend to be unaffected by issues that many of the ladies having dry skin deal with on a daily basis.

You may want to reconsider your attitude towards your skin type and understand the fact that oily skin produces a range of benefits. Taking proper care of it and knowing which cosmetics to use will make that skin even healthier and more attractive. So without further ado, here are 15 main benefits of having oily skin.

15 Slow Aging Process

Oily skin tends to maintain its youthfulness for a longer period of time than dry skin. When your skin produces more sebum, it tends to be stronger and more elastic. Dry skin loses its elasticity quickly, which contributes to the appearance of those first fine lines.

But don’t get too excited about it! Sooner or later, oily skin will begin aging, as well. Using moisturizing products helps the skin remain properly hydrated. The right products will also be crucial for preventing excessive sebum production and having an overly-shiny face.

14 Get a Tan Faster

Naturally oily skin has the ability to acquire a tan much faster than other skin types. The production of sebum is the main factor that has an impact on the tanning process. In addition, oily skin preserves the darker color for a longer period of time.

Want to enhance the effect of tanning even further? Be careful about that and choose specialized cosmetics. Keep in mind that using cooking or baby oil for tanning could be very dangerous.

The natural skin sebum or other oils can’t protect you from the UV rays. Using sunscreen remains important in order to protect your skin from the harsh sunlight and dehydration. You have an advantage when it comes to using sunscreen, as well – applying smaller amounts of the product will give you sufficient protection.

13 Softer Skin

Do you remember the feeling of touching dry skin? You can feel the uneven skin surface and its numerous imperfections. Although it tends to cause a lot of problems, oily skin is very soft and smooth. Over the years, the skin becomes even softer. Natural hydration allows skin to regenerate easier and to preserves its natural youthfulness.

Skin producing too much sebum requires specialized care but you have to learn how to benefit from the extra oil that your skin produces. Don’t go for harsh products and refrain from scrubbing your face too frequently. Disturbing the pH and the natural balance of your skin could potentially force the sebaceous glands to produce more oil.

12 Natural Glow

Controlling intense shine on your face especially in the summer could be a tough job. When hydrated and cleansed properly, oily skin will look healthy and glowing, even in the hotter months. As already mentioned, oily skin tends to be better moisturized than dry skin. This is why you’ll have a natural radiance that looks absolutely spectacular.

Daily cleansing and using sebum production regulating cosmetics will help you handle the excessive shine and the likelihood of getting blackheads. Using the power of natural products and antioxidants is also a good idea. There are several homemade masks and facial cleaners that you can do on a regular basis. Drinking water with lemon and honey will help you detox your body and add to that natural glow.

11 Protection against Adverse Environmental Influences

Oily skin has its own protection against the environment. Weather and dust will have a harder time settling on your face and UV light will take more time to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. Your skin is naturally moisturized, which is ideal protection against the cold and the multitude of skincare problems that ladies experience during the winter.

The oil that you work so hard on getting rid of is the most natural way to keep your skin healthy and soft. Therefore, you don’t need to buy tons of cosmetics to protect your skin and keep it soft. Regardless of the season, your skin will be always hydrated and protected from harm.

10 Reduced Risk of Skin Irritation

Your lifestyle and environment affect the condition of your skin. Still, having oily skin makes you less likely to suffer from various kinds of irritation. Problems like eczema and psoriasis, for example, are characterized by excessive skin dryness. In these instances, extra hydration will be essential for getting rid of the irritation, the itch and discomfort.

If you have oily skin, you don’t need to think about what the humidity level or the way in which air conditioning and central heating will affect your skin. All of these factors could cause serious problems to highly dehydrated or dry skin, contributing to additional irritation and worsening of the symptoms.

9 Putting Makeup on is Easier

Having oily skin makes makeup application easier. The natural oils that your skin produces can actually work as a makeup base. Due to the oily layer, makeup could be applied easily and evenly. Applying moisturizing cream is more than enough before getting started with putting on your daily makeup.

Always pay attention to what type of makeup you buy. Oily skin has its specifics and needs. Numerous lightweight moisturizers, sebum absorbers, foundations and long-lasting powders are available on the market. Deep and gentle cleansing is also important when it comes to dealing with oily skin.

8 You Need to Use Less Makeup

Applying a thick layer of makeup in order to hide the shine and mattify the skin will only worsen the condition of oily skin. Your pores produce more sebum when they’re clogged. As a result, you’ll have more blackheads and pimples. A heavy layer of makeup will also create the perfect breeding conditions for bacteria (yuck!), which could contribute to infections.

Using less makeup is the best solution for oily skin. You’ll save money from unnecessary cosmetics that cause excessive sebum production. You can free your makeup bag from various types of foundation and skin correctors. All that you have to do is opt for the right powder that will give you day-long, anti-shine effect.

7 You Need Just a Few Minutes to Look Good

What do you do to deal with a shiny face? Just a few absorbing sheets are enough to remove the oil from your face. Apply a bit of powder and you’re ready to move on with your busy day.

You don’t need to rub your face with cleaners or face scrubs religiously. You don’t need tons of makeup and you most definitely don’t need heavy moisturizers. You already know that oily skin simplifies makeup application. To sum it up, you need just a couple of minutes for skin maintenance each day and you’ll look gorgeous.

6 Tweak Your Diet Just a Bit to have Even More Beautiful Skin

Lack of time and stress at work will often make you resort to fast food, chocolate and other snack options that are far from healthy. Unhealthy eating affects your skin and sebum production. When you’re eating high fat food or a chocolate, you’re increasing your insulin level. Insulin could contribute to acne flare-ups and it also impacts sebum production.

Instead of eating chips or chocolate bars as snacks, opt for fruits and veggies. Raw nuts are another excellent snacking option. Eat more fish and chicken for essential proteins. A balanced diet will boost your glow and help you regulate sebum production.

5 Beautiful Skin during the Summer, Beautiful Skin during the Winter

Though you may feel at a disadvantage, you actually have it easy in comparison to a girl that has dry skin. Oily skin doesn’t require as much protection as dry skin during the winter months. Although sebum production increases during the hot months, it’s still easier to deal with than the irritation that women having dry skin tend to experience during the summer.

4 Less is More When it Comes to Skin Cleansing

Regular and gentle exfoliation is the key to managing oil production. Going for products that are designed to strip oil from your skin will deprive your face of a protective layer and disturb the fine pH balance. Avoid cleansers that contain alcohol, high pH soaps, washing gels and toners having a high acid content.

Instead, clean your skin twice a day with product that regulate oil secretion and restore the natural balance of sebum production. Look for products based on natural ingredients that are antibacterial, reduce sebum production and shrink pores (act as astringents). It takes more time to see results, but in the long run, such products will do your skin a lot of good.

3 Better pH Balance

Your skin produced oil that plays a major role in determining the acidity of the skin. It separates a thin layer of oleic acid that protects you against bacteria and infections. Oily skin has a thicker layer of oleic acid compared to dry and normal skin. This layer offers reliable protection against dryness.

Highly alkaline products remove natural skin oil and cause dryness. If your skin becomes highly alkaline, it has the perfect conditions for the growth of acne-causing bacteria. The best cosmetics for you are mild cleansers that have a pH of approximately five.

2 Moisture, Moisture, Moisture

Taking good care of your face will pay back with healthier and prettier skin in the years to come. Regular cleansing will maintain your natural glow. Applying a light moisturizing cream in the morning will be enough to keep your skin thoroughly hydrated. No additional efforts and heavy masks will be required.

Keep in mind that as the years go by, the amount of oil your skin produces will decrease. Your skin will be more vulnerable to infections and dryness. Regular use of moisturizers will rebuild the protective layer of your skin so make sure that you’re choosing the right cosmetics as you grow older.

1 Some of the Best Oily Skin Treatments are Found in Your Pantry

The right cosmetics and makeup are essential for keeping your skin health and beautiful. Some of the best ingredients in the cosmetics you opt for can be found in your pantry! Honey, yogurt and egg whites are ideal for oily skin and they’re completely natural.

Lemon juice, tomatoes, apples and cucumbers are some other great DIY oily skin mask ingredients. They’re rich in vitamins and minerals, which penetrate the skin and ease its natural regeneration.

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