15 Behind-The-Scenes Reality TV Photos That Change Everything

It's not real. There. Now you know the truth. But that doesn't mean that you shouldn't see it for yourself. In this article, we've collected some of the most revealing photos of the behind-the-scenes of some of your favorite reality shows. Of course, once you see them, chances are you'll be questioning why they're called "reality shows" in the first place. Even if part of you has already accepted that everything presented to you in shows like The Bachelor or Keeping Up With The Kardashians is fabricated and pre-planned, it's a whole different ballpark when you see how they actually put these shows together. In short, they look precisely like the making of scripted television shows... Without further ado, here are 15 behind-the-scenes reality TV photos that change everything.

15 A Little Less Stealthy Than A Body-Cam


Seeing the cops on COPS walking around with these cameras make the show feel a lot less exciting. Many officers are required to wear body-cams (for good reason) and this gives us the feeling like we're in the middle of the action. But giant digital cameras like this one make it look like we've actually been watching some Rizolli and Isles crap the whole time.

14 Nobody Is As Glamourous As The Kardashians... Thanks To A Full Make-Up Team


If you aspire to look like the Kardashians, let this behind-the-scenes image be a reminder of how unhealthy that is. There's nothing natural about this family. Their bodies have been molded to be precisely what they wanted them to be. Their hair has been quaffed, even when it's supposed to look unmade. And their skin is flawless thanks to a team of make-up professionals. If you had that kind of money, chances are, you'd be doing the same. But don't think it's real for a single heartbeat.

13 A Not So Private Moment With The Housewives Of Beverly Hills


This behind-the-scenes image from The Housewives of Beverly Hills shows us how intrusive the making the show truly is. It features Yolanda as she recovers from her dental surgery. She's being comforted by her costar, but it's certainly not authentic. After all, they probably had to tape this conversation multiple times. Then switch angles. So, yeah, you tell us how authentic this actually was...

12 Private Beach Date With Forty-Three People


Of all the reality shows, the most unnatural and fabricated has got to be The Bachelor. First of all, nobody actually finds love on a competition show. Anybody who claims to have needs a thorough psychiatric assessment. But even moments that are supposed to feature real interactions are created like any scene in a scripted movie would be. The proof is in the pudding, as we can see from this behind-the-scenes image from The Bachelor Australia.

11 The Food Has To Be Perfect But So Does The Freaking Lighting


Gordon Ramsay is notoriously picky about what food he feeds his customers on his show Hell's Kitchen. But it looks like he's equally as particular about the lighting. The ambiance is important, after all. But this also tells us that everything on the show is very much manipulated to look good for the camera... Theoretically, this includes food as well.

10 Tender Romance With Cameras Three Feet Away


Oh yes, we remember when Georgia Love recreated scenes from The Notebook on The Bachelorette... But they don't seem so romantic now that we see that they were filmed precisely like scenes from The Notebook - with lighting, rehearsals, and multiple takes. There's literally nothing less romantic than tech-nerd pointing a wide-angle lens at you while you're smooching less than three feet away.

9 The Not-So-Real Love Island


Love Island is one of the most popular reality shows in the UK. So, it should be understandable why many would be upset to find out that the villa is actually a set. Like... a full-on set. It was created from scratch to be able to accommodate cameras, lighting, and all sorts of unnatural things.

8 Love It Or List It Is Never That Glam But It Does Look Fun

Van Courier

One of the best parts of watching a show like Love It Or List It is seeing how a house is transformed. It usually starts off as a dump and eventually turns into a showroom. But the making of the show is less than glamorous. Seriously, it's all construction and dull walk and talks.

7 Hard To Survive With A Full Catering Crew


It must be really challenging to survive with a 24-hour catering tent and tarps that shield you from the sun. Seriously, anyone who believes Survivor is at all real needs a good slap. Think about it, do you really think that any production company would risk a lawsuit if someone got sunstroke or was dealing with malnutrition? There's medics, food, crew, and legitimate shelter provided all the time. You just don't see it on camera because they don't want you to.

6 Okay, So Maybe The Deadliest Catch Is Pretty Full-On


Unlike the vast majority of reality shows on this list, The Deadliest Catch does seem to be legitimately full-on. Sure, there are a number of scripted elements. But by the look of these photos, the camera-crew have to go through some turmoil to get the right show. The featured fishermen actually have to do their job and that means dealing with a storm or two.

5 Nobody Just Knocks On A Random Door On American Pickers

Modesto Bee

Part of the fun of American Pickers is the discovery. What will they find in that warehouse they just drove by? Well, unfortunately, there's no risk-taking when making this show. Scouts go to each location before the pickers are even aware of them. This makes sure that there's something worth featuring on camera - as well as seeing if they can properly set-up their camera equipment at each location. If they pickers had to travel around searching for something worth purchasing, it would be one heck of an expensive show to produce.

4 When You Duck Dynasty Was A Lot Less Hardcore Than Advertised


Oh yeah, Duck Dynasty is real hardcore. Especially when they have unseen crew members pushing their boats through the swamp. Or when these bearded troglodytes spend two-and-a-half hours in the make-up chair. Don't be fooled by these "macho men", they're as pampered as the Kardashians. They just pretend not to act like it.

3 Desperately Trying To Direct Children On House Hunters International


Children are notoriously challenging to direct, especially when they're real kids plucked off the street and not trained actors. Realistically, this camera-team spent hours getting this shot for House Hunters International. Although it may look good at the end of the day, making a reality show like this is anything but glamorous. It's laborious. But, hey, at least there's a dude in a quilt.

2 Romance That Is Totally And Utterly Fabricated At Least Deserves A Carriage Ride


Here's another look at The Bachelor that will help you understand how manipulated the show truly is. In order to get the right shot of the couple going down the street in a Cinderella-esque carriage, they need to be stopped and restarted numerous times. This means their conversation has to be repeated over and over again. ...You try having the same conversation that many times and tell us that it doesn't start becoming fully rehearsed.

1 A Completely Different Look At The Big Brother House


Nope. Not a real house. It's a set. One that's been outfitted to hide numerous cameras, lights, and microphones, that capture every moment between the contestant without making them look and sound terrible. And like most sets, the house in Big Brother is on a studio backlot. Yeah, kind of ruins the magic, doesn't it?

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