15 Behind The Scenes Secrets From The Shows We Love

Oh, the magic of T.V. What is it about some shows that makes us become so involved in fictional characters, situations, and love triangles? We know it’s not real. We know these are actors playing a part. And we know that the outcome of these shows has absolutely zero effect on our real lives. But we still get sucked into the drama! And while we’re freaking out over the scripted, on camera drama, there is often a lot happening off camera in order to bring us our TV fix. Like what, you ask? Take a look below!

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15 Stay on Mark, Gilmore!


Gilmore Girls was Alexis Bledel’s first big acting gig. She had modeled and had uncredited acting jobs but nothing compared to being one of the leads in a new, hour long show on the then WB. Gilmore Girls is known for its speedy “walk and talk” dialog. During these scenes the actors were required to quickly walk from one area to another while saying their lines. There were, of course, marks to hit during these moving scenes. Bledel had a lot of trouble hitting her marks during these “walk and talk” scenes; so Lauren Graham (who played Lorelai) would literally hold Bledel and pull her along with her to keep her on her mark. Luckily, thanks to Graham’s terrific acting, it came across as a loving embrace shared between an extremely close mother/daughter pair. If you watch the early seasons of the series closely, you will see Graham frequently ends up hugging Bledel into her while walking, or at the very least, holding her arm.

14 Something had to Stop Them


Amy Sherman-Palladino admits to writing Jess into the show for two reasons. One, she wanted Milo Ventimiglia cast on Gilmore Girls and two (you may not like this reason) Jess was a way to keep Lorelai and Luke from getting together. If you remember, Lorelai and Luke have been flirting and hinting at a love connection since the first episode. By season three, there was very little keeping the two apart. Jess was an obstacle meant to distract the two would be love birds from each other.

13 Jess Left for a Reason


Many Gilmore Girls fans remember bad boy Jess’s sudden departure. It seemed so random for him to up and leave for… California? What? It kind of made sense that he wanted to find and get to know his father, however, he was not one to be so vulnerable when it came to personal relationships. The truth is Jess left Gilmore Girls because creator Amy Sherman Palladino was planning a spin off show for the character. Obviously, the spin off fell through. And although Jess frequently came back to Stars Hollow to visit, he was never a series regular again.

12 April had a Larger Purpose


When Luke’s completely random secret love child appeared in the sixth season of Gilmore Girls, ratings plummeted. Luke and Lorelai had finally gotten together but now April was the piece that tore them apart. Why would the writers do this? Rumor has it the entire April fiasco was a plot to put a damper on the show. Writers and creators Amy Sherman Palladino and Daniel Palladino were negotiating with the network over contracts. It seems team Palladino must’ve known they would be jumping ship and weren’t about the give the network anymore of their magical writing to bank off of.

11 Lucas as Nathan?


It’s no secret that Chad Michael Murray left his role of Tristan on Gilmore Girls to pursue a larger role on One Tree Hill. But what you may not know is that Murray originally wanted the part of Nathan. The show’s casting directors had to convince him to take the part of Lucas instead.

10 Jaime Called the Shots


When little Jackson Brundage joined the show as Jaime Scott, many of his scenes revolved around what he wanted to do. He told producers he wanted to eat ice cream, so in many scenes he is, you guessed it, eating ice cream. As he got older he wanted to play with Antwon Taylor who played “Skillz.” So entire storylines were written for Jaime and “Skillz” just so Brundage could spend time with Antwon.

9 What is too Sexy?


Brooke was miss promiscuity in the early seasons of One Tree Hill. The part of resident bad girl was apparently difficult for Sophia Bush to land. She auditioned not once, not twice, but three times for the role of Brooke. During her first reading she was told she was not sexy enough. During her second reading she was told she was too sexy. Her third reading must’ve been just right because she landed the part.

8 Punk & Disorderly


Ok, so this isn’t really a behind the scenes situation, but it’s still worth sharing. The Peyton character on One Tree Hill was known for live streaming from her webcam on her website Punk N Disorderly. (I now find it creepy that Lucas used to sit at his computer and watch her.) The website became a real site on the internet and is still up years later. It’s certainly outdated (so outdated that the “Cam” section no longer works) and there’s not much on there, but it’s still cool to come across.

7 Leaving Cali for Washington


Kellan Lutz is best known for his role as Emmet in the Twilight films, however, he left his role as George Evens on the very successful 90210 to be a part of the teen vampire hit. Producers at the time thought Kellan was out of his mind and ruining his career. Little did they know…

6 Too “Sunny California” to Gossip


It’s hard to imagine Gossip Girl without its blonde lead, Blake Lively. But if the network had its way, Blake would have never been cast as the creative, free spirited Serena. They told producers she was too “sunny California” to play an Upper East Side princess. The show creator fought for Lively and simply straightened her hair to change her look a little. Apparently that’s all it took for her to get the part.

5 The OC in New York


If the powers that be of Gossip Girl had their way, you would’ve seen a little bit of the OC in Upper East Side New York. Mischa Barton was originally offered the part of the devious but mysteriously lovable Georgina Sparks. It goes without saying that she turned down the part. Lucky for us too; Since Michelle Trachtenberg did wonders with that character.

4 I Don’t Think that’s a Compliment


Blake Lively wasn’t the only actor creators had to convince the network on. Ed Westwick seems like the perfect fit for Chuck, but the network didn’t agree. Although Chuck’s character is both devious and downright deplorable during the first season of Gossip Girl, the network thought Ed looked “more like a serial killer than a romantic interest.” Somehow producers convinced the network to go their way. The ironic part? Ed now plays a serial killer in the new series Wicked City.

3 It was the Shirt


Boss Michael Scott of The Office is goofy, unprofessional, and at times, inappropriate. During the episode where Michael is trying to figure out who in his staff was gay, the deciding factor ended up being a pink shirt. When wardrobe selected a pink shirt for Oscar during this episode, writers thought of revealing that it was Oscar because he was wearing a pink shirt.

2 What’s the WiFi Password?


Long days on sets and time between takes can be both exhausting and boring for cast and crew. Luckily for the cast of The Office, those computers weren’t just props. And they were all connected to the internet. The cast revealed they would often surf the net in between takes or when filming background scenes.

1 I’m Keeping This!


Remember when Jim proposed to Pam on The Office? He gave her that beautiful engagement ring, right? Turns out, that was a real engagement ring; valued at about $5,000. But that’s not the part I find interesting. Jenna Fischer (who played Pam) kept the ring and was still wearing it even after The Office was done. I wonder if she snuck it out of wardrobe or if it was gifted to her.

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