15 Beauty Trends From Around The World

Beauty trends fluctuate with each season and across cultures. Exploring beauty trends outside of where you live can not only expose you to new beauty routines and techniques, it allows you to gain inspiration on how to change up your own beauty routine. While beauty trends may change regularly, each culture, and each person, brings their own unique angle to the current trend, keeping it diverse and exciting. Whether you’re someone who enjoys completely transforming your look with makeup, you opt for a barely there look or you’re somewhere in between, you may be surprised to find which of these fifteen beauty trends calls out to your inner beauty guru.

Beauty isn’t always about being something different than yourself (unless you want it to be), most often it’s simply finding new ways to express yourself visually. Whether you like to change things up or stay natural, see which of these fifteen beauty trends from around the world suit your individual style.

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15 Bold Lashes & Lips — Spain


Spain is a beautiful country with color and vibrance everywhere. The same vibrance and life that flows throughout the culture is represented in the Spanish beauty world. In Spain, there is a great emphasis on self care overall. Not only should your face be well cared for (hydrated, pampered skin), but you should not only appreciate your body for how it is, but celebrate it. Hispanic women love creating statement eyes with long, full lashes and a red lip color. This classic trend is fun, eye catching, and simple enough for most anyone to pull off. In Spain, it’s all about making yourself look and feel great.

14 Doll Face – Japan


A Doll Face (Dolly face) look is just what it sounds like, a delicate, soft makeup look that resembles the nearly perfect appearance of a porcelain doll. This Japanese based beauty trend is hugely popular, with Doll Face cosmetics sets being sold through various retailers. The Doll Face look features soft, creamy looking skin and pale neutral blush colors. For a more bold doll look, rosy blush colors can be used. Lips can range from pastel pink tones to bold red colors. Concealing all but a small portion of your lips, and then using a bold pop of color, is popular as this gives a greater feel of a porcelain doll. What really sells this look is the eyes. While the lids are typically soft neutral tones, the lashes have to pop. Exaggerated, long lashes complete the porcelain doll look.

13 Brazilian Hair Smoothing


Luscious, healthy hair is something women around the world long for. With a Brazilian hair smoothing treatment, you can transform your frizzy, challenging hair into sleek, smooth, and shiny hair. These treatments are offered in a salon by a trained stylist. Despite complaints about potential formaldehyde exposure from some smoothing brand treatments were reported to Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) in the U.S., the OSHA website currently advises salon owners and staff to carefully inspect the ingredients list for any smoothing treatments they offer. If you have any issues after a treatment of any kind, discontinue treatments and see a healthcare professional. On the up side, Brazilian smoothing treatments can take under two hours to apply with instant results.

12 Natural Holistic Beauty - Scandinavia

It isn’t uncommon to think of Scandinavian women as being effortlessly beautiful. In the world of beauty and fashion, these gorgeous women are known for their long, healthy hair and nearly perfect skin despite the harsh conditions of their homeland. While Scandinavian beauty trends tend to favor flawless skin, soft cheek colors, and glossy, natural lip color, much of what sets Scandinavian beauty apart from the rest of the world is that there is a great emphasis on self care. Scandinavians are notorious for their consistent self care regimens which include common sense, healthy eating habits, drinking plenty of water, and great skin care.

11 Glowing Skin, Red Lips, Bronze Skin — Mexico

In Mexico, the hot beauty trends of today involve playing up natural beauty. Healthy hair in soft waves (especially longer locks), with well defined brows, sun drenched skin, and a bold red lip is on trend. When a softer look is needed, keep the well defined eyes, but use a softer lip color to achieve a less dramatic look. To help keep skin hydrated and soft, homeopathic soaps and cleansers are popular as they contain effective but gentle ingredients to keep skin smooth. With a clear complexion and good foundation as a base, bronzer is used to give that sun kissed glow without looking overdone.

10 Seductive Eyes and Lips — India

Beauty trends in India combine drawing attention to the eyes, using bold colors and creating balance overall. While some women in India are leaning toward a less is more type of look by using subtle natural tones on the face and eyes with and eye catching a rush of deep red lip color, many women in India still favor a classic smokey eye with a neutral or fun lip color. With natural yet well defined brows, an expertly lined but not overdone eye and a coordinating lip color, beauty in India commands attention without being overstated. These looks can easily go from day to night by making a dark liner thicker and swapping a softer lip color for a more eye catching shade of red.

9 Soft Natural Face – Korea

The natural, understated yet expertly achieved Korean beauty trend of a flawlessly natural face is awe inspiring. While this trend toward impeccably smooth skin, smooth flushed lips, and lightly tinted lips can resemble Japan’s favored Doll Face look, this flawless face has more of an emphasis on achieving a naturally flawless look as opposed to resembling a doll. To achieve this look, well hydrated skin with minimally visible pores and a smooth finish to your foundation is key. Well groomed brows that are well shaped but not overstated will provide a great frame to your eyes. This chic look may appear minimalistic, but it can take a great amount of effort and skill to achieve.

8 Smokey Eye & Bold Lip — Australia


If Australia’s beautiful beaches and killer food wasn’t enough, Australia’s beauty trends are as alluring and bold as you’d expect from the land down under. An iconic beauty trend in Australia is the dark lined eye with a smoky shadow finish, sun kissed skin, and a bold lip. While it isn’t typical to pair a bold eye and bold lip in the same look, using the right matte shade of lipstick with a well done smoky eye can help you pull off this look with ease. To soften the look, a bold lip color can be swapped for a more subtle neutral tone.

7 Gel Nails — United Kingdom

A well manicured set of nails makes you look both polished and professional no matter what color you choose for your nails. But the inconvenience of constantly having standard polish is annoying, especially if you don’t want the expense of acrylic nails. This is where gel nails comes in. With roots in the UK, Gel nails are a great middle ground between the look of a fresh manicure and the long lasting quality of acrylic nails. With gel nail polish, the nails are painted like a standard manicure and then placed under a special gel light to harden the polish. This allows users the look of a manicure with less chipping or breakage for about two or three weeks.

6 Bold Lips with a Subtle Face – Turkey

In Turkey, big eyes, natural faces, and a statement lip are key to keeping your beauty game on point. While stunning eyes are a common trait among Turkish women (who doesn’t love a beautiful set of eyes?), many women are changing things up by adding funky lip colors to their fun eye color routine. Daring lip colors like fushia and tangerine are spicing things up in Turkish beauty. To balance these bold color choices for eyes and lips, Turkish beauty trends rely on a smooth, clear face. This combination of striking colors can be intimidating at first, but when you get used to using more intense colors, you’ll be hooked on the trend.

5 Clay Mask - South America

Clay masks have been used for hundreds of years in South America to pamper skin and to treat breakouts. Sometimes called “healing clay”, this naturally derived green clay can boost your skin by making pores smaller and smoothing your skin’s appearance. Clay masks are available for in home and spa treatments and can be used on the face or body depending upon your needs. When you want to prime your skin for a night out, or you simply want to rejuvenate your skin, try a clay mask treatment. You’ll quickly see why it’s been a regular beauty trend for thousands of years.

4 Ombre Hair – Czech Republic

Ombre hair styles have been a staple in the west over the last couple of years. Now, the Czech Republic is embracing this hair trend. The beauty of Ombre hair is it allows you to add dimension to your hair without changing your entire look. The traditional blonde ombre has a look that can appear sunkissed or grunge rock depending upon how subtle the transition of colors is. For a more funky look, ombre can be done with varying colors, from shades of red to midnight blue to a sky blue color.

Paired with a natural face and well done brows, the women of Czech Republic are rocking the ombre look.

3 Bronzer and Skincare – Singapore

In Singapore, beauty starts with great skin. A glowing, natural complexion is ideal for any makeup routine, but in Singapore, it’s hailed as a beauty must. This is because women in Singapore enjoy the freedom of being able to use makeup minimally. A pop of lip color in a soft natural shade (or a slightly more bold pink or red depending upon the occasion) with a natural face (no makeup) is favorable. To achieve a more sunkissed look, bronzer, used sparingly is popular to give just the right amount of color without looking too made up. Singapore is all about enhancing your natural beauty, not hiding it.

2 Effortless, Individualized Beauty - France

French beauty trends are refreshing in requiring as much effort as makes you feel beautiful. As Parisian makeup artist Violette told Vogue magazine, women in France are concerned with making their beauty efforts as individual as possible. Instead of comparing yourself to others or striving to drastically change yourself, Violette notes that French women would rather find happiness in their own features. The lesson is to take care of yourself inside and out—don’t have unrealistic expectations that will only cause you stress, but don’t be so relaxed that you don’t put any effort into your look. When you want a more French inspired look, play up your favorite features, make sure you have a good hairstyle that is easy to maintain, and be yourself.

1 Temporary (and Real) Freckles — USA

What used to be considered a flaw in beauty is shifting toward a top beauty trend in L.A. The creation of temporary freckles, or letting natural freckles shine through is gaining momentum in the SoCal beauty world. What makes freckles an attractive alternative to a seamless complexion? It gives an emphasis on both natural beauty and individuality. Just like no two noses are the same, no set of freckles is the same. With a soft face, light eye color, a touch of gloss and a healthy spattering of freckles (real or created with makeup) gives your face a refreshing boost of individuality.

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