16 Beauty Mistakes Even Kylie Jenner Has Made

Kylie Jenner is a beautiful girl. That is just a fact. It was true before she got work done and it’s true after her getting work done. While she has a beautiful face to start, she also knows how to make herself even more attractive through her makeup. Girlfriend knows how to apply makeup like the best of 'em. Or who to get it done by.

At its best, makeup can enhance your natural beauty. That’s makeup's basic purpose - to flatter your best features and conceal your weaker features. At makeup’s worst, it can actually take away from your beauty. We've all made makeup mistakes that can actually diminish how beautiful we look - and by we, we also mean Kylie Jenner. Yes, the lip kit queen has had some memorable beauty blunders.

Unfortunately for Kylie, when she makes a beauty mistake it’s highly photographed. Thus is the life of being rich and famous. Yes, she can buy anything she wants in life, but she also has to deal with everyone looking at the one time her eyeliner sucked. Luckily for us, we can learn from Kylie Jenner’s highly-photographed beauty mistakes. Just as she’s taught us about makeup through her beauty hits, she’s also taught us though her beauty misses.

These 16 photos will remind you that Kylie is, indeed, a mere human. Kylie’s made mistakes, just like all of us. Learn from her, so you don't have to make these embarrassing beauty mistakes too.

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15 Her Face And Neck Weren't The Same Color

via forum.bodybuilding.com

Obviously, Kylie is not in her best form in this photo. It was snapped while she was running errands and she has very little makeup on. We get that. We’ve all run to Target with very little makeup on. There's not judgement about Kylie's lack of makeup. The real lesson here is about self-tanner.

From the looks of her neck and face, it’s clear that Kylie has self-tanner on her neck and not her face. This probably works perfectly when Kylie has her makeup on. With makeup on, her face is a warmer shade, matching her body perfectly. However, with no makeup on it’s obvious that her body and face are two different colors.

In this case, Kylie may have done a better job blending her self-tanner so the difference wasn’t so darn noticeable.

14 She Went Overboard With Lip Injections

via mirror.co.uk

It’s a known fact that Kylie has had lip injections. At first, Kylie tried to attribute her bigger pout to overlining her lips, but then she finally came clean. We mean duh. No one's lips magically look that much bigger by overlining. We love that she’s now open about having had work done. It helps knock down unrealistic beauty standards. Yes, she’s gorgeous, but she’s owned up to the work she’s put into cultivating her look.

Kylie’s also admitted to having gone overboard with the lip injections. In some photographs, it’s very, very obvious that Kylie had gotten carried away with her injections. There’s a line between a big, beautiful pout and an unrealistic, cartoonish pout. Kylie crossed that line.

Just remember the main goal of having any work done is to enhance beauty. You don’t want your work to become a punch line. Keep it simple.

13 She Overlined Her Lips Way Too Much

via fullhdpictures.com

Before Kylie had her lips done, she overlined them to create the illusion that they were bigger than they were. Sharing this little secret spawned many women stealing that trick, because it's genius. While it works, it must be done in extreme moderation. You can overline your lips a teeny bit, but at a certain point it becomes very obvious that your lip liner is way past your lips. Use lip liner to enhance your lips, you don’t want to look like a clown.

After having her lips done, Kylie said that she continued to overline her lips, which made them appear far too big. In looking at the above photo, you can literally see where her lips end and skin begins under her lip color. Knowing where to draw the line is very important when it comes to lip liner.

12 She Got The Wrong Haircut For Her Face

via afrossip.com

This may be one of the worst photos of Kylie on the internet. (No offense, Kylie.) It makes us so thankful that our embarrassing photos from our youth are tucked safely away in our parents’ albums. We only have to fear that our parents will show guys we bring home. That's nothing compared to worrying about someone finding our embarrassing photos when they Google us.

While there are quite a few things working against Kylie in this photo, her chain for instance, one of the most obvious blunders is her hair. What is going on there? It appears that Kylie is rocking a shorter cut and possibly ‘20s waves. The hair is rough and a great reminder that a haircut and hairstyle can truly change the shape of your face for better or for worse. Kylie will rock shorter hair now, but when she does so it’s styled in an extremely sleek way. Styling your hair to compliment your face is half the battle.

11 She Rocked Racoon Eyes

via forum.bodybuilding.com

Oh no. Kylie is known for her bomb makeup nowadays, but this photo sings a different tune.

We could concentrate on Kylie’s face makeup, or rather lack thereof. Her cheekbones aren’t chiseled out through contouring the way that they usually are when you see her now. Seeing the difference is stunning. In this photo, her face looks much rounder. With contouring, her face has sharper angles and a thinner face.

Moving beyond that though, Kylie wouldn’t be caught dead rocking eye makeup like this now. Let this be a lesson to us all – rimming your eyes in black eyeliner is not how one does a smoky eye. Slowly layer darker eye makeup so you don’t end up with a frat house look.

10 She Overplucked Her Eyebrows

via no360mixtapes.com

People are always talking about Kylie’s lip transformation, but the truly stunning transformation is her eyebrows. In the past few years, Kylie grew, shaped and cultivated amazing brows. They are strong brows with an amazing arch. In fact, we might dare say that her eyebrows are even better than her big sissy Kim’s.

The strong brows work for Kylie because they allow her to pull off strong makeup as well. If you want to wear bold makeup, having a bold brow can help balance everything out. Just don't forget to fill your brows in. Rocking a smoky eye with patchy eyebrows is not good, ever.

Eyebrows take time, so don’t rush it. Do it like Kylie. Have patience. Oh, and never ever overpluck. She wouldn’t have had to deal with growing out her brows if she didn’t overpluck them to begin with.

9 She Didn't Listen To Her Mom

via lifeandstylemag.com

Moms and their advice, am I right? Moms have seen and done it all. They have been around the block and know a thing or two. Despite all of that, we tend to ignore their words of wisdom. When they give us advice, we don't listen. We disregard our mothers’ years and years of beauty experience and indulge in the latest trend. We’re young and think we’re hot. What does mom know? Well, mom knows a lot and not listening to her advice is a big mistake.

Kris insists that she didn’t approve of Kylie’s lip injections. This isn’t surprising, considering the fact that Kylie was just 17-years-old when she had her lips done. Kris may have seen the big picture, as getting work done at 17 would ensure having work done throughout your life for upkeep. We should all listen to our moms more. Just sayin'.

She Bleached Her Hair At Home

via people.com

Kylie bleached her hair this platinum color... at home... in one sitting. We have so much to say about that, but it can be summed up with this; Don’t do this yourself, ever.

First of all, dying your hair at home is a scary business and bleaching it can be much worse. When we say Kylie dyed her hair at home, we mean she had the best stylist in the world come to her house to do her hair. If you can afford to have the best stylist in the world make a house call, by all means. If you can’t, you need to go to the salon for a major change.

Kylie also changed her entire color in one day. Don’t go into a salon expecting this. Khloe also went blonde, but did so throughout a two year process. For the most part, stylists perfect making a drastic change throughout several different appointments. Walking in with black hair and expecting to leave with bleach blonde hair makes for some pretty lofty expectations.

While Kylie’s Snapchat story of her getting this color was fun to watch, it’s not realistic.

8 She Rocked Green Hair

via celebuzz.com

When we talk about Kylie's green hair, we could also include her pink, teal, blue, purple, rainbow and every other color hair. Kylie has done it all. We commend her bravery when it comes to her hair. She has fun, as one should with their hair. It’s just hair, after all. However, Kylie doesn’t usually dye her actual hair. She’s always rocking a fun wig, and it’s an expensive wig. She spends money on great wigs that look natural. That's how she rocks so many fun colors.

If seeing her have a fun color gives you an itch, we get that. Wearing a wig can be a blast, but you probably can’t afford the high-quality wigs that Kylie rocks. This means you'll be left wearing a wig that looks very obviously fake. It'll make you look like you're dressed up for Halloween, which probably isn't your goal. If you have the urge to actually dye your real hair a fun color, keep in mind that Kylie doesn’t even commit to these zany colors. In three months, are you still going to be into your blue hair?

We understand the urge, but resist. It’s easy for Kylie to have fun with her hair because she has boatloads of money. It could be a major mistake if you follow in her footsteps.

7 Ugh, Bangs

via pinterest.com

Like the last entry, this isn’t necessarily a mistake on Kylie's part, but it is a mistake to follow in her footsteps. In the above photo she looks beautiful and chic with bangs. It makes us all want bangs… but don’t.

Bangs can be one of the biggest beauty mistakes. What makes it such a horrible, horrible mistake is the time it takes to grow out bangs. If you cut bangs and decide you don’t like them, you’ll be stuck growing them out for months, maybe even years. Growing out bangs is hell. No, like literally hell. Hell is surely a place where you are forced to constantly grow out bangs for all of eternity.

In this photo, Kylie is rocking a wig with bangs, which means she can have fun with bangs without the pain of ever having to grow them out. That's truly the best of both world. Also, what is her wig budget? We’re super jealous.

Kylie can rock bangs like no body’s business, but when it comes to you, don’t be seduced by bangs. It’s a beauty mistake that takes months to repair. Ain’t no body got time for that.

6 She Forgot To Check Out Disney Characters

via meltybuzz.es

The Met Gala is like the prom for Hollywood. All of the most beautiful, most chic celebrities come together and get dressed up. It’s glamour at it’s best. Unfortunately, some celebrities miss the mark... and other celebrities dress like a Disney character.

2016 marked the first time Kylie Jenner got the elite invite to the Met Gala. She looked stunning… but oddly familiar. Because of her outfit and short bob, she drew comparisons to Lord Farquaad from Shrek. Ouch, that is literally the last thing you want to hear. This was a bummer since her look was stunning. Let this be a lesson to us all, don’t pick a look that will draw comparisons to a Disney character. The hilarious comparisons will outshine how amazingly hot you look.

Of course, us normal people don’t have to deal with the internet. However, a purple crop top and green high-waisted skirt will likely draw comparison to Ariel. You may look good, but everyone will be thinking of The Little Mermaid whenever they look at you.

5 She Did Bold Eyes And Lips

via rebekahwithlove.blogspot.com

We’ll admit that Kylie looks good in this photo, but she doesn't look like that in real life. It’s a photo. Makeup photographs much lighter than it is in real life. This is something all makeup artists tell their brides. In order for makeup to show up in photographs, it needs to look really dark and dramatic in real life. While she looks chic in this photo, in real life her makeup would have to be so, so dramatic to photograph like this. Her dark eyes and lips would be an overload in real life. If you only want to look good in photos, go ahead and do bold lips and eyes. If you'd like to also look good in real life too, don't do bold everything.

The other thing working for Kylie is that a professional did her makeup. A professional can do very dramatic makeup, but still make it look chic. If you attempted the same look yourself, you’d look way too overdone. Doing bold eyes and lips is a dangerous game. Sure, Kylie looks great in this photo, but IRL it may not look the same. Think twice before doing bold everything.

4 She Over-Edited Photos

via fashionandbeautyinc.wordpress.com

This is a beauty and life mistake. Don’t overedit your photos. Just don’t.

In our current world, people know if you edit your photos. Celebrities are constantly called out for making themselves look better in their photos. Editing photos is a common practice and generally accepted on a small scale. However, overediting isn’t doing yourself any favors. The point of editing, like makeup and lip injections, is to enhance your natural beauty. If you edit your photos to a point where you don’t look like you anymore, you aren’t helping yourself look better. You're making yourself look cartoonish and obviously fake.

Most of your followers online know what you actually look like in life so there is no point in really, really editing in your photos. If they see you looking one way at work, but then looking like Megan Fox on Instagram, they’ll know you edited your photo.

3 She Hides Her Freckles

via hollywoodlife.com

Guys, look at how adorable Kylie is in the above photo? She looks beautiful. The difference in this photo, compared to how she usually looks, is that she is letting those freckles shine. She posted this photo as a no makeup photo and shocked the world because she has freckles. Who knew? Well, no one knew because she usually hides her freckles with too much makeup. As we’ve said, makeup should enhance beauty. Freckles are beautiful. Let them show if you have them! Don't hide them with makeup.

Kylie isn’t the only one to commit this cardinal sin. Many celebrities have secret freckles. Because of the amount of makeup celebrities wear for a camera, their adorable freckles are often covered up. Luckily for us, we don’t have to be in front of a camera all the livelong day. Let those freckles shine, baby!

2 She's Trying To Be Someone Else

via dailymail.co.uk

If the above photo freaks you out, you’re not alone. When this side by side comparison of Kim K and Kylie hit the internet, people had a lot of feelings about it. What’s so alarming is just how much the half-sisters look alike. Kylie and Kendall don’t even look this similar, but Kim and Kylie, half-sisters, look like twins. This sparked many theories that Kylie had had work done to look more like Kim, who she is supposedly obsessed with. However, their similar look could also be due to the fact that they share makeup artists. Mario famously does makeup for both the beauties.

We'll probably never know for sure if Kylie is so obsessed with Kim that she's getting plastic surgery to look more like her big sissy. But, if Kylie is, in fact, trying to look more and more like Kim, that is the biggest beauty blunder of all. You should never try to look like anyone else. Accepting who you are and what you look like is the best beauty lesson of all. Embrace your features and don’t try to be anyone else.

1 She Lied About Having Work Done

via surgerypics.info

Kylie, we love you, but we did not love when you lied about having your lips done. At first, Kylie denied getting lip injections. She attributed her plumped pout to getting older and to overlining her lips. Uh, no one believed that.

First and foremost, if you have work of any kind done to your face, it’s usually quite apparent. There is no reason to lie about it. Secondly, we love when people are upfront about the effort they put into looking the way they do. The girl who says she just has a quick metabolism probably watches what she eats all the time. We wish she’d be upfront about that instead of lying. There's something extra beautiful about people being honest. In order to look stunning, a certain amount of effort is required. We like when celebs tell the truth about that.

And, again, when you have work done, it’s obvious. We’re glad that Kylie came clean about her lips, but we just wish she didn’t lie about getting work done in the first place.

Even someone has beautiful and glamorous as Kylie can make beauty mistakes. It happened to everyone. Luckily for us, we can learn from her 16 mistakes. Thanks for taking the beauty bullet for all of us, Kylie.

Sources: Bustle.com, Dailymail.co.uk

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