15 Beauty Items You Should Never Splurge On

Sometimes it's worth saving up for the good stuff when it comes to beauty products, but with other items, it won't really make much of a difference. It really depends on what the product is doing and how hard it is to get the job done. Maintaining those good looks can be pricy enough, so you definitely don't want to waste money when you don't actually need to. The good news is that it's pretty clear what you should shell out for (like high-end formulas) and what you should just buy at a department store or a drug store. With some items, you're better off going with the cheap drugstore stuff because it won't make much of a difference either way and then you're free to spend that hard earned money on other stuff that you actually need. Or not even spend it at all, of course (your bank account is pretty happy to hear that option). Here are 15 beauty products that you should never splurge on.

15 Pallets

The concept of makeup pallets is that they have a variety of different colors of the same product. This can be awesome. It's great for eyeshadow when you're highlighting and whatnot, and it's basically necessary for doing any sort of contouring. However, pallets are going to be more expensive since they have more products, and odds are good that you won't actually love and use every single color that's in there. You might be better off buying the cheaper versions of some pallets, and then when you figure out what sort of colors you really love and can use, then find the replicas of those in more expensive brands. If you even need to that is. A lot of eyeshadow is perfectly reasonable whether it costs one dollar or $30, especially if you're looking for the basics. You generally shouldn't splurge on colors that you've never tried, so make sure you're going to like it before you shell out.

14 Toners

Toners are pretty basic so you don't need to go crazy with those. You basically use toners after you use face wash and you want to remove any traces of dirt or makeup that are still there. And believe us, there can be a lot of make-up and dirt leftover after a face washing session. Toner is often better at lifting makeup off your skin, and with all the primers and strong make-up that we use sometimes, we need all the help we can get. Toners are a good thing to add to your routine if you have acne prone skin if you haven't done that already. A lot of acne is caused by clogs pores, and a lot of those clogged pores can be prevented pretty easily. The key is to exfoliate your skin so that the dead skin doesn't cover your pores, and you also want to take all your make-up off at the end of the day so that your skin can actually breathe. The more oxygen you let into your pores, the less space there is for bacteria to grow and turn into zits.

13 Eye Cream

If prevention is your goal since you're still pretty young, then you don't necessarily need to spend a lot of money on eye cream. Basically, when you want to prevent aging around your eyes, the main thing that you want to be doing is adding moisture to the area. You should be using a different cream than you use on the rest of the face since you need it to be a stronger concentration, but it does not necessarily need to have any special ingredients and a cheap version of basic eye cream can be awesome. If you are already dealing with some age related issues like fine lines or something then you might want to be upgrading to something that will be able to specifically treat them. Even if the lines are new, it's a good idea to start dealing with them as soon as they occur, because if you can stop them from developing further, then you won't have to do anything drastic later on. And that's always a good thing.

12 Body Lotion

You might want to save up for the good stuff to use on your face, but you don't need to buy any sort of expensive lotion for your body. The skin on your body is thicker than on your face... and then there's the fact that you don't usually have as many skin issues when it comes to your body overall versus your face. That means that your body usually doesn't require any special ingredients because all you're really trying to do is keep it moisturized. In fact you can use all kinds of various things to moisturize the skin even beyond lotions. Oils are a great choice since they are strong enough to moisturize the skin on a different level than a body moisturizer, and they won't be likely to cause any issues like clogging the pores since the skin on your legs does not really care about stuff like that. Oils are generally pretty cheap and are even less likely to irritate the skin than other options since they don't have any fragrance or anything added either. Just plain and simple moisturizing action.

11 Moisturizer

Then again, you might not want to be splurging on your daily moisturizers for your face, either. It's much more likely that you're going to be using a bunch of products on your face anyway, which means a ton of layering, and those are going to have different functions. So you don't need your moisturizer to provide the same benefits as those other products. In fact, sometimes that can end up being a mess for your face, because it's too much of certain ingredients. Basically, you want to lock moisture into your skin and that's it... unless you also want to lock in anything that you're wearing underneath, such as serum. Serum, on the other hand, is something that you should be splurging on because it has a specific job that you want done right. Serums are generally good for anti-aging and for repairing the skin, and to do either of those things they need to have the proper amounts of the proper ingredients to do it. If you get the cheap version of those nothing will go wrong, they just might not work as well as they could and in that sense you'd be wasting your money and would be better off saving up a bit.

10 Trendy Colors

You don't need to splurge on trendy colors when it comes to any kind of make-up. If you do, you'll probably regret it when you see the item staring up at you from your make-up drawer for the rest of your life. The thing about trends is that they come and go, and while clothing trends often come back around once again, that doesn't always work with makeup. You can keep bellbottoms for 20 years until they make sense again but makeup goes bad, so you might not even want to use that lipstick again in a year, depending on how it looks. You probably don't need to spend a bunch of money on an electric blue eyeliner that you have plans to wear exactly one time. Even if you do commit to a color for a whole season you might not use all of the product that it comes with, so in general getting the cheap stuff will be better. It's just one element of your otherwise full face of makeup, so being a lesser quality probably won't be much of an issue no matter what it is.

9 Face Cleanser

If you have average skin, you will probably be totally fine with a drugstore face cleanser like Cetaphil, which is super gentle and efficient. But if you have specific skin needs that need to be addressed like acne or something, that can be a totally different story. But even so, there are tons of face washes out there that are aimed at different skin types that are very effective and still inexpensive. One thing to keep in mind when you're choosing between types of acne washes or exfoliators is that there are two different types of exfoliators. You always have the option of choosing between a chemical one or a physical one. A physical exfoliator might be something that has little beads in it, or even tiny pieces of almonds or something. Those obviously exfoliate by literally grating the skin off is small pieces. The chemical ones, on the other hand, can be found in a variety of strengths and are things like glycolic acid or any other type of acid. Those will encourage the skin to peel as well but through the reaction that they have to the skin when you use the product in your face wash.

8 Lip Balm

You definitely don't need anything fancy as far as lip balm goes. Sure, there are some pretty appealing ones out there that make all kind of claims about things you need like exfoliators or fine line protecting, but you most likely don't need any of that stuff. Fine lines on the lips are generally age related so the best thing you can do to prevent them is to keep the lips moisturized and plump, which is what makes them look youthful. We lose volume everywhere as we age, unfortunately As far as exfoliating the lips, you might want to do that to get the dead skin of winter off, but you certainly don't need a special product to do it. A toothbrush or a towel can be very effective at exfoliating the lips. It's kind of fun too, they tingle. When it comes to lip balm even the cheapest of the cheap will lock in the moisture that you need to keep your lips from chapping all over the place. You can even find cheap lip balm that has fun flavors and colors, so what else do you really need.

7 Sunscreen

If you're regularly applying sunscreen to your face and body, then you can probably save on that as well. It's not that complicated, and you might even be going through so much of it that you wouldn't want to bother spending tons on it. Sunscreen works by combining both organic and inorganic ingredients to block the rays. Organic ingredients such as octyl methoxycinnamate or oxybenzone absorb the UV radiation that comes from the skin, which is then turned into heat. Inorganic ingredients such as zinc oxide or titanium oxide actually act as a block that scatters the UV radiation so it goes elsewhere without going into your skin. You can find sunscreens that rely more heavily on one than the other, and it's sort of a personal preference which kind you like. But keep in mind that the sunscreen ingredients that work as a block can often be seen on the skin, which is why they get that white, hard to blend thing happening.

6 Shampoo

You don't necessarily need to spend a lot of money on shampoo... unless you're trying to do something specific like protecting a color that needs a lot of help or something. Even then some cheaper brands can get the job done. Shampoo after all just has one job...to clean the hair and scalp or product and oils. Once that is done you just rinse it off and down the drain it goes. Conditioner, on the other hand, is something that you might want to splurge on more often because it has properties that stay on the hair to actually accomplish stuff. Most conditioners are still washed out of the hair, but they are emulsions, which means that they contain an oil or wax that does not mix with water and rinse away even after you rinse the product off. That's how they work, something stays behind that has the power to moisturize your hair and make it shiny and easier to brush through post shower.

5 Hairspray

You don't need to get hairspray from the salon. It's just hairspray. Its main job? To hold your hair in place to varying degrees, and this can be accomplished with the cheapest of the cheap. Why do you think some of those classic hair spray brands have been around and unchanged for the past 50 years? If it ain't broke don't fix it. It's a pretty basic product, and when you're purchasing the only things to consider are aerosol vs non, and how much hold you actually want to get from it. There's a big difference between a flexible hold and a tight hold, so you actually might want to have a variety of hairsprays on hand to use depending on what you need in the moment. Since you will probably have a few hairsprays around that you only use occasionally, you don't want to bother spending tons of money on those. Get a few for a few bucks and then you won't feel bad about how fast you go through your favorites.

4 Lipstick

There might be some differences between certain high and lower end lipsticks, but they're probably not too important. Drugstore brands have got the formulas down to offer up pretty much every kind of lasting, shine, etc. that you could want. They also have a million different colors. Lipsticks are also one of those things that can change a lot based on current trends. One season bright coral lipstick is in, the next season maybe a nude mouth is the way to go. If you aren't sure that a specific color is going to be a daily thing for you, you might as well getting the cheap version to see how it wears and if you even like it. If you end up loving the color but it doesn't have the quality you want, you can always go look for a similar shade in a higher end brand or something. But more often than not you'll find that you don't need to go look for it in a nicer brand since the one from Target works just fine.

3 Eyeliner

There are a lot of different types of eyeliner, and depending on the type, you might not need a real nice one. Liquid liners tend to be very similar when it comes to their formulas so if you find a drugstore brand that goes on smooth and stays that way then more power to you. Some pencils work better than others as far as how much pigment they leave on the skin, but again this varies brand to brand and not necessarily having anything to do with how expensive it is. Since you might want to have a variety of eyeliners to choose from, you might not use all of them regularly. If you're not using a certain type regularly then you don't want any of them to be too expensive, since you won't get your money's worth. The same goes for buying them in multiple colors. If you're having trouble working with a pencil eyeliner you might want to try warming it up under a hairdryer just for a second. The heat can melt it just enough that it will go on more smoothly. Just don't press too hard or get it too hot, or the tip will smoosh right off.

2 Mascara

There isn't actually a huge difference between cheap and expensive mascaras. Sure, there may be a few cheap brands that just don't deliver, but there are going to be plenty that do and when you find one that works for you, just stick with it. Sometimes more than the actual mascara the concern is actually the shape of the wand, since they all have different ways of depositing the product on the lashes. Another thing about mascara is that they tend to dry out pretty quickly and we're supposed to replace them every few months anyway, so you're not really getting a ton of mileage out of them. There is one way to re-moisten those dried out mascaras at least one time however. Take some sanitary saline solution that's made for the eyes and just drop two or three drops into the mascara. It should soften the solution back up just enough so that you can get more of the product on the wand, but not so much that it will be running off your face.

1 Blush

You can get by with cheaper blush just fine. Bronzer is one type of face powder that doesn't always look great in a cheap version because it can look ruddy or not blend well, but blush doesn't usually have any of those issues. There are a ton of blush options from drugstores that are in formulas that work well, as well as a wide variety of colors. If you have super light skin and you feel like a clown when you wear certain shades (or most shades!) of blush, then you might want to put some under your foundation or powder because that can soften the effect. It will still be there but instead of being the top product on your skin, it will be sitting underneath the surface of some other product. You can also take some extra time to blend it in to make sure it looks right, or you can try using a larger brush to apply it so that it doesn't come off concentrated all in one spot. A poofy bronzer brush can actually be a good tool for blush as well when you find a color that it works well with. So take a deep breath and be glad that you've saved so much money on these 15 typical beauty products... and start thinking about what to spend that extra cash on!

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