15 Beauty Habits You Need To Stop Immediately

We all have our own special beauty routines. We’re used to our own beauty routines because either they’re really quick, they get the job done, or because they’re simple and easy. But just because our beauty routines are convenient, doesn’t mean that they are the best thing for you. We all have beauty habits that we know are bad, but we keep repeating and repeating them and doing them anyway. This is the time for you to stop! It’s important to realize what beauty habits you are doing and how to stop them. Some beauty habits that you are doing every day may be breaking you out, damaging your skin, hair, and nails or overall may just be straight up unhygienic. Take control of your own beauty routine, and try to make it the best thing for you and your health. These tips and tricks will save you from making more beauty mistakes!

15 Not Washing Your Pillowcases

Something that we tend to overlook a lot of the time, and actually don’t realize, is that washing your pillowcases is immensely necessary for protecting your skin from bacteria, dirt, and oil. If you think about it, we rest our faces on our pillowcases for 7 to 10 hours a night. Even if you have the cleanest face in the world, over time, skin particles and oil that naturally come off of our faces will be embedded onto our pillowcases. This is why it is extremely important to wash your pillowcases regularly so that these secretions are washed away, and will not be sitting on your face every time you head to bed. If you start to break out on one side of your face for some reason, maybe think about when the last time you washed your pillowcase! You never know what a world of difference that would make on your skin!

14 Too Much Heat

When we want our hair looking on point, perfect, and soft, we usually reach for our styling tools. Although these styling tools do absolute wonders to our hair, the only downside to them is that they use a lot of heat. Blow dryers, straighteners, and curling irons use a lot of heat on your hair to reach the desired effect that you are going for. The only problem with this is that it is really damaging to your hair after using these heated tools every day for a while. Using excessive heat every day will show up on your hair over time, leaving split, dry, and dead looking hair. The best way to avoid this habit is to not use a heating tool every day. Give your hair a break every couple days, either by letting your hair air dry after you wash it, or just go all natural, and go with how your hair naturally settles!

13 Biting And Picking At Your Nails

Out of all of our beauty habits, one that you need to stop immediately is damaging your nails. Biting and picking at our nails is a huge no-no because it can actually cause you a lot of pain in the long run. This may lead to short, broken nails that could scratch you, or, could just remain in a constant state of rawness. Picking and biting our nails is something that we tend to usually do out of habit, and sometimes we don’t even realize that we are doing it. If you happen to have a hangnail of some sort that is starting to bug you, try to resist picking or biting it off yourself. Head to a professional if it gets severe, or get some routine manicures every once and a while that will help you avoid damaging your nails even more.

12 Not Wearing Sunscreen

Something that we all tend to forget, and is an important part of our everyday routines, is to wear sunscreen. Now, we aren’t saying that it is absolutely necessary to slather on sunscreen if you are going to be indoors all day, but it is important to do so when you are. Wearing a facial sunscreen is absolutely essential as well. Out of everywhere on our body, our face is one that typically gets the most amount of sun, so, by wearing something to help protect that sensitive skin is crucial. There are many moisturizers that have SPF within them for everyday use that isn't heavy, oily, or smelly. There are even some foundations and tinted moisturizers out there that have SPF in them as well to give you that extra protection. It is time to start wearing these because it is extremely important to take great care of your skin and to prevent any damage, especially while you are young.

11 Tanning

Even more damaging than just forgetting to put on sunscreen, is voluntarily tanning. People do this by either lying out directly in the sun or, they actually go to a tanning salon where they provide tanning beds where they lie down and bake their skin. This tanning phenomenon needs to end because it is highly dangerous and completely damaging our skin. Not only does tanning highly increase your risk of getting skin cancer, but the physical effects such as sagging, leathery, looking skin isn’t so pleasant. If you like the look of having a tan, there are different ways that you can achieve this looks in a much more safe way. Self-tanner is one option, where you can apply essentially a lotion with a darker tint on your body to have the appearance of tanned skin. Or, more professionally, you can get a spray tan, where a trained individual or machine sprays a tinted mist on your body that will gradually dry and darken over time! These are much safer, smarter options to get glowing, tanned skin.

10 Touching Your Face

This is one habit that is really hard to quit. We don’t even realize when we’re doing it, but we all tend to touch our face throughout the day. Sometimes we rub our eyes, scratch, or even pick at our own face. It’s important not to touch your face often because you will transfer oil, dirt, and grime that have been sitting on your hands onto your face. This includes popping zits as well. It is most important that if you do have a zit, try not to touch or pop it. A tempting as it is, you will leave more permanent damage, like a scar, if you try and pop it yourself. Plus, using your bare hands to extract it yourself will allow more bacteria to get it in, essentially, making it worse. If you do need to pop it, wrap some tissue around your fingertips and do it that way, you’ll avoid digging your nails into your skin while also avoiding dirt and oil to get in there as well!

9 Using Dull Razors

We all love a smooth, clean shave. One of the best feelings in the world are freshly shaven, smooth skin, and this is usually because of a really great razor. Sometimes we get bumps, scratches, and irritated skin, and a dull or old razor usually causes this. It is important to change your razor head’s after you feel that it is not giving you the best shave possible because you should feel smooth and bump free when a razor is fresh and sharp. Not only do dull razors give you razor burn, which can be extremely painful, but they also just don’t give you the close shave that you are looking for. Try not to shave with an old razor as well, because chances are they have been sitting in your shower gathering mold and rust, and the last thing you would want to do is put it on your body. If you can’t be bothered with constantly changing your razor head, waxing might be a better and longer lasting solution.

8 Exfoliating Way Too Much

We may all love smooth skin, but sometimes we completely over-do it. One beauty habit that needs to be calmed down is exfoliating too much. Yes, it is important to exfoliate, for it gets rid of dead skin cells that are just sitting on your skin, and helps to promote smooth, luminous skin. But exfoliating your body and especially your face too much can essentially be really damaging. If you are exfoliating more than three times a week, it is time to cut down. You may feel that you need to exfoliate these dead skin cells constantly, but once those are gone, all you have is fresh skin underneath. If you over-exfoliate this fresh skin, it will completely irritate it, leaving your skin red and blotchy, and may even produce wrinkles from all of the scrubbing you are doing. Leave the exfoliating to one or twice a week, and make sure you’re using something gentle.

7 Not Moisturizing Enough

Dry, flaky, skin. It’s hard to put on any makeup or even to keep your skin clear of acne without any kind of moisture in it! It is so important to make sure your skin is moisturized at all times, even when you think you don’t need it. One of the biggest misconceptions is when people with oily or acne prone skin feel as if they don’t need moisturizer on their skin because they don’t want to add that extra moisture or oil onto their face. This is a beauty habit that needs to end, because essentially, if you aren’t using any moisturizer on your skin, then you are allowing your skin to create even more oil for your face to help its dryness. Moisturizer keeps the skin hydrated and looking luminous, and helps makeup go on and stay on much better. It promotes hydrated and healthy skin, which is great for nighttime too, so don’t forget to moisturize before bed!

6 Wrong Shade Of Everything

Sometimes, makeup can look a little off. It is such a shame when we find a foundation or concealer that we really love, just to find that it doesn’t match our skin. One beauty habit that needs to end is using a foundation or concealer that does not match at all. Yes, we can rock any makeup look, but spending money on expensive products that don’t match our skin tone is a big waste of time and cash. Go to a beauty professional and get your skin color matched—they will give you a shade that is closest to your skin tone, and will recommend products just for you. You will save yourself the time of trying to darken it your foundation up, or even worse, you’ll save the time having to deal with a shade that is way too dark or too yellow for you.

5 Too Much Foundation

Again, we can rock any makeup look. But, sometimes our makeup can look and feel completely caked on our face as if it were a layer of icing just sitting on top of our face. It looks unnatural and truly prevents our skin from being able to breathe. It is important to know that you can get full coverage from a foundation without putting excessive amounts of it on your face. With practice, you can use minimal foundation and a good covering concealer to be able to have the same effect that you are looking for. Let your skin breathe, and try not to completely conceal the real beauty that is under all of your makeup. Not only is using tons of foundation not very good for your skin, but you will have to constantly keep buying more when you frequently run out!

4 Constantly Buying Expensive Makeup

Why spend countless amounts of money on things that you know you can save on? Yes, sometimes you want to splurge on some beauty products that are a bit pricey because they are much higher quality than what you can buy at the drugstore. But, feeling the pressure of needing to have all high quality and expensive makeup is something that we need to get out of our heads. There are hundreds upon thousands of makeup and skincare that could be bought at a drugstore for a much affordable price. Do not feel the need to break your bank account by constantly trying to keep up with the new and up and coming beauty products. You can still achieve a perfect cat eyed winged liner with a liner that you found for half the price. Don’t be fooled by affordable makeup, and definitely don’t give into the pressure of avoiding them as well!

3 Using Old Makeup

One major beauty habit to break is keeping old makeup. Yes, sometimes we have makeup that is sentimental to us, but that doesn’t mean that you should keep using it! Just like food, all makeup has an expiration date. Things get old, they fade, and they get crusty. It’s time to take a look at your makeup collection and start throwing out things that you haven’t used within the last 8 months. Chances are if you haven’t used it yet, it’s not really worth keeping. Old mascaras are dry and flakey and are just hubs for bacteria, so make sure to get rid of those. This is the same for old lipsticks, glosses, foundations, eyeshadows, and eyeliners. Don’t risk putting old makeup on your face, and make sure you keep track on how long you’ve had something. Chances are you’ll find at least something from 5 years ago!

2 Not Washing Your Brushes

This beauty habit that we all seem to do is usually just out of pure laziness: washing our makeup brushes. Our brushes are something that we tend to use every time we do our makeup, and they are definitely something that we tend to have a lot of. Washing your makeup brushes frequently is absolutely crucial if you want to have a flawless finish to your makeup, and if you want to keep your skin clear. Makeup brushes over time can keep a lot of dirt, old makeup, oil, and bacteria in them if they aren’t washed out properly. Cleaning them at least once a week is important for this hygienic step. You can get something as easy as an antibacterial soap and lather them up, or you can buy a soap that is specifically made for cleaning your makeup brushes. Let them air dry overnight, and there you go! Clean brushes!

1 Not Washing Off Makeup Before You Sleep

One of the worst beauty habits that you can do is not washing your face at night. It is so easy not to do it because sometimes we are just so tired that we can’t be bothered to even turn on the faucet. But this step in our beauty routines is absolutely crucial if you want to keep your face clean and clear. Don’t let foundation sit on your face while you sleep, because it will just seep into your pores and create major problems. Leaving mascara on will do the same, and can also create sties within your eye if you’re sleeping with it on. One easy way and better way than to just sleep with all of your makeup on is to get some makeup remover wipes or cleansing wipes. They are easy to use because they are moist, so, you can gently and literally wipe your makeup off. Most makeup remover wipes are eye friendly, so you can help get mascara off as well. Don’t fall into this habit anymore, and take care of your skin!

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