15 Beautiful Girls That Got With Justin Bieber

When it comes to gorgeous women, Justin Bieber is no stranger. Pretty much any lady in his age range...or out of it, would give him a shot. Sometimes this 23year old singer/songwriter goes for uber famous superstars, but often Justin gives ladies you've never heard of a shot at the Biebs too. He has a long list of beautiful lovers but these 15 are super stunning. Justin's leading ladies hail from all over the world though none are from his native Canada. The award winning songster rarely takes a moment to be single, preferring to have a lovely lady on his arm at all times. Who knows if he will ever settle down, but fans love following his romance drama! His flings seem to fuel hit after hit as he tells us all about his love life via song.

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15 Barbara Palvin- "You were great tonight"

This 23 year old Hungarian supermodel frequently graces the pages of the Victoria's Secret catalog. She and Justin hooked up in 2012 after his split with Selena. This model loves drama and once tweeted that she didn't like Selena, then posted pics of she and Bieber together after the Victoria's Secret show where he was performing. Barbara even tweeted @Justin "you were great tonight" . Wow! Justin's romance with Miss Palvin seems to have fizzled but no doubt he is regretting it after checking out her 2016 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Barbara was named "Rookie Of The Year". If that didn't make Justin drool, her December/January Maxim cover sure did. Justin might be dying of regret, except that we have 14 more beauties that he's been spending time with.

14 Selena Gomez- Remember their love?

They were everybody's favorite couple, until they weren't. They began the relationship in 2010 (confirming it in 2011)  and everybody cried when Justin and Selena called it quits. We were all heartbroken listening to her belt out The Heart Wants What It Wants. Fans on both side are still hoping for a reunion years later. It would seem Selena has moved on with The Weekend. Justin appears a bit jealous, stating that her romance is fake and just about publicity. Justin might need to get a pair of big boy panties! He has no problem hooking up with multiple hotties so why can't Selena have a turn. Justin should take a lesson from Bella Hadid. She seems unconcerned and is going about her beautiful business.

13 Kourtney Kardashian.. Ok so we hope they did.

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This cougarific pair had a former fling that was recently rekindled in January of this year. Of course, reps for both stars claim they are just friends and Kourtney is still serious about her family. All sources confirm that their relationship was never serious. It would seem this MILF is finished hooking up with Bieber...maybe. With a 15 year age difference, it's no surprise that this hookup didn't last but it sure seems they both had fun and ended the fling on good terms. When asked about his relationship with Kourtney, Justin jokingly responded with  "I'm being used man, what can I say?". Scott Disick has had plenty to say about the hookup, teasing her about it on episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Scott really can't say much. His infidelities have been gracing the cover of gossip mags for years.

12 Sofia Richie- They were something at some point.


A post shared by Sofia Richie (@sofiarichie) on

This 17 year old blonde beauty is the little sister of Nicole Richie and daughter to the famous singer Lionel Richie. When Justin began hooking up with Sofia, his fans weren't quite ready and began to leave nasty comments about her on his Instagram. Even Selena weighed in , again throwing shade at one of Justin's new love interests. This famous beauty has nothing to worry about. Her career as a model is going well. She has posed for the covers of Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Elle. Though she and Justin are no longer hooking up, Sofia hasn't been wallowing in despair. She has been partying it up with her girl squad (featuring Kylie Jenner) and pursuing one of her favorite hobbies, motocross. Sofia is also mom to a super cute French bulldog named Cairo!

11 Jordan Ozuna- From Biebs to Tyga.

Got clip ins .. now I think I'm poppin' 💁🏽👸🏽

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Jordan Ozuna had a romantic Valentine's day with Justin back in 2014. They went indoor skydiving together and spent the week in his Atlanta mansion the USS Enterprise. Justin was renting it from a music producer who had the home built to look like a spaceship. Of course that attracted all the ladies!  Justin and Ozuna hooked up again last year in Las Vegas. Rumor has it she was just in it for publicity. Jordan snapped tons of pictures all over his home, posting it to social media right away.  This Hooter's waitress and Instagram model has since moved on to other music stars. Most recently she has been spotted with Kylie's ex Tyga. They were spotted having lunch together before Kylie and Tyga even confirmed their split. Jordan made sure all the paparazzi caught their pda.

10 Miranda Kerr- This one caused a lot of drama.

via favim.com

Miranda isn't the first older woman Justin has snuggled up to and she surely won't be the last, but she may be the most beautiful. Did Justin steal her away from Orlando Bloom? The couple reportedly hooked up backstage after the Victoria's Secret fashion show when Justin was just 19. Clearly he has a thing for VS models....or perhaps just beautiful babes in lingerie? Miranda was 30 at the time and still officially married to Bloom. Miranda and the Biebs sat in a booth together at Lavo. The pair partied it up and eventually got a hotel room. A year later Orlando and Justin crossed paths in Ibiza. Justin attempted to be cordial but Orlando took a swing at the singer as Justin fled the establishment. Later that evening Justin posted a photo of Miranda on his Instagram, just to fuel the fire.

9 Chantel Jeffries- Paparazzi caught them.

CeeJay the DJ 🤗

A post shared by 💽Ceejay The Dj💽 (@chanteljeffries) on

The actress/model/DJ/KimK lookalike had a fling with Justin in 2016. They reportedly hooked up after his show at Madison Square Garden. The singer gave the model VIP tickets and then rented out an entire movie theatre for them to have a date after the show. The couple watched The Secret Life of Pets and then retired to his hotel room. Paparazzi spotted Chantel leaving Justin's hotel suite the next morning, wearing the same clothes she had worn the night before. Nothing like doing the walk of shame in front of a hundred cameras. Chantel has been laying low recently. She was spotted on Miami beach last week sporting new darker tresses. Though the couple was never exclusive, they still flirt on Instagram to this day.

8 Lira Galore- They were seen dancing, could there have been more?

@bossy_winks fly to ATL for these LASHES 🔥

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Lira is a model, actress, and all around social media star. She has been linked to Drake, NBA stars Lance Stevenson and Patrick Beverley, and she is the ex-fiance of Rick Ross. Lira was spotted partying with Bieber on South Beach Miami for his 21st birthday. Isn't this breaking the bro-code? Not only were the pair spotted dancing to Drake's music, Drake was Justin's mentor. This didn't seem to bother the Biebs as he partied all night with the gorgeous stripper-turned-socialite. Justin spent 3600$ on Lira at her friends when they hit up the Ivy Nightclub the next day. Lira could help Justin to expand his social circle. VS models and singers may be fun, but Lira hangs out with super fun babes like Amber Rose and Blac Chyna.

7 Hailey Baldwin- The pics kind of say it all.

via: YouTube.com

Hailey Baldwin is a 20 year old model from Tucson, Arizon. She is a member of the super famous Baldwin clan and her dad is Stephen Baldwin. Hailey and Justin seemed joined at the hip during the beginning of 2016. They vacationed together in the Caribbean and frequently gave the paparazzi pda. This shot shows them making out during a concert New Years Eve.  Since the pair split, sources say Hailey has had a hard time getting over Justin. Her heart is broken and she has lashed out at his new loves on social media. Hailey has kept busy with her career. She posed for Vogue and landed a Ralph Lauren campaign. Hailey walked the runway for Dolce and Gabbana as well as filmed a commercial for H&M.

6 Cailin Russo- She really, really liked kissing him.

Cailin is the mystery girl featured in Justin's video "Confident" and "All That Matters". Shortly after meeting her, Bieber Instagramed a photo of the couple kissing. Russo is a 23year old model from San Diego. She has been working since 16 and has been featured in ads for Pacsun. Cailin is also an aspiring singer so it makes sense that she would want to work with Justin. Justin specifically chose her for his videos after seeing her casting tape. The couple had great chemistry and the director was in love. Cailin says she was on a high after kissing Justin. "I got butterflies and still do to this day" reports the model. After their professional time together, she and Justin hung out together in his tour bus between sets. Being a love interest of the Biebs is hard work, Cailin even received death threats.

5 Yovanna Ventura- "Friends with benefits"

When he starts calling you mami 😼 #hugearmsangle

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Yovanna is a bilingual social media star and model. She regularly posts fitness tips, workout videos, and dieting advice. She is a 21year old Miami native. Their hookup was on again off again for awhile. They were mostly spotted on the beach, partying in Vegas, and together during Coachella. He even flew her to New York Fashion Week. They were more "friends with benefits" and never truly became serious. Some sources believe their relationship was all about making Selena jealous. Ventura was his go-to rebound every time he and Selena split.  Yovanna was all over him at his 21st birthday party but its hard to say if that means much. Several of Justin's love interests were present and it appears she wasn't the one he chose to take home that night.

4 Alyssa Arce- Caught in the act.

Alyssa is a 25 year old model from South Carolina. She and Justin were first spotted making out on a yacht in Ibiza and made headlines together for quite awhile. Justin discovered Alyssa after seeing her featured in Playboy magazine. Alyssa doesn't always take her clothes off. She also does some fashion modeling for Wilhemina modeling agency. Alyssa created a controversy when fans accused her of trying to seduce Justin away from Selena. He and Selena had not confirmed a split at the time of the hookup. Since the split from Bieber, Alyssa's career has taken off. She has been busy modeling and even posed for Maxim this year.

3 Kendall Jenner- Did they, didn't they?

We all know he has had a relationship with her older sister Kourtney, but sources close to the family say that she isn't the only Kardashian that Justin has eyes for. He posted Kendall's Vogue cover to his social media with the  caption "Congrats, Kendall, you look beautiful". Kendall has admitted, in an interview with W magazine, that she had a crush on Justin at one time. Nobody is immune to Bieber fever! Though they claim to be a non-couple, this pair has done some pretty couplish things. They took a romantic Christmas vacation to Utah last year. During their vacay both went incognito on social media. Pretty odd if you are just friends. Kendall and gal pal Gigi Hadid even made a youtube tribute to the Biebs by singing his hit song "Baby".

2 Nicola Peltz- Was it love?

Nicola is a 22 year old actress who stars in the A&E series, Bates Motel, as well as the Transformer movies. She also starred in the teen drama Affluenza.  Peltz is a New York native and her father is billionaire businessman Nelson Peltz. Her brother is actor Will Peltz. She has been working since the age of 12 so she is no stranger to the world of fortune and fame. Nicola and Justin began having sleepovers in his Beverly Hills home in early 2016. The pair met at an album release party in Toronto and began squeezing time together in between his Purpose World Tour dates. Justin asked the star to join him on the road and eventually took her back to Canada to show her around. Sources say that all Justin's friends adore Nicola so he shouldn't run into any of his past problems.

1 Sahara Ray- Skinny dipping duo.

Sahara fits Justin's type perfectly. Beautiful, check! Blonde, check! Always in a swimsuit, check! This lovely glamazon enjoys the spotlight and had no problem showing of her amazing body. Unfortunately her fling with the Biebs only lasted a few weeks. The 23 year old never seems to stay still. Along with her frequently changing relationship status, Sahara's looks change quite a bit. She has had a pretty drastic increase in lip size recently, which caused a bit of backlash from her fans. Rumors suggest she has altered her face in other ways with collagen injection. She looks very little like her former self. This didn't bother Justin a bit who was seen skinny dipping with this diva off the coast of Hawaii. Justin enjoyed spending time with her in a villa the couple rented for 10,000 dollars a week.

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