15 Beautiful Beauty Companies That Don't Test On Animals

We all want to look beautiful, but most importantly, we all want to FEEL beautiful.

Cruella de Vil is the best example of a woman who went too far for “beauty” and made herself absolutely hideous in the process.

When we buy our beauty products we many times overlook the lives that were lost in the name of beauty. Can we really say that we love animals because we are kind to our pet but won’t hesitate to buy an anti-wrinkle cream that brought pain and death to the animal that it was tested on?

Each year over 100 million animals die in a horrible way due to chemical testing for beauty products. You might be thinking that it makes it safer for humans to use, right? Wrong. Animal testing is unreliable and inefficient.

In 2013 the European Union banned animal testing on cosmetics, a huge victory for animals. However in most countries in the world like the United States, animal testing is still allowed, but you are the consumer so you hold the power to decide who you give your money to.

The most beautiful asset a woman can have is a kind heart. We know you care so we are giving you 20 companies that DON’T test on animals. You can build your entire beauty regimen cruelty free.

When your heart shines, your face shines so please scroll through this list and make kinder purchases.

15 Acure Organics


This is a family owned, Florida based beauty company whose focus is on being socially responsible. Beauty products that support fair trade, organic ingredients and the fight against testing on animals. Their prices are reasonable so you won’t go broke either.

They have a wide range of products that go from skin care, to hair care and baby care. What better products can you give your baby than those that work for a better world?

You can find their products in salons, boutiques, health food stores or on their website.

14 Avalon Organics

Photo Credit: Tepotrejo, Vive Cruelty-Free

This company is part of the Leaping Bunny Program, which means that they NEVER test their products on animals or allow their ingredient suppliers to test their ingredients on animals. Their ingredients are 100% vegetarian

They are also NSF certified, meaning that all products are made with natural, organic ingredients. You’ll be certain not to find phthalates, sulfates or parabens in their products.

I find Avalon Organics easier to find worldwide. They are based in California, U.S.A. but I’ve seen their products in small health stores around the world.

They have a wide range of beauty products and use natural oils as fragrances, so you smell pretty while looking beautiful.

13 Pangea Organics

Photo Credit: Pangea Organics

Their products are focused on skin care and show the leaping bunny logo, which means it is certified by Cruelty Free International, the leading organization working to end animal experiments worldwide. PETA featured them on their Cruelty-Free Beauty Companies list.

You can find their products in drugstores, health food stores, supermarkets and on their web site.

Pangea Organics holds several awards and recognitions for their high quality products, organic ingredients and eco-friendly packages. When you buy from them you can be sure you’re putting your money in kind, caring hands.

12 Live Native

Photo Credit: Live Native

Scotland based Live Native is a Cruelty-Free and vegan personal care company. They carry many different items to satisfy every need. Cosmetics, men’s personal care, maternal care, moisturizers, hair care, acne treatment, the list goes on.

Unlike the other brands I have mentioned, Live Native is not organic. They are however friendly towards animals, so in case you find yourself in the U.K. and are indecisive between which brand to go for, go for Live Native that is Cruelty-Free.

11 Wet n Wild

Photo Credit: Wet n Wild

You didn’t think I was going to forget about makeup, did you?

Wet n Wild is a popular brand you can find in most drugstores in the United States. This hip and cheerful brand helps their customers look beautiful on the inside and out thanks to its cruelty-free products.

It is featured in PETA’s Cruelty-Free list and you can find the bunny logo on their products. It has accessible prices and a wide range of colors and makeup products, including nail polishes.

10 Cheeky Cosmetics


If you’re looking for another cosmetics brand that doesn’t test on animals, Cheeky Cosmetics can be another option.

Certified with the leaping bunny logo, Cheeky Cosmetics offers a wide range of cosmetics and they ship worldwide! You can find them on their website.

This Canadian beauty company is known for being completely vegan, which means that none of their ingredients come from animals, nor were they tested on animals. What a way of going animal friendly!

9 Body Time

Photo Credit: Body Time

For the more sophisticated taste, Body Time is a skin care company that is family owned and animal friendly. With over 40 years on the market, they have specialized on customer services and delicate products for the finest tastes.

They are also environmentally friendly and ship their products in bio-degradable materials, as well as offering discounts for customers who take their empty bottles to be refilled.

Their products are not organic and they use parabens, however, they do carry a botanical line that uses plant-based preservatives.

8 Kat Von D Beauty

Photo Credit: Huffington Post

I’m pretty sure the name sounds familiar.

The beautiful tattoo artist created a beauty brand that is to die for. Her colorful, long-wear, high-pigment and full coverage collection has attracted many fans around the world.

With millions of followers on social media and her beauty brand booming, Kat Von D Beauty products are a wild success not only because of the wide range of products that she carries but because they’re also animal friendly.

Great job Kat!! You’re saving lots of cats!

7 Crabtree and Evelyn

Photo Credit: Examiner

Yes! This worldwide famous beauty company is cruelty free!

This fantastic company with their perfectly decorated stores has an incredible variety of products to meet every step of your beauty routine, and it also carries a line for men too.

You can find their products on their website or you can take a trip to their store. With a presence in over 35 countries across the globe, there’s really NO excuse not to switch to cruelty-free products.

Besides, Crabtree and Evelyn has accessible prices; great quality products and don´t get me started on the lovely fragrances.

6 Bonne Bell

Photo Credit: Bonne Bell

If you ever bought Lip Smackers, then you know Bonne Bell doesn’t test on animals. Remember in the 90s, the coolest accessory for our lips and the friendly label that read “Not Tested on Animals”?

Unfortunately Lip Smackers are no longer on sale in the United States, however, Bonne Bell is still around with its extremely wide range of products that go from makeup to skin care.

Bonne Bell has been friendly towards animals for many decades, founded in 1927 in Ohio, U.S.A. This kind company has its products for sale in every inch of the United States; you can find them in supermarkets, department stores or drug stores.

Even if they don’t sell Lip Smackers anymore they still have some other really cool products.

5 Beach Organics Skin Care

Photo Credit: Beach Organics Skin Care

This is a lesser-known brand, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve your attention. Beach Organics is not just animal friendly, but it’s also… can you guess? Yes! ORGANIC!

You can shop on their website by essence! Which is the coolest thing ever and they have some other really awesome stuff like: natural mosquito repellant, biodegradable sunscreen and everything you can think of to make your skin shine. Oh yes, and they also have products for your dog that are obviously NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS.

Their products are actually pretty easy to find, they are sold in boutiques, drugstores, health food stores, through mail orders, salons, specialty stores, on their own website and they even have their own stores in several states of the U.S.A.

Make sure to look for the store that is closer to you and if you can´t find one, there’s always the web.

4 Lush Cosmetics


Have you ever heard of the bath bombs? Well… Lush by far makes the best ones and the best part is that they’re not tested on animals.

Their products are colorful, fruity, handmade and absolutely fantastic. Lush is committed to the wellbeing of animals using 100% vegetarian ingredients and fighting animal testing, they’re also dedicated to a better world by performing ethical buying.

Their products are on sale in over 40 countries! Even a visit to their website will make you a lover of this kind and beautiful brand.

3 Carol’s Daughter

Photo Credit: Established NYC

Is an affordable, high quality beauty company with fans like Mary J Blige, who’s a devotee to their Almond Cookie Body Butter.

They’ve been around for 20 years, so… they really know what they’re doing. Their products will leave you shining from head to toe since they carry products for every need; hair, skin and body.

What’s so great about them? Not only is Mary J Blige a fan, but also are animals, since they are a part of PETA’S Cruelty-Free beauty company list.

2 Herbline Essentials


Is a wonderful Ayurvedic skin and hair care beauty company who use 100% natural ingredients.

Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old system of natural healing that has its origins in the Vedic Culture of India according to the Chopra Center. This ancient form of healing has been globally known to have great effects on the body.

Herbline Essentials offers their customers Ayurvedic products for the exterior which are also free of parabens, paraffins and animal cruelty.

You can currently find their products internationally or on their website.

1 Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics


This New York based cosmetics company has famous fans like Rita Ora. That amazing deep red color she famously wears on her lips, making them seem like rose petals, is their lip tar called Stalker, which Rita loves.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics has a wide range of makeups that go from street wear to theatrical. If you’re looking for amazing makeup that will make you beautiful inside and out then look no further, their products are vegan, not tested on animals and their prices are very accessible.

You can find their products on their website so make sure to pay them a visit.



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