15 Basic Beauty Mistakes Every Girl Makes

Being a girl can be exhausting-there are always new beauty and fashion trends to keep up with, and it seems like they’re constantly changing. There’s so much pressure to look and dress a certain way, and dealing with unrealistic beauty standards is never easy. One second, everyone is talking about a new eyeshadow palette, and the next day, everyone is freaking out over Kylie Jenner’s latest lip kit. How can anyone keep up!?

The good news is that you don’t have to be a makeup guru to look good. The bad news is though that even the most basic makeup tricks you are doing are probably being done wrong.  Even some of the most simple things like forgetting to floss are considered to be a beauty mistake we are all doing. And imagine the horror of walking around the whole day with the wrong shade of lipstick for you! So maybe some of you just don't care that you're doing these things wrong and that's ok. Or maybe some of you haven't even realized you've been doing anything wrong. Either way, here are 15 basic beauty mistakes that every girl can easily make.

15 Not Wearing sunscreen

We all know that everyone loves to get a nice tan. There’s nothing better than laying out in the sun for a few hours and admiring that bronze, summery glow you get. Besides, we all need a little Vitamin D, right? Well, you might want to think twice before your next extended tanning session. If you want to have nice skin for the next few decades, using sunscreen whenever you’ll be outside is a must. This is especially important during the summer months, but you shouldn’t forget about sunscreen even after the weather gets cold! If you choose not to use sunscreen while you’re young, you’ll have more visible sun damage on your skin when you get older. Using sunscreen is essential to have gorgeous skin for life. Choosing a foundation with SPF 15 can also easily provide daily protection throughout the year even when it’s looking a little cloudy outside!

14 Going to bed with a full face of makeup

Yes, the daily grind can really wear you down and that can make it really tough to keep with healthy habits. It’s tough to stick to a healthy diet, exercise, drink enough water, get enough sleep, and get everything else done on your to-do list. But there’s one little habit that you should never forget, no matter how tired you are at the end of the day. Never fall asleep with your makeup on! Yes, we are all guilty of doing this but when you feel lazy think about all the harm you are doing to your skin. If you want to avoid a nasty breakout, you need some makeup wipes and a good facial cleanser. Sleeping with your makeup on will lead to clogged pores and acne, especially in sensitive areas. To get your face totally clean after wearing heavy makeup, you can use a special eye makeup remover, makeup removing wipes for your face, and a gentle, foaming cleanser that will leave you feeling clean, refreshed, and totally ready for a good night of beauty rest.

13 not being hydrated

This should really be the easiest item on the list to complete, but for so many of us, it’s one of the hardest. We don’t even realize how dehydrated we are! So many of us go through every day without drinking nearly enough water. Drinking lots of water will help you keep your skin from getting dry and cracked, especially in the winter months. It will also keep your lips from getting chapped, your lipstick will glide on easily! At this time of year, drinking enough water is very important. The air can get very dry in the winter depending on where you live, so it’s important to stay hydrated both inside and out. This is one beauty tip that is more than skin deep drinking lots of water is necessary for your overall health. So if you want to get a little health and beauty boost, fill up your water bottle!

12 stressing

Here’s another piece of advice that’s so much more than just a beauty tip. Many people now realize that stress can have an adverse effect on your physical and mental health. It can also have an effect on your appearance. Think about it, if you’re super stressed out, you’re probably not sleeping well, which can cause dark circles under your eyes. You’re also more likely to slip into bad eating habits if you’re stressed you would probably reach for Ben and Jerry’s over a salad if you’ve been having a bad day. Stress can have all kinds of nasty effects on our lives and our appearances. If you want to revamp your look, you have to revamp your attitude first-hand one of the most important things you’ll need to do is learn how to manage stress. Stress management looks very different for different people, so find some coping techniques that work for you.

11 wrong shade of foundation

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Have you ever seen a girl wearing a full face of makeup that looks really well done at a first glance but when you get closer, you notice that something is slightly off? If your foundation doesn’t match the skin color of your neck, you’re going to look a little silly, no matter how much effort you put into your makeup. And so many of us are guilty of this because we think no one will notice and how can we possibly choose the perfect shade! The best way to correctly match your foundation is by going to a department store and having one of the makeup artists try different colors and formulas on you. Can’t afford department store makeup? No problem! First of all, you can always keep an eye out for free samples. If you’re more of a drugstore makeup girl, hold the bottle of foundation next to your wrist in the store make sure you’re standing under good lighting! Most drugstores have flexible return policies, so if it’s the wrong shade, take it back and try again.

10 not using a primer

Have you ever spent hours putting on foundation, blush, eyeshadow, and mascara to create the perfect look only to look in a mirror a little while later to see that it’s melting off? What’s the key to having a full face of makeup last all day? The answer is a primer. Primer goes on after moisturizer and before foundation, and just like the name says, it primes your skin so that your foundation, powder, and blush will stick and stay for hours without needing a touch up! No one likes the look of a full day of face makeup and looking like they've just spent the entire day partying. Since the skin on your eyelids and under your eyes is a bit more sensitive and oily than the skin on the rest of your face, there are also eye primers specially made for use in these areas. Using an eye primer on your eyelid and on your under eye circles will help keep eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara from smudging. Make that smoky eye last all night!

9 not protecting your hair against heat

We all know that heat is damaging to our hair, and yet we all use heating products to style it anyway. It’s hard to resist when straightening your hair makes it so glossy and shiny, and your curling iron adds just the right amount of bounce. So how can you still create your favorite looks without inflicting long-term damage on your hair? A heat protecting product is just what you need to solve this dilemma. By spraying a heat protectant on your hair before you touch it with any styling tool, you create a shield that helps protect your hair from damage. It can also add a little shine to your look! These products are inexpensive, and you can find them at any drugstore-no trip to a fancy salon required! You only need a little bit before you style your hair, so a small bottle can go a long way.

8 not flossing

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It’s that little white lie we tell every time we go to the dentist. In the midst of cleaning our teeth, they always stop and ask, “So, have you been flossing?” Of course, you nod your head yes, but you know that’s not true the last time you flossed was probably the last time you went to the dentist. They always hand you a little box of floss before you leave, which you leave out on your bathroom sink, thinking that you might turn over a new leaf...only to forget about it and find yourself in the same situation the next time you go back to the dentist. Well, it’s time to start a new habit and add flossing into your routine. It’ll help keep your teeth clean and bright, so you can smile confidently. If you brush and floss every day, you’ll have no need for extra products like whitening strips.

7 not Changing your pillowcases

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You may think that you have a great skincare routine, but skincare is more than just a morning or nightly ritual if you have sensitive skin, you have to consider everything that touches your face on a daily basis. It might sound like a lot, but there are lots of easy tricks that you can use to help clear up your skin without adding any new products to your collection! One really easy way to treat your skin even better is by changing your pillowcases every night. Easy right? So many of us don't even think about this basic beauty trick. Think about it, you spend about 8 hours every day with your face on your pillowcase. All of the dirt and oils on your face then gets transferred to the pillow. The next night, you do the same thing, over and over until you wash your sheets. It can cause serious breakouts on your cheeks, chin, and forehead, so stock up on pillowcases and keep them fresh!

6 not moisturizing

The importance of using a good moisturizer cannot be overstated. There are so many benefits to moisturizing your skin on a daily basis. It helps prevent those annoying, flaky patches of skin that make your foundation look clumpy and streaky. It can give your skin a nice, bright glow. It helps your makeup glide on smoothly, and it helps soothe red, irritated skin, especially in the winter months when your skin is prone to getting cracked and dry. It also helps prevent break outs when your skin is dry, it can try to compensate by over producing oils, so using a moisturizer is a must when it comes to battling acne. So ya, there are so many benefits from using moisturizer that even though the lazy girl in you want to opt out of this long process, you should really think twice about it! Choose a gentle moisturizer for sensitive skin you don’t want to pick one with harsh chemicals or acne-fighting ingredients because it might be too intense to use on a daily basis! Use it immediately after washing your face in the morning and at night.

5 dirty makeup brushes

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Everyone loves having a nicely stocked beauty collection and that includes a great set of makeup brushes! Makeup brushes are an essential tool for creating the perfect look and blending colors. If you’re serious about makeup, you probably have an arsenal! Make sure that you clean them on a regular basis. Using dirty makeup brushes can cause break outs. Every time you use your brush, it accumulates makeup products, dirt, and oils from your face. They can also collect dust if you leave them out. Do you really want to transfer all of that to your face every time you do your makeup? Probably not! You can buy cheap brush cleaning formula at drugstores, and there are also DIY “recipes” out there if you’d rather not buy another product. Cleaning your brushes will help your makeup glide on more easily, and it will help keep your skin free of nasty break outs!

4 Use an eyelash curler

Sometimes you see girls with incredible eyelashes, and your first reaction is that they must be false lashes-how else could you get that kind of volume, right? Well, turns out there are a few other tricks to really pumping up your lashes that don’t involve falsies, it’s all real! Starting off with a lash primer can help, and so does using multiple coats of a good volumizing mascara. Using black liquid liner along your top lashes can also give them a boost at the base. But the key to creating crazy lash length and volume without using false lashes is with an eyelash curler. A lash curler might look scary at first you might be scared that you’ll poke yourself in the eye if you try to use it! But with a little practice, you’ll be giving your lashes a great boost without hesitation. It’s also great for days you don’t feel like using mascara!

3 Wearing the wrong shade of lipstick

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What’s the perfect accessory to wear with a little black dress and heels? Is it a pair of diamond earrings or a statement necklace? Is it a cute clutch that makes a statement? What about an elegant hairstyle that really shows off your face? Well, technically there’s no right answer, but it just might be the right shade of red lipstick. Red lipstick might seem intimidating there's no way that just anyone can pull it off, right? Wrong! There’s a whole rainbow of red lipsticks out there, and there’s a perfect shade for everyone! Whether you like a classic bright red, a sultry, more purple-y shade, or a dusty rose, there’s a red lipstick for you. When you’re wearing red lipstick, you don’t have to wear much on your eyes. It’s all about balance, so if you like a simple, elegant look, red lipstick is definitely perfect for your fancy nights out. While there are so many different shades to choose from it's very easy to choose the wrong one for you. Just ask a professional for help and in no time you'll be the professional too. After alll, you don't want to choose a shade of lipstick that wears you out, it's supposed to make you feel sexy!

2 foundation is not concealer

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You may think that using foundation is enough to cover it all up, but if you have spots where you need a little extra coverage, you’ll need to invest in concealer. Foundation doesn’t provide the same heavy, concentrated coverage that might be necessary to conceal a zit. That’s what concealer is for! While foundation is supposed to even out your skin tone and provide a base to work off for the rest of your look, concealer is meant specifically for those problem spots that need a little extra coverage. Furthermore, foundation won’t do much to cover those dark circles under your eyes the typical formulas just aren’t thick enough! A little concealer can go a long way when it comes to covering acne and dark circles. Be very particular about the shade that you choose since concealer can be very thick, if you use the wrong shade, it can really stand out.

1 eyebrows on fleek

It seems like the beauty industry is all about the brows these days! If you’ve never paid much attention to your eyebrows, this might seem like news to you, and you’re probably a little confused about why everyone is concerned about keeping their brows “on fleek.” Sounds pretty silly, right? Well, keeping your brows looking sharp can actually have a big impact on how the rest of your face looks. Your brows frame your face, and figuring out which shape works for you can transform your whole look! You don't want to have the wrong shape now do you! But for some people doing their own browns without the help of a professional can leave you with just that! Getting a quick eyebrow wax at a local salon is usually fairly cheap and easy it might be a little painful, though! If you want to just clean up your brows a bit, tweezing them at home is also an option. You don’t have to go crazy with drawing on brows or anything like that a little clean up can go a long way!

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