15 'Bachelor' First Impressions We'll Never Forget

Believe it or not, The Bachelor has been on air for over 15 years! And at this rate, it certainly doesn't look like it will end its highly successful reality television reign anytime soon. We’re already gearing up for the premiere of the newest season of The Bachelorette that has just begun and we totally can’t wait. After so many seasons of watching single men and women give it their all in the name of love you'd probably think you've seen it all by now... but trust us, you're so wrong. If there's one thing that can be said about The Bachelor, it's that it never fails to deliver. Aside from the inevitable drama that comes along with having dozens of singles compete for the attention of one person, some of the show's contestants have had the most entertaining entrances we've ever witnessed. First impressions are everything, and when you're surrounded by seriously steep competition you'll do just about anything to stand out from the crowd. These people know exactly how to get noticed. Here are 15 Bachelor first impressions that we couldn't forget even if we tried!

15 JoJo Fletcher’s Unicorn Mask

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Unicorns might be all the rage these days, but JoJo Fletcher was all about them long before they became a hot trend. We first met Fletcher on season 20 of The Bachelor as she tried to win the heart of Ben Higgins. Ben greeted an impressive 28 ladies on the show’s premiere but it was JoJo who definitely caught his eye right from the start…and we’re pretty sure it was because she was donning a giant unicorn mask. Fletcher, a stunning real estate developer from Texas, had it all: pretty face, killer body, great personality, and of course, a keen sense of humor. Most men might have been turned off by a woman dressed as a mythological creature stepping out of the limo on night one, but not Ben. As we already know, JoJo’s elaborate entrance made a lasting impression on Higgins and she totally scored a rose on the first night. In fact, JoJo and Ben hit it off so well that she ended up being one of the final two women competing for his heart on finale night. Seems like the old saying is true, you never really can judge a book by its cover after all!

14 Alexis Waters’ Shark Costume

Is it a shark or is it a dolphin? While the answer might be obvious, that’s the puzzling question everyone was pondering on the first night of Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor. Dolphin enthusiast Alexis Waters made a seriously big splash (pun intended) when she first met Nick on the show’s premiere. The Jersey native fearlessly strutted out of the limo donning a shark suit, but she insisted that it was, in fact, a dolphin. Waters' hilarious attempt at impersonating a dolphin carried out throughout the night, often letting out dolphin noises and even jumping into the pool while still wearing her sea creature getup. Alexis immediately became a fan favorite due to her unabashed antics and she earned herself the appropriate nickname of “Dolphin Girl” because of her extraordinary first impression. Although Alexis didn’t go home with a giant diamond engagement ring on her finger she did get to keep her shark costume when filming ended, and she did earn herself a spot on the upcoming season of Bachelor In Paradise. It’s pretty safe to say that her shark costume worked wonders. And let’s face it, fans love her about as much as she loves dolphins.

13 Kalon MacMahon’s Chopper


You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, so why not either go big or go home? Kalon MacMahon certainly knew a thing or two about arriving in style when he made his debut on the eighth instalment of The Bachelorette. The season starred Emily Maynard, who totally had her hands full with her batch of love-seeking suitors. Maynard had already met a handful of men on the show’s opener but it was Kalon who really raised the bar when it came to making a grand entrance. MacMahon made it abundantly clear that he was much too cool to arrive at the Bachelorette mansion in a limo, so he did what any other guy in his position would do: he showed up in his personal helicopter. The contestant’s over-inflated ego was apparent right from the start, and his elaborate intro was just enough to earn him a few early haters amongst the other men. Of course, Kalon infamously went on to become the villain of the season, but we never would have guessed that given his ever-present humble bragging and his less than modest arrival…insert eye roll.

12 Chris “Cupcake" Strandburg’s Cupcake Mobile


If you’re wondering why this former Bachelorette’s nickname was “Cupcake” rest assured because he rightfully earned that title the moment he was introduced on the show’s eleventh season. Strandburg was vying for a shot at love with either Kaitlyn Bristowe or Britt Nilsson on the first night of the series. After the ladies met a number of potential perfect matches, Chris gleefully scooted up to the mansion inside an oversized candy-corn encrusted cupcake. Seriously, we couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried! His entrance obviously evoked laughter from both of the potential bachelorettes as well as the other male contestants who witnessed his arrival while peering through the windows inside the mansion. Despite his quirky first impression, Chris did offer up a rather logical explanation for his unforgettable arrival. “Cupcake” was actually a dentist who insisted on doing something “sweet” for the women. While Strandburg failed to make it all the way to finale night, his giant cupcake on wheels still remains one the most memorable first impressions to date.

11 Lindsay Yenter’s Wedding Dress

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You know, it’s probably not the best idea to come on too strong when you’re just meeting a guy for the first time, but Lindsay Yenter threw all caution to the wind and came out of that limo fully committed to finding a husband during her time on The Bachelor. Lindsay was one of the women competing for a chance to win Sean Lowe’s heart on the long-running show’s seventeenth season, and she certainly wasn’t wasting any time! While such a bold move might have been a turn-off to some men, Lowe wasn’t too shaken by her eagerness to walk down the aisle. After all, isn’t the end goal of these shows to get engaged (and eventually married) anyway? Judging by her uncomfortably forward first impression, some viewers could have easily assumed that Lindsay would have been cast off the show early on in the season. But, Lindsay’s risky move to wear all white on the first night seemed to have paid off in a big way. She ended up making it all the way to the final two spot before ultimately losing to (Sean’s now-wife) Catherine Giudici. She may not have won the title of Mrs. Lowe, but Lindsay Yenter definitely won the title of having a first impression that all Bachelor fans will never forget.

10 Clare Crawley’s Big Bump


If there’s one thing that might scare an eligible Bachelor off more than a girl showing up in a wedding dress, it’s for sure a a girl with a massive baby bump. On season eighteen of The Bachelor, contestant Clare Crawley squeezed her way out of the limo and waddled her way down to meet Juan Pablo Galavis appearing to be well into her third trimester. The blonde beauty then told Juan Pablo that she knew he had a daughter and proceeded to ask him if he was ready to expand his brood. To sum up their interaction in one word – awkward! Juan Pablo was clearly sweating bullets but he played it cool for the cameras. Fortunately for Galavis, Clare quickly revealed that her burgeoning belly was “so not real.” Galavis breathed a sigh of relief and instantly embraced Clare before she made her way into the mansion. Viewers soon learned that Crawley had an offbeat sense of humor and it was totally working to her advantage. In fact, Clare came close to winning the entire thing, but in the end she lost out to Nikki Ferrell. So she didn’t walk away with Juan Pablo as a husband, but as the season progressed it became crystal clear that he wasn’t the right guy for her.

9 Shawn E.’s Hot Tub Car


The eleventh installment of The Bachelorette brought on a wide range of men hoping to get a rose from Kaitlyn Bristowe or Britt Nilsson…and let’s just say not all of them were husband material. Among them was a contestant who went by the name “Shawn E.” - and if his profession as an “amateur love coach” wasn’t enough to give everyone the creeps, his arrival on night one proved to be awkward as ever. The guy rolled up to the Bachelorette mansion quite literally in a “carpool,” otherwise referred to as a “hot tub car”. Yup, his car was filled to the brim with water. To make matters far more interesting, another male contestant who was visibly intoxicated appeared on the sidelines to heckle Shawn and his innovative entrance to the show. Needless to say, Shawn E. didn’t make it very far and he failed to find love, but his over-the-top first impression is undoubtedly one for the record books.

8 Robyn Howard’s Backflip Fail

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Of course, putting your best foot forward is the key to making a good first impression in any dating situation. But we guess Robyn Howard didn’t get the memo when she showed up for season seventeen of The Bachelor. Robyn was one of the many lovely ladies who longed for the attention of Sean Lowe on the show’s opener, and she thought she could impress him by showcasing her killer gymnastics skills. The stunning and sweet contestant looked dazzling in her sparkly evening gown as she first exited the limo, but things went south when she attempted a double back handspring in the presence of Lowe. Robyn fell flat during her second backflip, and all of us viewers at home could feel her second-hand embarrassment radiating through our TV screens. Luckily, Robyn’s spunk and courageous recovery from taking a tumble was enough to impress Sean, who kept giving her a rose up until week five of the series. While Robyn Howard wasn’t exactly one of those reality show contestants who you remember right away, her backflip fail on night one was one we’ll never stop talking about.

7 Lacey Mark’s Camel Ride


When you sign up to be on a show like The Bachelor, you’d better be prepared to have an edge over the competition right from the start. Every second to make a lasting impression counts and contestant Lacey Mark certainly entered season 21 of the show with her game face on. During the season’s premiere, Nick Viall was first introduced to Lacey when she arrived on the back of an actual camel. Yes, a real life camel. If anyone was confused as to why she chose a camel as the best means of transportation, Lacey told Viall, “'I hear you like a good hump, and so do I." The witty remark was an obvious jab at Viall’s numerous past appearances within The Bachelor franchise. Viall had not only been known for romancing a number of women on past installments of the show, he was also notorious for bedding them on national television. Viall had earned himself a reputation as a player type, and Lacey wasn’t going to let his past get in the way of their relationship. The other women looked on from inside the Bachelor mansion wishing that they had thought of such a creative idea, and although most of us don’t remember much of Lacey from her season, we all remember the girl who showed up riding a camel.

6 Reegan Cornwell’s Human Heart


There certainly has been no shortage of cringeworthy and downright creepy entrances on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette over the years and Reegan Cornwell’s first impression ranks high up on the list. Reegan arrived with a peculiar gift for Bachelor star Chris Soules, and let’s just say it was definitely from the heart. Reegan told Soules that her profession was a cadaver tissue saleswoman and that’s when things just got plain weird. She approached Soules with an ambiguous red cooler in her hands that she opened up to resemble a bloody human heart. Fortunately for everyone involved, the contestant revealed that it was just a fake heart for the sake of breaking the ice and a relieved Soules let out a chuckle. The girl didn’t make it very far on the show but her awkward entrance is one we just can’t erase from our minds…no matter how much we want to!

5 Brittney Schreiner’s Granny Gag


The Bachelor really is like a fine wine – it just keeps getting better over time. As the show has evolved over the years, contestants have gotten far more creative when it comes to how they’ll meet their potential future spouse for the first time. Of course, everybody wants to one-up the competition, but few were able to rival Brittney Schreiner’s epic entrance during the show’s sixteenth season. Over two dozen eligible ladies showed up for their shot at love with Ben Flajnik but one gal was a whole lot more than Ben bargained for. Out of the limo popped a 72 year old woman who professed her adoration for the show’s star, stating, "My name is Sheryl and I watched your show all last season and I fell in love with you.” A stunned Flajnik looked like he was at a loss for words when Granny continued, "I know you're a family person and so am I. In that limo is my granddaughter and I'd love for her to meet you.” That’s when 26 year old Brittney Schreiner made her debut onto the show as well as a great first impression on Ben. Although Brittney wasn’t the winner, she and Grandma Sheryl totally won viewer’s hearts with their sweet introduction.

4 Anna Snowball’s Silent Approach


We all know that contestants on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette have gone to great lengths to make an amazing first impression. While many go to extremes to let their presence be known, one contestant proved that actions can speak louder than words when it came time to meet Ben Flajnik. Anna Snowball was one of the women trying to win the heart of Bachelor Ben, but some would argue that she really wasn’t trying at all. When Anna walked out of the limo, she didn’t even give Ben a proper greeting before breezing right by him and carrying on with her business. Um, seriously? Everyone wondered why she had even signed up for the show at all if she wasn’t going to put in some kind of effort, but maybe her silent approach was strategic. Although Anna spoke a total of zero words to Ben right when they met, the star wasn’t quick to write her off completely, stating, “That's a bold move. That's awesome. Gotta be some kind of first." The guy was clearly taken aback by her playing hard to get, but she failed to get much recognition beyond that point. Snowball was eliminated on the first episode with her final (and probably only) words being," Ben wasn't for me, I wasn't for him. Do I look like a girl that's hurtin'? Really? Really? No." We sort-of appreciate her brazen approach but her entrance still has us all as confused as ever.

3 Tim McCormack’s Drunken Stupor


Let’s be honest here - The Bachelor franchise has a long track record of delivering hilariously embarrassing moments to viewers on a regular basis. On the show, contestants are treated to a free-flowing supply of alcohol to loosen them up but every now and then someone gets a little too loose for their own good. Case in point: Tim McCormack who appeared on season seven of The Bachelorette. Although his name may not ring any bells for you just yet, you might better remember him as that one insanely drunk guy from the first night of Ashley Hebert’s season. Ironically enough, McCormack’s profession was listed as a “professional liquor distributor,” so if anyone should know better about how to control their consumption it would be him. Tim got completely inebriated before he even stepped foot out of the limo. Once he finally stumbled his way over to Ashley, the guy proceeded to burp followed by an uncomfortably awkward silence. McCormack was so incapacitated that he could hardly speak, and things only got progressively worse as the night wore on. The agitated contestant picked fights with other guys in the house and eventually passed out on some lawn furniture long before the rose ceremony even happened. Needless to say, Tim was ushered out of the Bachelorette mansion on night one, but his absurd first (and last) impression will forever live on in Bachelor infamy.

2 Ashley Palenkas’ ‘Fifty Shades’ Fantasy


Sean Lowe took his role of The Bachelor super seriously. Unlike some of the show’s former stars, Lowe was there with one goal in mind: to find his future wife. While Sean was given a great group of women to choose from on his season, there are always a few offbeat contestants who slip through the cracks purely for the sake of entertainment, and Ashley Palenkas was definitely one of them. The blonde beauty stepped out of the limo on the show’s premiere and things seemed optimistic at first. After introducing herself to Sean, she told Sean about her infatuation with Fifty Shades Of Grey and pulled a blue tie out from the top of her dress... suggesting that they use it later on in the bedroom. Lowe was visibly overwhelmed by Palenkas’ proposition but he handled the situation like a true gentleman. Ashley took advantage of the show’s open bar policy as the night went on and things suddenly went from bad to way worse. The boisterous contestant went on to make obscene gestures and poorly timed innuendos that didn’t go over well with Lowe. Inside the mansion, Ashley kept rambling on about how she wants to act out some of her fantasies with Sean, a sentiment that he was blatantly not reciprocating. It pretty much goes without saying that Ashley’s aggressive approach was too much for Sean to handle and she was sent home on the first night, but her first impression is surely one we wouldn’t want to ever forget.

1 Chantal O’Brien’s Slap Heard Around The World


Sure, The Bachelor may be full of OMG moments, but jaws dropped to the floor on the show’s fifteenth season premiered in 2011. The show’s star featured a familiar face to The Bachelor franchise. Yup, we’re talking about the infamous Brad Womack who was then on his second go-round as “The Bachelor”. Womack became a polarizing figure in the reality TV world – and for good reason. He first starred on the show in 2007 and savagely dumped both of his final two contenders on finale night, leaving two women heartbroken and all of America stunned. Flash forward to season fifteen of the show, where for some reason Womack was awarded a second chance to a mockery of himself and the women foolishly competing for his attention. And then we were all introduced to Chantal O’Brien, who gave viewers exactly what they wanted when she was first introduced to Brad. The brunette beauty confidently walked up to Womack and firmly slaps him right across the face before delivering him a clear message, saying, “"That's from every woman in America!” Although Brad appeared to be flabbergasted by his much-deserved slap he was visibly intrigued by Chantal’s bold approach. This guy must have been a glutton for punishment, because he was so into Chantal that he kept handing her roses all the way until the final episode, where he ultimately chose Emily Maynard as his fiancée. Though she didn’t win the title of “Mrs. Womack,” Chantal O’Brien secured herself a spot in reality TV history for her fierce first impression!

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