15 Babysitters Who Should've Been Fired On The Spot

Leaving one's child with a babysitter is a very nervous experience, especially when this babysitter is a new person the parent doesn't know yet. Until they learn that they can certainly trust this nanny with their kids, they will have to watch the interaction as closely as possible and see that this stranger in their house does everything right.

Some are lucky because their babysitters turn out to be wonderful human beings who will love their kids as their own. But, since we don't live in a perfect world, the experience doesn't always go as expected. At times, nannies steal, fall in love with the father or the kids, lie about their professional experience, and do some unspeakable things. What should parents do with such babysitters? There is only one answer – they should fire them on the spot.

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15 The Nanny Who Ate All The Food At Home

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Usually, when good parents hire a babysitter, they tell her that she can help herself to any food in the house. Some babysitters understand it too literally. "I used to nanny for a couple that were great cooks," a confession from this nanny starts. "I would eat all the homemade leftovers they had and blame it on the kids."

I wonder for how long she kept lying like that before the parents realized the truth.

14 This Parent Used Nanny Cam To Learn Something Despicable

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The confession we're about to discuss now comes from a parent. They shared, "I felt a little bad about using a nanny cam until I caught the 17-year-old babysitter stealing our vodka and topping it off with water."

Whoah. Not only did this babysitter steal from the parents who hired her, but she also watched their kids in an inebriated state. We can be sure that she was immediately shot out of place.

13 This Nanny Was Rather Mean (But Funny)

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It's a bad idea for a kid to offend their babysitter because this babysitter can offend them back and they certainly won't like it. One nanny confessed, "Once I was babysitting my neighbor's 6-year-old and she asked me why I'm ugly, so I said 'I'm you from the future' and she cried for like 30 minutes."

It was certainly an evil but cool answer. Next time this girl will think twice before calling someone ugly.

12 Another Nanny Had A Secret For Kids Bedtime

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It's difficult to make some kids (well, most of them) go to bed on time. So when a babysitter knows how to do it, she's considered to be a gift for parents. But sometimes there's a dark secret to her special skill.

"The neighborhood parents love hiring me as a babysitter because the kids always get to be on time," one nanny shared. "My secret is a tiny dose of Zzzquil." The parents certainly didn't like it, if they found out.

11 This Parent Noticed The Babysitter's Weird Behavior Right Away

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What would you do if your babysitter immediately started to try to become BFF with you, asked you to borrow your clothes, and frequently asked you out to have dinner? You'd probably become suspicious and keep an eye on her. This is what this mom did, too. But she finally fired her only when she learned that the nanny messed with her son's school assignments.

10 The Babysitter Who Threw A Party And Didn't Clean Up After It

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Throwing a party in a house where you work, while the kids you're supposed to babysit are asleep, is not okay. And if you don't even clean up well after yourself to cover up your tracks, then it's twice "not okay." It was something this babysitter did. The parents learned everything immediately "because her clean-up job was so poor" and it cost her the job.

9 These Nannies Said They Followed The Instructions, But... They Didn't

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This family had twins, so they hired two sisters to babysit them. Everything seemed to be fine at first, but later the mom started noticing the evidence that these ladies had zero experience with the kids. Then she also realized that they were lying to her about following her instructions, so it didn't take long for the mom to let the nannies go.

8 This Girl Was Moody And Didn't Listen To The Parents

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Another mom shared her own experience with the nanny: "She was moody and would often not look at me when I spoke to her. And then I realized she was not respecting my wishes when it came to certain rules I had." The babysitter was repeatedly caught breaking some of the instructions, so eventually, she had to part ways with the parents.

7 She Called The Baby Girl Evil For Being Left-Handed

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What do you do if your little daughter asks you "What is evil?" The first thing you want to know is where she got this word from. In this story, she got it from her babysitter, who said that she was evil for being left-handed! When the parent confronted the woman, she didn't only admit it, but she also urged the parent to "fix this" so the girl wouldn't go to hell. Yowza!

6 The Babysitter Who Couldn't Learn To Come In Time

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Being late once in a while is fine if some unforeseen circumstances hold you back. But if it happens every day, one shouldn't blame it on a flat tire, bad traffic, or call from a sick family member. One should get themselves together and stop making up excuses. The nanny who couldn't do it was fired despite the fact that she was great and the kids loved her.

5 This Girl Lied That She Spoke Spanish To Get The Job

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For this family, it was very important that the nanny spoke Spanish because the father was Mexican (and often away for work) and they wanted to raise their son bilingual. During the interview, one girl said that she knew Spanish and she was hired immediately. The truth came up when the father came home and started speaking in Spanish with her. She confessed that she lied because she wanted the job, but it certainly didn't help her keep it.

4 Never Communicated With The Mom And Called Her Kids Evil Monsters

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The first red flag in a story with this nanny came when the mom noticed that she refused to communicate verbally and only wanted to text. Even if the mom called her, she didn't take the phone but texted immediately after. The final straw for the mother was finding out that the babysitter replied to her friend's post saying that she'd soon meet her "as soon as she's done watching the evil monsters."

3 The Daughter Was Too Attached To The Nanny

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It's great when a babysitter and the kids she takes care of connect, but when this connection becomes too much, parents usually don't like it. One mom shared that it was the reason she fired her nanny. She shared, "I would get home from work and my daughter would have no interest in seeing me and would even cry hysterically when the nanny would have to leave."

2 The Babysitter Was Attracted To The Father

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Sometimes babysitters become attracted to the father of the kids they babysit and it usually only causes problems. One mom shared that the nanny they hired began flirting with her hubby almost right away and she also texted him on a daily basis. When she said to the mom that "men like women who aren’t so fat", she was finally fired.

1 She Locked Kids In A Closet As A Punishment

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It's still hotly debated whether it's necessary to punish kids. But for this nanny it was evident – she just closed the kids she babysat in a closet if they were too loud or did something wrong. "Once I refused to eat my veggies, so it was the closet for me," one of the kids shared upon growing up. "I was only 6 and my brother was 4. I wouldn’t stop crying so she just kept me in the closet." Horrible memories!

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