15 Awesome Divorce Cakes That Will Blow Your Damn Mind

It is quite common for us to get together in order to celebrate a loved one's special day. It's all wonderful, spending time celebrating everlasting love, and congratulating the newlyweds on their nuptials. Sadly, some marriages do not last all that long. Some marriages just don't work out, and the couple realizes that as time with each other goes on. They might no longer be compatible, they might have resentment, someone might have cheated, or more simply they might have fallen out of love.

While the topic of divorce usually comes off as a sad and bitter time for separated couples, sometimes the new divorcees are very happy to no longer be tied down. Some even celebrate by throwing a party with family and friends, excited to be on their own and living life by themselves again, preparing for a new beginning. What better way to cope with divorcing your spouse than throwing a fun party! But no party is complete without a funny custom made cake on display for your guests to laugh at! Here's something you've probably never seen before. These are 15 of the most hilarious divorce cakes you'll ever see!

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15 Taking the Garbage Out

Taking out the trash is often seen as the man's job, but it looks like the tables have turned in this situation. This time, the wife is taking the trash out, and it happens to be the husband! Dang girl, what did he do this time? Did you catch him flirting with another woman? Did you see dirty pictures on his cell phone? Maybe he was just a jerk and she couldn't deal with being married to him any longer. Either way, he's trash. And it's time for him to be thrown out! This is a cute and funny way to diss your ex-husband, right? Whoever thought of the idea behind this hilarious cake was a genius. Although this cake is very creative, I can't personally say it appears to be very much appetizing. I mean, gray icing? Trash cans? Green gooey slime and whatnot? But who knows? Maybe this cake could actually be delicious. We still think it's safe to say that this cake would work better for comedic display than convincing people to take a bite out of it.

14 Homeless and Divorced, Will Work for Food

It looks here like someone didn't sign any prenuptial agreements, and the wife took everything he had without leaving a dime to his name. Tough break, dude. But can we talk about the creative genius that is this divorce cake? Not only is it hilarious, but look at the detail. Look at the design, all the way down to the guy's sign that says, "Homeless. Just divorced. Will work for food." Everything from the divorced man begging on the sidewalk, the realistic looking stop sign, the graffiti on the wall, and down to the random beer bottle laying across the sewage drain looks really cool, right? Any woman with this cake at a divorce party would surely get a kick out of this one. It may be unfortunate for the ex-husband, but we usually take the wife's side anyway, so congrats on the divorce and all the money girl!

13 ‘Til Death Do We Part... Literally

It looks like the bride here took this vow, in particular, literally! Wow, girlfriend, what did your now ex-husband do to you that warranted this sort of punishment? Did he cheat on her with her best friend or something? If that's the case, we're pretty sure she's not invited to the divorce party! Perhaps he could've just turned out to be a complete douchebag and she got fed up. Who knows? Whatever the case may be, sometimes married people dealing with difficulties in their marriage get to the point where they just feel like they want to kill their spouse and they can't take it anymore. Any newly divorced woman who can relate to that feeling would most likely be proud to have a cake like this one. What better way to deal with a tough divorce than to laugh away, biting into the fictitiously dead body of your ex-husband?

12 I Do, I Did, I'm Done

Is there a better way to let your spouse know that you're through than with this funny and clever cake? She's letting him know she said I do, and now she's done. Not only is she totally done dealing with their marriage, but she's even going to sell off the ring! Is it going to be pawned? Is she going to sell it on eBay? Is she going to auction it off? Either way, she definitely doesn't want to keep it around for obvious reasons. Talk about not caring a thing about sentimental value. She wants nothing more to with her now ex-husband and she's about to move on and embark on bigger and better things. Usually, divorce is a bittersweet ordeal, but according to the owner of this cake, she just couldn’t be bothered and is more than prepared to move on. We hope she can get some decent money for that ring, by the way!

11 This is War

This is a creative and pretty humorous play on the traditional wedding cake, except instead of the couple being placed happily together side by side, they each have their own cake to stand on, along with a gun and assault rifle pointing in each other's direction. Talk about not being compatible. Could this couple even stand being in the same room together? Obviously not. We could only guess what caused their marriage to end. Regardless of the outcome of their divorce, you’ve got to admit that this an ingenious cake. Just look how it’s split in the middle. How did they even do that? Whoever's responsible for making this cake is an artistic genius. As sad as it is for couples to no longer enjoy being around each other, we've got to admit that this divorce cake here is pretty funny and definitely creative. Doesn't it look like something you'd see on a cartoon? Total comic relief!

10 We're Going Our Separate Ways

What's your is yours and what's mine is mine seems to be the dynamic of their marriage, or should we say the end of it. The husband and wife each have their own side of the cake, perfectly split right down the middle. What better way of saying "we're splitting up" than with this clever and funny divorce cake? Not only is it funny, but it looks pretty tasty doesn't it? Who else has the urge to pull out a virtual knife and slice themselves a piece of this beauty? Besides that, this cake was a cute and funny way of describing their new marital status: separated and soon to be divorced. Unlike the homeless and divorced guy on cake number 14, this couple looks like they've agreed to split half and half. Seems smart to us. Better safe than sorry!

9 Newly Unwed

It looks like Barbie and Ken are no longer together, and Barbie here is elated over this! What better way to rejoice than hold the divorce papers up high in the air with joyful glee while sitting on top of your ex- husband's crushed and limp body? It honestly couldn't get any better than that, could it? We think the funniest thing about this cake in particular is how the guy's body is just laying underneath the cake while the wife is sitting on top of it. Obviously, the reason why he's getting crushed in the first place is because she doesn’t have a care in the world for him anymore. She's just happy to be newly divorced and on the playing field again, no longer having to deal with her burden of a spouse. Being sad and miserable is not an option for her. No, she's excited and celebrating her divorce like she's hit the lotto!

8 Problem Solved

This is a funny way of announcing a divorce. Apparently marriage was the problem in the situation, so the wife solved it by pushing her ex off the cliff, or off the divorce cake. Who wouldn't love to do that to an ex (or two) that they've had? That's right ladies: When you're fed up and have had enough, it's time to kick him to the curb and throw him overboard. We see that "enjoy" is written down at the bottom of the cake, so we can assume that she certainly is going to enjoy being newly unwed. She's got 99 problems, and thankfully getting rid of her good-for-nothing husband could solve maybe about half of them! This hilarious and adorable cake would be perfect for any newly divorced woman's party, because she'll definitely be celebrating her solved problem of being unmarried to a jerk. We're partying right on with you girl!

7 It's All About Me Now

Who wouldn't want to smash and smother their ex-husband in their divorce party cake? But since it probably wouldn't be a good idea to do so in real life, as much as you'd want to, why not take that same fantasy and put it on a cake? The bride is totally care-free, arms crossed and smiling while the groom's head is buried inside the cake, with his body upside down. The wife appears happy to be on her own. It's all about her now, and her ex can shove it. She's about to live life for herself and only herself and doesn't have to worry about some whiny husband annoying and irritating her to no end. And she keeps it classy with the pretty pink frosting and flowers. It's the exact opposite of a wedding cake, a divorce cake with a good sense of humor.

6 Free at Last!

While some people see marriage as a beautiful way of declaring your journey on the rest of your life with the love of your life, others see it more like a prison. The idea of being with one person forever slowly begins to turn them off, especially after seeing what it's like to live with all their spouse's shortcomings and hang-ups 24/7. Or it could be that their spouse turned out to be a complete control freak or a nuisance to deal with, making it impossible for them to work out their differences. So divorce can be looked at as a shot to freedom. The divorcee with this cake is obviously very glad to no longer be tied down in the commitment they call "marriage" and will enjoy their life as a free man or woman. The metal shackles weighing them down have been cut. According to this funny little cake, marital ties are severed, and the newly divorced are happy to be free. This cake was a cute and funny way of turning divorce into a celebration rather than a sob story.

5 Unhitched from The Witch

Well, look at how the tables have turned. Instead of the woman in the equation celebrating, in this case, it looks like it’s the husband that is rejoicing. But that's not very unusual. What we do think is a little unusual is that he's got an actual divorce cake to celebrate his divorce from his wife. Oh well, anyone jaded from a bad marriage has the right to celebrate their freedom anyway they wish, right? We've got to admit that "unhitched from the witch" is pretty hilarious. How many guys complain about being married to a total, well, witch? Guys can end up marrying some not so great women out here, too, sadly, making them regret their decision of getting hitched in the first place. So getting a divorce would naturally be the best option for them to get back to being happy with their lives and no longer worrying about endless nagging and badgering.

4 Boy, Bye!

Isn't this just the cutest little divorce cake you've ever seen? It's an obvious dedication to Beyoncé’s album “Lemonade”. For those who don’t know, the highly acclaimed album puts the struggles of faithful women in relationships front and center, and created huge buzz and speculation involving Beyoncé’s marriage to Jay Z. Whether the album was her way of breaking silence, or just another marketing ploy, either way, it had women by the millions singing "Middle fingers up! Hold them hands high! Put it in his face, tell him boy, bye!" A newly divorced woman who also happens to be a Beyoncé' fan could really appreciate this rather funny, and artistic, divorce cake. It almost makes us want to run out and marry someone just to divorce them and have this cake at our divorce party. Or you could just get it for a friend you suspect is having some marital struggles herself.

3 May Divorce Be With You

OK, who else laughed out loud when they saw this divorce cake right here? Come on, it's ingenious, and hilarious. For all the Star Wars geeks out here, or remotely anyone with a good sense of humor, this would be a dream come true if they find out they'll ever be getting a divorce. From the play on words "May the force be with you" to the picture of Yoda, this has got to be one of the best divorce cakes ever! Now, when you first read it, it actually sounds like a wish of ill will or bad luck on you. It would be the perfect cake to leave on the counter for when your spouse comes home and you don't want to tell them straight to their face. It's the perfect way to drop a hint because if this doesn't work, probably nothing will. Who wants this cake at their divorce party? We know we do!

2 Pushing You Away

Not only is the creativity and craftsmanship of this cake spectacular, but the story playing out here is also really funny. This bride is literally pushing her husband away, wedding ring and all. He is hanging off the top tier of the cake and she is just smiling away, not giving a care in the world that he's going to most likely fall off and break a lot of bones, and that's best case scenario! The poor man is holding on for dear life and she's just like "Bye, bye!" This is one of the funniest and best made divorce cakes ever made! It's so smart and cute and hilarious at the same time. Whoever thought of the idea behind this cake and made it come to life in such an artistic and humorous way deserves all the awards. A divorce party with this cake on display would be a hit.

1 Settlement for Her: The Lot! Settlement for Him: Nil!

This divorce cake right here says it all: break her heart, and she'll end your life as you once knew it. Presumably, he was probably the one with the popcorn and beer relaxing in the recliner chair in front of the TV. Now that they're divorced, he's lost his spot to his now ex-wife, while he sits under the comfort of a cardboard box. Their settlement left her everything and him absolutely nothing. So not only does she no longer have a sorry excuse for a husband around anymore, but she got to keep everything she needed and wanted. This is probably the dream come true for any woman sick of her marriage. Not only does she get to be by herself, but she gets to take everything he has, leaving his sorry behind on the street. We guess divorce can be a happy ending, at least for the woman in this situation!

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