15 Athletes Who Landed Women Way Out Of Their League

Whatever their playing field, whether it’s a basketball court, soccer field or football arena, professional male athletes often look like monsters with bulked up bodies, headgear and painted faces. But after the game, often dressed in tailored suits and looking dapper, they can be real handsome men. Many of them have unbelievably great looking wives. Is it that polished look? Or maybe it’s the millions of dollars most of them make that attract those drop dead gorgeous ladies!

Truthfully though, many of the beautiful wives of pro athletes had their own thing popping before they married those super star (and rich) men. Some were and still are models, singers, actresses and entrepreneurs.

Indeed, pro athletes have no trouble attracting and dating fine AF women. Tiger Woods married a model and also dated Lindsay Vaughn. The Kardashian sisters seem to love basketball players, and there are several actresses who could literally have anyone on the planet that have chosen rough and tumble guys who give it their all playing games, literally, in front of millions of screaming of fans.

Sportscaster Brent Musburger once said during a broadcast of a rising college football star when the cameras focused on the player's gorgeous girlfriend: “Quarterbacks get all the good-looking women.” He was reprimanded for saying that on the air, but it’s turned out to be very true, as many of football’s starting quarterbacks (and other sports stars) have scored with stunning women.

Dating is one thing though, and marrying is another. Here’s a list of 15 that have walked down the aisle, and many have also made babies with their favorite sports heroes.

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15 QB Ryan Tannehill Scores With Lauren

Ryan Tannehill was introduced as the Miami Dolphins quarterback in 2012, but what really got the cameras clicking was the beauty standing next to him… his wife Lauren. The lady with the blue-green eyes has found her own fame, landing multiple modeling gigs. And last year she had a baby boy, which the couple named Steel. Lauren went to Texas A&M, graduating in 2010 with a degree in communications with a minor in psychology. Before marrying Tannehill in 2012, she worked for a cardiologist. Once she made her debut by her husband’s side when the Dolphins drafted him, Lauren was recruited by a modeling agency. In addition to being a mom and wife, she occasionally does photo shoots. Tannehill is sidelined by an injury for now, so maybe the couple will bide their time making baby No. 2.

14 NBA Star Dwyane Wade Went Hollywood For Gabrielle Union 

It’s not easy being a top NBA player, dad to two sons (and an adopted nephew) and entrepreneur – and attracting a stunning woman – but Dwyane Wade did just that. And he married her, despite the fact that he had a new baby with another woman while the two were on a hiatus from each other. The woman is TV and film star Gabrielle Union. Wade is a three-time NBA Champion (with the Miami Heat) who now plays for the Chicago Bulls. Union has her own stellar track record, including popular movies such as “Deliver Us From Eva,” “Bring It On” and “Love & Basketball,” just to name a few. Currently, the fabulous 44-year-old is in her fourth season as the star of “Being Mary Jane” on BET. Union is from Omaha, Nebraska.

13 Andy Roddick Successfully Courted Supermodel Brooklyn Decker

Supermodel Brooklyn Decker and tennis champion Andy Roddick married in 2009. The couple began dating in 2007. They have a son, born in September 2015, named Hank, and it was just announced that the looker is pregnant again, this time with a daughter. Decker has appeared multiple times in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and she was on the cover in 2010. In addition, she’s popular with Victoria's Secret and has also scored a few acting roles on television and film. Roddick has earned a lot of trophies during his career, but he undoubtedly knows his biggest win came with his hook-up with Decker. At his recent induction into the Tennis Hall of Fame, the 34-year-old said of his 30-year-old wife: “You’re an unreal artist, businesswoman, mother, wife, sister and friend.” And may we add… beautiful.

12 NFL’s Wes Welker Makes Best Catch Ever With Model Anna Burns

Former NFL receiver Wes Welker married model Anna Burns in Aspen, Colorado in 2012. It was the best catch the former wide receiver ever made, and this is a guy that went to a few Super Bowls with iconic QB Tom Brady. He also played with Peyton Manning. Welker is no longer playing, but he’s still in the NFL, now as an assistant coach for the Texans. His wife is a former Hooters Girl, who won the title of Miss Hooters International in 2005. She was kind of like the NFL’s version of Ayesha Curry, as she was often known to make headlines from her social media accounts. She often commented on her husband’s opponents. The year the Patriots played the Ravens, and the Ravens won, she badmouthed Ravens’ player Ray Lewis, reminding people on social media that he was once charged with murder. After a lot of hoopla about the whole thing, Burns apologized and her and hubby and their kids are living happily ever after in Texas.

11 Love & Basketball With Carmelo Anthony And LaLa

Carmelo Anthony and LaLa Vasquez are a perfect match. He’s an NBA baller and she’s a TV personality… they both love the spotlight and hanging with their celebrity friends, who include Kim Kardashian and LeBron James. LaLa was once a VJ on MTV’s popular TRL “(Total Request Live”). She is also a best-selling author and actress, appearing in films such as “Think Like a Man,” and on TV shows such as “Power” and “Unforgettable.” Earlier this year, Anthony was busted for cheating on LaLa and the two separated. They have a son named Kiyan. But in late June, Lala, whose real name is Alani Vazquez, did several TV interviews and admitted she is not ready to divorce Carmelo. “We are just going through a [tough] time right now,” she said. Melo recently sent his wife of seven years a loving message on Instagram, and when TV talk diva Wendy Williams asked her if he wanted her back, the 38-year-old Lala responded with, “Why wouldn’t he?” You go girl!

10 Dustin Johnson Scores Ace In Hole With Paulina Gretzky

Paulina Gretzky is the stunning daughter of the Great One, hockey legend Wayne Gretzky. And she seems to have hit a drive of her own with PGA Tour pro golfer Dustin Johnson. The couple got engaged in August 2013 after just a few months of courtship, and although they haven’t yet officially walked down the aisle, they already have two kids. River Jones was just born June 12 and the first son, Tatum, was born Jan. 19, 2015. Paulina has worked as a model and has also released several songs as well. She picked up some acting roles, including an appearance in “Grown Ups 2.” Paulina has also modeled. Johnson is currently one of the top ranked golfer in the world. Gretzky’s dad was once considered the best hockey player in the world, and now Paulina has two baby boys who will probably want to follow their dad’s and grandpa’s footsteps and be No. 1 at something!

9 Tony Romo And Candice Crawford Building Own Team

Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback (he retired this year after sitting out most of last year with injuries) is building his own team, it seems, with wife Candice Crawford, a former top 10 Miss USA pageant participant. The former Miss Missouri and Romo are expecting their third child, and it’s reportedly another boy. Before locking in Crawford, Romo dated several well-known women, including singer Jessica Simpson. Crawford and Romo met in 2009 and started dating, and then tied the knot in 2011. Crawford is due Sept. 1, which is opening day in the NFL. The blond beauty once worked as a sports broadcaster, but she seems to have found her niche as a co-partner in Hawk + Sloan, a company set up to offer parent-friendly products. The name comes from her first born (Hawk) and the first-born of her partner Hollie Siglin (Sloan).

8 Super Bowl QB Tom Brady Wins With Super Model Gisele Bündchen

New England Patriots QB Tom Brady has racked up five Super Bowl wins, but his biggest score is perhaps his marriage to super model Gisele Bündchen. Once referred to as “the last great super model,” the Brazilian beauty met the iconic quarterback via a blind date, like these two would have trouble getting dates! But even before Gisele, Brady’s game with the ladies was legendary. Prior to her, Brady dated actress Bridget Moynahan. Just after they split (December 2006), it was announced that she was pregnant. She gave birth to a son (John Edward) in August 2007. By then, Brady and Gisele were on their way to becoming the “it” couple. They married in 2009. They have a son (Benjamin) and a daughter (Vivian Lake) together. Gisele, who was among the highest paid models in the world, retired from the runway in 2015.

7 A.J. McCarron Shares Spotlight With Beauty Queen Katherine Webb

Back in 2013, aspiring quarterback A.J. McCarron was playing in the BCS National Championship game. But he soon lost the spotlight to a woman who would eventually become his wife… Katherine Webb. Just a year earlier, Webb was named Miss Alabama and she had begun dating McCarron. That same year, the southern siren made the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. McCarron and Webb are now married and A.J. plays for the Cincinnati Bengals. The couple’s first child was born on May 24, 2016. Webb revealed that she gained 44 pounds during her pregnancy, and said she dropped 20 of those within nine days of giving birth. Recently she posted some photos of herself getting some sun with son Tripp, and it’s obvious that she’s back to her bikini body.

6 NHL’s Mike Fisher Skates To Songs Of Carrie Underwood

She’s an “American Idol” winner, -award winning singer and the wife of NHL player Mike Fisher. Singer Carrie Underwood began dating Fisher of the Nashville Predators after meeting him backstage in 2008 at one of her concerts. A year later, the couple was engaged and married July 10 at a plantation in Greensboro, Georgia. In February 2015, Underwood gave birth to a son named Isaiah Michael. Over the last several months, there have been rumors that Fisher and Underwood were on the road to Splitsville. However, Underwood says the rumors are untrue, and considering that she is known to be a devout Christian, we doubt divorce is in their future. Underwood, in fact, wholly supports her hockey-playing husband. She surprised him and Nashville Predators fans by singing the national anthem at a playoff game a few months ago.

5 Evan Longoria Hits Home Run With Playmate Jaime Edmondson

What young boy didn’t want to marry a Playboy centerfold? Well, dreams do come true. Ask Major League Baseball player Evan Longoria. The Tampa Bay Rays third baseman hit a home run when he married former Playboy Playmate Jaime Faith Edmondson in 2015. Edmondson dated the baseball player for three years before officially tying the knot, although the couple had their first child – daughter Elle – back in 2013. A son, Nash, was born in November 2014. Edmondson has a degree in criminal justice from Florida Atlantic University. In addition to her Playboy layout, she also was a Miami Dolphins cheerleader, and her and another cheerleader – Cara Rosenthal – competed on “The Amazing Race,” twice. During the 14th season, the pair came in second. Edmondson also worked as a police officer for two years at one point.

4 Russell Wilson Makes Successful Pass At Ciara

Singer Ciara was once romantically linked to platinum-selling rapper Future. In fact, the two had a son together, which they named Future. But things got rocky (dude has a history of failed relationships with multiple kids with multiple women). Little did Ciara know, her Prince Charming was waiting in the wings. Super Bowl quarterback Russell Wilson was enamored with the singer/dancer by all reports, and when they hooked up, he also welcomed Baby Future into his world of fast football, major endorsements and a Christian lifestyle. The match up did cause a bit of friction between Ciara and Future, and it played out in the court of public opinion, as the two lashed out at each other. In the end, though, Prince Charming (Wilson) won his lady’s hand, presenting her with a multimillion dollar diamond and a wedding fit for, well, a prince and his princess. Their wedding was held in Great Britain in a castle with a host of celebrity friends that included Serena Williams and Jennifer Hudson. And now, the happy couple is living happily ever after with their new baby girl - named Sienna Princess - and little Future.

3 Soccer's Chris Smalling Reaches Goal With Model Sam Cooke

Chris Smalling plays professional soccer with the Manchester United. But his biggest claim to fame may be scoring a goal by marrying model Sam Cooke. She’s quite a catch, one who loves to play with the public. An example is how she paraded around bra-less in a white dress right before her wedding in Lake Como, Italy in June. That was before changing into a sleek number for the actual ceremony. Cooke is a popular cover girl and model for a variety of men’s magazines, including Maxim, Front, FHM, Loaded and Nuts. The stunning pair’s wedding was held on a private island and was as lavish as could be. Cooke held her bachelorette party in Barbados, while Smalling took the fellows to Las Vegas. Cooke is from Manchester, England, and is a Page 3 model.

2 NFL Star A.J. Green Locks In ‘Hater’ Singer Miranda Brooke

These two were college sweethearts, but they didn’t tie the know until about five years after they graduated and he went on to be signed by the Cincinnati Bengals. Brooke is a recording artist with Def Jam. She released “Hater” in 2011 and it earned more than a million hits on YouTube. The couple got married in Atlanta in March 2015 and welcomed their first child – a son they named Eaton Ace – in September 2016. How these two met is actually quite a charming story. They started talking on Facebook, and after six months of back and forth on the social media site, they met on the campus of the University of Georgia. These two are devoted to each other. In March 2016, they got baptized together.

1 Steph Curry In Full Court Press With Ayesha Curry

He’s a two-time NBA Champion and she’s a two-time mom, in addition to being an author and Food Network personality. The 28-year-old Ayesah Curry is from Toronto, Canada, who met Steph Curry – her husband and father to her two kids – when she was a teenager. Ayesha had a “no athletes” policy when it came to dating, but Steph had other plans. In fact, after he convinced her to go out with him – he was in college at the time – he spent all the money he had in his pocket to buy a pair of Oakley sunglasses on their first date to impress her. The two were married in 2011 and have two daughters, Riley and Ryan. And right about now, Curry can afford a LOT of Oakley sunglasses!

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