15 Annoying Text Messages Every Woman Has Received (+ 5 She Wishes He'd Send)

The thrill may be as old as the era of the cellular phone, but the rush of excitement when the phone lights up and the name flashing across the screen belongs to him always feels new! Everyone has a "him," that guy who's been sliding into the DMs for a bit and has recently graduated to proving himself worthy enough for those digits! Texting is a completely different ballgame; it's often more personal, which can awaken the slyest of text message analysts to suddenly creep up.

Wondering what the heck he means when he sends that intricate text is often a universal feeling; why does he send those messages, anyway? Some texts can be the sweetest, and the sender a wordsmith. Others, not so much. Reading someone's feelings, whether in a single text or an entire thread, can be extremely romantic. Along with the utterly romantic comes utterly confusing. Sometimes dudes can send text messages proving that age-old saying "Men are from Mars!" Sometimes he wants to make an impression, but his confusing word choice or misunderstood communication can fuel the decision to leave him on "read." What happens when he's a master of emojis one day, and a completely confused communicator the next?

Ladies, we've all been there. What do we do when our dudes hit "send" on a terrible text, or break a perfectly functioning cell phone tower with a laborious novel in text form? Take charge, and let's come together to commiserate over those annoying texts he sends us on the regular!

20 Wish He Wouldn't Send: The Late-Night Text


You've been waiting for the moment all day and it has finally arrived; you've just completed another day and it's time to hit the hay! A second later, something occurs that knocks you out of la la land: your phone lights up, leaving you wondering why in the world someone would text you so late at night!

Oh, but there's a twist. The message came from your new crush. Even though you may consider forgiving him for five seconds for committing the sin of interrupting your slumber, don't! He's a snooze if he can't respect late-night communication boundaries!

19 Wish He Wouldn't Send: The Last-Minute Text

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If your beau has the tendency to text at the last possible second, take note of his habit immediately! You may be thinking that reading too much into a text in order to dissect aspects of his personality may be a little extra, but his habits are extremely telling!

His last-minute communication habits are often an indication of where his priorities lie. If your guy repeatedly keeps you waiting for a response, it can be a reflection of his real-life habits. Let your dude know how irritating it feels to be left on "read" and out in the unknown.

18 Wish He Wouldn't Send: One Word Replies

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If you're looking for a way to tell if your dude is engaged with your conversation or not, look at the number of characters he uses in his messages! If your guy is a verbose man in the real world but a man of few words over text, there's a chance he isn't invested in your conversation, and he's got more on his mind!

An indication your guy knows his ABCs really well may feel very dismissive. Pull your dude aside and let him know text communication is still communication, and you want him to actually show he's invested!

17 Wish He Wouldn't Send: The "Who R U" Text

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Run, don't walk, away from a guy who refuses to save your number in his contacts! Don't be fooled by your great date together and the chemistry you thought was there; text him to see if you really made an impression!

If your guy gives you the classic "new phone, who dis" response and you know for a fact he's had your digits for a while, he's either extremely forgetful or he isn't looking to make any meaningful connections right now. If you're looking for a relationship and don't relate to this dating practice, leave the dude in the dust!

16 Wish He Wouldn't Send: An Overly Flirty Message

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There's nothing wrong with a dude who likes to get a little flirty every once in a while via his cellular device, but if your guy brings his flirting game to the table earlier than you're comfortable with, take action and let him know he needs to take the love game down a few notches!

Boundaries are extremely important to set when your relationship is still young. Be upfront and let your dude know you're feeling uncomfortable with his excessive flirting and you'd rather take your time getting to know him before you get your flirt on. There's always time!

15 Wish He Wouldn't Send: The Verbose Gentleman Text Right Away

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Telling your partner everything is a healthy practice in a relationship, but it takes time for your relationship to evolve before you two begin swapping essays back and forth!

If your dude establishes early on he lives the double-text life on the regular and the constant pinging from his texts starts to feel overbearing, try to focus on a specific section of his novel, and talk exclusively about one subject to slow down the slew of different topics.

In this way, you're able to get to know him at your own pace! Take things slow and see how conversation flows!

14 Wish He Wouldn't Send: The 'Halfway' Text

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One type of text worse than no reply at all is the type of text where you're able to tell your beau isn't paying any attention at all!

Selective reading can feel extremely annoying; it can make you feel like he isn't comprehending anything you have to say. If you feel like your man is purposefully skimming over texts and glossing over the important aspects of your message, save your important conversations for face-to-face communication; he won't be able to gloss over the important points in real life.

Sometimes you have to unplug so he can be completely clued in.

13 Wish He Wouldn't Send: The Needy Text

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Red flags within dating culture can differ from one person to another, but a universal red flag within a "textationship" focuses on his intentions. If you detect a pattern that only emerges when he needs something from you, he's clearly not the right dude for you. It's fair to assume he won't be there when the tables turn, and you're the one who needs his attention and focus.

If you realize you've got a "needy" texter on your thumbs, watch to see if he ever reciprocates your acts of compassion for him. If he never returns the favor, let him go!

12 Wish He Wouldn't Send: The Speedy Text

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Imagine this scenario: you've taken the time to craft the perfect text and you hit "send" only to have him send a lightning fast reply! If you find yourself repeatedly wishing he would just let you breathe, the next move belongs to you.

Sometimes it's hard to tackle a fast texter. He may be really excited to talk to you, or fast talking is just his nature! Without treading some tough waters, take matters into your own hands. Put your phone down for a bit, and be in control of the conversation's pace. Comfort is key within a relationship: take it!

11 Wish He Would Send: The Awesome Apology

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There's no sweeter feeling than when your man realizes he's been in the wrong and sends you that apology text! Sure, it depends on the type of apology he's sending and whether it's fair to send the apology via text message, but the thrill of receiving a text reading "I'm sorry" is still one of the greatest relationship milestones in a swipe-heavy dating era!

An "I'm sorry" text is an opportunity to grow closer with your guy when you're unable to be together in person. Being vulnerable via text message is an essential component of communication.

10 Wish He Wouldn't Send: The 'Time Stamp' Text

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Nobody likes a partner who is constantly inquiring about your up-to-the-minute whereabouts! A strong indication your relationship may be heading for tough territory happens when your partner habitually asks what you're doing and demands an answer if you don't respond right away.

Sometimes it can be extremely annoying to receive a response to an important text hours after you sent it, but in some cases, waiting for his reply is better than demanding a response out of him! Sending a "time stamp" text can result in more trouble than the original subject may be worth. Put the phone down!

9 Wish He Wouldn't Send: Too Many Acronyms

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If reading his texts gives you flashbacks to working out mathematical formulas in chemistry class, nip his extreme acronym use in the bud as fast as possible!

When the internet and texting were in their respective infancies, it was considered cute to shorten your speak into acronyms at every possible opportunity. But it's 2019: we want our partners to be clear about what they're trying to convey!

If his habit bothers you, then you should send a "brb" or "g2g" response! Be clear you'd rather his texts weren't quizzical because your relationship with him isn't for a test grade.

8 Wish He Wouldn't Send: The Wrong Name Text

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Girl, drop him like he's a hot potato if he calls you by the wrong name! Comprehending someone's name upon meeting them requires the smallest amount of effort possible, and if he fails to do that, then it's a neon sign showing you he isn't worth it!

When thinking about the future of your relationship, consider the type of relationship this guy wants. If he doesn't remember your name, he's clearly not looking for a serious relationship right now, and he'd rather stay on the "casual" side of things considering your relationship status, for sure!

7 Wish He Wouldn't Send: No Text At All

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Delete, delete, delete!

It's important to note that a guy who habitually never replies to your texts is not investing the same amount of time into moving your relationship forward as you are. If looking back at your text thread with your new guy makes you feel like you're talking to a wall, move on, ASAP!

Repeatedly leaving you on "read" is an instant sign that your relationship may be DOA. How can a relationship have the room to flourish and grow into a more meaningful relationship when both parties aren't pulling equal weight and investing time into the relationship?

6 Wish He Would Send: The 'Good Memory' Text

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One of the greatest milestones of dating is the first time your potential partner proves he can remember details, no matter how minute they are, about you!

It's tricky to tell if someone is actually listening and comprehending what you have to say through a text, so it is understandable to celebrate when you figure out your new guy is able to recall information about you, especially if you've encountered a string of men who aren't so good at making you feel like gold.

Bonus points if your beau remembers your favorites for fun and unique dating purposes!

5 Wish He Wouldn't Send: The 'U R 2 Much' Text

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No guy should ever make you feel as if you don't matter, or make you feel bad for being yourself in any form or fashion!

If your guy would rather save conversations which should clearly be had IRL, like those about the state of your relationship, for text messages, consider leaving him by the wayside. Likewise, a guy who attempts to break up with you over text by telling you you're "too much" for him is absolutely not worth your time, attention, or the space in your inbox!

4 Wish He Would Send: The Invested 'N' Interested Text

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Of course, we're used to having to play the dating game and invest our energy into wondering whether there's some hidden meaning within a guy's texts, but nothing compares to finding a relationship where you aren't required to constantly wonder if he cares about you!

Finding a guy who clearly shows signs he's interested in you and cares enough to invest an equal amount of time into your relationship means you've got a keeper. It's a bonus if you're able to tell your guy is sweet on you through his text messages. Investment through text is only the beginning of a wonderful relationship!

3 Wish He Wouldn't Send: The Inquisitive Text

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There's absolutely nothing wrong with asking questions! Without making any inquiries, how will it be possible to get to know your new guy? However, too many questions or pressure from your new guy to give him constant explanations about every subject under the sun can be cause for concern!

If you aren't feeling comfortable with answering massive amounts of questions to the point where you feel like you're playing a game of "20 questions" via text message, know that you're never obliged to give him an answer. He should earn your answers by showing he's worthy of knowing fun facts about you!

2 Wish He Would Send: The 'Good Morning' Text

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When you're thinking of relationship moments that are subtle but sweet, look no further than a "good morning" text! There's rarely a better feeling than realizing you're on your guy's mind when you first wake up.

His "good morning" text can be as short or as laborious as he likes. No matter its length, this text is a sign he values your presence in his life and genuinely cares about your wellbeing, and he wants you to start your day off right!

No matter how much the two of you communicate during your day, the "good morning" text can make you feel closer!

1 Wish He Would Send: The BF Text

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Affection and PDA differ from relationship to relationship, but if you and your guy are pro-PDA and like to show it through cute texts filled with affection, it's so awesome to send sweet texts throughout the day!

The "Boyfriend" texts may seem simple, but receiving these affectionate texts can take longer in some cases if your guy is more on the shy side. Finally getting a "BF" text can be an achievement for some, especially when it feels like a long time coming!

Celebrate your guy's sweet side, and send as many mushy texts as possible!

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