15 Annoying Habits Of Yours That He Actually Loves

When it comes to the things your man likes about you, you may be surprised to hear that all of those annoying little habits of yours are actually some of his favorite traits. Guys are very weird creatures. They say they’re annoyed about certain things that you do, but in reality, those are some of the things they like about you most. Don't get us wrong, some of the things you do are probably actually super annoying to him, but he deals with them because he loves everything else about you. But what he won’t tell you is that all of the other little things he thinks are “annoying” are actually the things that made him fall in love with you. Don’t let your boyfriend's cool exterior fool you into thinking he really doesn’t like certain things. If you’re curious what habits he just can’t get enough of, we’ve come up with 15 annoying habits of your he actually loves.

15 When You’re Always Late

Being late for really important events can be a horrible thing and he’ll probably be upset to some degree. But overall, he can’t be mad at you for being late because it’s just how you are. If he thinks you’re late because you don’t value things that are important to him, that’s a problem. But if you’re just late because you’re the type of person to dilly-dally while getting ready or you just lose track of time, he actually loves that about you. The way that you dawdle between tasks or the fact that you take so long getting ready because you want to look perfect for him is actually really endearing. He may pretend to complain and tell you to get a move on, but he’s probably smiling to himself and loving your lateness. Just make sure he’s not being completely serious when he says that you being late is annoying because then you might really have a problem.

14 Talking Way Too Much About Your Day

When you get home after a long day and rattle on and on and on about the same thing, some people may say it’s annoying. However, your boyfriend probably thinks it’s adorable and he loves it. Why? Because you're rambling to him specifically. He loves the fact that you feel comfortable enough around him to just chat endlessly about one single day at work. He loves that you just want to tell him all about your day as if you wish he could’ve experienced it for himself. He might roll his eyes and pretend not to be listening sometimes, but I bet he’s smiling inside knowing that no one else gets to know that much about your day and he feels special because he gets to hear all about it. Plus, we're sure you may think that the information you’re spewing out is pointless, but he loves hearing about what you’re doing when he’s not around.

13 Being a Control Freak

This is only a super cute trait to a certain degree, of course. If you’re a control freak with him and you don’t let him go anywhere or see anyone he likes, that’s a problem. However, if you’re the type that has to have the dishes stacked a certain way, your food a certain temperature, and the toothbrushes facing a certain way in the bathroom, he’s loving those little annoying habits of yours. He loves these things about you because they are what make you who you are. He loves that you care so much about the little things and that you put so much effort into making sure things are neat and orderly. If you’re someone who has a lot of quirks like this and are worried he gets annoyed by them, he doesn’t. He actually loves them more than you may think. After all, he did choose to be with you even though you’re a little bit of a control freak, right?

12 Your Sense Of Humor

Some people hate when others can't take anything seriously and crack jokes no matter what's going on or what situation they're in. Then there are other people (like your lovely BF) who thinks that annoying habit is pretty much the best thing in the world. If you’re the type of girl who just needs to make a joke out of everything and you think it might be really annoying to him, the truth is that he probably loves it. This is especially true if he’s the type of person that has to be serious all the time for his job. He welcomes your refreshing sense of humor and he may even find it super adorable that you try to make jokes out of things that aren’t even funny at all. Being humorous all the time can seem like an exhausting trait but it's probably one of the reasons why this guy is with you since it's part of your sparkling personality and makes you more attractive.

11 Your Clumsiness

Raise your hand if you drop, spill, and make a mess of things all the time? That’s what we thought. Some girls try too hard to hide their clumsiness from their significant others for fear that they're going to gross them out and drive them away. These girls are actually making a big mistake. If anything, guys think your clumsiness is such an adorable trait that they can’t help but admire it. Sure, you may trip over things all the time, but he loves that he gets to be the one to pick you back up. Plus, being able to allow your clumsiness to come out and just laughing it off shows him that you don’t take yourself too seriously, which is definitely something that many guys look for in a girl. So stop being so poised all the time, let your clumsy self out and stop hiding her because it may be the one thing that your man likes most about you.

10 Your Slang

Guys and girls generally have very different slang. While they use more words like “dude”, “Whassup” and “fo sho”, you have a tendency to frequent words like “bae”, “fleek” and “OMG." Some guys may say that your slang is kind of annoying, but when they’re saying that to you with a smile, it’s safe to say that they actually love it. This is mostly because of how different it is. Guys can even get bored of talking to other guys for a while simply because they use the same language over and over again. Going from that and then talking to you where your slang is more colorful and fun is refreshing to him and he loves it. So while he may roll his eyes every time you call him bae and tell him his outfit is on fleek, he really loves it. Don’t be fooled by his hard exterior when he wishes he could be using those words, too.

9 Devouring Junk Food And Complaining About It

All of us ladies do this sometimes. We find the hidden Oreos he stashed away and suddenly lose all sense of self-control and devour the entire container so he has to come home and find us sobbing on the kitchen floor because we have to run ten miles just to burn them all off. While he might roll his eyes and act like your complaints are annoying, he actually loves them and thinks the fact that you lost control like that is adorable. This is just because he gets it. He knows what it’s like to just lose yourself in a pack of Oreos or an entire box of mac and cheese. He also thinks it’s really cute how much you want to stay in shape and that now you've found your motivation to hit the gym hard for the next week. Remember: if he finds you shoving your face full of junk food, he loves it, that's for sure. So it's nothing to worry about.

8 Your Loud And Obnoxious Laugh

We all have those moments when we lose control of ourselves because something is so funny that our normally adorable laugh turns into something that resembles a hyena’s mating call. On a regular basis, we try so hard to withhold the worst of our laugh so our men find our giggle charming and adorable. Little do you know, that he actually prefers the hyena-ish laugh over anything else simply because he loves how free you look when laughing like this. When you just can’t hold in something that loud and obnoxious, he knows you’re being completely genuine and that is more appealing to him than an “attractive” sounding chuckle. Even if he tells you that it sounds ridiculous, he loves it. He also loves it so much just because it makes you seem more human. It makes him see that you can really be yourself around him, which he loves.

7 Your Bad Singing

We know you sing at the top of your lungs at a pitch that could make a bird flying by explode in thin air. And guess what? So does your boyfriend. The truth is that even if you try to hide your terrible singing, he’ll still hear it from time to time and it’s actually very humorous to him. Sure, you may want him to think you have the voice of an angel and not the voice of a zombie that’s been decaying for a century. However, he actually prefers when you just let loose and let your terrible voice be heard. It’s really funny to him and he thinks it’s adorable the way you just can’t sing at all no matter how hard you try. When you do this, you’re actually showing him it’s okay to not be perfect because you’re by no means perfect either. Many men find this reassuring because then they don’t have to try so hard to put on a show.

6 Your Hangry Status

Can we please just have a moment of silence for all the boyfriends who have been yelled at, cursed at, and even injured in dealing with the hanger of a hungry girlfriend? Thank you. No matter how much of a pain you are when you’re really hungry and have suddenly turned into the Hulk, he actually thinks it’s really cute when you go turbo monster on him when you haven’t eaten for a few hours. Now, this is with reason, of course. If you’re just using your hunger as an excuse to be super rude to him, then he obviously doesn’t like that. But if you just genuinely get agitated and grumpy when you haven’t eaten for a while, he loves it and thinks it’s super cute when you do. Not only does he get to be the one to put your attitude right, but your nose gets all scrunched up when you’re crabby and it’s adorable.

5 Your Dramatic Sound Effects

You know the ones we're talking about. When you make the weirdest noises out of nowhere when you’re tired or scared or cold or hungry, he can’t help but love them. Sure, they may sound strange and catch him by surprise, but they’re 100% unique to you and he couldn’t love anything more. The truth is that guys like knowing they’re dating someone who is unlike anyone else. They like knowing that you can be completely yourself around them and letting out those little noises is a great way of showing them that. No matter who else says those things are annoying, just know that your boyfriend is not someone who thinks they are. In fact, it’s probably one of the things he likes the most about you. By making your dramatic noises when you see bugs or something scares you on TV, you’re giving him more things to fall in love with.

4 Your Snoring

Not all of us ladies sleep like perfect little angels. Some of us snore in our sleep and as long as it’s not so loud that our significant others can’t sleep, it’s actually something they may like about us... especially if we completely deny that we even do it. Sometimes we might not even know we’re doing this and we wake up to them laughing at us. If you keep denying that you snore because you think he doesn’t like it, you’re only making him like it more. He actually loves this because you try so hard to be perfect and seem like someone without flaws when you’re awake but you just can’t help snoring when you’re asleep and that to him is like a sneak peak into a version of you that’s not quite so perfect. And believe me when we say that he loves that version of you so you honestly and truly have nothing to worry about here.

3 Changing Outfits 20 Times Before Going Out

We’re all guilty of this. We’ve all tried on multiple outfits before heading out on a date night with our boyfriends and we’ve all watched them moan and groan about us taking forever. The truth is, they don’t actually mind this at all as long as you don’t actually have to be anywhere for dinner reservations or to a certain event. First of all, he loves the fact that you want to wear something and look just right for the occasion and him. Secondly, he gets to watch you try on so many different outfits that you look great in, only to find the one that makes you look amazing in his eyes. Thirdly, he just gets to watch you take your clothes off multiple times within a short time span and hey, what guy wouldn’t love that? The point is that even if you think his eye rolls and deep sighs are telling you to hurry the hell up, he doesn’t mind at all.

2 Wanting To Know Every Detail About His Childhood

We have all stayed up for hours on end questioning our boyfriends about every detail about their childhood. We wanted to know about their favorite movie, their favorite cartoon, their favorite superhero, what they wanted to be when they grew up, and much more. They may roll their eyes and act like they don’t want to talk about their behavior as a young child but let me just tell you, they love chatting about it. They love that you want to know about it because that means you want to know who they really are and what past experiences shaped them into that person that you love today. By asking so many questions about what they were like when they were little, you’re letting them know that you care more about them than just what you know now. That’s not even to mention the baby pictures you want to see...

1 Taking Forever to Get Ready

We’ve already been over the fact that he likes to watch you try on tons of different outfits when getting ready, but he also really loves that you take your time to shower, do your hair, and do your makeup. It may seem like he dislikes that you have to have everything perfect and that you take forever in the bathroom but the truth is, he enjoys that fact that you have such a solid routine and that you put so much effort into looking great for him. He also thinks it’s fascinating how you can spend some time in the bathroom and walk out looking how you do. He may even stand in the bathroom doorway watching you do all of that work because he appreciates how much patience you have and how you’re able to sit and do something like that because he would never be able to do such a thing. Basically, he appreciates your ability to get ready, just as much as he loves the rest of these seemingly annoying things on this list.

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