15 Annoying Habits of Highly Emotional, Overreacting Women

You probably have not noticed, but there are probably a few times when your BFF says that she is pretty fed up with you. She can't hold her words back and says some things that shake you up. But since she is a dear friend and also a fellow woman, chances are you did not really think she was that frustrated with you. Maybe you thought that she was totally overreacting. Maybe she is, maybe she is not. The point is that women have the tendency to overreact. About everything. They tend to be highly emotional too and it is just not cute anymore. Do not worry if this describes you. We are here to help. We are here to make sure you are not overreacting and being a highly emotional witch with a b that the world does not need. Here is your handy checklist: 15 habits of women who overreact and are super emotional.

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15 They Take Forever To Make Decisions

We all hate this person, don’t we? That person who takes forever to decide whether she’ll buy the white dress or the blue one? OMG, just pick one! Or buy both! This is the type of woman that other men and women want to scream at. This is not a cute attitude and it will never be, so you should stop. For real. Taking forever to pee or to take a bath is understandable. All women take forever to take a bath. But deciding what to wear, what food to eat, which hotel to book for your weekend trip -- that’s just annoying. Seriously. What’s so hard about that? Most women who have this attitude are the same type of women who want everything to be perfect. They wear the wrong shoes and they overreact like little kids. Come on, let’s just love ourselves more, okay? And accept the fact that sometimes, we really don't get these types of women.

14 They Make A Big Deal Out Of Everything

And then we have the women who make a big deal out of absolutely everything. Too much foam on her coffee? You’ll see a monster in the coffee shop. A date is five minutes late? She'll make it seem like he was five hours late. Don't you think this is annoying? Don’t you think that this would piss us all off? We want to shout out to all the women out there who make everything a big deal. We don’t hate you, but we wish you would stop with this attitude. We wish you would help make this world a better place. Because it can be a better place... if only there were fewer people who are both too tense and too much to handle. If you're this kind of woman, know this: we want you to have the best time in life and this is not the way to achieve this. This annoying habit is a way to piss people off and make them hate you.

13 They Don't Understand Humor

When we say that these women are highly emotional and overreacting, you might think we’re talking about the women who laugh even at the corniest jokes. We’re not talking about those women. We’re talking about the women who don't understand jokes at all. The women who have no idea what humor is and who are always super serious in life. These women are actually not that bad. They take life and work seriously. They act like real adults. But they’re also super annoying. They don’t smile all that much and they certainly don’t laugh when others make jokes. This is the woman who laughs last when you and your friends are joking about the nerdy guy in high school. If that sounds familiar then yes, you do have a highly emotional, overreacting friend. And believe it when we say that is alarming. What else can be more alarming than a person who doesn’t understand humor?

12 They’re Super Attached To Things And People

They really are... and it’s super annoying. It takes them forever to say goodbye to the 50 Barbie dolls they owned when they were kids. It takes them a lifetime to say goodbye to the house they lived for the past 20 years. Yes, we understand that there are things we can’t just let go of. We all have that item or two that we’re so attached to, we would totally want to take it anywhere we go. But these type of women always overreact. They’re attached to everything, even to the dog they met a few hours ago or the stray cat that has been playing in their backyard. If that stray cat is found by its owner, this overreacting woman would cry a river because she needs to say goodbye to the feline. Just imagine how much of a pain in the butt this type of woman is when it comes to relationships with real people! Yup, that's saying something.

11 Their Hobby Is The Past

Now this is just plain irritating. You know you’re in a relationship with an overreacting woman when she has a habit of digging into your past, especially when it has something to do with the mistakes you’ve done before. And yes, this goes not only for heterosexual couples but also for those in the LGBTQ+ community. Just because you two ladies are in love doesn't mean you understand each other very well. Sometimes, there are things you will never understand about your partner. And when talking about overreacting women, this is the one thing so difficult to understand. Because really, how can you explain that hobby of yours to dig into your partner’s past issues? What, you’ll just say "it's fun"? We hate to break it to you, woman, but if you know you’re this kind of person, we suggest you stop. We suggest you find a different hobby. This is not fun. Not at all.

10 They Cry 24/7

Yep, we are talking about the cry-babies here. The women who cry over the smallest things, like their boyfriend being late for a few minutes. They quickly decide that this guy and the entire world hates them. The woman who lost her pet hamster and cries like a 6-year-old because she feels terrible and she thinks her hamster intentionally left her. The woman who locks herself in the restroom because her boss noticed that she misspelled one word in the email. Small things. Petty things. All these feels like giant boulders for a highly emotional woman. As a result, they cry over everything. And they are annoying us. All of us. Because if you’re not annoyed by a person who cries over something really petty, we don’t know what else we can say. This is the kind of habit that women should stop. It’s just not cute.

9 They Comment On Everything And Everyone

We know this may be contradictory to the other things on this list but it's true. Another sign that your friend or girlfriend is a highly emotional, overreacting woman is that she comments on everything and everyone. When she sees a woman wearing an ugly pair of sunglasses she’ll talk about it all she wants. When she notices your new haircut and she hates it, she’ll talk about it and she will say she hates it, even if you’re her friend, boyfriend, sibling, whatever. This type of woman has a super narcissistic attitude. She’s the only pretty one. She’s the only perfect woman here. She’s the best of the best and everybody else around her is ugly. But when someone comments something negative about her, she cries like a child. Geez, why are some people this complicated? Can’t we all just live peacefully? Do we really have to be mean and to overreact on everything?

8 They Love And Hate Freedom

The thing about highly emotional women is that, well, they get carried away easily. When they read an article about how beautiful and affordable Bali, Indonesia is, they want to go there. Immediately. They tell you how much they want to live a carefree life and that they actually plan on living this way. But after a day or two, reality hits them and they realize that they can’t. Maybe this is because they have no savings yet or because they have no job yet but the point is, these women change their minds too fast because they easily get carried away by their emotions. As harmless as it sounds, this is the kind of attitude you’d want to erase. If you know you have this attitude, please, work out on erasing it from our system. This is not sexy at all. This is more alarming than attractive, actually. Come to think of it, if you easily get carried away by your emotions, can you imagine where it will carry you? Can you handle that?

7 They Celebrate Small Milestones

Why in the world would people want to celebrate even the smallest milestone? For some, they may not even consider it a milestone in the first place! Milestones are buying a house or getting a job promotion or finally getting the chance to travel. But for overreacting women, even the small achievement of taking a bath for 3 days straight is totally a milestone for them. Insane? Not really. Believe it or not, there are actual, real human beings who think and act this way. They think that they need to party and drink and have some sort of celebration about super tiny moments. This type of woman can be very draining. When it comes to a relationship, they don't just celebrate anniversaries as in being with someone for an entire year -- they celebrate being with someone for a week. Yup. That means champagne and cake and gathering with friends every week. It may sound fun but if this happens every week for one year, you will realize how exhausting these women are.

6 They Think You Don't Love Them

Oh yes, these type of women definitely overreact like this. This is not the worst level of overreacting women but it is pretty draining. No matter how much you tell them you love them, no matter how much effort you exert to make sure they feel that you love them, they still have days when they think you don’t. And more often than not, those days are almost every day. Yes, you read that right. Maybe when they wake up, they want to cuddle and be sweet because they know you love them and they just want to be sweet girlfriends. But as the day continues, they will have this crazy idea that you don’t love them. Maybe it’s triggered by something you did, maybe their brain is just playful, but you get the idea. This type of women is difficult to be in a relationship with. They’re amazing women but this habit can also be very toxic.

5 They Get Nervous And Panic A Lot

These women get super nervous and panic a lot every five seconds over absolutely everything (even really small things) and it is really annoying. It is not real anxiety, it is overreacting. Most people who feel anxious about the smallest things are usually attention seekers. They want the world to pay extra attention to them and they want their friends and relatives to be extra caring and loving towards them. If you have this kind of friend, you would be able to identify here easily. Because you are secretly pissed off at her but you are not saying it because you are trying to be patient. You are trying to be a good friend. But the reality is, she is just overreacting. She is not really anxious about things. It is like her brain is programmed to make her feel anxious (or appear to be anxious) so the people around would be more considerate.

4 They Troll Their BFs On Social Media

Highly emotional women have the tendency to love too much. And by too much, we mean they act like crazy girls afraid that someone will steal their boyfriends from them. Wait, what? Yup, really. These type of people tend to be super jealous and they tend to build 10-foot steel walls around them and their partner to make sure nobody will come between the two of them. As crazy as it sounds, it couldn't be any more true. And the worst part is they love to troll on the internet. They even troll their boyfriends because they think it’s cute. They think it’s sweet. What they don’t know is they’re making things more complicated and instead of making their boyfriends feel extra special, they’re making them want to run for the hills. And of course, if they’re trolling their boyfriends on the internet, expect that they’re also trolling their friends. Ooops!

3 They Don't Move On Quickly

Once the boyfriend finally leaves this woman because he’s fed up with her, she will take forever to move on. She’ll keep on clinging on to him and she’ll do everything to persuade him to come back. Don’t you think that’s annoying? We definitely do! See, if the guy doesn’t want you anymore, whether it’s you or it’s him that has issues, let him go. Let him walk away and leave. Girl, you deserve someone a lot better, okay? Stop being so emotional and so attached to a man. Believe it when we say you will find someone new. Highly emotional women often take forever to move on because they’ve invested so much love in the relationship. They feel like this man is their forever so they pour all their love to him. If there’s one takeaway here, it is to always leave something for yourself. So even if a man decides to leave you, or if the relationship just didn’t work, moving on won’t be so hard.

2 They Mock Everything

Aside from the fact that these types of women tend to overreact, they also tend to pay too much attention to everything. Literally everything. They tend to notice even the smallest details and they mock a lot of things, thinking that this makes them look better. If you have this habit then let us tell you, mocking everything and/or everyone won’t make you extra special. It won’t make you richer or prettier or whatever you’re thinking will happen. Noticing that someone is having problems in life or how something is imperfect won’t make your own life better. There’s a fine line between noticing and actually doing something about it. Overreacting women just notice. Real, decent women take action. They do something about it. They fix the thing that they noticed is broken. They help people that they have noticed have problems. It may be a small act or a big act.  What’s important for them is they exerted effort to help. You may want to try that some time.

1 They Don't Listen To Advice

If there is one thing that pisses us the most about highly emotional women, it's that they don’t value the thoughts and emotions of other people. What’s important for them is only their own emotions and thoughts. When it comes to advice from others, they would rather not listen to it. So if you have a highly emotional friend and you decided to talk to her about it but she ended up not paying attention, don’t ask why. This is just the way that these people are. Instead of yammering on about her bad attitude, consider taking a different approach. One that will encourage her to open her mind and be more considerate. These women are adorable and amazing and lovely, just like anyone else. It just so happened that they’re overreacting. Which means they need someone else to help them snap out of it. You can be that person!

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