15 Amazing Shows To Look Forward To This Year

It's no secret that a lot of us are super happy that 2016 is over and it's now 2017. And so it's time to officially kick off winter television. That means our favorite shows are returning from their hiatus and it also means that there are mid-season shows aka even more shows to fall in love with. This year, we can expect everything from superhero shows to crime dramas to zombie comedies and even some fantasies, too. This is a great year to be a television junkie and we're already stressed AF about how we're going to watch all this stuff. Who are we kidding, we always manage to find the time. That's because we are true TV fans and we are basically experts at this point. Here are 15 shows that we have to look forward to in 2017. We think that these are going to be some of the best ones ever and we just can't wait.

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15 'Powerless'

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If you watch a lot of superhero shows, then you know they basically all follow the same format. The good guy figures out that he has magical powers thanks to a freak accident. He becomes a hero and battles a different villain in every episode and causes a ton of destruction. There's nothing wrong with this formula, but it does get old fast! Powerless, a brand new super-hero comedy, is coming to NBC and will be unlike any superhero show you've ever seen! Instead of the heroes getting to tell the story, Powerless is about insurance agents who have to deal with their destruction (shattered windows, broken buildings). The main character is Emily Locke (Vanessa Hudgens), an insurance adjuster for a company specializing in claims from unlucky citizens whose property has been destroyed in through battles. Powerless shows what happens after the bad guy has been put away. On Powerless, Emily and her colleagues are here to make sure that the heroes are held accountable for their recklessness.

14 'Riverdale'

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If Riverdale looks familiar, then that's because it's based on the beloved Archie comics. It's a teen drama that is a darker take on the material but still will bring your childhood favorites to life in the best way possible. On the surface, Riverdale seems like your average small town America but things aren't quite so innocent. Of course, they never are, right?! The first season will revolve around a murder mystery. Cody Sprouse, one half of the troubled duo on the Disney show The Sweet Life Of Zach And Cody, is back on TV with this show, which is another reason to tune in. He is definitely not the cute blonde we grew up watching. Now he's playing the infamous Jughead who has jet black hair (and still looks super hot, let's be real here). He's super mysterious and that's yet another reason to watch this show. We just know it's going to be our new obsession this year and we're definitely ready for it.

13 'Dear White People'

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You probably remember the show Dear White People, right? It came out back in 2014 and now there's a television version which is airing this year. This was a super satirical film that followed a group of black students in a predominately white school. It addresses things about black culture that the students want their white peers to know, so while it's funny, it's also extremely serious. It deals with important subjects like racism and stereotypes that we never really see in movies or hear talked about all that often. While the movie was criticized a bit, the reception was mostly positive, especially at film festivals. In fact, it was so well-received at Sundance that Netflix ordered a series based off of the film in May 2016. This year, we're finally going to get to see it come to fruition. The comedy will air on Netflix and will star Brandon P. Bell, Logan Browning, and Antoinette Robinson.

12 'APB'

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How far would you go to solve the murder of a loved one? Would any price be too steep to pay? That's the question that this show answers. ABP is a brand new show about Gideon Reeves, a billionaire who seizes control of a police station in order to solve the death of a loved one. Yeah, he gives $100 million to an otherwise struggling police force to help solve the murder of this best friend, which he witnessed. The show is actually based on a New York Times article, "Who Runs The Streets Of New Orleans" so we have a feeling it's going to at least be interesting and entertaining. The show stars Justin Kirk, Natalie Martinez, and Caitlin Stasey. Of course, it sounds like an awesome show but it would be super terrifying if this really happened, right? Policeman are public servants who need to be able to do their jobs without any conflicts of interest. For the show, however, we're totally there.

11 'Big Little Lies'

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You know and love Pretty Little Liars, a show about a group of hot young women who get wrapped in a possible murder and blackmail. Now get ready for Big Little Lies, a show that also revolves around murder but stars a group of housewives (basically the adult version of PLL). The show is based on the famous book by Liane Morality and at first, this group of mothers seem to have totally perfect lives. After all, they seem rich, successful, and happily married. What could be wrong, right? Well, you'll soon find out that things aren't alway as they seem. This show has gossip, cheating, and criminal activity too. The cool thing is it's going to be on HBO and it stars Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, and Shailene Woodley. If you haven't read the book, then make sure you read it ASAP so you can watch the show as soon as it premieres.

10 'Tangled: The Series'

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Rapunzel is headed for the small screen! After the success of the 2010 movie, Tangled, Disney has decided to create a television version. Yes, really! Rapunzel, Eugene, Pascal, and Maximus are all returning to the small screen adaptation. The show takes place between the end of the first film and the start of 2012's short, Tangled Ever After, where we saw Rapunzel and Eugene get married. The show will feature Rapunzel's life with her parents and the antics that she gets into when she decides to forgo her royal duties in the name of adventure! Oh, and she has her hair back. Somehow, Rapunzel gets her signature locks back, even though the magic supposedly died once it was cut. We can't wait to tune in to see just how she did it. No, we don't care that we're supposed to be grown up. We still want to watch it, okay?!

9 'Legion'

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Thankfully, here is another superhero show that does not fit the mold. Legion follows a mutated human, David Haller with telekinetic abilities. Pretty cool, right? The only problem is the fact that he does not recognize his gift and instead believes that he is going crazy. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia at a young age and so he does not see his powers for the gift that they are. He also does not believe that they come from anything good. The show will follow him as he learns to accept (or reject) his powers as time goes on. When he has a chance encounter with a patient in the psych ward, he realizes that there may be more to his powers than meet the eye. The show stars Dan Stevens, Rachel Keller, Jean Smart, and Aubrey Plaza so we just know that it is going to be absolutely awesome.

8 'Santa Clarita Diet'

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If you love Drew Barrymore, then you're going to love Santa Clarita Diet. Because it is on Netflix and you love Netflix. You are also going to have to love flesh-eating zombies. Okay, so if you love Drew Barrymore and flesh-eating zombies, then you are probably going to love this show! Santa Clarita Diet is a comedy starring Drew Barrymore as Sheila, a woman who randomly dies one day and turns into a zombie with an appetite for human flesh. Most women's husbands would freak about this, but hers does not at all. Instead of freaking out and running for the hills, he actually helps her feed her cravings. If that is not love, then we do not know what is and we definitely do not want to know, either. It is definitely a fresh take on an overdone premise, so we are pumped for it! And again, it is on Netflix, so we are obviously there.

7 'The Young Pope'

via vulture.com

Let's just say that this show is absolutely sinful. The Young Pope stars Jude Law who we don't think has ever been on television before, at least not in a starring role, so that's enough of a reason to tune into this new winter 2017 series. The show follows (you guessed it!) a young pope. But he's not really the leader of the people, at least not the way that you would think the pope would be. He does his very best to undermine every single established belief that people have about his faith. That's called iconoclast. So he's a fraud, fake, poser, whatever you can think of to call him. He's pretty crude, rude, and reckless, and so it's naturally only a matter of time before he is confronted about his ridiculous behavior. Maybe don't watch this show if you're super religious and get offended easily. But otherwise, you might love it!

6 'Emerald City'

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This isn't The Wizard of Oz like you know it. It's not your fave childhood movie, that's for sure. Emerald City is a slightly darker, grittier take on the beloved movie. Okay, so here's the deal: Dorothy is a 20-year old nurse from Kansas, Missouri and has had a really rough relationship with her mom. One day, she decides to go make amends with her and finds her super close to death in her trailer. She tries to find out what happened and then the police show up. Dorothy has to run away before she gets in big trouble and they blame her for what happened. When a tornado comes and sweeps her into the land of Oz, she learns that this wasn't an accident and that there might be a pretty big reason that she's there. If that doesn't make you want to watch it ASAP, then we're not sure what to say because we're super into it.

5 'Sherlock'

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Okay, so Sherlock is not technically a new show, but that is okay because the new season will definitely be super awesome. It first premiered in 2010, which feels like forever ago. Of course, this is the show that catapulted Benedict Cumberbatch into an A-list star. The reason why it totally belongs on this list (besides Benedict Cumberbatch, obviously) is that there are only three episodes per season (talk about a fast watch). This year, there was the first Sherlock episode in almost three years! That is basically a lifetime in Hollywood. Needless to say, everyone was freaking out on social media about this and it was super exciting for loyal fans who have been waiting... and waiting... and waiting. Here is to hoping that it does not take another three years for it to come back again. We miss Benedict as our favorite sleuth and know that you do, too.

4 'Room 104'

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Everyone loves a good mystery, right? How could you not? Mystery shows are literally the best. Room 104 is packed with them! The show was developed by Jay and Mark Duplass who are super adorable and talented brothers who have created a whole bunch of television shows and movies at this point. The show is about a hotel room and the people that stay in it every episode. Sure, this sounds like a horror show for sure, but not so fast! The show is actually considered a comedy so we think that it might not be quite as dark as the premise makes it sound. Then again, horror can be super funny since a lot of horror movies and TV shows are incredibly campy. Whatever genre it turns out to be, we hope that it's goo because it seems like it would be awesome. It's going to air on HBO and we can't wait.

3 'A Series of Unfortunate Events'

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If you loved being creeped out by Count Olaf in A Series Of Unfortunate Events, then get ready to re-live that terror! Netflix has ordered a series based on the beloved children's books, which means we will get to see all of our favorite characters on the big screen! Sure, it already had one live adaptation that starred Jim Carrey but it was not exactly the best thing ever. Hopefully, this series starring the lovely Neil Patrick Harris will be better than the movie! Plus NPH is your fave so he must put on a great show! The show will follow Count Olaf as he torments and taunts the orphaned Baudelaire children. The fact that this show will be based on these amazing books is honestly enough to keep us interested, but Neil Patrick Harris is definitely an awesome reason to tune in, and since it is on Netflix, we are definitely pretty interested and intrigued.

2 'Great News'

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What would you do if you had to work with your mother? It would be just plain awful, right? Or maybe it would be awesome if your mom is basically Lorelai Gilmore. It totally depends. But no matter how much you love the woman that raised you, chances are you need some space from her and do not exactly want to work with her every single day. But that's exactly what is happening on NBC's new show Great News. It's Tina Fey's latest project, which is reason enough to tune in and become totally and completely obsessed. But here's a plot synopsis for you anyway: the sitcom is about Carol whose mom is super annoying... and also starts working for her as an intern. Yup. Carol shows her the ropes and tries to keep her sanity in the process and we just know that we're going to laugh the entire time.

1 'Taken'

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Sure, there have been three Taken movies, but that's not enough! A show based on the franchise starring Liam Neeson is heading to the small screen. Instead of continuing where Brian Mills left off in Taken 3, the show will take us all the way back to the events that made Brian who he is. Remember those special skills he acquired over the years? Us too. Taken will show us just how he got them and the (possibly) bloody scenes that resulted from that. Since the show will focus on Bryan's younger years, Liam Neeson obviously won't be involved (though he might have a cameo or two). Liam or no Liam, we definitely can't way to see what this show has in store. Hopefully, the fact that it's on the small screen doesn't mean we won't get those great actions scenes. Because let's be real, that's the whole reason we love the films.

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