15 Amazing Shopping Sites For Trendy Girls On A Budget

One of the most enjoyable things about being a girl is that it gives us free reign to shop to our heart’s content and not get judged for it because, hey, that’s what girls do. Retail therapy is practically part and parcel to our gender and we’ll find any and every excuse to “undergo” that particular therapy. The boss yelled at us. The boyfriend or husband forgot our anniversary. The kids were stuck indoors all day and were hyper to no end. The solution? De-stress by shopping!

And with the advent of the Internet, shopping these days is quite literally at the tips of our fingers. With just the simple click of a button, we can purchase a myriad of items right online, so much so that shopping online is leading to the eventual and inevitable decline of retail stores. So retail stores have wised up and created online shopping versions for their brands. Here are some of the best shopping sites for girls who are conscious of their budget.

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15 Koshka (shopkoshka.com)


For the high school and college set, Koshka is a good site to shop for clothes, particularly those whose fashion sense leans towards the quirky and funky. According to Buzzfeed, Koshka specializes in some of the quirkiest socks, not to mention sparkly and shiny shoes, perfect to show off during school days. Its dresses are reasonably priced, costing as low as $32. The site even offers student discounts to those who choose to buy there.

14 Shop Jeen (shopjeen.com)


For things pop culture that you want carried over into your everyday apparel, Shop Jeen is the place to shop. As mentioned in Buzzfeed, the shopping site’s products cover everything from Toy Story backpacks to emoji halter tops to furry cellphone cases to Dragon Ball-Z jackets. In other words, it’s every funky student’s dream come true and it’s pretty affordable too. It offers free shipping around the US for orders over $50 and its dresses are offered for as low as $20.

13 G-Stage (gstagelove.com)


Not every person is into fashion trends, but for those who are trendy and budget-conscious, shopping site G-Stage is highly recommended. For those not familiar with the brand, a report in Buzzfeed mentions that it actually has several retail stores around California, but it’s only lately that those outside the state (and the country) have started to enjoy its products as well. The online shopping site offers trendy items from printed tights and leggings, tank tops, and awesome back-to-school deals.

12 Zara (zara.com)


StyleCaster said it best when it described Zara as offering inexpensive clothes and accessories that looked like they came from the runway. Because who wouldn’t want to look model-perfect and not have to spend too much? Zara is one of the largest fashion companies in the world and its items are definitely reasonably priced and classic in style as well. The cuts of the brand’s dresses are reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn’s style and they can go for as low as $30.

11 IGIGI (igigi.com)


Many women complain that items that are available online come in such tiny sizes and that something that’s supposed to be a size 6 actually seems more like a size 2. IGIGI is a breath of fresh air because Buzzfeed describes it as a site that offers trendy clothes for plus-sized women, a rarity, to say the least. Based in San Francisco, it ships its items worldwide and its website even has a Shapestylist portion, where the buyer can determine the type of clothes best suited for her body shape.

10 Love Culture (loveculture.com)


According to Buzzfeed, Love Culture is strategically positioned as the shopping site for those who are fashionable but broke. Dresses cost as low as $10.36, the most affordable t-shirts are at $7, and there are some summer blouses going for as low as $6. There’s even free shipping in the US for orders over $50, which is well worth it because that can meaning buying as much as five dresses or six blouses, a small price for not having to pay for shipping.

9 Dorothy Perkins (dorothyperkins.com)


The brand Dorothy Perkins caters more to the young professionals who are just starting out on their own. They want to make a good impression on the “real” world, but don’t want to spend too much because they’ve just started renting their own apartment or bought a new car. According to StyleCaster, those who favor the brand go more for the classic looks rather than passing trends. The styles are flowy and can make any body shape look good. The online site constantly offers discounts and clearance sales too.

8 Forever21 (forever21.com)


Forever21 has always been popular among a wide age range of females, from those who are in their late teens all the way til women in their mid-thirties. Even though it has several retail outlets, the online site is still quite popular among its loyal customers. StyleCaster and Huffington Post mention that its products are trendy and come in every size, but are affordable, which is a very practical combination for those who indulge in trends, but don’t feel too bad about giving the clothes away the following season when they’re already considered passe, since they got them for cheap anyway.

7 H&M (hm.com)


While it’s true that you’ll find an H&M in just about every part of the globe, it also offers its items online to the shoppers who don’t want to elbow their way through the brand’s usually crowded retail shops. According to StyleCaster, the items found in the shops are just as versatile as the ones online, especially if you’re into classic more than trendy clothes. It caters to the same market as those of Mango and Zara customers, so you know the brand will have a good selection, with skirts going for as low as $12.

6 Uniqlo (uniqlo.com)


If there’s such a thing as an Asian version of H&M, it would be Uniqlo. The Japanese store’s loyal customers are probably the same ones who shop at H&M and every so often, Uniqlo offers items that are even cheaper than its competitors’. StyleCaster recommends buying items on its online site for winter apparel, as it offers tights, ribbed tops, and sweaters that keep you warm underneath the parkas and wool coats and boots. Free shipping is offered as well, for orders above $99.

5 Shop Dixi (shopdixi.com)


Accessorizing is so much fun, though quite time and energy consuming, but many girls can’t leave the house without baubles, bangles, and beads. There are lots of affordable accessory stores out there, but not as many online as accessory-lovers would like there to be. According to StyleCaster, Shop Dixi is a mecca of accessories for any occasion, whether it’s for the beach, a night out, dinner with friends or a date night. It positions itself with a very personal touch, saying it’s not a brand; it’s your sister when it comes to accessories.

4 URBANOG (urbanog.com)


This site offers a wide variety of styles, from boho to sexy evening dresses, you will never be bored when searching this site. Their sexy maxi dresses sell for $28 and the average price of their high heels sell for $35. This site provides a large variety of fashion items, from swimwear, shoes, plus-sized clothing, accessories and more. If you want to keep on track with their top fashion items follow them on Instagram @urbanogcom.

3 Styles For Less (stylesforless.com)


According to Huffington Post, Styles For Less has several store locations, but an equally great online site. It truly lives up to its brand name, offering the latest, trendiest clothes, footwear, and accessories at very affordable prices. Its main target market is college students, considering their blog is on Tumblr, which mostly teenagers frequent. The site offers great daily deals, like free shipping for items $25 and above, not to mention tops and skirts for as low as $5.

2 10 Dollar Mall (10dollarmall.com)


Clotheshorses would find it absolutely awesome that there’s a clothing and apparel equivalent of the dollar store in the form of online shopping site 10 Dollar Mall. Huffington Post mentions that the website offers clothes that cost $10 dollars or less not only on women’s wear, but men’s as well. One of the site’s biggest attractions aside from the prices is the fact that it also has items in plus sizes, not to mention bags and shoes—all for unbelievably less than $10!

1 Runway Bandits (runwaybandits.com)


Runway bandits has to be one of the best sites for those looking for basic chic styles, their clothing options range from casual tanks to office appropriate pants. They use strong and classic looks but the clothing costs much less. These clothes would be perfect for the office, a night out or even for a casual day. Their trousers start at $37, considering the quality and look, these pants will surely last you a long time.

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