15 Affordable Makeup Brands You Should Know About

Instead of shelling out an arm and a leg next time you hit the makeup counter, why not do a little research and try out some new products that won’t hit the wallet as hard? There are plenty of different avenues to take when finding lengthening mascara or age-defying foundation that work for you but that are a bit more aligned with your bank account. Instead of $50 eyeshadow pallets or lipstick, let’s scroll through 14 affordable makeup brands that don’t skimp on quality.

You’ll be able to find these lines in your favorite beauty department stores, drug stores or online, and they may even be mixed in and overshadowed by the more “elite” brands that cost double, triple or even quadruple the amount! Surprise yourself and delight your savings by filling up your makeup trolley with these affordable makeup brands and all they have to offer.

13 2B Colours

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2B Colours have a large variety of products to try and you can snatch up most of them at Ulta. They have over 100 different nail polish shades to design with, the products super budget-friendly (for example their mousse foundations go for around $4.50-8.99!) and the items are all made in France or other spots throughout Europe. But their niche is in color, so if you’re looking for some makeup to experiment with different colors, from lipstick to eyeshadows, this is the spot to start creating new looks with.

12 BH

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We’ve seen BH Cosmetics all over the newsstands in magazines like Seventeen, In Style and more because of its high-quality and affordable choices! They have amazing color palettes – a regularly $30 priced 120 color eyeshadow box -, brow pencils and gels as well as glitter eyeliner to swoon over. They’re an online-exclusive store meaning you won’t find them on the shelves of your local shopping spot but you can easily hop on the web and have some picks dropped right onto your front door.

11 NYX Cosmetics

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NYX Cosmetics is super accessible brand that can be found at stores such as Ulta, Target and even at CVS. This makeup line is known not only for its affordability but for its professional qualities. They have a wide assortment of lip products that range in color and texture, eyeliners that can and will do anything you’d dream of and a series of roll-on glitter powder too! And if you’re curious at the pricing, their top-notch primer sells for around $17 and their liquid liners hit the $7 mark. In my opinion and experience, their winning products are found in their liquid liners and color choices.

10 Milani

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Made with women all of ages in mind, Milani Cosmetics is one of the most affordable, top-quality makeup selections on the list. With lip gloss for $3.59 or nail lacquer priced at $1.20, you won’t be breaking your piggy bank for any of their products. Inspired by Milan, the Italian city known for its fashion-forward energy and grace, Milani is all about “more quality, more design and more diversity in shade range.”

9 Ulta

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Ulta is beauty department store that offers a wide range of products, but they also have their very own brand of cosmetics. From lip crayons (in my personal experience, they totally rock!) to a great assortment of mascaras, you can walk down the aisle and create an entirely new makeup wardrobe without ever peeking at the most expensive items across the way – and you’ll be just as happy with the outcome. They even have contour kits for $18 that you’ll have a great time experimenting with!

8 Bare Minerals

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Known for its “mineral” mind, Bare Minerals makeup is one of the most recognizable brands on the list. It’s definitely got a more luxurious quality, but its story is where you’ll get hooked first. Their makeup is powered by skin-loving minerals and their goal is to make a difference and empower women to take a more natural approach to beauty. From personal experience, they have some of the best brushes around. And although their prices aren’t as low as some of the other brands on the list, if you’re looking for quality makeup that will last and be worth the $22 per blush balm this is for you.

7 Prestige

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You can find this inexpensive, but fun brand of makeup, down the aisles of your local Ulta store or even Target. Prestige has an array of lip crayons, eyeshadow colors and even ink pens that you’ll fall in love with when lining your eyes. Prices stay well under the $10 mark for each item making them great for experimenting or learning new techniques.

6 e.l.f.

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e.l.f. has certainly rose in its popularity throughout recent years and part of its success is from its outrageously low prices. A lot of items stay steady at $1-$3 making impulse purchases completely guilt-free. Found at easy spots like Walmart and Target, their products are enriched with minerals and designed to leave a long-lasting, healthy glow on your skin. Sound too good to be true? None of their bestselling products break the $10 mark except for an 11-piece makeup brush kit that’s a mere $30 (opposed to other brands that are known for selling just one brush for the same amount!).

5 essence

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You can find essence cosmetics online and also at Ulta – who are known are carrying an array of makeup brands that won’t hurt the purse. Lip liner sells for around $1.49 with mascaras being priced at $4.99, making this an easy line to get behind and devote time getting to know. Launched first in 2001 in Germany, it became the #1 seller in the country before it hopped the pond to NYC (check out their timelined story here, you’ll quickly become inspired to try a lipstick, a liner, or something!).

4 Physicians Formula

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Physicians Formula is another brand that may be more recognizable than most, especially because it’s been around for a bit longer and have been sold in some of the most easily accessible stores. They’re also number one when it comes to bronzer, so you can get that golden glow without damaging your skin in the tanning bed and without costing yourself an arm and a leg to boot. In fact, you can get a good-sized bronzer pallet for around $14.95.

3 Sephora Collection

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Sephora is a beauty department store that carries an array of makeup brands, most of them being of the more upscale or expensive range. But similar to Ulta, they also carry their own line of makeup that balances itself in price. When it comes to colors, they have one of the most flattering lines and you can snag some fierce cream lip stain for around $14.

2 J. Cat Beauty

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With a self-proclaimed “efficient” price tag, J. Cat Beauty is hoping to bring out your inner vixen. Matte lipsticks, sparkling powders, false lashes and shimmer shadow are just a handful of the choices you’ll find when sifting through this line of cruelty-free products. A fairly new brand, having just launched in 2012, J. Cat Beauty makes products built for the makeup enthusiast and prides itself on innovation within the business. And truly the best part about this line is their love of shimmer!

1 Makeup Revolution

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If you’re looking for palettes, Makeup Revolution is the spot to shop first. Found online or at some beauty department stores, this line is full of cruelty-free and inclusive products. Made for varying skin tones, affordability and fun, their choices range from smokey eye palettes to brow kits for around $10 a piece! But their niche truly seems to be in their various palette combinations where anyone can find something to change their makeup routine for the better.

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