14 Weird Pooping Habits From Around The World

When was the last time you thought about taking a poop? Have you ever wondered how other people go to the bathroom? What about pooping in ancient history? The subject of going to the bathroom is a fascinating one, and is a topic covered in many books on customs, travel, and history. After all, we all have to go poop on a daily basis no matter what country you are living in or visiting.

If you have ever travelled to another country, you have probably noticed that the bathrooms were different from what you are used to. Some potties are just a bowl in the floor. Some toilets have a hose beside them. In some countries, the potty is the great outdoors and many people who have travelled to countries in Africa or who have visited India have seen poop just sitting there on the land or on the beaches.

Some people get creative when pooping. There are folks who use potty time to catch up on emails and texts. A few of us still grab a book before heading to the porcelain throne. In other words, we all do our pooping differently, depending on where we live, the time period we live in, and what our culture dictates as normal and acceptable.

14 Sitting And Pooping

Most of us in the United States sit down to poop. The trouble is that we are actually straining to get the poop out when we do this. Our gut muscles have to work harder to push the poop out and many people now believe that this is the least natural and least healthy way for us to go about our potty business.

13 Looking At It

BuzzFeed did a poll on people’s bathroom habits. One of the first questions was, "Do you look before flushing?" Eighty-two percent of the poll takers said yes, they do look at their poop before flushing. Honestly, if you talk to your grandparents or great-grandparents, checking out your poop is a part of keeping a check on your health. Apparently, the color and shape of your poop can tell you how well you are eating and warn you of any health issues.

12 Pooping In Public


According to a Time magazine article, one billion people have no access to toilets and have no choice but to poop in public. This is a real problem that affects impoverished areas, such as in sub-Saharan Africa where as many as 39 million people are without a toilet. It has led to unsanitary conditions and the spread of disease.

11 Pants Off

Some people take their pants off when they go poop. According to a BuzzFeed poll, as many as 15 percent of folks feel comfortable pooping with their pants totally off. Of course, we hope that this is in a private bathroom, as opposed to stripping off your pants in a public bathroom.

10 Bum Gunning It

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Many countries around the world, such as Thailand, get by without using any toilet paper. Instead, they use what is comically called a bum gun. The bum gun is a hose that hangs beside the toilet. After pooping, people use the hose to clean off their bottom. Now, you might be wondering how they dry off afterwards. Apparently, they don’t. Instead, people that use a bum gun are quite efficient at cleaning with the hose without getting themselves all wet. That is more talent than I can claim on a good day.

9 Texting While Going

Gone are the days when people grabbed a book or a magazine before heading into the crapper. These days, people are texting and scrolling through social media feeds while having a sit. BuzzFeed found out that 84% of the people who took its potty poll admitted to texting while sitting on the toilet.

8 Standing

Some people prefer to poop while standing, especially in public bathrooms. The internet is full of tutorials on how to go while standing, so many people must be at least thinking of trying it out. It can be done over a squatting toilet or a sitting toilet. The only trouble is that standing to poop is considered to be just as bad for your gut as sitting to poop. Both positions make pooping more difficult.

7 Nude Pooper

While not a popular way to poo, there are some people that like to poop in the nude. I knew someone who was one of them. He would get undressed to poop in his bathroom at his house. I didn’t understand it, but I tried out his method and, being someone who is always cold, it just wasn’t my thing. Unless it is a hot summer day, all I would do was sit and shiver.

6 Finger Wipe

Many countries around the world do not use toilet paper. They might use a bidet, a hose, or their fingers. Yes, that is actually true. In the Middle East, the right hand is for greetings and all things nice. The left hand is for removing poop and other sordid things. Fingers can be washed off with water afterwards.

5 Sponge Stick

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In ancient Rome, the public bathrooms were a bit more public than most of us are used to. People would sit on stone slab toilets set up, one next to each other, and go to the bathroom. When they finished their business, they grabbed a wet sponge tied to a stick and wiped their bums with that. It was the same sponge stick used by all, and helped to spread bodily parasites from one person to the next.

4 Preventing Splash Back

When a friend from Australia came over to the United States, the first thing she did was complain about how much water was in our toilets. “You poop and it splashes back at you.” That may be so, but you can try this little trick to stop your poo from splashing up water. Before sitting down to poop, lay two toilet paper squares on the water. When you poop, you shouldn’t get any water bouncing up onto your butt.

3 Wiping With Toilet Paper

We in the Unites States and Canada think that wiping with toilet paper is normal and sanitary. This is not true in other parts of the world. People in Asia find the idea of wiping your butt with toilet paper to be gross. They also think that the practice would hurt such a delicate area. It is hard to explain to them that our toilet paper isn’t like the paper you write on, but super soft, like a flannel rag.

2 Popping A Squat

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Squatting to poop is becoming a major health trend, although over a billion people already squat to poop around the world, especially in Asia and India. According to the research, squatting is the natural way to poop. Squatting makes the poop come out easier and with far less straining than sitting to poop. To pop a squat, people will squat on a toilet seat to go potty or they buy a potty squatting bench for their toilet that brings their legs up as they go to the bathroom, creating less strain on the gut.

1 While Camping

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For many people, pooping in the great outdoors is something they learn while out camping or while on a long hike. In the United States and Canada, when the call to nature happens in the wilderness, experienced and prepared outdoors people grab a small shovel, dig a hole, and go poop. It is then covered up so that other people do not see it and because it is considered the sanitary thing to do.

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