14 Ways To Have The Best Valentine's Day When You're Single As F

It’s funny how February 14th can cause so much stress. If you’re with someone, there’s the stress of doing something special with them, and if you’re solo, there's the stress of being, well, solo. What’s with all the pressure? You can enjoy Valentine’s Day whether you are matched up or by yourself, because it’s a holiday of love. And if you are spending it by your lonesome this year, why not give yourself tons of love? Instead of dwelling on not having that Prince Charming to ride in on his white horse with the bouquet of flowers and the impressive sweet talk (reality check: that doesn’t exist), enjoy the day on your own. Do the things you want to do and indulge in yourself. Because really, what better way to show some love than by loving yourself? Here are 14 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day solo.

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14 Pamper Yourself

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This is the one day you don’t have to feel guilty about pampering yourself. Hell, you should never have to feel guilty about it, but this holiday only makes it easier for you to indulge. Set up a massage at your go-to spa, get a mani and pedi with your favorite shade of red (or pink!) or simply run a hot bath with your most-loved bubbles. Any or all of these will instantly have you feeling relaxed and happy to be you, even if you are flying solo for this “romantic” holiday.

13 Binge On Netflix

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What better night to snuggle up in your PJs and catch up on your favorite shows? Pour yourself a glass of wine, flick on Netflix, and settle in for the night in front of the TV. Choose to watch the latest season of the show you’re already obsessed with or try something new. One you have been dying to watch but haven’t had the time. There’s so many different ones to enjoy now - both Netflix originals and cable series - that you’ll have your pick when it comes to scandal, passion, and crime. All three things that are kind of essential for a solid Valentine’s Day, don’t you think?

12 Eat Your Favorite Meal

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When there’s only you to worry about for dinner, you can pick whatever you want to chow down on. This means, you can whip up that favorite meal of choice that you save only for special occasions (like saucy spaghetti and meatballs after a bad break up) or you can order something you’re craving - sushi anyone? Either way, set up your table right with some fragrant candles, pretty dishes, and a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. It’s Valentine’s Day after all, you might as well treat yourself right! Make yourself a Valentine’s Day-themed cocktail - who doesn’t love a Flirtini? - or pour a chilled glass of bubbly to complete the meal.

11 Share The Love

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Just because you don’t have that one special person in your life, doesn’t mean you don’t have a ton of awesome people fulfilling your life everyday. Express your love and gratitude to them by sending out Valentine’s to all your friends and family. But it doesn’t only have to be the people you are tight with. Bring your favorite dry cleaner - the one that always removes your red wine stains perfectly - a chocolate heart to show your appreciation, or present something sweet to your friendly doorman that always nabs a cab for you. This is a great time to volunteer, too. Help out with the animal shelter or take some time to hang out with the war vets. Now is the time to really share your love and appreciation for everyone.

10 Pleasure Yourself

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Ladies, whip out the vibrator, it's going to be a long - and amazing - night. Instead of feeling bad that you are home alone on Valentine’s Day, be thankful you are home doing your thing and getting it right the first time. Who needs all that fumbling from a stranger anyway? Not you. So set the mood with dark lighting, turn on some sexy music, and work your magic. If you need a little more stimulation, watch a steamy movie or read a sexy book (there’s plenty of hot erotica out there!). Do whatever you need to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

9 Plan A Girls' Night

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There’s nothing like hanging with the girls to make a Valentine’s Day complete. Make a date with your single gal pals and hit up the much-talked about new Japanese spot with that drool-worthy ramen. Or stick with drinks at your favorite cocktail bar. Dancing is always a great option if you and your girls are up for it, but if you’re looking for a more low-key way to spend the night, go out to a movie - preferably a slasher flick or hilarious comedy. Pair that with dessert at a swanky sweet shop and you’ll have the perfect night out with your gals. Who needs a date when you have friends like these?

8 Do Something You Love

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Valentine’s Day is your day/night to really enjoy doing what you want to do. Instead of dwelling on what you don’t have, enjoy the things you do, like that new psychological thriller you’ve been dying to read. Or that brand new coffee maker you bought but have yet to take out of the box and use - why haven’t you done that already? Do something you really enjoy doing, no matter what it is. Call your mom or best friend to chat about life and catch up or shop online in your underwear for more underwear. Whatever it is, enjoy it to the fullest.

7 Indulge In Something Sweet

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How can you not give into something sweet on Valentine’s Day? With all the chocolates and cakes out there on display, it’s a wonder you haven’t been devouring them already. Pick something you have been craving - like homemade chocolate fudge brownies with vanilla ice cream - and dig in. You’re so good about sticking to that healthy diet every other day of the week, why not allow yourself one night of enjoying at least a couple - or dozen - of those yummy assorted chocolates in that heart shaped box? They're too pretty not to.

6 Buy Yourself Flowers

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You don’t need a Valentine to get flowers. Besides, even if you did have a Valentine, it doesn't’ necessarily mean you’ll get those long stemmed roses you wanted (“but babe, I thought you said you didn’t like flowers”). Oh men. But you are guaranteed to get them when you purchase roses for yourself. And you can get the ones you like - not the cheap flowers that last forever even though you wish they wouldn't. You can also get a few bunches to put them all over your pad. Stick them on the coffee table, your desk, nightstand, or dining room table. No matter where they are in your home, they will be sure to put a smile on your face.

5 Veg Out On The Couch

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There’s nothing like a little you time, so why not make this Valentine’s Day all about you? You on the couch that is. With your busy schedule every day, you barely have time to wash your face at night, let alone sit on the couch and zone out for a few minutes. So why not do it on Valentine’s Day? Relax on the couch with your favorite snuggly blanket and stare out the window for an hour, or put on some music and chill out with Cold Play’s new beats. Have a glass of wine and box of chocolate in silence to really savor the moment.

4 See Something New

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If you have a few extra bucks in the bank, maybe it’s time to take a trip on Valentine’s Day. Get away from the old routine and check out some place new. Some place you have never been before but have always wanted to go. And it doesn’t need to be too far either - although Italy sounds pretty amazing. It could be the next town over that you’ve always heard was cute but never saw with your own eyes. Or maybe you just need to get out of the house and head to a new art exhibit down the street or a cool new neighborhood bar in your town. Whatever it is, discovering something new is a great way to feel good about hanging with yourself.

3 Buy Yourself Something Sexy

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There’s no better day to buy something sexy for yourself than on Valentine’s Day. And you don’t have to have a significant other to do it. You are buying something sexy for you, not anyone else. Purchase those lacy undies you have been wanting from Victoria’s Secret or nab a new satin nighty that will feel amazing on your skin come bedtime. Of course, you don’t only have to get something sexy. You can opt for comfy, too, like cozy PJs with a heart print or new super soft slippers your tired feet will thank you for.

2 Go Out And Flirt

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Put on a sexy red dress, grab your best single gal pal, and head out to mix and mingle. Flirting always makes you feel sexy and confident so it’s a bonafide way to raise your solo spirits instantly. Even if you’re not down for being single on Valentine’s Day (why would you be again?), you might want to get out and flirt with a few newbies for the fun of it. Besides, it gives you a great excuse to get all dolled up and try out the brand new wine bar down the street from you, right? Of course it does.

1 Have A Party

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And no, not one of those lame themed parties where all your single gals cry over their exes. A fun, no-worries kind of party. Deck out your pad in red and pink, and serve some tasty apps with a bottle of your favorite red. You can go all out, too, with a rich spread of homemade dinner and sweet treats you baked yourself. Whatever you decide, invite the people that are close to you and that won’t be complete Debbie Downers. You want to have fun and want your guests to have fun as well. Keep things simple and positive, and it will be a Valentine's you won't forget. 

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