14 Ways To Break Out Of A Fitness Slump

Oh those slumps, don’t we just hate those long periods when nothing seems to be going our way in and out of the gym. It all starts with something innocent like forgetting your lock at home, this can spiral into a two week long slump, yes something so simple can trigger such a long lasting slump. There are a couple of ways to approach fitness slumps, one, you can sit back and do nothing and allow the slump to get the better of you. Or, you can thrive and take your most recent slump as an obstacle or challenge to bettering yourself.

As you will see in this article slumps are very common and can be triggered quite easily. But, it’s important to keep in mind that slumps are necessary, in the longer term they make us stronger. Without a struggle there isn’t a success story, never forgot that. It is unrealistic to think that every day at the gym will be great.

This article will take a look at a number of ways that can help you break out of slumps, from things you can do in the gym to out of a gym. Let’s now take a look and see what these remedies are, here are 14 ways to breaking out of fitness slumps, enjoy!

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14  Lower Cardio

Overdoing cardio can drain you leading to fatigue and a slump that seems like it’ll last forever. Women trainees often experience these symptoms and don’t stop, doing so can lead to a burnout. Overdoing cardio can cause your body to plateau very quickly especially if you’re consuming a low calorie diet. Eventually, your metabolism will slow down and your system will have nothing to use in order to burn those extra calories, this territory is one you don’t want to put yourself in. Ideally, if you love cardio, 20-30 minutes should be your ideal time frame three to four times a week. In order to burn even more, incorporate weight training along with your cardio sessions, this will certainly break you out of your slump in a hurry. Be smart, don’t overdo cardio and most importantly always fuel up before and after your workouts.

13 Bring a friend

Training with a friend is a huge slump buster and is arguably considered one of the best ways to breaking out of some rough training sessions. Having someone by your side can give you that extra boost in performance and motivation. Getting to the gym won’t feel like such a burden and those training sessions won’t feel like there dragging on forever. A partner is a very underrated way to break out of a slump, if you do have this option to your disposal be sure to use it to your advantage, it can kick start you towards some promising results.

12 The Internet

The internet is your best friend when it comes to fitness. Whenever I'm searching for some extra motivation or help the internet is always there to help. The internet can help break slumps in two different ways, one, it can help to further educate you and two, it can help bring your motivational levels way up. Whether it’s an article about an interesting new diet, or one of your favorite Youtube fitness personalities putting up a motivational video, these tools can certainly help you break out of any type of slump. Particularly Youtuber’s love to do what they do so they can help people further their fitness goals by motivating them and educating them, similar to what I do with these fitness articles, this content is meant to educate and motivate fitness enthusiasts. Sometimes finding that extra motivation is just a click away!

11 Specify your goals

Lack of results can sometimes a kickstart a slump leaving you unmotivated and down the road unlikely to pursue those fitness goals you once had. In order to really achieve your goals you have to find out exactly what you want and specify how you’re going to get there. Sometimes unfortunately, showing up to the gym just isn’t enough, you have to have a specific game plan in accordance to your goals. So if you’re looking to tone up and drop body fat your ideal rep range should between 12-15 reps. Break times are also important, the less breaks you take, the more your metabolism is running which helps to burn fat. One minute breaks per set is ideal when trying to lose weight, so put those phones away and stay focused, go get those fitness goals!

10 Changing gyms

Sometimes it’s the most obvious thing that can keep you motivated without you even knowing. Choosing a gym you feel comfortable with is a key factor in staying motivated. When women feel uncomfortable training at a gym, it usually turns into a burden to train and before you know it, you’ve given up. One of your first steps to beginning your new fitness goals should be to find a proper and appropriate gym that fits your needs. Motivation will come a lot easier when you’re comfortable and happy with your surroundings.

A new gym can also help keep things fresh, sometimes a simple change of scenery can go a long way in boosting your motivational needs.

9 Take a break

Taking a break can make all the difference when you’re feeling symptoms of a slump. Taking a vacation or simply taking a break from the gym can help you refocus and re energize your body and mind. When training consistently for a long period of time breaks are required, your body simply needs a break. Some people actually believe that taking a week off can hurt your body and make you lose what you worked so hard for, this is simply a lie. All your hard work won’t go away after a week of relaxation, if anything it’ll work wonders for your body in the long run.

Over working your body will only prohibit growth. Take a break, reward yourself you deserve it!

8 Weigh your food

Nutrition is another crucial factor you must be specific about in order to reach your fitness goal. One way to doing so is by determining your caloric needs. Calculating your exact caloric needs is quite simple, you can actually do so right now. The equation involves multiplying your body weight by a multiplier which dictates how active you are. So, for a moderately active woman that weighs 140 pounds, their multiplier would be between 12-14. This would mean that their desired caloric intake is between 1,680 and 1,960 per day. If you are a very active woman, then you would use 14 and 16 as your multiplier.

Once this is done, use a food scale to weigh out the exact quantities you need to eat. This will make sure you eat right. Taking these steps can help you break out of that slump in a hurry.

7 Change your workouts

Changing your workouts is one of the most fundamental ways to breaking out of a slump. Consistently performing the same workouts can be quite repetitive and just straight out boring. This causes trainees to slump. An easy way to break out of this boring routine is to change your program entirely. Don’t be afraid to change things up and spice up your workouts. Incorporate some strength movements which can ultimately allow you to burn even more. Performing new workouts can boost your metabolism, allowing your body the chance to burn an increased amount of calories. Changing your workouts is one of the easiest ways to breaking out of a slump and embarking on a new challenge.

6 Music

Music is one of the more underrated elements when it comes to training. Music gets you into the zone and continues to be a huge driving force in the world of fitness by millions of people. Simply re-stocking your iPod can cause a pleasant spike in your workout intensity, and this folks is the power of music. In addition, music simply alters your mood; even if you’re tired, playing that song can dramatically alter your mood and boost the intensity of your workout instantly, while keeping you extremely focused and distraction free.

5  Start Over

Slumps are meant to be broken, sometimes you just have to take a deep breath and start all over. Specifying your training and diet plan and setting a specific goal is a great way to starting fresh. Don’t be afraid to take such drastic measures, sometimes all it takes is getting out of your comfort zone and realizing starting over can only help you. Click the reset button if needed!

4 Revamp your focus

Staying focused is one of the most underrated factors in the world of fitness today. A strong habit of a fitness enthusiast is their level of focus in and out of the gym. Without focus, your goals will be flawed and you’ll eventually lose sight of them. Constantly remind yourself why you are training. Leave yourself some reminders each and every day, this will help your focus a whole lot. Developing a strong focus for what you want will drive you towards whatever goal you have in mind. Set yourself a goal, drive towards it, and focus.

3 Break routines

Routines are a major player when it comes to slumps. Getting stuck in the same old routine can seem comforting but really can be the main cause of your slump. Breaking routines can give you that boost you desperately need. You can do so by changing up a variety of things like your training time, the times you eat at, the foods you eat, the exercise you do, the program you follow and the goals you are trying to attain. All these elements can be changed, causing you to break out of those slumping routines which have held your progress at a standstill for quite some time. Don’t be afraid to change it up!

2 Mind Set

Having the proper mind set is an important element to get right when trying to break out of a slump. A negative mind set will ultimately bring about more negative situations. This will cause a slump for extended periods of time. Getting your mind right will bring about a lot of good. When you’re stressed, your body tends to react negatively causing your metabolism to work a slower rate. As opposed to when you’re happy, the body tends to react positively allowing you to burn much more. Get your mind right.

1 Setting a goal

It doesn’t get any more basic than this; if you want to stay motivated, set yourself a goal. Building towards a goal aids in keeping you focused and gives you a purpose to workout. Without a goal and a lack of purpose, your fitness days are numbered. Having a direct plan can help figure out what you want to be and exactly how to get there.

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