14 Untold Stories From People Who Had To Call CPS On Parents

There are plenty of hair-raising stories on the Internet about stupid parents that use essential oils or coconut oil to cure everything from colic to the chicken pox. It’s stupid AF, but there are far more sinister moms and dads out there that need to lose custody of their children ASAP.

Then there are folks that are forced to call CPS on their own kith and kin because they are unfit parents because they do wacky things like abandon their kids with no warning and leave them alone in an empty apartment.

Read on to hear some truly spine-chilling tales of people that should have never, ever had children because they are crappy parents that couldn’t keep a pet rock alive.

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14 Sleeping In Hallways Is Fun For Everyone

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Came home one night at 2:30 a.m. to find my neighbor’s little ones fast asleep in the hallway. Woke ‘em up and asked what was going on. They told me their mom ordered them to go and play at the park, but now she wasn’t responding to their knocks on the door.

I decided to see for myself what was going on and knocked on the door. The wind up was, the police came and CPS took the kids to a loving aunt’s house. Their mother, on the other hand, just up and left without a word. Took all the items out of the apartment too.

13 Her Best Friend And Her BFF's Boyfriend Kept Catfighting All Day, Every Day

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My best friend and her boyfriend had a super toxic relationship and it got to the point they were literally catfighting in front of their infant son as he sat crying in the corner trying to avoid the bric-a-brac that they hurled at each other.

I was working at CPS during this time so I reported it and thankfully, her brother managed to get custody of that poor little baby.

12 Daddy Is A Spoiled Brat That Doesn't Like Hearing The Word No

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My ex-girlfriend left me for another guy and wound up getting pregnant. They had a baby girl but since her current boyfriend hated hearing the word “no,” they’d get into awful screaming matches in front of their daughter and my ex would usually wind up calling me freaking out.

Things changed when I came over one night and found the baby in her crib crying while her parents were fighting like two angry cats right in front of her. After CPS was called and couple’s therapy happened, my ex ditched her boyfriend.

11 To Catch A Predator Is Calling

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My BFF grew up in a very abusive household and was preyed upon by her foster father. She decided to move in with her boyfriend, but he didn’t want to take care of the two oldest children and so she sent them away—back to her creepy AF foster dad.

When I found this out, I called immediately and a good thing I did too—he was already abusing the older girl the same way he abused her mother. The kids were removed ASAP, thankfully.

10 Houdini Is Jealous Of Mom's Mad Disappearing Skills

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I was forced to call on my sister-in-law. Not only was she really into doing meth, but the 50-year-old man that got her addicted at the age of 23 also fathered her child.

One month after giving birth, she started disappearing for days with her daughter and every time I saw my niece, she was skinny AF, terrified of people and had a bald spot on the back of her head because she basically lived in the car seat. CPS was called and I gained legal custody of her.

9 The Little Guy Inherited His Inability To Feel Cold From Elsa

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My mom used to run a daycare at her house and one client was a four-year-old boy whose parents were separated. All was well when his dad dropped him off, but his mother was a different story. One time, his mom dropped him off on a bitter cold winter’s day with no jacket and I gave him one of mine to wear.

After CPS was called, the father gained custody since it turned out that his mother was also quick to use her hands and he often showed up to daycare covered in bruises too.

8 Draco Malfoy Is Insulted Someone Stole His Schtick

Via: Pottermore

I was forced to call and report my sister because she’s a raging narcissist that would make the Malfoy family from Harry Potter look tame and she works as a stripper. She complained that her job “made her” get into some bad habits and my poor nephew didn’t even know to wipe himself because she never bothered to teach him. Needless to say, he was filthy all of the time.

To further add to the brat queen’s trauma of her son, she’d bring “clients” home from work and get really wild, even though her son’s room was right next to hers. Delightful, isn’t it?

7 Neat Freaks Will Gasp In Horror At Mom That Let Baby Drink Rotten Formula

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I work as a nanny and encountered a family that let their five-month-old baby drink from unwashed bottles filled to the brim with rotten formula. This poor child couldn’t lift his head up, had no muscle tone, sat him in front of the television and ignored him. His head was also utterly flat since they never held him either.

I called CPS, but since I declined to work anymore jobs with that family, I don’t know what the ultimate outcome was.

6 Dried Poop Is The New Crib Decor

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When I was 13 years old, I was asked to watch this lady in our neighborhood’s kids for New Year’s Eve. When I got there, the infant was sleeping in a crib covered to the brim with dry poop and there was absolutely no formula milk anywhere in the house. Plus, they were stashing the dirty diapers in random drawers and cabinets.

I called my mom and she brought over some formula for the little one. After I got home, she called CPS and it turns out both the mother and the father were drug addicts dosing the baby with cough syrup so she’d sleep all day.

5 Someone, Please Take Baby's Rash Away ASAP


I was forced to report my cousin not once but twice because she kept bragging on social media about “how she used the power of nature and the power of praying to Jeebus” to heal her son’s rash.

Never mind the fact he had a rash because he’s too young to walk and was left outside on the lawn till his skin literally burned off. CPS didn’t take the kids away in the end because she told them “it’s her religious right to refuse medical care for the kids” and they agreed with her. Ugh!

4 Babies Having Babies Is Always Going To End Well Dontcha Know

Via: Reddit

A while back I was working as a counselor and one of my clients was an 11-year-old girl that was pregnant by her mother’s boyfriend. The mother defended her boyfriend and convinced her daughter to have the baby.

After I reported this case, I found out that the poor baby was born early and had serious health issues. When she finally left her home, she was severely malnourished and even though CPS rushed her to the hospital, she wound up passing away.

3 Mom Doesn't Want Her Lil Girl To Be A Cooking Prodigy, Apparently

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I was forced to report my uncle for child abuse after my five-year-old cousin called me hysterical crying and told me that my aunt beat her up because “she made a mess in the middle of the night” trying to make food. I could hear my aunt and uncle intercept the call and start screaming their heads off at their daughter.

I am not the only one that was disgusted by their behavior because at least seven other people also reported them too. I hope my cousin can be removed from the home ASAP.

2 Baths Are How You Get Germs

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One of my close relatives has 10 kids and homeschools them, but she wants nothing to do with them after they hit the age of three. One day when my mom and I stopped by for a visit, the kids started screaming and we ran inside to find that one of the children tripped over the fire protection screen, which made him and his sister to get burned.

CPS was called, but they only removed the children for a year despite the fact that they are illiterate, don’t bathe regularly and have the social skills of a feral cat.

1 Leaving A Child In A Car Is A Bloody Brilliant Idea

My cousin and her five-year-old daughter lived with me for a bit. I side-eyed the heck out of her for being super verbally abusive towards her kid and neglecting most of her parenting responsibilities, but what pushed me over the edge was learning that my cousin left her little girl locked in a car for hours while she went shopping for a 40-year-old man she was seeing.

After I dropped the little one off at school the next day, I reported my cousin and was delighted to find that the kiddo’s school had also reported her too.

Sources: Reddit

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