14 Unique Things Ariana Grande Spends Her Millions On (+ 6 That Are Normie)

"Break up with your boyfriend, I'm bored." Those seem to be the new instructions from Ariana Grande as "Thank You, Next" drops (and every single girl on the planet loses her mind).

Ariana Grande did some pretty interesting shopping after her split from Pete Davidson. "Me and my friends went to Tiffany’s together, just because we needed some retail therapy. We bought seven engagement rings, and when I got back to the studio I gave everybody a friendship ring."

"7 Rings" isn't all that Ari buys, though. With a net worth that hasn't been updated since 2018's $50 million, you're looking at one rich lady. Those over-the-knee boots are now Gucci. The padded jackets are Fendi.

"Lashes and diamonds, ATM machines, buy myself all of my favourite things." While love is mostly the epicenter of Ariana's tracklists, we've entered a new era. It's called spending it like you earn it. That $16 million apartment Ari bought for Pete to share might have a spare room, but she splashed the cash.

Ariana doesn't only splurge on luxury items, though. Some of her credit card purchases are really quite normie. That Starbucks cup seems to have become an extension of Ariana's hand. Steal Her Style is getting more traffic than ever thanks to a much-welcomed wardrobe that actually contains items we can afford.

Then again, "7 Rings" has made it clear. "I want it, I got it." Here are 14 unique things Ariana Grande spends her millions on, plus six that are actually normie.

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20 A Whole Lot Of Chanel

via: vogue

"Ariana Grande went breakup shopping and basically bought out Chanel." Good summary, Elle. Looking more confident than ever just weeks after her October 2018 split from Pete Davidson, Ari hit up NYC's boutiques, and one seemed to prove a favourite.

When you shop at Chanel, you dress the part. The iconic French fashion house flies the flag for classic Parisian elegance– probably why Ari's wardrobe here was more pearl earrings and whites than bubblegum pinks.

Chanel doesn't come cheap. You're looking at bags that retail for thousands of dollars (although Stormi Webster got one for free from DJ Khaled for her first birthday).

19 Six Beanbags (But No Forks)

via: backgrid

Not a purchase we'd expect from an A-lister with tens of millions in the bank. Back when Ariana and Pete were a couple, the $16 million NYC pad Ariana purchased for them to share made headlines. What they filled it with? Pete told GQ:

“It's like, we have six beanbags, but we have no forks — you know what I mean?”

It was quotes like these that made everyone wonder exactly how much planning these two had made. As Refinery29 reports, the apartment itself came with a wellness level and a juicing station, but it's the beanbags (and lack of forks) that got us.

18 Sesame Tofu: 'I Love Whole Foods So Much, There Aren't Actually Words'

via: twitter

Sesame tofu is fancier than Kraft Mac and Cheese. At the same time though, grabbing your own groceries from Whole Foods is a pretty big deal when you're as rich as Ariana Grande.

Kylie Jenner spends $10,000 a year on takeout– that included a "single carrot" for her matzo ball soup. Ari tweets: "I love @wholefoods so much there actually aren't words."

While Kylie's home deliveries make headlines, Ari's Twitter feed comes with the biggest #Normie ever. "Just fruits and veggies and sesame tofu and friendly, peaceful people everywhere," she tweeted to Whole Foods. She'll even stop with a fan for a pic.

17 "You Like My Hair? Gee Thanks, Just Bought It"

via: E!

"Break up with your boyfriend, I'm bored" basically took over from "7 Rings" overnight. The fuschia pinks and furs haven't gone anywhere, though. Nor has what's become yet another iconic phrase– "You like my hair? Gee thanks, just bought it."

Ariana's signature high ponytail has made such a cultural influence, BBC went and wrote an entire article on the history of the ponytail. While Ari's high pony was lowered 45 degrees for "Sweetener," it's back, it's bigger, and it's longer than ever.

Ari actually admitted that her hair leaves her "in constant pain," as per a Twitter conversation between her and Camila Cabello. She's still buying it, though. #Extensions are on Ari's credit card bill (and they aren't normie-priced).

16 Airbnbs At $10,000 A Night

via: lonelyplanet

Mariah Carey might stay in top-tier suites, but younger celebs are doing something way trendier. It's called renting out an Airbnb, although don't think they're scrimping on price. People reports that Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Drake and Lady Gaga have all used the renting site.

A heated indoor pool and hot tub, movie theater, bowling alley, and a 16-person sleeping capacity. #NiceDigs

In 2017, Ariana splashed out on a Colorado AibBnb that was called a "massive Winter Wonderland," as Yahoo reports. It set her back $10,000 a night. Ari even updated her social media with a cute pic of herself outside. Almost normie, but so not.

15 A $16 Million Apartment To Share With This Guy

via: instagram

When it came to Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, one word summed these two up– whirlwind. They were engaged within 24 days, Ari was gushing about Pete all over the place and they wasted no time in moving in together.

Ari dropped $16 million on her NYC pad. It came with a skylit pool, juice bar and full IMAX theater.

As Refinery29 reports, this piece of prime real estate came with all the trimmings. Splashing out on a property is hardly unheard of in Hollywood. Kim and Kanye's mansion cost $20 million. They then spent another $20 million refurbishing it.

14 "You Complete Me @Starbucks"

via: instagram

Everyone is wondering how on earth a girl called Ariana Grande isn't the face of Starbucks. It's the size that most of us order, and it's basically part of our vocab. Ari is papped with a Starbucks beverage in her hand like it's an extension of her arm.

In 2018, Ariana's reported order was a vanilla bean frappuccino. We see her more with black iced coffees, now. In 2013, she tweeted: "You complete me @Starbucks."

As Business Insider reports, Ari's favourite does include the coffee house's signature blended frozen drink. Look at Ari's IG though, and you'll see more pared-down drinks. This girl adores her Starbucks, and it's totally normie.

13 7 Rings, Apparently

via: weheartit

"Thank U, Next" has dropped, and BBC reports that Ariana has broken records. "Break up with your girlfriend, I'm bored" might have taken over "7 Rings," but it's not like that pink-centric track didn't make an impact.

"Me and my friends went to Tiffany’s together, just because we needed some retail therapy. We bought seven engagement rings, and when I got back to the studio I gave everybody a friendship ring.”

As Teen Vogue reports, Ari did explain the meaning behind the title. Purchasing yourself a ring when you've got the money? Cool beans. Doing it for "six of your besties?" All kinds of extra.

12 A Crib For Piggy Smalls

via: instagram

Ari was still engaged to Pete when this picture landed on her social media. Fans spotted the crib in the background, and everyone went nuts– Ariana had to be pregnant. As she explained though, the crib was for the former couple's pet pig, Piggy Smalls.

"This girl, like, she was like, 'I want a pig.' And then an hour later it was just there. You know what I mean?" Pete said.

As E! News reports, Pete explained how a pig wound up in their $16 million apartment. Piggy Smalls actually has his own IG. He's still in Ariana's life, and you can see videos of him grunting in her arms. So unique.

11 Daikon, Lotus, Adzuki Beans, A "Macrobiotic" Intake From Japan

via: cosmopolitan

Looking at that foods list, it's pretty unique. While Ariana isn't ordering smoked salmon and caviar platters to her hotel suites, her favourite foods are a little unusual. When Style Craze went for this girl's nutritional breakdown, we learned just how healthy she is.

“Ariana Grande, she’s vegan, and she loves daikon, lotus, adzuki beans—almost like a macrobiotic Japanese [intake]”.

Ari's trainer, Harley Pasternak, had opened up about what Ariana eats. The media outlet quotes Ari herself, here. “I have been a vegan for the last few years and it has been a great experience for me.” Not the most extravagant, but definitely unique.

10 $2,392 Fendi Jackets

via: instagram

It's her look, right? Over-the-knee boots and anything that's baggy. Whether it's Yeezy hoodies or padded jackets from Fendi, Ari's wardrobe doesn't come with the lightest price tag. Yeezy hoodies retail at around $400.

Fendi is the luxury Italian brand that may well top Louis Vuitton in 2019. Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian and Cardi B have all been spotted with the Fendi monogram. Buy yourself some Fendi though, and you can kiss goodbye to your rent.

This Fendi padded jacket is currently out of stock at most online retailers. The price sits at $2,392. Ari paired it here with a mask from her merch. Wear Fendi though, and you're a million miles from normie.

9 Urban Decay Eyeliner We Can Actually Afford

via: instagram

Finally. Something we can afford. Ari's signature look goes way beyond the oversized hoodies and over-the-knee boots. Her ponytail is her trademark, and that cat-wing eyeliner isn't far behind. It's all anyone's doing right now in their bathrooms.

"My mom always does a cat eye, too. I remember being like: I wanna look like a mix of my mom and Scary Spice,"

Ari told This Is Insider. The site reports that Ari's go-to eyeliner is Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Bourbon. "I don't use a lot of powder, so I don't ever get powder in my lashes," Ari added.

8 American Apparel Gym Pants For $54

via: celebvegas

There's a reason Steal Her Style has Ariana Grande as one of its top celebs. Everyone wants this girl's look. Ariana was on the verge of announcing her split from Pete here as she walked Mac Miller's dogs in NYC. They're cute, but seriously, that swag.

Meshki Yvonne Crop Top ($33.39), Prix Kuma Windbreaker ($100), American Apparel Mason Fleece Sweatpants ($54), and Eytys Sneakers ($360). Oh, and that Fendi bag.

As the style website reports, Ari's look here came with a mix of high-end fashion and the biggest #Normie ever. $649 for a backpack is kind of pushing the boat out, but at $54, those pants are totally reasonable.

7 But Those Louis Vuitton Cat Ears Cost A Pretty Penny

via: splash

Kylie Jenner recently threw Stormi her first birthday party. The cardboard fries holders were monogrammed in Louis Vuitton logos, as her IG story showed. Basically, until you're covered in Louis Vuitton, you aren't an A-lister.

Ariana does things differently, though. When she stepped out with Pete Davidson in a monogrammed skirt, everyone noticed the cute matching ears– we'll assume these were custom-made.

Ari does wear a fair bit of Vuitton. In June 2018, she was spotted with the $1,200 Mini Danube Pochette. Not as in-your-face as Kylie or Lady Gaga's Louis Vuitton Supreme, but still a pretty extra purchase. Of course, now we want a pair.

6 36 Tattoos, Including A Pokémon One

via: nydailynews

Ari and tattoos– where to start? Maybe with the fact that her 2019 "7 Rings" tattoo basically broke the internet for being the most messed-up fail ever? Billboard's "Woman of the year" found herself with Japan-lingo barbecue ink on her finger, Irish Examiner  reports. Ari has since fixed the tat.

Ari has a total 36 tattoos. They include a giant Pokémon tattoo, stars and a moon on her hand, a cloud tat, plus "אלד" in Hebrew.

Ari's inks are something she takes super seriously. The Hebrew tattoo comes with Kabbalah significance– "guarding and protecting" from the "evil eye and from envy." Pokémon is pretty normie, though.

5 And One For Nonna, "The Baddest Granny On The Block"

via: eonline

Inking yourself up is one thing. Getting your 93-year-old grandma to join in? That's unique on a whole other level. Following her split from Pete, Ari continued to add on the ink, but it was Nonna joining Ari at the parlour that made headlines.

"Nonna got a tattoo 93 — that's sick," Ari wrote on IG. Nonna got her husband's name "Ciccio" inked on her finger. The same outing saw Ari get moon-and-star ink.

Cosmo even called Nonna the "baddest granny on the block." Ariana's relationship with her grandmother is nothing short of adorable. Spending time with your granny might be normie, but when she's getting a tattoo, you get a #Unique.

4 Round-The-Clock Security Doesn't Come Cheap

via: celebmafia

Celeb security used to be one bodyguard that everyone could see. As Complex reports "Secret Service maneuvers" from Travis Scott's room sweeps and emergency escape routes, it's finally sunk in– security is no joke, these days.

Ariana's security isn't massively visible. Precisely why it's so good. Ari may appear to frolick the streets of NYC without a care in the world, but she's being protected. Mobs of fans just aren't something a celeb on this level can handle alone.

Security that isn't top-notch can also take a very sour turn. Kim Kardashian's 2016 Paris robbery might not fully have been the security's fault, but she's stepped it way up since. Oh, and that stuff doesn't come cheap.

3 Duh, Her Own Merch

via: celebzz

Merch, merch, merch. Nicki Minaj wasted no time after her Cardi B Fashion Week brawl to bring out a line of merch shading her rival. Ari's "Sweetener" merch is more pastel pinks and love than back-stabbing, but we want it even more.

"Thank U, Next" merch is now available. A sweater with "Break up with your girlfriend, I'm bored?" Yes please. Ari is pretty good at wearing her own merch. She even got Pete to join in.

Price-wise, you aren't looking at Walmart level, but for $35 or $40, you can bag yourself a nice piece of Ari merch. It feels normie, but when you wear your own merch, you're pretty unique.

2 Gucci Boots At $1,790 A Pair (And The Rest)

via: popsugar

Ask any fashion pundit to name five designer brands that celebs love, and you will hear Gucci. Alongside Louis Vuitton, Versace, Fendi and Prada, this Italian fashion house is #UpThere, and Ari is a major fan.

"Yeah, look at you, boy, I invented you, Your Gucci tennis shoes runnin' from your issues." Ariana is even dropping Gucci in her lyrics.

Owning a pair of boots is no biggie. When you're stepping out in a different pair each day (and they're brand new), you get to call extra. Ariana was wearing over-the-knee Gucci boots, here. Expect to fork out $1,790 for these.

1 "Whoever Said Money Can't Solve Your Problems Must Not Have Had Enough Money To Solve 'Em"

via: cnn

Not everyone appreciated "7 Rings." Leaning towards Cardi B and JLO's money-centric lyrics, this track steered clear of Ariana's usual love themes. "Black card is my business card" is a clear reference to the ultra-exclusive, black AMEX credit card.

"Lashes and diamonds, ATM machines. Buy myself all of my favorite things."

There's one line that really sums it up, though. "Whoever said money can't solve your problems must not have had enough money to solve 'em." From people who don't have all the money in the world (and still have problems), we're throwing you a question mark here, Ari.

Starbucks and $54 pants, we'll take. The $16 million apartment and "7 Rings" from Tiffany's? Looks like Ari wins here.

Sources: Elle, GQ, Refinery29, Yahoo

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