14 Tips To Workout Like A Victoria’s Secret Angel

If you feel not so comfy when you face the mirror after your morning shower, think how you’d feel if you had to walk on the Victoria’s Secret runway, in front of a whopping 6.59 million people - that makes 13.18 million eyes - perusing every inch of your body. Intimidated enough? Well, the good news is that, even if you’re not running for a spot on the “Super Bowl of fashion”, you’re still in the game to get the first prize for fitness and body shape, against one of the most insanely ruthless judges you’ve ever encountered: yourself! As the iconic Angels and their trainers candidly confess year after year, there’s a lot of work, sweat, and psychological challenge behind those perfect bodies and happy faces. So, cheer up, we can do it! Here’s the top 14 most effective tips and tricks to workout like a VS Angel and let everyone else think it’s all about the genes…!

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14 “Sleekify” Your Body With Jump Rope

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Jump rope is one of the most classical and effective exercises to burn fat fast. If you skim through any Victoria’s Secret model workout routine, you’ll find out this exercise is a must. But here’s how VS uber-cute chicks like Adriana Lima perform it: Before the workout, warm up for 3-5 minutes with jumping jacks and running in place. Then, start jump roping at regular speed. After 1 minute of regular jumping, speed it up gradually for another 1.5 minutes. For the last 30 seconds jump super-fast, as if you suddenly find out there was a 95% off sale at Harvey Nichols.

13 Burn Fat With Boxing-Inspired Circuits

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Remember that time your other half whispered something about your cellulites? When you do the boxing circuits, not only will you forget that little flaw, you’ll also be satisfied thinking how graciously you would punch that lovely face right in the nose. Like the jump rope, the boxing routine also requires gradual speed increase. You’ll basically need to hold very light weights on your hands, then punch out and back rotating your fists while extending your arms. The circuit is built upon 3 variations on the position of your feet, and you’ll switch variation every 1 minute. Start with feet shoulder-width a part and knees slightly bent, then switch to the second variation, which is right foot flat forward and left foot back with heel off the ground. For the third variation, just switch legs and you’re good to go.

12 Kill The Fat With Squats

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…Even if you’ll feel squats are only killing you. That’s How VS Angel Behati Prinsloo describes her most hated workout move: “ Your feet are a little out and you’re on your toes and you go down, down, down, and then you lift one foot out? Those kill me, but they’re the best.” Let’s give it a try. Here’s how to do it safely for your back: Start with your feet hip-width apart, toes pointing forward, neck straight, and abs tight, your arms out in front of you. Bend your knees and slowly go down, then lift your left leg up, bending the knee slightly to get your foot off the ground.

11 Sculpt Your Abs With Gliding Discs

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This workout move is genius to sculpt your abs and make your glutes look glued on your back, you’ll only need two gliding discs and a mat. Get on the mat and take a plank position with your hands right beneath your shoulders, then put a disc under each toe. Now begin to slide your legs out like an open scissor movement and then slide them back in. Once you complete this move, push your hips vertically toward the ceiling, as if they were the top of a pyramid. Rinse and repeat for 15 times, or just as much as you can if you’re a newbie!

10 Get Rock Solid Obliques With These Crunches

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A hard workout is never hard enough if it doesn’t involve abs. Victoria’s Secret Angels know it well and we can clearly see it while they’re on the runway. So, if you’re dreaming of Candice's obliques, don’t hesitate to try this move. Take a side plank position placing your right forearm on the ground and your left hand behind your head with the elbow bent. Start twisting your waist towards the floor, making sure you keep your body straight, until you tuck your left elbow beneath your body. After 15 repetitions change side, so you can get symmetrically sexy.

9 Workout In Heels To Improve Your Posture

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This one is great. In fact, because it seems they’re happily flying, it doesn’t mean VS angels are really floating on their wings. The truth is, they’re most likely carrying on their shoulders a weight of 20 to 30 pounds walking on 5 and 6 inches high heels, so they need to be trained for balance and stability just to look as magnetically perfect as we see them. How they do that? In a recent interview, Justin Gelband, one of the certified VS fitness trainers, explained he simulates the wing-effect having the Angels go to the gym and workout in heels: “I'll have them come to the gym wearing heels and hold different-size weights in each hand while they walk, which challenges their balance almost like walking with the wings.”

8 See A Nutritionist For A Customized Diet Plan

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Gone are the days when supermodels were low maintenance on food and could live a life made of celery and carrots, thank goodness! Hard workouts need a body able to afford the high expenditure of nutrients and vitamins, so there’s not an Angel without her nutritionist. If they take it so seriously to get a customized diet plan that cuts out diuretics and juice diets, so should you. Being fit actually means being healthy, so getting to see a nutritionist could really help you look beautiful and feel great. And if there’s a difference between any other fashion show and the VS Fashion Olympics, is that the models look really fit, healthy, and happy.

7 Train Your Arms And Abs Together

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If you can do this exercise, you can walk the VS runway for sure. When I first saw it, I thought you must already be well trained to do it or you’ll risk your ultra white set of teeth, for sure. Anyway, if you’re so determined to train yourself like an Angel, here it is: Take a stability ball, kneel down and embrace it. Then slowly make it slip under your body and reach in a plank position with the ball under your ankles and the hands and arms well planted on the floor. Now pull your knees towards your abs and slightly to the left in an oblique crunch, then return to a plank and execute on the other side. Now return to the starting position and raise your hips straight up towards the ceiling, and come back down to repeat 15 times.

6 Exercise On A Skateboard

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As if you were 10, take an old skateboard, or buy a new one - they’re revamping lately- and jump on it! Seriously, working out on a board simulates the experience of surfing, and it’s good to improve your stability and balance while seriously transforming fat into amazingly feminine muscles. Alessandra Ambrosio is a convinced supporter of this kind of workout, in fact she was also featured in the last VS Spring Catalog with an Indo Yoga Board. How to workout in one move? Get on the board keeping your feet shoulder-width apart, knees bent and hips forward trying to keep the position as long as you can.

5 Strengthen Your Arms, Legs, And Abs Altogether

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Do you remember when you passed hours lying on the sofa watching tv with your elbows on the arm of the furniture? What, you still do? Shame on you, try this one, it’s better: plant your forearms on a stability ball and take a plank position, so you’ll have your body straight on your toes on one end, and your forearms on the ball on the other end. Now just move your arms clockwise and counterclockwise for 15 times each, and focus on your abs while doing the workout. Looks really amusing to see executed, but will it also be so nice to do?

4 Do Sit-Ups With A Medicine Ball

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This is a strategic move to get the defined abs you only get after hours of photoshop. To execute this workout, you need a 4 pounds-medicine ball and a stability ball. Just hold the medicine ball in your hands and the stability ball between your feet,while lying down on your back. From this starting position, rise together your feet and your legs until they’re really close, and keep the position for a moment. Repeat 15 times and try to keep your neck relaxed to prevent any back issues. Also, try not to touch the ground with your feet and hands in between repetitions.

3 Workout With Ankle Weights

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Another “classic” in the glute and legs workout routines are ankle weights. And since the VS supermodels are always on the run, traveling #ohsomuch, they need easy and effective moves to always stay on top and keep working out. That’s why the ultra gorgeous Candice Swanepoel never leaves behind her ankle weights. She will just do butt exercises in her hotel room for 10 minutes, in the morning. Here’s how she does glute kickbacks: With weights of 5 pounds each, get on your hands and knees on the floor with your back parallel to the ground. Now lift your leg behind 50 times per side.

2 Stretch Your Body With Pilates

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After all that fat burning and strength training session, muscles are always a bit stressed and shortened, but Victoria’s Secret Angels' hyper-feminine body is all about toned and long muscles, with an almost invisible muscular mass. To achieve that enviable harmonious figure, models like Karlie Kloss took more than 10 years on ballet. That’s also why, specialized trainers, like Justin Gelband, helps the Angels with Pilates, stretching, and breathing exercises. He claims it’s also a good way to calm down the stress before the Big Day, and help the young supermodels feeling good enough in their own body to walk along the fashion show runway.

1 Embrace Your Body

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What looks like the best advice to workout like a Victoria’s Secret Angel, actually comes from one of them. As Sara Sampaio reveals, the real secret to shine bright as an Angel is to start loving and appreciate yourself for what your are: “Be honest with yourself and embrace how your body is shaped. Try to be the best version of yourself. I really do think the most important thing is to accept the way you look because that’s going to go a long way.” Beware, accepting yourself for what you are, has nothing to do with preventing yourself from getting ahead in your life. It must be the starting point to grow strong and confident!

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