14 Times Tyga Wronged Kylie

Let’s just be honest for a second – pretty much every single member of the Kardashian-Jenner family is no stranger to drama. Khloe has had her fair share over the years based on her relationships, her paternity questions, and her weight; Kourtney and former husband Scott had countless verbal brawls over one another’s behavior. And, of course, Kim – since her sex tape brought the entire family into the public eye, she has pretty much been one of the biggest tabloid staples in Hollywood.

It seemed like all the drama was centered on the three older sisters, and the two young Jenner girls, Kylie and Kendall, simply faded into the background. Sure, they were featured on the show and they stepped out on the red carpet more than most teens and pre-teens do. However, at the end of the day, they were fairly low key. Until Kylie erupted. When she was around 16, Kylie Jenner suddenly stepped into the spotlight on her own after a total transformation in her personal style and look. I mean, it was like an entirely different person. And then, she got entangled in her own relationship drama, with rapper Tyga.

Tyga and Kylie have the quintessential on again, off again relationship, and it seems like they’re breaking up and getting back together every week. At the end of the day, though, pretty much everyone would agree that Kylie could do way better.

Here are 14 times that Tyga wronged Kylie.

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14 When he reached out to Molly O’Malia

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It’s no secret that Tyga began dating Kylie Jenner when she was still underage – some sources say 16, others say 17. So, when he started reaching out to a 14-year-old model by the name of Molly O’Malia, pretty much everyone’s eyebrows shot straight up. After all, he took an interest in Kylie when she was still under 18, what’s to say that Molly would be any different? Tyga’s manager claimed that his client simply reached out to the young model to scout her musical talent. However, when TMZ snagged some text messages that were sent between the two, Molly claimed that she was 17 – around the age Kylie was when she started dating Tyga. Either way, it looked suspicious and Kylie was likely not too happy.

13 When he gave her a questionable diamond ring

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If you’re an adult working through a problem in your relationship, chances are you’ll sit down with your partner to talk things through and work through the conflict. However, if you’re Tyga, you just buy your partner an expensive gift and hope that all is forgiven. After yet another period of drama between the duo, Tyga bought the 18-year-old Kylie an impressive diamond ring. While Kylie may have been enchanted by the gift, her family was none too pleased – they immediately began questioning where the rapper got the money to buy something so extravagant (seems more like something Kanye could afford to buy Kim), and also questioned whether it was even real.

12 When he allegedly bought the same gift for two of his girls

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You think that the gifting of the huge diamond ring was the beginning and end of that drama? Well, you’re wrong. Apparently, about one day after Kylie took to her social media accounts to show off her new bling, courtesy of her rapper beau, Tyga’s former fling Mia Isabella posted some things to her Instagram account suggesting that she too got a huge, blinged out diamond ring when she was hooking up with the rapper. Tyga apparently told Kylie that Mia Isabella was lying, but I mean… it’s not like he would tell her the truth, even if he had been caught double gifting.

11 When he started dating her when she was 16/17

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In Hollywood, it’s extremely common for handsome older actors to date younger women. I mean, the amount of actors in their 30s or 40s dating women in their 20s is truly staggering. However, Tyga took things to a different level when he began his relationship with an underage Kylie Jenner. Now, Tyga initially met the Kardashian cutie when he was performing at Kendall Jenner’s birthday party – when Kylie was just 14. Eventually the two began seeing one another, and the relationship caused endless controversy as the media peppered Kylie and her family members with questions. I mean, he couldn’t have waited until she turned 18?

10 When he allegedly cheated with a Brazilian model

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This one is a new addition to the saga of Kylie-Tyga drama, so you may not have heard it yet, but you likely won’t be surprised. On January 8 of 2016, a Brazilian model stepped forward saying that Tyga had been cheating on Kylie with her. It was just another reason for Kylie’s family to hate her rapper boyfriend, and to try to get Kylie to dump him for someone with more grace, talent, and, well, an ability to keep his pants on. Whether or not the Brazilian model is telling the truth, we have no trouble believing that Tyga has strayed countless times, even though Kylie is absolutely gorgeous.

9 When he jeopardized her relationship with Kendall

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Kylie is close with her older sisters Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney, but she always seems to have been the closest to sister Kendall Jenner, simply because they’re so close in age and essentially grew up together. However, Tyga managed to almost screw that up as well. The story is that Tyga tagged along on a family trip that was featured on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and Kylie found herself spending all her time with Tyga and ignoring her sister. It’s sisters before misters – every woman knows that! Even though Kylie could have ignored him, we can’t help but feel like he should never have gone on a family trip in the first place.

8 ...and her relationship with her entire family!

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Whatever you want to say about the Kardashian-Jenner family, one thing is for certain – they are an incredibly close, tight-knit bunch. Sure, part of that might be for the ultra successful reality television show that they star in together. However, the amount of time they spend with one another seems to prove that they truly just enjoy one another’s company, and enjoy spending time with family. Anyone entering the Kardashian-Jenner clan needs to get the approval of the family, and let’s be honest, Tyga definitely hasn’t. In fact, he’s so awful for Kylie that nnumerous members of the Kardashian family have actually tried to convince her to dump him and find someone else (and better).

7 When he wrote “Pleazer”

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Everyone knows that rap songs can be quite explicit, but there’s a certain code of conduct amongst rappers. You can say filthy things about a woman that you hooked up with, you can say filthy things about an ex, but when it comes to the woman on your arm, you need to treat her right – and that includes in your lyrics. However, Tyga apparently didn’t get the memo. When he was dating an underage Kylie, his song “Pleazer” featured the lyric “nasty, ‘bout to catch a felony for it” along with other terms that can’t be spoken in front of company. I mean, you just don’t air all your bedroom secrets in public. Everyone knows that except for Tyga, apparently.

6 When he wrote about their intimacy again in “Gone Too Far”

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Writing about your intimate relationship with your underage partner once is bad enough. However, perhaps Tyga was just trying to get some shock factor to boost his career with “Pleazer.” It seemed like a one time misstep – that is, until he included more explicit lyrics in his song “Gone Too Far,” including the rap that “she gon’ do it for a promise ring/ P----y every night, remember what you promised me?” and “maybe you gon’ sweat off your Maybelline.” What happens behind closed doors is usually private, unless you happen to be dating Tyga, apparently.

5 When he threatened to pen a tell-all

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People often confide things to their partners that they wouldn’t want anyone else to know, and it seems like that was also the case with Kylie and Tyga. According to a source, “because Tyga is Kylie’s first real love, she was completely honest with him. She revealed secrets and scandals about each and every member of the Kardashians, which no one outside the family knows about.” He should feel lucky to have earned her trust, right? Well, not exactly. Apparently, Tyga tried to exploit her trust during one of their rough patches by threatening to write a tell-all about all the Kardashian-Jenner secrets Kylie may have shared with him.

4 When he lied about buying her a car

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When his girl turned 18, Tyga decided to give her a big gift to celebrate, and ended up buying her a Ferrari worth more than $300,000. Generous, right? Well… not if you do it how Tyga did. He definitely rolled the car in to give to Kylie on her birthday and stunned everyone watching, but it was later revealed that the car was a lease. Well, perhaps he was being prudent and just didn’t have enough to buy it up front? Nope – Tyga didn’t even lease it in his own name, he leased it in Kylie’s. Meaning he just made her buy herself a car and pretended he gave it as a gift. Shady!

3 When he gave her a car that belonged to his ex

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There is definitely no shortage of drama between Tyga, Kylie, and Tyga’s ex Blac Chyna. However, the situation with the Mercedes takes things to a whole new level. On her 18th birthday, Kylie was spotted driving around a shiny red Mercedes. TMZ uncovered that the car was actually Tyga’s, and Kylie was just driving it to her birthday dinner. However, what Tyga probably failed to mention was the fact that the car was formerly Blac Chyna’s, altered with a bit of a paint job. I mean, making your current girl drive the car that you formerly gave your ex? Ugh.

2 When he tattooed her name on his arm

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Normal adults in relationships talk through problems and work through any confrontation that might arise. Tyga looks at things a little bit differently. For the rapper, any sign of conflict means that it’s time for a big gesture, such as a shiny new car or a huge diamond ring. This one takes the cake, though. Apparently, Tyga tattooed Kylie’s name on his arm. I mean, the man has so many tattoos that it doesn’t really stand out, but still – inking someone else’s name onto your skin permanently without them even knowing seems strange, and in Tyga’s case, like he was just trying to manipulate his way back onto Kylie’s good side through some crazy gesture of devotion.

1 When he vented to an ex

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When you’re having trouble in your relationship, you’re supposed to talk to the other person in your relationship about it – not to an ex! However, Tyga apparently missed the memo on reasonable boyfriend behavior yet again. When some drama arose between Kylie and himself, Tyga apparently picked up the phone and called Blac Chyna to whine and complain about his young girlfriend. As a source told Hollywood Life, “she [Kylie] didn’t appreciate that, and felt it was crazy disrespectful.” Uh, we agree! You just don’t do that, ever.

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