14 Times Singers Were Upstaged By Their Audience

Sometimes an artist really just puts on an amazing show, but other times the audience really makes it happen. Occasionally even the star is surprised by how amazingly talented their fans are. Whether it is a crowd of thousands that miraculously performs in sync, or one especially talented fan who catches the pro off guard, the crowd really has the ability to make the moment. It is moments like this that we love to see, regular people getting their moment to shine.

Catch these super awesome moments when the audience outshined their favorite star! These fans have talent, some of which might even have more talent than their favorite singers. They were lucky enough to get the chance to impress not only the star on stage but the entire crowd. They also get the chance to share the moment with the world, so we can watch from home and get all the feels. Watch these vids as they show fans belting their hearts out in the most amazing way. The best part is that the singers themselves LOVE it! Check out the smile on their faces when the fans impress.

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14 Beyonce Does Glastonbury

In 2011, Beyonce had the opportunity to headline at the famous Glastonbury Music Festival. Of course she was amazing, as always, but this performance was especially epic because Beyonce was the first woman to headline the festival in 20+ years. As she performs her hits with tears in her eyes (and her signature lack of pants) the Queen B invites her audience to participate. This crowd of over 100,000 people belts out her hits without missing a beat. Beyonce is moved and clearly becomes emotional as the audience sings right alongside the star. During the concert, Mrs. Carter is in early stages of pregnancy with her daughter Blue Ivy, probably making her even more emotional. This doesn't seem to phase her or the crowd as they perform song after song in unison.

13 Pharrell Gives A Fan Happy Feet

When it comes to singing and dancing, it's hard to top Pharrell. This father of 4 loves kids and recorded his song Happy, for the children's movie Despicable Me 2. When Pharrell performed the hit at a concert in Leeds, England, he invited loads of kids up on stage to enjoy it with him. This concert was the very first for one young fan, Dylan 7. His parents were video taping when Dylan decided he was overcome by the awesomeness of Pharrell's music. His dancing skills are amazing. Even Pharrell seems pretty impressed with the young man. Dylan's moonwalk was on point! What a great experience for a little boy at his first concert. Together, Pharrell and Dylan knocked this one out of the park. Perhaps Pharrell will be hiring Dylan as a backup dancer sometime soon.

12 Rihanna Fan Kills It

When performing for Navy fans in Cincinnati, Ohio, Rihanna received a huge surprise. As she bent down to allow a fan a small part of her song Four Five Seconds, this dude KILLS it. You can see on her face that she is shocked by his talent. Rihanna has a glorious voice but her face when she hears this guy is priceless. She may never let a fan sing again. This guy worked hard, trying all sorts of things to get her attention. Luckily she decided to bless him with his very own 5 seconds of fame. Rihanna even gives him a second opportunity because his vocals are so great. Fans like this truly add to the concert experience. It's awesome seeing a star interact with them. Rihanna even started following this dedicated fan on Twitter, wow right?

11 Charlie Puth Give A Fan A Shot At His Songs

In Toronto, Charlie spots a girl in the crowd holding up a sign that says it is her dream to sing with him. While seated at the piano , he asks if she can sing his songs. Charlie warns her that he is the best at singing his songs but decided to give Desiree a shot. He invites her to sit with him at the piano and this fan does a fabulous job. Thank goodness Charlie decided to make this fan's dream come true that day. The singer instantly matches her key on the piano and they are able to take off. The audience joins in and together they all create a beautiful moment. Then, in true gentlemanly fashion, Charlie walks her back to her seat. What a freakin' sweetheart!!! There are actually tons of videos with Charlie Puth being super sweet and singing with fans. Apparently kindness is his thing awww!

10 The Crowd Goes Wild, But Not For Kendrick

When Kendrick Lamar challenges this fan to spit with him, he gets a pleasant surprise. This kid doesn't look like a rapper, but looks can be very deceiving. When Kendrick asks "You think you can spit rhymes like me" this fan casually ignores the challenge. You can tell he is sweating but he is preparing to wow Lamar's audience. He knows all the words and delivers them to Kendrick flawlessly. Clearly Lamar is impressed! The rapper admits that the kid schooled him on his own song. The crowd goes crazy! Kendrick recognizes this boy's talent immediately. The rapper loves visiting schools and inspiring youth. There are loads of videos where you can see Kendrick inviting young fans on stage and giving them an opportunity to share their art. Way to go Kendrick and your fan!

9 Keith Urban Makes One Fan's Dream Come True

When one Keith Urban fan scored great tickets, he and his girlfriend decided to make some signs. Lex chose to make a sign that said "It's My boyfriend's birthday" but Rob chose "can I play your guitar?". Keith obliged, since it was Rob's birthday after all.  He began playing one of Keith's hits, and it was obvious the star was impressed right away. So impressed that he started singing and had his band head straight into the song. This talented guitar player named Rob Joyce was allowed to continue the entire song with Keith and his band. What an amazing birthday gift!! Since that night, Rob's Youtube channel has taken off and he has been given even more opportunities. Rob got to play guitar for Switchfoot in Nashville as well. It seems like this is just the beginning for this talented guy.

8 Vanderbilt Student Wows Billy Joel

When it comes to music and the piano, Billy Joel is pretty  much the Leonardo Da Vinci of his craft. While performing in front of a group of Vanderbilt University students, Billy decided to accept some questions. One very brave and talented student decides to raise his hand. He tells Mr. Joel that New York State Of Mind is his favorite and asks if he can accompany the star on the piano. Billy immediately says "sure , what key?". When this student begins to play, it's obvious his talent is on par with Billy's. The singer complements the student named MichaelPollack, and lets the audience know that they should all remember his name because "The guys got chops". You can say that again!!  To play for Billy was the opportunity of a lifetime, and this kid just killed it.

7 Young Fan Leaves Carrie Underwood Speechless

Carrie Underwood invited this young fan on stage at a concert and got way more than she bargained for. This little girl's name is Genesis Nava and she is quickly becoming a star herself. She received these concert tickets as a free gift but who knew it would become one of the best nights of her life. As we have seen so many times, holding up a sign really pays off. Genesis had a simple sign asking "Can I sing with you?". This little star has now tried out for America's Got Talent, made a Youtube channel, and has a Facebook Fanpage too. It's clear from Carrie's face that she is pleasantly surprised at the young girls vocal ability. Carrie is so sweet for giving this little girl the exposure and a chance at making her dreams come true. At the time, Genesis was only 11 years old!

6 Jessie J Is Surprised By A Shy Fan

When Jessie decided to invite a fan onstage, she immediately responds to the nervous young girl by trying to comfort her. The singer is so patient and offers advice to the young girl. Once she finally gets the fan feeling more comfortable, they begin to sing a duet together and this little girl just about knocks her socks off. It's so awesome when stars really seem to care about their fans like Jessie does. This fan has true talent and Jessie recognized it right away, even making sure it was properly recognized. The singer even brought the young girl some water, as well as made sure to get her to start  off in the right key. The fan duet and singer ended up with over six million views on Youtube.

5 Nicki Minaj Is Shocked Right Off Her Own Stage

During a concert in Cape Town, South Africa, Nicki Minaj calls a fan up on stage. What she expected was to have a little fun with a fan. What she got was a concert takeover by a talented young entertainer!! During the song Bottoms Up, Nicki continued to dance with her amazing fan while he spewed lyrics with precision. In the end, there was nothing left to do but walk off the stage. She handed the reigns over without delay. Nicki is such a good sport and gave this fan an awesome memory. She could have been mad but she took it in stride. This concert goer had probably waited his whole life to do something like this. When this guy busted out his splits, it was over. Nicki just couldn't handle it anymore. We are all just wondering if Nicki cried her way home in the car.

4 Selena Gets All Choked Up

Check out this epic clip of a Selena Gomez concert in Montreal, Canada. Fans begin to sing her empowering song Who Says and Selena instantly becomes emotional. The fans sing collectively and sound so great the star has to pause. It almost doesn't seem real. After her recent struggles, it's clear Selena identifies with the lyrics and connects closely with her fans as well. At one point she tries to begin singing again but can't seem to compose herself and the audience finishes without her. It really seems like the young artist may be crying. What an awesome thing to see a celebrity being so raw and real onstage. I'm not sure if she was upstaged by her fans or her own emotions. Either way it was an unforgettable performance.

3 Justin's Sis Saves The Day

In May of 2016, Justin Bieber gave a concert in Toronto which is pretty close to his home town. Quite a few things seem to be going wrong during this performance. First, there is his awful jacket. Then we have a bit of an equipment malfunction when Justin begins to dance and sing in the rain. This malfunction reveals he is lip singing, which is never awesome. Luckily for him, family was near. Justin's super cute little sister appears onstage. He seems surprised but Jazzy saved the whole performance. Fans loved watching Justin show off his baby sis and she really seemed to adore her big bro. The two siblings end the song with a sweet hug and the crowd cheers. The singer says that he is a big part of her life and this video reveals a true connection. Clearly little Jazmyn didn't love the indoor rain, but she loved hanging with her brother on stage.

2 Idina Menzel Might Rethink This Tradition

Idina Menzel loves her fans and is known to invite one or two on stage at most of her concerts. She has even had celeb fans in the audience join her by surprise (Anna Kendrick and Kristin Chenoweth to name a couple). At this concert in Minneapolis one fangirl was super excited to belt it out with Idina. She hops right on stage and grabs a friend. The lower stage doesn't seem to satisfy this diva so Ms. Menzel allows her to climb up to the upper area. Idina should have known, at that point, that she was in for a surprise. The overzealous fan was slightly irritating compared to the shy young girls who typically join the star onstage, but when you hear her voice you are instantly moved. This young lady may be as talented as Idina herself and ends the performance with a standing ovation from the audience. Not only was our favorite Frozen songstress surprised, her day job may be in trouble!

1 Dangerous Woman In Danger

Sometimes the fans who shock the singer don't do it with their talent. During this Ariana Grande concert one fan decided he wanted to join her on stage, without ever being invited. You can hear in the video that audience members are concerned for her safety. It takes a bit for the security team to even notice the guy has crept up to meet his dream girl face to face. While the incident was disruptive, Ariana takes it like a champ and even requests that her security team "be gentle" with the fan. Since this guy seems to suffer no consequences, we may see more unfortunate events like this happening again. The singer is super sweet but her kindness might put her in danger. Yes she has a security team in place, but they weren't that much help this time. Hopefully they do a better job keeping this Dangerous Woman safe!

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