14 Times Khloe Kardashian's Hair Had Us Running Straight To The Salon

Since her highly profiled breakup with Lamar Odom, Khloe Kardashian has been channeling her stress in the gym, helping her lose a whopping 30 pounds, gain more confidence and look and feel better than ever.

But there's something else that's different about Khloe lately: her turn in the spotlight as the Kardashian hair trendsetter. Whether she’s going platinum blonde, rocking her tousled waves done by hair stylist and BFF Jen Atkin or being bold and chopping it all off, she’s giving the world some major hair envy. Here are 14 times Khloe’s hair had us running straight to the salon.

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14 When she went platinum blonde

Via: www.hollywoodtake.com

Following in the footsteps of her sister, Kim, Khloe also took the plunge and dyed her hair platinum blonde. Though it didn’t just take one application—as her hair colorist, Tracy Cunningham explained, getting Khloe to a gorgeous blonde colour took several months. She told Allure, “Khloe is the lightest of the Kardashian sisters, and as a child, she had very light hair. Over the years, she went darker and darker. From the beginning of the transition—from her dark-brown hair to her current blonde—it took three to four months of gradual lightening.”

13 When Khloe got a “fashion lob”

Via: www.people.com

Weird name or not, the “fashion lob” Khloe got this past fall was fierce. The change in look came after she spent lots of time in the hospital with Lamar following his drug-related hospitalization. Khloe admitted recently that she was so busy taking care of Lamar that she didn’t even have time for basic hygiene, but luckily her hair stylist, Jen Atkin, cleaned her up real nice. The short style features her blonde hair in a lob that frames her face, is textured and lightly grazes her collarbone.

To achieve the messy texture, Atkin told People magazine that she uses sea salt spray and many Kardashian hair products such as the Kardashian Beauty Volume Foam.

12 When Khloe rocked the “Ariana” 'half up, half down' look


Everyone from fashion bloggers to celebrities has been channeling their inner Ariana Grande with the ponytail look that she made famous. And one of those celebrities just so happens to be Khloe Kardashian who, back in her longer hair days, could be seen wearing it all the time, so much in fact that people started using her hair as inspiration for the style, rather than the original hair wearer, Ariana Grande.

The look consists of taking part of the hair half up into a high ponytail and leaving the rest down in soft waves that look best pulled front, resting on the shoulders. There’s many YouTube tutorials out there on how to recreate the signature look.

11 When Khloe blew up Instagram with her chic ponytail


Who said that short hair can't be pulled into a trendy ponytail? Khloe proved this wrong when she blew up Instagram recently with the chic ponytail she wore during her appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. Her shiny blonde hair was parted down the middle and pulled into a tight ponytail at the nape of her neck. It was accessorized with several bobby pins and a black wrap around her ponytail, making it an ultra sleek look. The hair was done by hairstylist Cesar DeLeon Ramirez who posted details of the style on his Instagram. This resulted in a flood of likes and comments of praise on the simple yet sophisticated style.

10 When Khloe showed off her “last glam session of 2015”

Via: www.dailymail.co.uk

Just in time for the New Year, Khloe showed fans the last look from her last glam session of 2015. The year had been a tough one for her, most notably with Lamar's hospitalization and with her brother Rob being diagnosed with diabetes. From a beauty, health and hair perspective, however, Khloe was on top of her game, and this couldn’t have been more clearer in the picture she posted on New Years Eve. It features her in a black leather jacket that showed off her ample cleavage, her flawless makeup with pink lips and dramatic eyes and her short, curled do'.

9 When Khloe hit 39 million followers on Instagram

Via: www.instagram.com

When Khloe reached 39 million followers on Instagram, she gave thanks to her fans in one of the best ways she knows how: a selfie. The sepia-toned picture shows her beaming with her head tilted to the side and her blonde hair styled straight. She captioned the photo by saying she loves her followers and how it was crazy that she reached 39 million. Though with the endless hair inspiration she gives to her fans on a daily basis, it's hard to believe that she didn't reach 39 million sooner.

8 When Khloe created hair inspiration with her “wavy lob.”


She’s flaunted both a straight and curly lob, but one of her best looks was the wavy lob that is now being called the “It Girl” cut. Hairstylist Jen Atkin was behind the look and, as usual, she posted all the details fans would need to achieve the gorgeous above-the-shoulders look. Some of her steps included using a boar bristle brush to dry Khloe’s hair, curling the hair away from her face and using her fingers to shake out the curls and gently backcombing the hair.

7 When Khloe rocked the high ponytail

Via: www.thegloss.com

Forget just the ‘half up, half down’ style, Khloe has nailed this look from so many angles, including a simple high ponytail. She debuted the look on her Instagram and the retro style featured a messy yet delicate look with the front part of her hair lifted into a bump shape while the ponytail was full with volume and with hair wrapped around the actual ponytail. The sultry look was accompanied with gorgeous blue eye shadow and her signature hoop earrings.

6 When Khloe rocked her long, blonde hair

Via: www.dailymail.co.uk

Khloe’s hair has been long in length and styled relatively the same for most of her life, with 2015 being the year that she really upped her hair game. But before she chopped most of it off, these styles meant that she rocked her long blonde hair and most of them looked almost effortless to recreate. Jen Atkin said that that was the whole point. People have criticized her work in the past before, saying things like “why pay for this when it looks like the hair has had nothing done to it?” In an interview with Into The Gloss, Jen admitted that that was the whole point, that her job is to do hair quickly and make a style that lasts. And that's part of the allure of Khloe's hair: it looks like styles that any person could easily try to do at home or at the salon.

5 When Khloe’s lob was pin-straight


During her recent appearance on Good Morning America, Khloe looked stunning and sophisticated from head to toe dressed in a beige coat and a form-fitting blue dress. But it was her sleek hairstyle that really pulled the look together. Her hair was parted down the middle and she strayed from her normal wavy look by having her hair pin-straight, which created some serious hair envy.

4 When Khloe’s hair still looked flawless after hitting the gym

Via: www.instagram.com

Khloe has been on that gym grind for the past few years, but she doesn’t let that stop her from having flawless hair. Much of this is, of course, the fact that she has a glam squad able to do her hair and makeup at a moment’s notice, but that still doesn’t stop us regular folk from wanting to leave the gym glistening and with our hair all tousled like hers.

One cool accessory that Khloe has that helps with both style and hair is the Scunci wristband that also doubles as a hairband. It’s multi-colored, totally cute and is perfect for avoiding crimps while the hair is up during the workout and then it turns back into a fashion accessory once the hair is down.

3 Her ombre hair


The ombre hair craze may have come and gone, but we’re still not over how gorgeous Khloe made the style look. She’s been both a blonde and a brunette before, so it was the perfect choice for her to mix the two and she did just that thanks to the help of hairstylist, Tracey Cunningham.

Towards the end of the ombre phase, Khloe moved to a balayage colour instead, which is a more delicate version of the ombre look as she had the tips of her hair dyed blonde instead of having her whole head half blonde, half brunette.

2 When Khloe pulled off huge curls in short hair

Via: www.talkingwithtami.com

It’s hard for people with super short hair to pull off crazy curls, but that didn’t stop Khloe’s hair from looking fabulous while she flaunted it on the Live! With Kelly and Michael Show. She looked red hot in her red dress and her hair was done by Cesar Ramirez. He said that the trick to doing her hair was using the combination of Khloe’s natural texture and a curling iron. Simple, yet chic.

1 When she debuted her shortest look yet

Via: www.complex.com

Khloe took major hair risks in 2015 and it looks like she's continuing that in 2016. She's been rocking more of a bob as of late, making it the shortest her hair has ever been while in the spotlight. However, Khloe recently revealed that there’s a sad story behind why she chopped her hair off. While on the Live! With Kelly and Michael Show, Khloe explained that she needed to get rid of negativity.

She’s been rocking it during all her appearances and then more recently during the premiere of her new show, “Kocktails With Khloe.”

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