14 Thoughts You Have When Another Girl Gets Engaged On Facebook

Lately it feels like you can't scroll through your feed on social media without news popping up that yet again another friend is getting engaged. For us left on the shelf it's an emotionally confusing time, you want to be happy but also you're filled with many conflicting emotions.

Social media has a huge impact on our world as we manage to keep up with everybody's big news almost as and when it happens. Something huge like an engagement announcement will see a snap of that shiny new ring popping up all over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Our emotions can then range from crying out in surprise to simply just rolling our eyes and scrolling on.

In the U.S. alone there are 2.5 million weddings a year and that means a lot of "Oh My God! Can't believe this just happened! I said yes!!!" updates that we will have to sit and read through.

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14  "This Better Not Be A Fake." 

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Last Christmas, Kylie Jenner set social media on fire after she posted a picture of a huge diamond ring. Many flocked to wish her congratulations believing it was an engagement ring from her rapper boyfriend, Tyga. Days later with no further news (everyone knows momager Kris Jenner would have made an official announcement) it was obviously a fake.

Pranks such as this one appear all the time on social media. So it's not our fault that the second engagement/baby/new car news is announced that we instantly think, "Really though?"

13  "Am I Really Getting This Old?"


Nothing brings you crashing back down to reality than the realization that everyone around you is suddenly settling down and you are now officially ancient. Well, not quite but that's the general feeling when the announcements are starting to flood in. When did we all become grown ups?

Gone are the days when you and the squad would stay up until the early hours of the morning together. Now everyone is spending long weekends furniture shopping with their significant other whilst you feel like the last party animal on the planet.

12 "This Is All She Is Going To Talk About Now." 


There is something that comes over a girl when she gets newly engaged where she becomes instantly obsessed with her big day. Being excited about your wedding is normal, but when your friend's big day is a whole year away and they mention it every two minutes then this might get old quite fast.

You need to sit your friend down and say there will be a cap on too much wedding talk. Other people have important news to share too and there's nothing worse than a person who makes it all about them.

11 "I Really Should Be In Charge Of The Bachelorette Party."


Only the strongest of girls can step forward and take charge of the Bachelorette Party. This requires organisation, creativity, endurance and a lot of productivity. It's always worth it when you manage to pull off the night of the year and show your friend the best time.

All brides are normally upfront with what they want for their party and it's your job to take that stress away and organize it all. You know you're the one for the job and already have some great ideas to bring to the group. All she's got to do is choose the right person and that's you.

10 "So I'm Bridesmaid, Right?"


If it's a very close friend of yours whose walking down the aisle then it's natural to start becoming anxious and excited about her special bridesmaid announcement. Nowadays on social media every aspect of our lives has to be shared including the obligatory selected bridesmaid line-up.

It's a huge honour to be asked so you know you have your fingers and toes crossed ready for that moment.

9  "How Much Will I Actually Have To Spend?"


Weddings are not cheap events and often guests can feel the pinch of the purse strings too. A thorough beauty makeover needs to take place as these photographs are pretty much forever, a new dress purchased to dazzle in and that's all before the gift for the happy couple has even been thought about.

Some couple's decide to take their their big day international and plan it all abroad so there's an extra cost of plane tickets and accommodation. These guys better be together with the amount you're spending.

8 "Are They Sure They Are Not Too Young?"


It's crazy to think that our parents and grandparents starting walking down the aisle as teenagers but nowadays getting married too young can always sound alarm bells. Taking the big leap is not a small decision and unfortunately current statistics show that in the U.S. 50% percent of first marriages, 67% of second, and 73% of third marriages end in divorce.

According to University of Utah professor Nicholas Wolfinger, he told Mic magazine, "Most youthful couples simply do not have the maturity, coping skills and social support it takes to make marriage work. In the face of routine marital problems, teens and young 20-somethings lack the wherewithal necessary for happy resolutions."

7 "Is It Not Too Soon?"


Everyone knows that one couple who have been together for a very long time yet are in no rush to walk down the aisle. Then on the flip side there are others who just jump straight in and leave everyone thinking "too soon?"

The main reasons we decide we will be together forever is when we realize we either have a lot of chemistry, share common interests or a common life goal. But how much can you really know about a person's true self when you been together less than a year? History has proven running to register a marriage quick never works out well.

6 "I Can't Wait To See The Dress."


There's something about seeing a friend you know in her wedding dress for the first time that just feels magical. Behind the scenes you know that this was not an easy task and just to get this one gown on her back meant trying on 50+.

It's always worth it though when on the big day she looks simply stunning. Besides, how often do you get to wear a full length gown during one lifetime?

5 "Does This Mean I'm Next?"


You will know you're ready to settle down properly when you don't need to be with a person but you want to be them. Your perfect partner will come into your life when you focus on exactly what it is you want.

David Waters, couples counsellor and therapist, told The Telegraph the secret to long-lasting love is to first and foremost fall in love with yourself. He said, "Developing a relationship with yourself, deepened by solitary pursuits, hobbies and taking time out from work and relationships, will pay huge dividends with your partner. You will come to the relationship refreshed, more able to express your needs as you’re more likely to know what they are."

4 "Seriously Though It's Time To Hit The Gym."


Realising that you haven't got much time at all to get your physique up to scratch is a scary moment. Find ways to motivate yourself by researching the best local gym for you and teaming up with other wedding guests so you can all encourage each other.

Other great ways to keep your mind on the end goal is to: reward yourself regularly, sign a personal commitment contract with yourself and to indulge in plenty of positive thinking. It also helps to invest in a killer new gym kit because you know you want to be looking great in those #gymfreak Instagram snaps.

3  "I Am Genuinely Happy For You Both." 


It's time to brush away the green-eyed monster and fill yourself with joy instead envy. Sure your friend is one step closer to landing their happy-ever-after but life isn't one big competition after all.

Being genuinely pleased for your friend will bring a huge smile to your face and put a skip in your step. Everybody is entitled to their own humble brag from time to time and your moment will come too.

2 "I Wonder If The Groom's Hot Friend Will Be At The Wedding?"


If you have had your eye on the BFF of your BFF then maybe the wedding party will be the moment you both finally hook up. You've met a few times before at parties but never pushed for anything further than small talk yet you feel that connection there.

The first step is making the initial connection, don't feel shy when it comes to following him on social media after all you can always drop the opener: "Are you looking forward to the wedding of the year?" Then on the big day when you're looking stunning make sure you look fun to be around but make time for him too. Who knows maybe there's a reason you caught that bouquet after all.

1 "Well At Least It's An Excuse For A Party!


There's nothing like a good party with your closest friends and weddings are always the perfect opportunity to get everyone back together again. Nothing beats a side-splitting best man's speech, watching your friend bring a tear to everyone's eye with that first dance and of course the traditional groomsmen dance-off.

Hell, even if it's not your time to shine in a gown yet at least you've got a big night ahead of you that everyone will be talking about for years to come. Just don't get too drunk and fall into the cake.

Sources: telegraph.co.ukmic.com

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