14 Things Women Will Do To Steal Your Man

We all know the type of girl that will do anything in her power to get with a guy, even if he's already in a committed relationship. In your opinion, nothing can get between you and your boyfriend because the bond you have is so strong. However, despite her desperation, she's still concerning because she's so relentless. She calls him and texts him all the time, pretending to just be his "friend." She's there for him in ways you can't be because she's dedicated her life to winning his affection. As much as you don't want to compete with her, you almost feel like you have to give thanks to her manipulations. You've talked to your boyfriend about your issues with her before, but he's convinced that she's only interested in friendship. You're not as naive, though, you know she wants to make your man, her man. Read below to find out 14 things women will do to steal your man.

14 She'll Befriend Him

They're obviously interested in your boyfriend, therefore, they've most likely started conversations with them or even hung out with them. Of course, because your boyfriend is a good guy, he casually let her know that he's already taken. However, that doesn't cure her curiosity. She still takes every chance she gets to hang out with him. Because she's totally in love with him, no time is a bad time to be around him, even when it's inconvenient for her. She pretends she's only his really good friend, but really, she's in it for something more.

13 She'll Find Excuses To Text Him

Because she's already befriended your boyfriend, she knows different things about him. She knows what he likes, his quirks, his problems, etc. This is why it's not hard for her to come up with a million different reasons to text him- especially late at night. Why late at night? Because she wants to be the last thing he thinks about before he goes to sleep that night. Additionally, she'll also text him funny things throughout the day just to make his day a little bit "brighter" and as a constant reminder of her existence.

12 She'll Make Up False Problems

What's more attractive than a damsel in distress? In our opinion, a lot of things. However, in many guys' opinions, they're completely irresistible. Guys love to help out a girl in need and the girl that's trying to steal your boyfriend knows that. Therefore, whenever she has a problem, she reaches out to him- even if the problem is made up or blown out of proportion. If she needs advice on a guy she's dating, who does she call for help? If she gets in a fight with a friend, who does she call on to make her feel better?  That's right, your boyfriend.

11 She'll Surprise Him

Now that she's worked her way into his life someway or another, she finds ways to surprise him. She goes out of her way to make his day brighter. Why? Because she knows you don't have time to do it and takes every opportunity she gets to make him fall for her. She'll bring him lunch to work, bake "too many cookies" and drop some off for him, and she might even surprise him with a gift or a shirt that "reminded her of him." She plays it off as though it's "friendly," but you and her both know she's out for way more.

10 She'll Get Close With You

She's in love with him and the only thing she wants to do is be around him. And because she's calculating, she knows that if she wants to be in his life, she needs to be in yours too. This is why she tries so hard to be buddy-buddy with you. She wants you to trust her (even though she's clearly not trustworthy) enough that you'll let your boyfriend hang with her alone. She wants into your guys' life so she can manipulate both you and your boyfriend. Even though she's jealous of you, she acts as though she wants to be good friends with you.

9 She'll Flirt With Him In Front Of You


Because she wants his attention so badly, she won't hesitate to flirt with him in front of you. She's above and beyond disrespectful of you guys' relationship. And let's face it: Guys can be naive. Your boyfriend doesn't pick up on the fact that she's doing everything in her power to turn him on or make him like her, so he just goes along with it. He's convinced she only wants to be friends with him because she's taken so much time persuading him of that. She drives you insane and makes it impossible to have a good time with your boyfriend whenever she's around.

8 She Always Dresses To Impress

It seems as though every time she comes around, she looks as if she just got off of the red carpet. She's always done up. Her clothes always look flattering, her hair is always perfect, and her makeup is flawless. She never gets lazy when it comes to her appearance. When she's around, she's sure to make your boyfriend notices how great she looks while acting as if she didn't even "try." If she wears a low cut top, she leans in towards him when she talks. If she wears tight jeans, she suggests everyone goes dancing so she can show off her booty.

7 She Offers Poor Advice

If you and your boyfriend ever get into a fight, she practically begs him to talk to her about whatever is going on. Why? Because she's already gained his trust, therefore, she knows she'll be able to sway his opinion on whatever issue he's dealing with. She suggests the two of you take time apart and may even speak poorly about you to him. Additionally, if she's your 'friend' and you talk to her about what you two are fighting about, she may give you bad advice as well. She's never rooting for you and your boyfriend to stay together and suggests the best thing you two can do is break up.

6 She'll Alter Her Personality


You've known her for a long time, longer than your boyfriend has known her. She used to be shy and quiet and actually, quite boring. However, now that she meet your boyfriend, she's changed. She's suddenly become more talkative, funnier, and more open minded. It seems as though every time he walks into the room, her personality comes out and when he's not around, she's just as boring as you've always known her to be. She puts on a show for him because all she wants is his attention.

5 She'll Get His Attention

If she's a really bad person, she may actually try to seduce him. It sounds absurd, but it's more common than you might think. The relationship you and your boyfriend have doesn't matter to her. The second she starts to think she might have a chance with him, she'll do whatever it takes to secure her position in her life. She wants to be irresistible to him. She might go so far as to wait for him dressed only in lingerie at his office. If she wants something, she'll get it, no matter how many people she might hurt in the process.

4 She'll Spread Lies About You

Speaking of hurting people, if she's malicious enough, she might start spreading lies about you. Of course, she'd never act as though she's being catty, she'd act as if she "cares about his well-being." Her goal is to make him question your relationship, therefore, she'll try to make him doubt the trust you two have built. She might say something like, "I hate to be the one to tell you this but I heard (insert your name) has been seeing someone else on the side," just to cause turmoil. Then, when your boyfriend is upset, she'll be the one he leans on to feel better.

3 She'll "Run" Into You Guys


Secretly, she's started picking up on where your boyfriend hangs out and what the two of you like to do for fun. She's remembered details of your life either you or your boyfriend have told her. In an attempt to be around him, she starts going to the same bars and coffee shops as you two, hoping to bump into him. If he works at a store, she finds a reason to visit the store regularly, even if it's because she was simply "in the neighborhood and wanted to say hi."

2 She'll Adapt The Same Hobbies As Him

One day, your boyfriend tells her that he likes to paint and even though she's never painted before in her entire life and really has no interest in being an artist, she pretends she does. She does some research and finds out about a local class for people interested in painting and signs both herself and him up for the class. Of course, she doesn't extend the invite to you because she wants another excuse for some alone time with him. Since he loves painting, he can't resist the offer. She knows being interested in the same things as him is attractive.

1 She'll Nonchalantly Brag About Herself

It seems as though every time you're around her, something great just happened to her. She's either gotten promoted at work or maybe she just bought a great house in an up and coming neighborhood. She always acts better than you and as if her life is turning out just as she planned it. Why? Because she wants to show him she's ready for commitment or that she'd be a great life partner. She knows independence is attractive and practically flaunts how much of it she has.

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